Level up your digital sketch style in Photoshop!

Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. 01 - Promo

    • 2. 02 - Import the brush and the palette

    • 3. 03 - Some quick tips and tricks

    • 4. 04 - Define the scene

    • 5. 05 - Sketching of the buildings

    • 6. 06 - Paint the foreground


About This Class

This course helps you to understand digital sketching. I am sharing with you my own workflow, everything I do to create original digital illustrations. This course is for you if you want to try quick and useful different sketching technic in Photoshop.

I will share all my tips and tricks during the process, but if you missed anything, please feel free to ask, I am here to teach!


In this course you won't learn everything in Photoshop. We will work with the most important tools tips and technics which are necessary to create a scene like in this course. 

Course structure

- Import and try my custom brush that I made especially for this course.
- Try my palette with 7 different grayscale tones.
- Painting tricks and tips with using the new brush.
- Paint an British landscape / There is a line draft for your help.

Bonus materials

- Photoshop brush
- Grayscale palette
- Line draft

Let's create your incredible 2D art! This course is just an inspiration to you. Feel free to find your way. 
Come and join the course and create amazing digital illustrations