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Leveraging HootSuite For Social Media Productivity & Success

teacher avatar Marc Guberti, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Utilizing HootSuite Tabs And Streams To Boost Your Social Media Productivity

    • 3. Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts With HootSuite

    • 4. How To Find HootSuite Team Members On UpWork

    • 5. How To Utilize The HootSuite Bulk Message Upload And Create A CSV File

    • 6. Schedule Social Media Posts Without Being On HootSuite With HootSuite's Bookmark

    • 7. How To Add Team Members To Your HootSuite Organization

    • 8. Social Media Success Isn't What You Think It Is

    • 9. How To Add Pictures To Social Media Posts Via Hootsuite

    • 10. The Best Way To Come Up With More Social Media Post Ideas

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About This Class

You want to leverage HootSuite to boost your social media productivity. You are looking for any way to decrease the amount of time you spend on social media so you can focus on other areas of your business.

I want you to take some time right now and envision how different your business would be if your social media activity was on autopilot. Imagine if your audience grew on its own, content was scheduled on its own, and any time you used social media, you used it in the most productive way possible.

This is how the successful entrepreneurs use social media. The secret to using social media successfully is to not spend much of your own time on any of the platforms. That way, you have more time to write blog posts and create blog posts that can serve the audience you are trying so hard to build.

If you do not change the way you use social media, then you risk social media taking far more time than it should. You won't have any extra time to grow your business let alone keep it going.

At one point, social media took too much of my time. The result was that even though I was gaining hundreds of followers and getting results from social media, my revenue didn't even budge. I was not able to create products.

All of that changed when I changed the way I used HootSuite. I had been using HootSuite before, but utilizing HootSuite for productivity allowed me to rediscover hours of extra time every day that since then have been repurposed into other areas of my business.

The way I responded to social media taking too much of my time is the main reason I am able to create more products.

In this course, you will discover how to save a massive amount of time by using HootSuite to turbocharge your social media productivity.

If you are ready to take your social media growth and time management, then click "Enroll" now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marc Guberti

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author


I am a USA Today and WSJ bestselling author with over 100,000 students in over 180 countries enrolled in his online courses. I host the Breakthrough Success Podcast and Radio Show where listeners learn how to achieve their breakthroughs. I also coach content creators on how they can attract more traffic to their content and boost revenue.


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1. Introduction: I want to take the time right now to welcome you into the course and thank you for taking the investment for your social media strategy by utilizing who tweet in a more efficient matter. So this lecture is basically an introduction to how this entire course is structured. The main thing you need to know about this course is that it is a very fast paced course. You're going to learn a lot of information very quickly and there's no fluff, so all of the information you learn can be implemented right away. And really, the best type of learning environment that I recommend is that you learning information and then you implement it at the same time. So the way the courses structured is it's broken into a few sections. The first section is increasing your social media productivity with hoot suite, so I will explore several of the methods you can use right away to boost your productivity by using hoot suite and completely changing the way that you use social media. The second section is using Hoot Suite to outsource most of your social media tasks because you want to outsource to open up more time for yourself that you can repurpose into other areas of your business. Social media is an important part of your business. But if Social Media takes up too much of your time, then you cannot utilize as much time into the other essential areas of your business. That's what Section two discusses, and the third section is utilizing whose sweet to chief social media success. So how is who's we set up for you? That you can utilize it in order to become more successful on social media? And what is social media success? That's what you will discover in the third section of this course. And if you have any questions as you go through this course, or even after you have completed the course and you just stumble across something on whose sweet where you have a question and you want to know my insights on it, then I encourage you to post your question in the discussion section of this course as an instructor. One of the things that I like to get from my courses is reviews because it gives me feedback and lets me know how I'm doing with the course. So after you go through the course. If you enjoy, I highly recommend that you leave that review just so I get an idea of how I'm doing as an instructor. I look at these reviews as a way to improve my craft and see if my students are appreciating the content that I provide. And the last thing to take away from this lecture is to have fun as you go through these lectures and implementing the methods. If you have fun and you learn at the same time, then that is the recipe for success because it's something that you enjoy doing. So have fun throughout the process, and I look forward to seeing you throughout these lectures and what I want you to do today , tomorrow and every single other day as well is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential today. 2. Utilizing HootSuite Tabs And Streams To Boost Your Social Media Productivity: the way the hoot suite dashboard is organized. It initially takes you to a dashboard where you have tabs and streams, and this is something that many people don't really utilize as much as they can for their social media strategy. Tabs and streams can potentially completely organized every single part of your social media strategy, every single part of the work that you do so that it is all on one dashboard. But all the information, the specific information you are looking for is easy for you to access. So right here all the tabs that I currently have on my Who's with Dashboard. I plan on adding mawr of them within the dashboard as well, just so I can account for new accounts that create or specific information that I am looking for. So right here is the me tab. That's the default tab that they give you. I chose to keep the name, and this is just basically for my Twitter account. So I get to see all of the tweets that I'm going to be sending just so I could look over them and see if everything's going okay. You could see that my assistant uploaded all of these tweets, so that saves me a large amount of time outsourcing all that work. But in addition to seeing what tweets of minor getting scheduled, I can also see who is mentioning me. And this is an important feature because I want to thank all the people who share my content, because in the end, the reason that my contents gets traffic is because, in part, I promote it. But it's also because of all the people who are promoting my content to their audiences. So I just want to thank all of these people for sharing my content. So what I would typically do is I click the reply button, type something up there something like Thank you for sharing that article. There's something along those lines and then send that tweet. And it is easy for me to do this across all of my Twitter accounts because thes different tabs link up two different Twitter accounts and other social media accounts that I have. I also get see the messages Now. Most of these messages are typically spam, but there are some good ones that are very relevant to me that I would want to have and I would want to see. So this is the mentions. My at tips were tweeting accounting. This is an example of where all of my accounts are connected in one place, so I don't have to log out of each account. So right here, this is my pro motivator mentions iPhone response people accordingly. This is my tips were tweeting that I got to respond to people accordingly. And then here is the at market birdie mentions in which I would respond to people who engage with me. So this one capability allows me to do all of this within one dashboard instead of going to twitter dot com, locking into my at market birdie account, locking out, signing into at tips for tweeting logging out of there and then signing into pro motivator . So this just saves me a large amount of time and something that would have taken me 10 minutes now just takes me less than two minutes to do all because of the fact that I've ended. Numerous streams such as scheduled, mentions all these Airstreams I've added thestreet Eames to this one tab, which is the me tip. So there other tabs that I have. This is a blogging tap and many of my other tabs or just shorter. Basically, I get to see tweets that include the word blogging. So not all of the tweets are relevant. But there are some of these tweets that are very relevant. How to make people stay in, read your block posts. I would read those types of articles so I could learn more about blogging, enhance my knowledge and then with that ended knowledge, right, better content. So I'll just look through all of these and see which titles really grab my attention, taking a break from blogging that something very important that people have to do that would grant my attention. I would read that article, and then I would go on to the next article, and I would just go through all of these and learn more about blogging. I mean, that's how you have to do with anything you're pursuing. You have to learn as much as you can about that topic. So Twitter, for instance, this is a tab that I would use to learn more things about where so five simple tips to grow your Twitter presence, I would read these types of articles to learn more about optimizing Twitter and basically thes tabs operating a very similar way. They're either giving me information about my current accounts, making it easier for me to communicate with my accounts. Or it's just a place for me to get mawr information about a certain topic. So the way you would add a tab as you would simply click this plus bought an ad tab and you would name whatever you want. So I'll name it test just for this purpose, and now would you have to do right away is add a stream and you would add a stream. There are many ways to do this. You could do this based on one of your Twitter accounts. Want your Facebook accounts and they give you several other options here. Instagram. That's a big one, they recently added. That option that you can schedule your Instagram pictures use include sweet. So let's say I want to do something with my Twitter account at Market Birdie and I want to see let's go with scheduled. So once you click that the stream is automatically added and then you get to see all of the tweets that you have scheduled, and within each one you could automatically edit it. So if there's something that you don't like after a second look, you can edit that picture. Maybe change the baby changed the tweet as a whole, or change the time is scheduled. There's many things you could change within a tweet, or you just delete the tweet all together before actually get sent. So that's just one stream. You could have multiple social networks within the same tab. So now let's say I want to add a stream for my Facebook and now I'm going to choose my posts. Just so I got to see my recent activity, and this is important for me because I get to see which of my posts are getting the most engagement and what type of engagement those posts are getting. So if I see some good engagement, I'm going to share that type of contact more often. If I do not get good engaging for a post, that is a sign that I need to post different things or just give it one more try and then make a final conclusion about whether something works or not. So you can have the different social networks within the same tab as long as you set them up in streams. And then, by using this feature, you will be able to effortlessly go back and forth between tabs and then going from stream to stream in order to use social media in a more productive way through the hoot suite dashboard. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you, and what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and the lock your potential today. 3. Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts With HootSuite: One of the main reasons social media takes up so much time is because we have to log into and out of each account so that we can monitor the activity going on within each of those accounts, post content for each of those accounts and also grow our audiences on those accounts. So that's one of the main reasons that Social Media takes up a large trunk for our time in the more social networks you have. Usually that means the mawr time gets taken up. So what does that mean? Does that mean we should completely ignore all of the other social networks and just focus on one or two, or maybe three? Well, the answer is you want to focus on one in the beginning because that is very helpful in mastering social media in general. But you want to eventually expand and then add numerous social networks into your strategy . So one of the most powerful futures of who sweet is that it connects all of your social media accounts within one platform. So I have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all within one dashboard. So instead of having to lock into and out of each account, I can now use hoot suite in order to access them all at the same time. And this is actually allowed me to create multiple Twitter accounts. All four of these air Twitter accounts in these three I update every single day. So the only reason I'm able to have multiple Twitter accounts is because Hoot suite allows me to have that one dashboard that'll last me to update off them instead of having to lock into and out of each of them. And I can even engage with each of my individual audiences for each of my accounts within this one dashboard. So adding a social note whose sweet is very easy, you just click Add social network and then you get to choose from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus linked in WordPress or INSTAGRAM. The connection process is very simple, usually just authorizing an app for entering their credentials so that whose we can post for you on that sofa network, but only the content that you tell who treat to post for you. Another cool thing about having all of your social media accounts on Hoot Suite is that you can post one particular post on all of them at the same time. So let's say I wanted to send out this post test post. I would never send this out, But let's say I wanted to. I could have this one particular post Go on all of these accounts of my Facebook accounts, my instagram account, all my Twitter accounts and whose it will show you how many characters you have left for each of those social networks. All I would have to do is click send now and then. This one post would get sent on all of the's social networks, so it allows you to save a lot of time. Now there's one thing to know about Hoot Suite and adding these accounts, especially when it comes to the free account versus the pro account. With a free account, you can only add up to five of your social media accounts. So if you plan on creating multiple accounts on the same social hour course, you have more than five social media accounts than who's We pro would allow you to have more options in which you would be able to add those extra ones in. But if you were just getting started on social media or you have a good idea of where you're going. But you know, you're not expanding too much with all the social networks out there. Then the free option would be better for you for this particular use. I find it very useful to have all of my social networks in one place just because it'll last me to save a lot of time. No logging in and out, no going to different social media sites. And the more time you save on social media, the more time you will be able to focus towards other areas of your business. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you. And what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness, and don't lock your potential today. 4. How To Find HootSuite Team Members On UpWork: One of the best ways to save time with your social media strategy is to outsource the social media post creation. And the best way to do that is to hire someone on up work and then have that person become a part of your hoot suite team. And once that person is a part of your hoot suite team, that person can then schedule posts for you. So in this election, I'm going share through the part of the process in which you actually get someone from up work. So what you would do as you would start off by posting a job, and when you log into up work, you will see post job right here. You click on that, and then you were brought to this page in which you will be able to provide a job and give a description that explains what in particular you are looking for. So I'm not going to select the previous job for this, So give your job a name, let's say schedule my instagram posts. So that's the name of your jobs. When people see that they know that this job is going to involve scheduling Instagram posts and you want to make sure that the rights people see this job because I have submitted some jobs where I have received over 30 applications. I have also submitted some jobs where I have received less than five applications. You want as many applications as possible because that will allow you to choose the best freelancer in terms of value and price. So he wants to choose a category in which the people who will want to schedule instagram post for you. Those people will be able to see this job. So you want to look for he sales and marketing and then go down to social media marketing because people who are looking at the social media part those were going to be the people who will say yes to this particular job, and they will even give you more waste even further. Specialize your job requests with social media sites. Are you targeting Instagram because now people who are looking for work with Instagram specifically they will find this job and it will be more appealing to them so you can specialize their search so that it appears to the people who you are targeting. But the job description is the most important part. I took the time to write the job description here so that you didn't actually have to see me typing. But the way he wants you write your job description is you want to make it short. You want to quickly summarize what exactly you want, and by making it short, it's easier for people to read and that will encourage more people to submit the applications. I mean, if this was like 100 paragraphs long, it would be a lot more difficult to read through this job description that unless people would apply, I mean, look at the difference if I were to copy and paste this several times and what that does to the length of this. So you see how now you've got a pile of text that you have to go through if you're the person who may be considering submitting an application and imagine having to read all of that text. Now, I know this is just copy and paste, but imagine if all of that text was different text, no copy paste. And imagine if all of it was relevant for the job description. So you want to just have something very short that people can easily absorb the information and clearly understand what they have to do. And when you write this job description, you want to be specific. How Maney Instagram posts. Do you want this person to schedule every single day? So I'm very specific. Three instagram posts per day with motivational pictures that my assistant will provide you with. So right there you have an idea of what you have to do for me every single day, just in the first sentence off the job description. And then the second thing is used anywhere from 3 to 7 hashtags. It is a specific number and 2 to 4 sentences long for the descriptions. Those are also very specific numbers, and the more specific you are, the easier it will be for you and this person to get on the same page quickly so that it's a win win in which this person is making revenue and you are saving time with your social media strategy and then finally being very specific about what times of the day you want your content to be scheduled. So this type of a job description it's very clear. It's very easy for people to understand. It may not be the long job description that many people may be accustomed to, but it is a short job description that is quick and to the points. That's what you need tohave in order to get a lot of people to apply for this job and just the question here. Also, are you posting for a project or for ongoing work for this particular thing? You'll be ongoing work, and the reason that it's ongoing work is because this person is going to be scheduling Instagram posts for me every single day. So then there's other options here you can choose from based on what work you are actually pursuing. And then you may want to hire more freelancers, depending on what the job is. For this one, though, I would only want to hire one freelancer because I only need one person to actually send all those Instagram pictures the next question here. That's just something for up work. The person who is getting the job and seeing it and deciding whether to apply or not they don't see this. This is just something that upward, Jesse. I do happen to have experience in hiring people within this area. So I'm going to choose just for that one and rate and availability. This is an interesting one. What I have noticed is that there are a lot of people who will do the entry level, but they will still be able to provide you with a lot of value. So I oh, I almost always go with the entry level for whatever job I am posting, because the entry level is where you can get people who not much for cost per hour, but you also get high value. There are many people who are helping me out with various parts, my social media strategy for less than $10 an hour, and that just saves me a lot of revenue. And they make revenue, and it's a win win for both of us. So I typically go up the entry level because people may think that if you're not spending enough money, you don't get as much value. But you can get value on up work, even if you do the entry level, and then for this one. This isn't like set in stone. If you choose more than six months, and then you realize that you only want to work with the person for one month, so this is just something that you choose to do. But if you choose more than six months and it's a really more than six months that you are actually aiming for, that is very appealing to some one on up work because many of the jobs on up work are just temporary, and it's very difficult to actually find a job on up work that is going to last for a long period of time. And then finally, what time commitment for this? It's less than 30 hours per week, and at this point just look over the work. And then you would post your job, get the applicants and then look at their applications and make decisions based on who is the most appealing in terms of value in price. And finally, though, one thing that you can also do to strengthen this whole process is you can add screening questions in which all the people who submit the applications are required to answer. So let's say one of the questions is, Do you have experience with Hoot Suite So this may be an important question for you, because the way that I would have someone scheduled posts on my instagram is I would have that person as a who tweet team member. So that person has to be familiar with Hoot Suite and or to schedule the Instagram pictures in the way that I want those pictures to be scheduled. So maybe you add a few screening questions just to get specific answers that will help you make better decisions. But you don't want to add too many screening questions. If you have three questions, that's great. If you have 20 though, then that is 20 different questions that people have to answer. And those 20 screening questions may discourage people from submitting their applications. So once you have everything here and you're confident with this job, all you do is you quit. The post is Shah button and then see what happens. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you, and what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential to day 5. How To Utilize The HootSuite Bulk Message Upload And Create A CSV File: one of the most powerful features of who sweep pro for saving time. If you are someone who schedule is the same type of posts, is to use the bulk scheduler, which basically allows you to schedule anywhere from a dozen tweets or dozen social media posts to hundreds of posts in just seven clicks. And this is a very powerful feature because you go literally have a day's worth of content , all scheduled in just a few clicks. And for you to do that manually, depending on how many post you want to send out, could take you several hours every single day. So this is the main feature that I used to schedule over 100 tweets every single day, with the taking less than five minutes of my time per day. So this is the bulk scheduling option, and you need to have a C S V profile in order to utilize this option. So what who's we comes up with is they come up with a sample see SV file that you can use so that you have an idea of how to structure your tweets and your Facebook posting any other type of post you want within your file, and they give you a clear example of how to do that here. So I decided to download the CSB file sample just to show you how it works. I'm going to go into that right now. So this is the CS the file that hoot suite gives you and basically you get seated dates here. You got to see the message and then you get seed the URL so all of these you are else would be short into hourly links. And if you want to have a euro, that is not an hourly links. So let's say you want Betley instead. You just put the URL here, and then it will display as the actual you are. Also, if you want a bit Li Ling here, you just put in that bit Lee link and then it will show up as a bit Lee link. So this is the message that you have put link shortening. If you want that to be done automatically, just put the links in section C. Section B is the actual contents and you want to be wary because if you are sending a tweet , they still have to be 100 40 characters or less, including the link Facebook posts on Instagram poster of more characters to play with. But there's something very important here in the a section, which is where you tell hoot suite when you want a particular social media post to get scheduled. So based on this current sample, all of these post to get scheduled in 2017. Who's We does this because maybe you don't want to schedule these particular posts, but you can put them into the bulk upload er justice. See how it would play out without you worrying about these posts actually getting scheduled out. So this post is going at 7 25 This one's going at 10 o'clock, and this one's going at 605 and all of those aren't am. The important thing here is this is all in military time, so 13 30 is actually 1:30 p.m. The way that you would figure out what time military time is is if any number is above 12. So let's say 20. You would subtract that number by 12 and then that would be the PM standard. So 20 colon 00 that is 8 p.m. and military time. 21 colon 00 That's 9 p.m. So you have to use military time when you are creating these see SV files. And for just 12 am that 0.0 I mean 00 colon 00 to get that military time across. So now that you know how the C. S V file is supposed to work and how you are supposed to plug in the data, I'm going to show you a very brief example of the typical file that I would use to schedule my tweets. So this is one of the files that I used in the past to schedule my tweets for a given day. And this is how I'm able to schedule over 100 tweets in a given day. All of these tweets would get scheduled automatically at their specified times just by me going to a bulk up loader and taking two minutes out of my day. Now, this is something that I did before. I knew some of the things about military time so you don't have to include P m or a M. At the end of the time it really doesn't make much of a difference. All that matters is that you get the proper military time so that whose sweet knows to schedule the tweet within that time. Now, something very important is that you will notice that thes tweets, if I were to do it now would get scheduled September 13th 2015. The only problem is, that date is passed us. So as of this video in 2015 is about to come to an end in this video. You may be watching this video now, and it's going to be 2016 and it may be 2017 depending on when you get into this course. So the fact of the matter is that this particular CSB file on Lee works for September 13th 2015. So what do you do then? What do you do when the date has passed? Now they're two different approaches to this. Let's say I wanted to schedule my tweets. 4 September 14th. Now this is going to be the tedious way you would go through and you were changed every single one until you get to September 14th that that doesn't seem or if the trouble that's just too much to deal with. It will take up too much time, but there is a much better option that I use. That allows me to save a large amount of time with this particular phase in the process, and it could easily save you 10 to 15 minutes of your time, depending on how many of these post you have to go through. So on the Mac, you click command F and on PC. Your Microsoft is control F, and what that does is you will have a find and replace option so you want to go to defines and replace you. Type in 9-13. You want to replace it. You want everything to get scheduled on the 14th and then you click. Replace all, and you will see that all of those thirteen's they're now 14th. So just by taking that one step, I was able to save the time. It would have taken me to manually change everything here one at a time, from nine slash 13 to 9 slash 14 so it's really convenient. It's what allows you to continuously tweet the same messages again and again and safe an enormous amount of time, and it is 100% okay to tweet the same things several times. Because as you continue to grow your audience, they're going to be people who have been not write a single one of your tweets, and they're going to be several people in your current audience who have not read all of your tweets. I mean, I've been sending the same tweets from this file dozens of times by now, and it is very difficult to imagine that many of my followers have read all of these social media post They've come across some of them, but chances are they have not read them more because there are some posts are going to be sent at 8 a.m. When there are a lot of people on Twitter. When these people are on it, there other ones that gets sent at 1 a.m. When certain people are not using Twitter and you want to have your social media content scheduled throughout the day just to account for multiple time zones. So they're going to be people who are eating breakfast when you are sleeping. It's just the nature of the time zones within our planet. So that's why you want to be scheduling so many social media posts throughout the day. And this is basically a typical file that I would use to schedule my tweets. Once you have the CSB file done, all you do is you go to bulk message upward. You would choose your file. Choose the social network that it would go on. And then, at that point, all you do is you click. Submit the bulk message upload option. Is Onley available for who? Three pro users, though. So if you're looking into a way to save a massive amount of time scheduling tweets when you find yourself scheduling very similar tweets very often, then who's we pro is a valuable investment for you to make. It does not just come with the bulk schedule. You get to have more than five sold from their work. So right now I currently have six. That's going to grow even more so. Who's we pro gives you a lot of different options To key one, though, is that bulk message upload. The only thing with the both message upload is that sometimes there are glitches that occur in which they can impact the way your tweets look. So you want to occasionally look through your see SV fought file uploads just to make sure that all of your tweets are appearing, okay, because right now this tweet with two question marks, I do not want to send the tweet with two question marks. So I would go in, edit that tweet, make the change, and then that will be it. So you want to make sure like tweets like this one? You just want to make sure that when you are uploading the files when you are uploading the social media posts, I mean through the C S V file, you want to make sure that there aren't mistakes like these that could impact the way or tweets. Look, it's just natural. Sometimes it will just happen. And it could be something as small as the font you're using or just retyping the tweet or the Facebook post. And then that's all you need to do to solve the problem. So most of these air easy fixes. What I like to do is I hire someone usually to do these things. But I'm just doing these things just for you to see them within this video, so just be cautious of certain things like this happening within the CSB file up close. But for many people, it's not a problem. So if you're looking for a way to schedule your tweets and save a lot of time, the bulk message up boat is really the best way to do that. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you, and what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential today. 6. Schedule Social Media Posts Without Being On HootSuite With HootSuite's Bookmark: out of all of the capabilities hoots we provides for its social media users. I believe that who'd lit is the most underrated tool that they have that can really alike. Take your social media sharing to a new level of efficiency. So the way who works is it's simply a bookmark. So you would click here, direct your bookmarks bar, and then thou the it you release and then it would become this hoot. Let Tab and the who tab. What it basically lets you do is it allows you to go on any webpage and schedule a tweet or post a tweet using hoot suite without actually going into the hoot suite dashboard. So the way this is this works. This is one of my plot post four secret methods to get more landing page traffic. Maybe you're wondering who this is A great block post. I already want to share it. I want to put into who tweet. So the way that would normally work is you go to who, three dot com and then go to your dashboard and basically you're here, and then you would type in the message blink and you would settle that up, but with the who'll it now, instead of doing all of those steps to take up time, all you do is you just click it, you get a new window. And then there you go. You have a tweet automatically pre written with the same hoot suite dashboard, and you could choose all of your social networks. And before you can post it at a certain time, play around all those options Justus, you would be able to in the who, Sweet dashboard, or you can send it right now. So basically who lit is just you see something on the Web. You really want to share it on toute suite, and you really want to schedule it at a certain time? Maybe. But you don't want to have to log in to hoot suite and then go to your dashboard and then type in the message like, you know, basically copy and pasting the headline here and then getting the link and then sending out a tweet. This one click allows you to save at least two minutes of your time, and if you add all of the increments, so let's say you do this ah 100 times because you see 100 different articles that you like in the course of maybe a month, that will save you over three hours of your time that you don't have to go into who sweet dashboard copy paste, a link short in it or anything like that. It's just in one click, so that's who lit. It's a very useful bookmark tohave, because it basically gives you the basic use of the hoot suite dashboard in just one click . That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you, and when I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential today. 7. How To Add Team Members To Your HootSuite Organization: If you want to outsource their social media efforts and save a lot of time with it, then you need to have a team set up on who tweet and team members so that these people have served in access to some of your social networks without you having to give these people the user names and the passwords to your social media accounts. Because that's very sensitive information that we really don't want to be giving away so freely, just so our work can be outsourced. So you start by clicking on your main picture here, and this is the organization and the way. Then you would approach adding new members to the teams. You would go to the team, you would go to permissions, and then all you do at that point is you quick invite members, and then you can enter an email address so you can arrange with the person who you want to hire that you need to provide me with an email address so that I can provide you with the message so you would enter the person's email address. You would include a message that basically explains to them to join this suits we team and maybe some of the work that it will entail. And then finally, add that person to your new team. So, from my instance, will be first team just because it's the default. And right now I only have one other person to my hoot suite strategy. AZM or social media activities need to be outsourced, and I'm focusing on other soul from networks. Then I will eventually hire more people for my social media strategy and possibly create multiple teams. But right now I just need this one team, which is why I currently have it as the default first team and team admin. Selecting this feature gives them mawr permissions, such as the key thing. You can have them post for you with your social media accounts and that just allows you just save a lot of time. The default is largely viewing. Other team members work, so if you want to have someone post, I high recommend doing team admin so they get more capabilities. So it's just easier for them to utilize hoot suite and all of capable and more of the capabilities so that you will be able to rest assured that your social media content is getting scheduled or what you want your people to do. Those tasks are getting done, so that's how you would invite your members to. You're a particular team, and when you invite them to a team, you're also inviting them to your hoot suite organization, which is something that you have right here, in which you can identify which social networks are affiliated with it, as well as who your team members are. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you, and what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential today. 8. Social Media Success Isn't What You Think It Is: in order to use who's sweet and the most efficient way possible so that you can become successful on social media. You need to know what social media success looks like and what it actually entails. Social media success is very different from typical types of success. Now, when most people think of social media success, they may think about putting in the work, sharing their content and doing all those things in order to grow an audience. While that is in part part of the process, it's not the only part that creates a successful social media strategy. And you have to know the certain elements that many people don't know or to actually create a successful social media strategy. So right here I have Twitter counter statistics of my Twitter account for this past month, and within this past month my account has gained several 1000 followers, and right now it's currently a little over 264,000. So many people looking at that audience would say that's a successful social media strategy in action. But in reality, the success has nothing to do with that audience size. It is part of it, but it's not the major part of it, and the reason is that all those social media success is important. It's not the ultimatum. If you're successful on social media, that does not mean your business is going to become successful. Social media is just a platform for you to gain more exposure and to growing audience. But if you have, let's say nothing to promotes that audience or you don't do a good enough job at communicating with that audience beyond social media, then it's not going to work out well. So social media is just a way for you to get Morrell exposure and to build relationships with your audience. So it is important in part, to have a large audience, but is not the only factor the way you engage that Williams also matters. But now, going back to how hoot suite applies to this. What also matters is how much time you are actually spending on social media. If you spend all day on social media, then you are spending no time creating products, writing block posts and doing all of the other things that need to get done for your business. So I realized that there was a point where my twitter account was growing rapidly and it still is. But there was a point when it was growing rapidly. But it took me so much time to schedule tweets grow my audience by following the right people in doing all of those things that I had no other time for my business. So in S and social media became the main focus. What happened? The result was that I did really good on Twitter. I was gaining hundreds of followers every single day and on average, I'm still doing that. But the problem was that since I was only able to devote time towards Twitter, my other social networks, I was not creating products. I was still writing the same amount of block post, but not really growing an email list which, if you have stumbled across enough block post about it, you'll discover that the money is in the list. That is a very true statement. So I wasn't able to do all those other things and who's who is a great tool for boosting your social media productivity and what I encourage you to do in order to further optimize that is to have other people perform certain social media activities for you. So all of my tweets are now getting scheduled by other people and their other parts of my social media strategy that I have outsourced to other people. So that's a very important part of the social media success you want it to take as little of your time as possible while achieving the maximum results and the best way you really do that is by outsourcing. And since we're on the topic of social media success, there is another major misconception that impacts a lot of people. In that misconception is that you want to focus on his many social networks as possible. You want to be on Twitter on Facebook, on Pinterest, on instagram, on YouTube, on off. But that's not how social media success works. Going back to Twitter counter, you will see that I have over 264,000 Twitter followers. But for a very long time I had the Twitter followers, but I had virtually nothing else. When I had my 1st 100,000 Twitter followers, I'm going to guess that I had 10,000 pinchers followers. I did not have a reliable Facebook page. If I had it. It had less than 200 likes, and my INSTAGRAM account had less than 1000 followers. So what I basically did was I focused all of my time on one particular social network. And that's how you master social media. You do it by saving as much time as possible, but also honing in on one social network. Because once you master one social network, it is easier for you to master all the others. Thean allergy, I will always give from mastering social media, is like mastering the romance languages, and the romance languages are very similar in their design with small nuances. But if you master one of them, it becomes increasingly easier for you to master all of them. So that's how social media success works. Who tweet has been a critical tool for the success of my social media strategy, and when you use hoot suite and your social media in the most efficient way possible, that's when you start to explore the capabilities of putting in the least amount of work but also getting better results. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you, and what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential. Today 9. How To Add Pictures To Social Media Posts Via Hootsuite: including a picture within your social media posts is a very powerful way to get Mawr engagement. It is known by signs that the image registers to the human mind 60,000 times faster than plain text. And it is also proven that the tweet with the picture will get twice as much engagement as the tweet without the picture. And there's some social over. It's completely devoted two pictures. Instagram and Pinterest. You cannot share any post on any ville social networks without having a picture, so it's important to know how to add pictures to the social media posts that you create on who tree. So this will be a very quick tutorial. All you would do is you compose your message, and then what you do here is you would click on attach image or file. So once you click that, you just like files to upload, and then you choose the particular picture and with the hoot suite option, and especially if you are going to share it on Twitter, you want to enable the pick dot twitter option because that's what allows Twitter to create that automatic preview versus usually using hoot sweets Option where it shows the link, and then you have to click on the link to see the picture. You want to use that pic Twitter option just because the picture is easier for people to see. And the expectation now is that we're not clicking links just to access pictures on places like Twitter and Facebook. So you want to have that picture up in front so that without leaving the site, people can see that picture. So that's how you go about adding pictures to your social media posts with hoot suite, and by adding pictures, you will be able to boost your engagement. Now, one important thing to note is that the only thing with pictures is that if you are creating a C S V file, you cannot add pictures because you need to get that custom. You are. L. So if you want to have pictures in your social media posts, but you want to do it with the C S. V file, you may want to hire someone to have a specific picture that gets designated for that social media post. And then, at that point, just send the pictures, get more engagement with Twitter and then watched a traffic grow to your block. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you. And what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential today. 10. The Best Way To Come Up With More Social Media Post Ideas: In order to schedule content on hoot suite, you need to constantly have social media content ideas that you can always rely on for more insights and mawr social media posts. So in this lecture, I'm going to discuss with you the single most powerful way to come up with more ideas for social media posts, regardless of whether you are pinning posting on Facebook, tweeting using instagram or any other social network. So the main route of this strategy is Twitter. This is where it all takes place, regardless of which social network you are using and on Twitter, what you do is you create a list. So right here I have three different lists that I have now some of them just draft because I just want to see how this whole thing works. But this is my main list value source sources for social media. And what I will do is I will scroll down through this list and if anything grabs my attention about social media, then I will go and look at that content. See if it applies to my followers and then I will share that content with my audience. So this is one of my lists. The other list I have is social media influencers, in which this is more focused on social media, where all of these content ideas from social media influencers who I selected in advance on this list, these air, all types of tweets that I would want to send out to my audience because I would get value from them, and my audience will get value from them, too. So this is how you could see all the members on a list, and adding a member to a list is very easy. Here's what you do. So let's say I want to add Jack Dorsey to this list, so I only do. You should go to the settings here and removed from lists you choose social media influencers, and then that's it. He's on the list of that point. We'll go back just to verify. So you got lists eight members and Jack Dorsey is on that list, and this is a very powerful feature on Twitter that you could use for any social network just for the pure fact that you get to see all of their tweets and this gives you valuable information. So if I want to learn more about my niche. I go to this list to learn more about my niche. If I want more block post ideas, I go here if I want more tweet ideas. If I want to retweet something within my niche, I go to this list and this is a very powerful way for you to essentially find numerous content ideas, whether you are creating social media poster hoot suite or you're writing block posts. So Twitter lists is the best way to make that happen. That is all for this lecture. I hope it has served you, and what I want you to do is to dream big, achieve greatness and unlock your potential today.