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Leverage Linkedin Tactics>Optimise Your Profile>Gain Impressive Endorsments

Youshaa Motan, Online Instructor

Leverage Linkedin Tactics>Optimise Your Profile>Gain Impressive Endorsments

Youshaa Motan, Online Instructor

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8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Linked profile Optimization Introductory Video SD

    • 2. An Introduction to the class

    • 3. Updating your headline

    • 4. Writing a professional summary

    • 5. Your linkedin profile picture

    • 6. Crafting a powerful Linkedin summary

    • 7. 4 Quick tips to more endorsements

    • 8. Conclusion and Class Review

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About This Class

Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a platform to shape how others see you, highlight your abilities, products, or services, and explain how your work impacts lives. Yet many people simply copy and paste their resume/CV and expect job offers and networking opportunities to start rolling in—but that isn't how it works.

  1. This micro-class, LinkedIn Profile Optimization Success shows you how to create a profile that enhances your personal brand, controls how others see you, and shapes a successful future for your career. It is also a precursor to my Linkedin Masterclass which you can look out for.

Whether your goal is job search, branding, reputation management, or sales, people are Googling you—and your LinkedIn profile is more often than not their first point of contact. With a focus on who you are, the value you deliver, and the culture you cultivate, the profile you'll create with the help of this guide will make that first connection a positive one—giving you a better chance to see results.

  • Create a powerful LinkedIn profile
  • Discover 4 tips to impressive endorsements
  • Showcase your experience and accomplishments
  • 5 tips to a job searched optimized profile
  • Be seen on the world's largest professional social network
  • Crafting a powerful Linkedin summary

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization helps to ensure you're presenting yourself in the best possible light.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Youshaa Motan

Online Instructor




An Online Teaching Ambassador from South Africa, with years of experience in instructional design and the subject of personal development, Youshaa can be seen lecturing online as an Online Course Lecturer with Damelin College Online presenting his best-selling online course: Mind Power For Successful Managers as well as on his ever increasing 70+ online courses on online empowerment platforms, Skillshare and Udemy. 

Youshaa is also the founder of Affirmation Revolution, a platform dedicated to rewiring your brain to think only truth based postive thoughts to live your best life possible.

His goal as an online teacher is to produce the very best personal development micro-courses to shar... See full profile

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1. Linked profile Optimization Introductory Video SD: Hi, I'm Lucia, and things were joining me in the short introductory video. I teach productivity, social media strategy and unlined teaching development for your business or your bread he's ever watch at the short introduction video that have majors for you. Should it resonate with you to develop your life or your business and click then or better in Let's get started watching. Remember for maximum effect, you can whisk pause video. You can wind the lecture or even rewatch the entire class. So take the enroll button and let's get started. Have learning. Lincoln has never been more popular and is presently the planet's largest professional network and social platform. Today, Lincoln stands as a public company with 500 million users, as this class is recorded with two new members per second. That my friend, is all inspiring. Lincoln users occupy 200 countries around this globe, and 70% of them are outside the U. S. 56% of users on males and 44% are female. So if you only have a linked in profile because you're supposed to have one, this class is made for you. But there's a whole lot more to the social platform than uploading your resume and forgetting about it seriously. Whether you're top of the food chain, executive and entry level high school graduate, or like most of our some way in between, using Lincoln to its fullest potential can help you become more successful in your career. Your linked in profile is essentially a platform to shape our other. See you highlight your abilities, products or services and explain how your work impact lives. Yet many people simply copy and paste their CV and expect job offers in networking opportunities to start rolling in. But that isn't how it works. The short, basic, last linked in profile optimization success shows you how to create a profile that enhances your personal brand, controls how others see you and shapes a successful future for your career. It is also a precursor to my Lincoln masterclass, which you can look out for whether your goal is to job search, branding, reputation, management or sales. People are googling you, and your linked in profile is more often than not your first point of contact where they focus and where you are the value you deliver and the culture you cultivate the profile you'll create with the help of this guide will make the first connection a positive one, giving you a better chance to see results. So in this glass you'll create a powerful, linked in profile. Discover four tips to impressive endorsements. Showcase your experience in accomplishments and then learn five tips to a job searched optimized profile. Also, you'll be seen on the world's largest professional social network and your craft a powerful lengthen summary, so you'll never get a second chance to make a great first impression. And linked in profile optimization helps you to ensure you presenting yourself in the best possible light. So click the enroll button and let's start watching. 2. An Introduction to the class: hi and welcome to linked in how to optimize your linked in profile. My name's usual Moten, and I'll be your instructor in this class. Welcome to this class and a little bit more about myself. I'm you show, and I'm passionate about helping you grow. I have a blogger, Lucia Moten dot com. You can check it out, help startups online teachers, entrepreneurs, e commerce stores and small business owners. Create and manage their social media profiles the pages. Platforms for scalable growth and returns on investment, driving their productivity strategy and brand success stories. Now I've always, too, for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to learn, absorb and understand translating into practical wisdom, which my students can instantly apply to real life situations. Rewarding their time and financial investment to the fullest, allowing all of the students to become the best possible version of themselves in the quickest possible time. Now, a little bit more about this class, your linked in profile is essentially a platform to shape our others. See you and perceive you highlights your abilities, products or services, and explain how your work impacts lives and in particular their lives. Yet many people simply copy and paste their CV or resume and expect job offers and networking opportunities to start rolling in as if by magic. But that isn't how it works. Unfortunately, now in this class, the short, basic class of micro class and Lincoln your profile optimization for success. We'll show you how to create a profile that enhances your personal brand, controlled or other see you and shapes a successful future for your career. It's also a precursor to my Lincoln masterclass, which you can also look out for. Now you're going to learn how to create a powerful, linked in profile. You'll discover four tips to impressive endorsements. You also have an opportunity to showcase your experience and accomplishments and then learn five tips to a job searched optimized profile. And then we seen on the world's largest professional social network, which is linked in with 500 million users, which is awesome, and then finally craft a powerful, linked in summary 3. Updating your headline: Hello again and welcome to the first lecture. Let's firstly dive into linked in by the numbers. And here are a few good reasons to start using Lincoln now. Linton presently has 500 million users worldwide. Now that is an amazing and awesome statistic. Secondly, Lincoln uses occupied 200 countries around the globe 3rd 70% of them outside the U. S. A. 56% of users are males and 44% of female, which is pretty balanced now, jumping straight into linked in profile optimization. Your linked in profile is more than just your curriculum. Vita. I understand that it's your professional digital introduction and personal brand first impression to the world. Make sure that this first impression is a good one by optimizing your profile because Lincoln is a pretty powerful tour. Now, when you're in the midst of a job search, it's imperative that your linked in profile showcases you in the correct light and makes a hiding manager recruiter or human resource is professional. I want to reach out to learn more about you. And here are five tips to help make your profile Stand out first and foremost your profile picture is your face to the world. Make sure its current and presents You're looking friendly, warm and well adjusted. Now let's take a look. Now at a few profiles. Unlinked in four windows they're using to face may vary on the Mac or for mobile, but the interface is actually always the same intuitive. And now, in 2017 designed to feel and look more like Facebook and we're going to quickly jump into Lincoln. And this is the dashboard for Lincoln, for Windows. And as you can see yah, it shares a remarkable resemblance to a Facebook news feed. So if I scroll down these up old posts that all the new posts on my home page and following that, we have my network. So that's the terror over here. I've now just clicked on that button. If we're now going to explore the my network home tab or dashboard, these are people that I can potentially connect with on Lincoln and they obviously she the same interests that I do. And if I hit over to my profile over here, that's myself. So this is actually my LinkedIn page, and as you can see here, I've got 2738 connections. And let's just quickly click on that just to reconfirm my email that's bringing up okay, I'm going to close that page all right and hitting over. We see here on the top bar we have on the dashboard jobs, messaging notifications, and that's to actually editor profile. And then we have a separate tab for learning. Posting a job advertising with Lincoln, which will cover in another course how to start the group or how to connect with others in groups. Pro Finder Look up and slide shape, which is also good for getting your message across, is an influencer. And then there's This is a free version off Lincoln. You can also try a linked in for the paid version premium version off Lincoln and gives the plans. Over here, you've got the career, which is you can select the plan, and as you can see, that's $24.24.99 dollars per month. And then you get the business plan as well, where you can find in contact that I people promote and grow your business and learn new skills to enhance your professional brand and that that is, at the moment, $47.99. OK, so as you go up on the plans, you'll see that you've got more options, more benefits, and especially for recruiters and content marketers, you might want to consider going for the premium. And as you can see this one over here, which is hiring for recruitment, you can hot, find and hire talent. Those is at $99.95 all of which I don't need. I run on the on the free linked in package, and I'm pretty happy with that. In my line of business is an online teacher and a social media analyst. That's perfect for me. If you do need to go to the premium or go up for the premium package, then please don't hesitate to do that. All right. So continuing with the class and updating your profile, let's head straight over to my presentation again, and we're now going to discuss the five tips to a job surge within optimized profile on Lincoln. Okay, now your profile picture again is your face to the world, so make sure its current in presents you looking friendly, warm and well adjusted. And secondly, you want to update your headline. Now start your headline with the title of the position you targeting Ed assemble such as a solid circle with star. Next, add some keywords that describe you, separating each keyword with the same symbol as earlier, and then in the headline Worth looking for your opportunity and then infuse your profile with keywords. The easiest way to find these keywords is to locate a job description of the job that you're targeting. If the job description states that the best candidate is good at strategic relationships, business development in public speaking, make sure you use these terms to your headline. Somebody chop title and descriptions. So I want to quickly head over to Lincoln again. And, uh, let's head over to my network and we're not going to analyze profiles, and it's just quickly go into a Zenobia novel. She's a product specialist at Hepatic Bank, which is actually in South Africa, rated as the top bank, not the largest, they actually the smallest bank. But in terms off its connect, let's just go into her profile, okay? And in terms off the customer service, they're ranked number one Okay, so let's quickly head over, and we'll see in terms of recommendations. And then these are the people that she's following. And we'll also see in terms of experience, business analysts, analyst, product specialist. And it's Citra, and we quickly want to then go into her profile. And we can also save it to pdf if we want to connect with okay, and that's the PDF download over here. All right, so we've gone into the no BS profile and, uh, let's quickly go into one other. It's important that you familiarize yourself with the dashboard in the feel off the dashboard and your news feed on Lincoln. Let's look at Crystal Fund Rensburg Okay, Hargrove's and we'll just quickly hit into her profile, and we can see that she's got activity over here. She's got 1930 followers, all of which she connect with, probably on a daily basis, And that's experience over here and her education. And then her featured skills and endorsements, talent management, succession planning and human resource is she's got 16 more and then these other pages or linked in profiles that she's following all right and then quickly before we continue. I just wanted to hit into my profile. Okay, As you can see, my profile. Human online, teaching business developer and social media analyst. Experience founder with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. I'm skilled in social media strategy, the learning consultancy, digital marketing, branding and corporate identity. Online teaching, development, sales and marketing, negotiation and sales and marketing. Strong entrepreneurship Professional with a bachelor of business administration focused in sales and marketing and sales operations from I am him. And 254 people have viewed my profile and 86 views off shares or posts that I've contributed on Lincoln. Okay and hitting straight again into the Lincoln presentation, we're now going to focus on writing a compelling summary, which is your next lecture. 4. Writing a professional summary: kind. Welcome to lecture to and in this lecture will discover how to write a compelling summary. Now the somebody is where you tell your professional story on Lincoln. Describe what you do and how it helps others and right in the first person. Remember that job description from top three. Make sure you incorporate the key terms that are important to your target position. Now you can include some key achievements from your previous company and how it positively affected your company, the customer, your team or the bottom line. Finally, make sure you include your contact information. You want to make sure that if someone is interested, he can easily reach you. Even if you aren't directly connected on LinkedIn and then you want to also showcase your experience, it's important to last. At least three previous job experience is if you are no longer working at an end date to your last position. Within each experience, provide a summary of the company and in a sentence or two, describe your role and responsibilities. Next, I like 3 to 4 top level achievements. Now this will be the sweet spot before you hit Save include the sentence at the very end for detailed list of accomplishments. Please request the copy from me. Don't forget to add your email, address and phone number. 5. Your linkedin profile picture: hi and welcome to this module. Taking your own professional linked in profile Picture Your linked in profile picture is your face to the world. It's important that it presents you looking your very finest when possible. Have your profile picture taken by a professional photographer to take advantage off his or her professional equipment and years of experience in training to make you look good. However, if working with a professional photographer is outside of your cutting budgets and comfort zone year attempts for taking a great professional looking picture yourself. Now point number one enlist a friend to take the photo. Even if you have a tripod and camera with a timer, it's best to have a friend assist you. It's easy to get overly stressed when all the responsibility is on you to look good and capture the right image at the same time. Working with a friend minimizes the stress in, allows you to concentrate and posing and smiling, being comfortable in enjoying the process. If you don't have a digital camera, don't display the cameras embedded into smartphones. Thes days are great and take high quality images. Your phone's camera works just as well as a digital camera. Anything from an eight megapixel camera and higher resolutions will do most. Mobil's come standard with a 13 to 15 megapixel camera now in 2017. Whatever you do, don't take your picture in selfie mode. The camera on the outside of the phone typically produces higher quality images. Then the Selfie camera, located above the screen, now take 20 to 50 different photos and decide which is best for you. Have a look at others profiles to determine if the shot style suits your profile and the image Jewish to project whimsical. If you're an artist or slightly more professional, if your office personnel and let's have a look at a few profile pics that are currently on linked in this context, and we can discuss which ones stand out now, if I do look at the profile pics on Lincoln, I'll go through over here a particularly like this one with the white space on the left, the right and above her head looks pretty professional, and let's click on Cindy Solman. She's a people facilitator at Mr Price, which is one of the leading fashion retailers, affordable fashion retailers in South Africa. And while we doing that? We can have a look at her connections and she's got 100 and 36 mutual connections with myself. And I particularly like the white space, although you'd get some that don't have white space that will tell more of a story. Let's look at Tavana Cartola. He's a buying manager and let's have a look. Quick squares at his profile picture. There we go. He's dressed in a suit, is looking pretty spiffy, and you can see that he's either in a corporate or a conference environment. Okay, so it speaks volumes for for his persona and his career. OK, so these are just two, and you can learn from other profiles that you see on Lincoln. I'm gonna quickly go to the home page and perhaps, let's just quickly look at one more, and this will be Jacob Hill now Jacob Hill. I will get 250 ex offenders into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment by July 2019. Now that's pretty fantastic. So he's pretty. Someone pretty special is based in Huddersfield in the United Kingdom, and let's have a close up. Came is not making eye contact, which is not what I would recommend. Um, he looks like he might be an introvert by nature. And let's quickly go in to Tonya Hutton's profile picture. Someone was. She looks pretty bubbly in this picture. Yeah, I like it. And that's what you want to be achieving. Let's quickly go into her profile picture. The quality is not the best. So she used a low resolution camera. And that's not just my Internet loading. The image she's also she's put some sort of filter on your in monochrome. So I'm guessing that it wasn't this color initially. Okay, so have a look. And, you know, see which profile picture suits you. This one in particular looks pretty good. It's a Felisha funder member. It's up cars, and I'm quickly going to poppingly good smile, equal space on the left and the right, and you want to have. This is your digital first impression to stand out. All right, so moving back over into our presentation, Let's continue. All right now, you also want to be dressing for success in your profile picture just because we sought to Bonnie in in the first, we saw a gentleman dressing in a suit, and that's fantastic just because you taking the photo yourself, it doesn't mean you should skimp on your R theta grew me. You want to dress professionally, make sure your hair is combed and styled. Pretend as if you're going on a job interview or meeting with a top client where if you foot the part and occupy a higher part powered roller position, act in love your part. Become the role he was. Lots and lots of light and position yourself. No, a window where there's lots of natural light. You can also move some lamps into the room to get even more light and just keep them outside off the frame. And then you want to be filling the frame. Have your friends stand 5 to 10 feet away, holding the camera around the face level. The frame of the image should consist of some space above your head, as you can see here and your entire head shoulders in just a little bit of your torso. And remember, image will get crocked later into a square, so it's important to have some image space to spare for cropping. And then focus and smile. Smile is your friend starts to snap your picture. Smile is warmly and confidently as possible. Think happy thoughts. Have your smile engage your entire face so that your eyes crinkle in your cheeks. Rise. There's no such thing as too many pictures. Takes a lot off pictures to get that one single great shot, so don't expect to hit upon the best image in one of two kicks. Your friend may need to take 50 or more pictures to get the best image. The reason is two fold. Your friend is most likely not a professional photographer, and you are not a professional model, so you're overthinking will come into play. It takes time to get comfortable in, to start feeling at ease it and get it and edit mawr to make the image even more perfect. Once you have that great shot, it's time to editing crop. There are numerous online image editors you can use, and most competitors or computers rather are preloaded with images caps, so adjust the brightness contrast in color, crop the image so it's a perfect square, and the image should consist of your face and a sliver of your shoulders. Now this is a head shot, so no elbows, knees or feet 6. Crafting a powerful Linkedin summary: hi and welcome to the next module, which is crafting a powerful lengthen summary. Introduce yourself. Tell your story now. The summer is one of the most challenging areas of the linked in profile to write, and it's one of the most important. So years, a few quick tips to help you create a linked in summary that will get you noticed. First and foremost, introduce yourself. Imagine that you at a luncheon a person that you don't know comes over and immediately begins to tell you about her accomplishments. How strange, Right? While that's a linked in profile without a summary, think of your linked in summary. Is your digital introduction. Just like in the real world, the first natural thing to do is introduce yourself. In fact, when you introduce yourself, you don't just stop it your name. Rather, you tell a little bit more about where you are and how you affect others where you come from. This is also known as an elevator pitch, so tell your story. The somebody is where you tell your professional story. Think in terms of what your reader needs to know about you and weave it into a first person narrative people are moved by the reason you do something versus how you actually do it. Why do you do what you do? What is your professional passion? How do you help others? What results can a person expect when working with you? What differentiates you from others? By answering these kind of typical questions, you will find that your summary will take shape include your achievements Once your leader has a better idea of what you are and where you are and why you do what you do. It's now OK to start talking accomplishments right about a high level career achievement that positively affected your company, your customer, your team or your bottom line. Include your contact information at the end of your somebody. Include the best ways for person to contact you, even if you are not directly connected on Lincoln. Remember, the contact information feels on Lincoln are only visible to your first degree connections . You may provide your email address and your phone number 7. 4 Quick tips to more endorsements: Hi. Welcome to this module. Four tips to impressive into endorsements. How to optimize your linked in profile Now the skills and endorsement section on your linked in profile provides insight into your top level strengths. It also helps leading determine whether or not to show your profile in result listings for keyword searches, so don't ignore the section. Instead, dominate it by following three steps. Now that number one is don't max out. Lincoln allows you to last up to 50 skills, but remember, we want to optimize. So instead of selecting 50 only select those skills you feel defined. You absolutely aim for a sweet spot off 25 to 35 skills undiluted. By choosing fewer, you are providing your network with a smaller list of skills to endorse and thereby forcing them to endorse only your strongest skills. When you max out your skills, your most likely adding skills that aren't 100% descriptive off you buy only listing your best qualities. You ensure your network endorses you for the right skills. Secondly, get riel true skills that showcase what you want to do into the future. If you're no longer interested in coding java for instance, don't add it to your skills. Your skill should align with your career vision, not your career past third request endorsements. The more endorsements you have, the more credibility you will earn. The secret to getting endorsements is toe. Ask for endorsements. Send a simple linking message to the connections in your network would know you best and ask for an endorsement. People love to help others and reciprocate. So ask and you will receive fourth and finally would be to endorse others. And that works first. So you first indoors others and then they'll reciprocate and endorse you. So by endorsing others, you'll find that they endorse you in the same light in kind. It's only natural. We are social creatures. So is people feel a need to reciprocate. Whatever you do, only endorse others automatically and authentically and genuinely, People are turned off and won't reciprocate if they feel you endorsed them for the wrong skills. So the skills and endorsement section on your linked in profile provides insight into your top level strengths, and it also helps linked and determine whether or not to show your profile. In result, listings for keyword searches. So remember that this is a pretty important section, and that is your four tips to impressive endorsements 8. Conclusion and Class Review: hi and welcome to the conclusion off this class how to optimize your linked in profile. Now we've covered quite a few lessons in this class, and I hope that you enjoyed the entire class. In all the lectures we discussed basically, how to discover four tips to impressive endorsements to create a powerful link in profile. We showcased your experience in accomplishments and then gave you five tips to a job searched optimized put profile while also being seen on the world's largest profile social network. And then finally, I torture how to craft a powerful linked in summary. Now, in this micro class, I hope that he gave you lots of benefit. And I hope you take the learnings and apply them now to your linked in profile. And finally, in conclusion, I just want to tell you that you're you're Lincoln. Your optimized linked in profile gives your better chance to see results and potentially attract the dream. Job and business opportunities that you optimize linked in profile only will secure for your personal and professional brand of business. So what the focus on where you are, the value you deliver and the culture you cultivate that will determine what your linked in profile can do for you. So wishing you lots of success with your optimize linked in profile and your journey on Lincoln Lincoln is growing and I hope you grow with it. Congratulations on completing this class. Your Lincoln success starts beyond this point. I'm usually Moten and things for joining me in this class. I want you to also have a look. If you did enjoy this class at my other classes on productivity, social media strategy and online teaching development, remember, if there are any lectures in this class that you want to revisit, then you may always just head over to them and rewatch the entire listen and make notes as well off the learnings and then start implementing them in your linked in journey, wishing you lots of success. Thank you for watching