Level up your title video with a 3D element - Place 3D texts into a real footage in Cinema4D | Peter Nagy | Skillshare

Level up your title video with a 3D element - Place 3D texts into a real footage in Cinema4D

Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 01 - Building the scene in 3D

    • 3. 02 - Real skylight

    • 4. 03 - Rebuilding

    • 5. 04 - The matte shadow

    • 6. 05 - Define the sun and its shadow

    • 7. 06 - Placing the texts

    • 8. 07 - The Arnold materials

    • 9. 08 - Motion and rendering


About This Class

As a result of the course you will know how to place a cool 3D title into a real life footage. You can use this for a wedding video, a nice trip summary video or what important video you made. and I will show you how to do it, and you can have your own mini 'movie title' with a 3D text.

We will place 3D texts into a real footage in Cinema4D and rendering with Arnold renderer
In the course I use C4DtoA 2.4.0 /core
Please consider, that other versions may has different settings.

The course includes background sequences, which you can use for the Cinema4D camera tracking mode and a 360 panorama footage for defining realistic lighting for the video.

Downloadable link to the background sequences: link


what we are going to do in this course step by step:

- At first we will use the background video footage that you can find in additional materials.

- We will generate a 3D scene from this 2D footage in Cinema4D.
  So we can rebuild the original scene of the footage.

- Using with test 3D elements we will define the Skylight working with the
  additional 360 panorama picture.

We will define the ground in Cinema4D, where we are placing the 3D unit.

- We will define the virtual Sun representing the original one. Its position and angle as well. 

- After building the scene we will change the basic elements to our Texts or Title.

- We will use Arnold materials to add cool look to the 3D units.

- Finally we will render the composite scene with Arnold. 

I will share all my tips and tricks during the process, but if you missed anything,
please feel free to ask, I am here to teach!

Come and join the course and create amazing title right now! 


1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Peter Illustrator, three D artists on motion designer. In this course, I want to show you an exciting technique to placing three D texts or elements into a real footage. We work in Cinema four D According with our no Orender engine. The course contain sequences for camera tracking and a 3 60 panorama picture to background . Of course, if you want to choose your own footages in the first chapters, we will build our rear tow us seen using the background sequences. Then we will place three D texts into it. The 3 60 Panorama picture can help us to give more realistic lighting. I will teach you my tricks to define the cast shadows on, Find the right position and anger of the sun, and we will rebuild some parts of the footage in three D as well. Finally, we will add few animation to our texts for a better look, try my course and create special intro video to your reading video or a title to your travel videos. Join my course on, bring your radios to cooler. All right, 2. 01 - Building the scene in 3D: I know there are many camera tracking courses, but I have some additional tips to make better results. The most important thing to try to stimulate the environment in three D Okay, around cinema four D Down Find Motion Tracker Motion tracker. Here there is an option called footage. First off, all, we can add a footage video for tracking. Try to use sequences, not a simple video five to create sequences. It is easy run a video editor like after effects premier or media encoder, etcetera. So if you are widow into the timeline and exported to picture sequences, the reservation and the frame rate are important as well. Later, you have to use the same settings in cinema 40. So here I my sequences select the first fire and hit open. This footage was taken in Instagram, Hungary, one of the most beautiful places in our country. Let's go to the attribution. Spinal resembling. Use lower Where you if your computer slower me, I guess 75% will be enough at this time. The aspect ratio is important. My footage is HD wheat, 25 frames per second, so we have to use the same settings frame start on. Stop here. You care and crop your timeline if you want. It has per fire. Actually, I have no additional information about my lands, so escape it. Go to duty tracking. We can define how Maney track points should define our real to our camera. Maybe 50. He'd create out of track use higher Where you Because this guy is kind of empty. Part trackers. We'll lose the connection. 600 will be fine. I focus on the middle of the scene because I were placed my three d objects to decider hit out of tracks on Wait a few seconds. Don, let's play the footage. As you can see, many track points are perfectly follows The footage pictures, others are lost. Unfortunately, in the next step, we can ignore these lost Lex. Go to motion to care, Ref, You changed a graft moored with crick plus one. You can Pan Creek plus two. You can zoom in graph you We can follow the life off tracks. For example. This one is wrong. Jack a rotor Assad and move the red line. We can hide the understudy track points No. Find a track point in the middle. Seen on the stone. This will be the place off the three D object Go to run three d So over to Craig d wish to our camera. He does the new camera and detract points. The camera is animated. Of course, it can stimulate the movement off the origin. Our camera change do come out of you here we can see the background footage so we need a background object as well. Footage planner, create background object. Okay, In the next step, I'm going to add do text to demotion Tracker. The 1st 1 is the position constraint. This point can define the position off this three d object that we create. So grab this little yellow circle on drop it to track point that we choose before good. The other one is the planner con straight tag. We dis tag. We can define the ground plane. We have to find three track points to connect these planner points 1st 1 is to this one. The green colored means the connection we work for next 12 here on the last one do here Maybe all points Are we good changing camera view? And here is our try anger Go back to the fact coming over you and create a plane. Hide agreed to better view and modify the plane like this. I guess it looks good. Changed a view, and you can see the moving object is only the camera. Great. A cube or other primitive rotated a bit and check how it works in the vaccine. Nice. Now I'm going to create a quick rounder. Go to render settings to standard mood 500 Big says Well enough. Don't forget the aspect ratio is HD, and the frame rate is 25. That's bay right. 3. 02 - Real skylight: namely background materia as Bijie on open Miranda settings Banner changed. You are no lender and defined lower desolation 600 will be fine at this time. Click Do I pr to render all objects are black because there is no light in the scene. I'm going to add skylight. There are two options SkyDome light on our north sky which is a physical sky juice. Skydome light. Now it's right at this time. Now I'm going to create a new standard and old material for Skylight. Open DIY network editor Delete the recent node and type image. I made another footage. This is a panorama picture that I made with Google Street View. It is free and easy to use for your free. Too tight. You can share your panorama and you can save as a picture as well. Actually, a HDR image will be better, but it is absolutely enough at this time. I use the same position like in the video footage. The sky is clear and that is a recognize able son as well. Yep. In the other picture, this is my wife. We will use the modified picture press. Okay. Press Yes. If you want a copy image to the project further back to the new light and name a sky in the color to shader Network on dropped the new material into it Look at the I p r on here it is use where you want for intensity The exposure is okay but for the reservation use higher Where you because we have HD footage format is important. We have to use let tongue if we want more realistic lighting in this scene Poor Tom mode Off samples means the reservation off the shadow increasing to five if you don't want No the shades shadow color I'm going to try to catch it from our background footage Use kind off greyish blue Good on Chek cast Votomatic shadows It is not necessary at this time. Here are some sliders where we can modify the light effects separately If you want dark a diffuse or speculator where you just bring the slider to lower Where you as you can see the sky in the render view is weird. That is kind of ghosting effect. We can see the background footage and the sky panorama at the same time so we have to hide dependent am Allied Change D come at a slide at 20 If I hide the background footage, the background, we'll be back with where you want In camera slide. We can see again the panorama save the project. 4. 03 - Rebuilding: The next step is to rotate the sky panorama. I want to see the same view like in the background footage. Heidi, Background now and change the comer of you. Do one again. The ground plane will help us to find the right position. Not perfect, but it will be okay because the sun direction Now we can take a look around in the generated scene, delete the additional camera and named a new material s skylight. Slide the camera slider to zero again. Finally on Heidi background In the following seconds, I'm going to define the matter. Really? Off the ground plane. Great. A new standard and Materia Drop it to the primitives. Now go to the plane and modify a little bit. Four and four segments are okay breast, See or make it at the table Because in the following steps, we will build this war from the recent plane changed Do where text mode and move the points to feed the background elements. - Select the slight edges on the right and hold command or control and moved them to the right. Change the side view Andi, move these edges to down a little bit. Hold command again and create a bigger plane. Go to the other side and select the edges. We told in common. Move it up once more. I tried to catch the form off the wall. Nobile do left as well. That ended two points. Good. Switch the camera off. Here is the new mother from our plane. Go back to the camera. View on Brenda looks better. 5. 04 - The matte shadow: So we rebuild the wall and it was quick. Let's create a distance light. This will be our son in the scene. The direction is not necessary at this time. I just want to see the shadows in the next steps. I'm going to create another material because I want to hide this gray look in the plane. The only important thing is the cast shadow there named the material as shadow man. Delete the old material on Dropped the new one into the plane type shadow met Connected E beauty Jews Seen background We don't need spackle are at this time I pr window and Randa Not bad. There is an amounted cast shadow next the wall. So we need to add an an attack. Right click on a para meters uncheck A shadow and south shadow as well. Okay. 6. 05 - Define the sun and its shadow: we have son now, but we don't know its exact direction in the following steps. I'm going to show how we can define it easily. Hide the Cube, select the sun, and that's at all rotation. Where use OK minus 90. We would be about there moving to the right a little bit. Actually, we can move our son to everywhere. It has no effected a scene that is a good refer ends here. Try to use same anger, like in the background footage. Good, but it's not perfect at this time. Go to the background, object and hide it. Open the I. P R. Window to see the result, then go to the soft camera and changed, aware you of the camera to one. Now go to the camera and switch it to off in the render window, Withholding all you can rotate the camera. Let's find a sun in the sky. Place it to the center. Hi, the plane because it is not important at this time and grabbed the sun, then rotated like this. So turn it to us. Go back to the you part, switch on the camera and the background object as well. Kind of value is you know, I didn't just son a little bit good. And on hide D box and the plane Go to I peer window again and check the recite. I guess it looks much better. Oh, I forgot the color of the sun In the details banner You can define its temperature. Jews warmer white collar. Now let's focus on the cast shadow. It is due sharp, I guess, But we can't fix it. Increased Decembers 25 1st Dan de Yanga. I guess eight will be fine. Yeah, maybe The shadow is bright, so I'm going to modify. No, it is much better. 7. 06 - Placing the texts: Haida Sun and the sky from the View Port. Then did it the Cube. It is not important anymore. Go to McGruff and create a mo text. We will change the board in Cube to something more exciting. For example, choose your on your love's name the place, or define a coup tighter for your movie. I'm going to choose Ryan. Actually, I'm not. Ryan is just a sample. Find something. Board fund, Have a near is one of my best front family. I choose. It's having type. Check the box in parenting. No, we can move the characters separately. I'm going to add Philip Cap to the text. In my opinion, always use it with low radios because the hard edges doesn't look perfect in D render. Sometimes there is a weird flickering effect in the finer and there Okay, ally in the text to middle and scale down a little bit. I don't find a threat. Position duplicated text and choose something. Holographic phone. The secret front were look good. The other name is Carol. Maybe as you can see, I cannot move this text to fix this problem, you have to uncheck the box off, turning the death value is six. I have to change the radios of the Philip Cap as well. Find the right position and check the canning again to align the characters. Okay, Go to I p r and check a test under Look for good. I like the cast shadows of the text. The match Ido worked perfectly as well. We need one more text object the unsigned. For this, I'm going to duplicate the Karros text object. Okay? I don't like it. So I'm going to change this phone to Avenue next. Happy Do much medium will be better. Okay. Place to here. Maybe. Good. He was low. Will deaf? Are you? If you want select the three text objects on group it named the group as names. Okay, uh, render it good. 8. 07 - The Arnold materials: grab the first materia we did and open it. I'm going to define its look a little bit. I want shiny white effect dopey to Ryan on Opened I peer window to see the result. Essentially, it looks great. I'm going to increase the weight off the coat. Also the sheen and I'm going to add a mission. Do the admission works like an object? We itself light. 10. Freedom will add rainbow effect on the surface. The text Well, we're the same materia breast both. It is important, I guess when you create new materials. I had many bad seconds when the software crashed by this create new standard material for Keira For this materia, I'm going to use more notes named The Material and Rabbit to Keira. The base color is white at this moment, and the roughness of the spackle are ISS high 0.94. The coat will be 0.59 we 0.7 to 9 roughness. Sheen is zero point tohave Andi 0.7 to 9 Roughness, no start to type utility wrap and of the note and connected to base color changes shade mode to plastic. The color mode will be you. We, the ambient occlusion is 630 maybe. No. I'm going to change his graduate colors with using color. Correct. Find it snowed. Connected between the two notes used higher gamma. The hue is approximately minus three. Saturation is due. The exposure is 1.75. Oh, I loved is beautiful. Look. Looks nice. 9. 08 - Motion and rendering: in this chapter, we will, at some motions to our texts. No, it is static. Select the group off the texts, tourists and position of the text is okay, So first defined his position as an point of the animation. Go to frame 30 and at key to the Y position. Jump to the first frame on Moved his group to up 80 is Okay, so at key free McGhan Now go to window time. Nine. Dope sheet. You can see the thousands of K frame in Motion Tracker and two wants of the group Opened the position and check the base here because I want in our motion, I'm going to change it. Selected to okay frames and hit leaner. No. Select the group and go create at special tracks time. Select the position and grab the time text and drop it through here. Click plus one and two can have me to zoom and Ben grab D and K frame of the time and move it to frame 30 open time instead of the points and change them to best year. If you want to add dynamics to the animation use, this method modified the base here lying this, it means a quicker start on slower and animation in the render settings. Use hardware with lower resolution to try the new animation. Oh, frames Okay on Brenda, not bed. No, I'm going to add a few rotation as well. I guess it's OK. Go to time. Nine. Again Select rotation Dander of the time to its time track Good in the next steps, I'm going to any made the names separately. Grab end up the end. Signed under the tax Caro frame. 30 at Key Frame to Exposition and then go to the first frame. Move the text to write a little bit as Creasy cream at Kay. Frame to Ryan and jump to the first frame and move it to the left a little bit and at G again, Quick check in time. Nine. Dan. Create one frame render with Arnold Sub surface Scattering isn't important at this time. Here it is. - Okay , create hardware, animation and there to see it for motion. Maybe it is. Do quick. Go to diamond, go to time nine. Press are and creates selection from the thirties frame to the 1st 1 No, we can stretch decay frames easily stretch to 50. Okay, on. Render again. Next. Good. I'm pleased with that. Okay. Uh, render it. - I hope you enjoy this course. If you have any questions about it, we're free to ask me by.