Level Up Your Sudoku - Learn Easy to Medium Puzzling Solving Techniques | Tommy Howell | Skillshare

Level Up Your Sudoku - Learn Easy to Medium Puzzling Solving Techniques

Tommy Howell, Math and Puzzle Guru

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Level Up Your Sudoku Intro

    • 2. Easy 1: Forced Moves

    • 3. Easy 2: Pinned Squares

    • 4. Medium 1: Naked Sets

    • 5. Medium 2: Hidden Sets

    • 6. Medium 3: Intersections


About This Class

Tommy Howell, the author of the "Level Up Your Sudoku" series of puzzle books teaches the first 5 Sudoku solving techniques. The first two techniques are typically all this is needed to solve a "Monday," "Easy" or "Gentle" rated puzzle. The next three techniques cover "Medium" or "Moderate" difficulty puzzles. The course includes a printable sheet of 6 puzzles of each method for you to practice. 





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Tommy Howell

Math and Puzzle Guru

My name is Tommy and I'm a native Texan who somehow wasn't interested in football even growing up under the Friday Night Lights. I was a math and science guy who went into computers for a career. Now, I'm trying to teach this old dog (and a few young pups) some new tricks. My first projects are going to be technology or puzzle related since those are both passions of mine. If you have something math, technology or puzzle related that you think I should be teaching here, drop me a note and I'l...

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