Level Up your Portrait Drawings: Practical Approaches to Advanced Concepts! | Chris Hong | Skillshare

Level Up your Portrait Drawings: Practical Approaches to Advanced Concepts!

Chris Hong, Artist and YouTuber

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12 Lessons (2h 15m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Finding Photo References

    • 4. Shapes

    • 5. The Block-in

    • 6. Shading

    • 7. Building Up the Drawing

    • 8. Technique: Losing Unnecessary Lines

    • 9. Technique: Spilled Light

    • 10. Technique: Atmospheric Shadows

    • 11. Student Project & Closing Thoughts

    • 12. Portrait Drawing Start to Finish [RAW Footage]

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About This Class

How do you create a sense of lighting in your portrait drawing? And make it feel more "realistic" and full of life than a photograph? This class is all about taking the complexity of portrait drawing like lighting and design and distilling it down into simple steps you can take to level up your portrait drawings!


I introduce how to apply a sense of light through the use of shapes to group complex values, take you step by step through how I build up a solid drawing that feels structural, and lastly share some simple techniques you can do to inject even more appeal and life into your drawing.

This class is designed for those who have some prior experience with drawing the human head as well as observational drawing, as I won't be going into drawing basics or cover the anatomy side it. Rather, I approach drawing the portrait as a designer would; drawing the human head is a vast, complex topic that would be difficult to cover in any effective way in a single class - so the purpose of my class is to introduce complex concepts like lighting and design in practical ways that you can take and apply directly into your work today!