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19 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. LI Intro

    • 2. Privacy Settings

    • 3. Headline & Summary Part 1

    • 4. Headline & Summary Part 2

    • 5. Experience & Education

    • 6. Accomplishments & Interest

    • 7. Skills & Endorsements

    • 8. Recommendations

    • 9. Analytics

    • 10. Careers

    • 11. Jobs

    • 12. LI Apps

    • 13. LI Search

    • 14. My Network

    • 15. Profile Photo

    • 16. Profinder

    • 17. Publishing

    • 18. Work

    • 19. Thank You

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About This Class

Go from apprentice to All-Star. Grow your personal brand and your connections!

In this course I will show you how to create an All-Star Profile, connect with influential people, execute a strategy and other useful tools and resources on the platform. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Michelle Ngome

Connection Enthusiast


Hello, I'm Michelle.

Founder & CEO of Line 25 Consulting, a marketing firm that focuses on content and social media marketing. She authored the highly acclaimed book, Network, Navigate & Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking and Success Undefined: Reject Your Fears & Frame Your Success. She hosts a weekly podcast called Networking with Michelle, the go to podcast for African American Millennials discussing life strategies with a bit of entrepreneurial advice. She has been featured in Inc, American Express, Fox News, Voyage Houston, Moneyish and a lot more. Michelle has spoken to AIG, eWomen’s Network, Urban League, PeopleFund, and a lot more.


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1. LI Intro: everyone. My name is Michelle. Go May. I'm your instructor for the level up with linked in courts. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to take this course to. I applaud you on being serious about your professional development. Now and only then may not be the coolest. Are the sexiest platform, right? But there are some hidden gems in here, and I want to show you how you can show you where they are and how you can utilize them a little bit about myself. I started my company Line 25 Consulting in 2013. We specialize in content of social media marketing strategies for small business. Owns early on, Iowa training, small business owners on individual platforms, Facebook linked in and a lot of people struggled with linked in. Now, over the years, I've been very fortunate to speak to entrepreneur groups, organizations, universities, corporate and nonprofit about excuse me about how to utilize linked in to the fullest. Also, I'm the author of two books, Network Navigator. Nurture the equation to strategic networking as well. A success on to find reject your fears and friend your success. I also host the podcast networking with Michelle, where we discussed life strategies with a bit of entrepreneurial advice. So for the past foot five years, I have been grind. Being and lengthen has been a foundation for me to receive opportunities to speak at different organisations. Media interviews when it comes to promoting my books or just more overall brand as well was getting guests on my podcasts. And before then, when I was in crude incorporate, recruiters would always reach onto me. So I think it's fair to say I may know a little something, something a little something, but I want to show you all the ways you could benefit from linked in now. As I said, organizations bring me out all the time. So everything I speak, um, about when it comes on LinkedIn as if I'm presenting, I'm going to give to you. So join me on this ride as I show you how you can level up with LinkedIn. So join me as I show you how you can level up. Blinked it 2. Privacy Settings: everyone first things first on level of well linked in always like to discuss the set settings and privacy of privacy settings When it comes to social media platforms. I don't think enough time has been on this. So before we even jump into the actual profile, what I want you to do is on the right hand corner. You should see your profile picture. I will say me with the arrow. Click on that under account, setting some privacy. Click on that. Do a quick review. Okay. So unless you know how long you been a member of your title, how many connections you have? The first half under account is just giving you options for your actual linked in account. Which email address Do you use? The phone number on file If you have it on file. If you need a change, your password. If you want to do a two step verification, I prefer language. Now, this is usually a fan favor. A lot of people spend time at work and they don't like the auto playing videos. You can change that, Um, so you can select yes or no? Okay. A c here. If you have old lengthen account, you can always march that are. You can actually close your linked in account. We go to the second time for privacy. This is really about if you want to make your profile public, which I strongly encourage specially and once you update your profile, gonna make it public for people to see for recruiters and other people to connect with you of your email address. If you want to make that visible, who can see your connections? Is that Onley you or that's your connections? Let's see here profile. Visibility on lengthen yes or no? So, like, yes, do you want to download any information? You have that option here, right? So if you want to download old articles, maybe put those on your website or a medium, a different platform. You have that option. If you want to download connections, you have the option. Can download your profile, your recommendations and create other marketing material. You have the option under your privacy settings. You can think your contacts your calendar. Review your search history If you have an annoying person on LinkedIn, if you getting spam, you have the option to block or unfollowed them. okay, Adds looking to spend too much time on this. But if you have a company profile, um, and you're running ads you definitely want explore this section and then the communications . Ah, lots of times. Any time you get a notification on like then you will receive the email, have a Gmail account that's usually going under my social tab. So if it's annoying, you can't change that under the email of frequency, and you have the option of turning it on or off, based off of which emails you would like to receive. SI group invitations, Um, and just quite a few things here that she complain around with. But LinkedIn does a great job with the privacy settings released from me. I don't receive a lot of spam, and I would like to think you will not receive a lot of spam. So there's not too much work that needs to be done here. But this is where you go for privacy settings on linked in 3. Headline & Summary Part 1: And now we're moving on to the headline in summary headline and summary. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important sections of LinkedIn is because it's the top of your page is the top of your profile. This is what people are going to see first. Here I have some cover art customize cover. Are are you networking with Michelle? You should have a clear blue banner. You can always update that if you like. Um, you also have course your name, the title, your job title professional title, the company that you work for, who? You whatever you do as well is your city and state and your education. If you click on the pencil, it is going to allow you to update this information. OK, so on the top, you have the option to update the cover art. Okay, you can even put if you want to show your personality, you can put maybe some timeless success quota, inspirational quote. Um, that could benefit you. Or maybe your favorite color prefer background. There's so many things you can do with that cover photo. So if you choose to change your cover photo from there, you have your name first and last Name headline. Now the headline. You want to find something that's creative? You know, if you're a creative person and you can say, you know, generated a maintain a book of business of a $1,000,000 or work with high net worth, Individuals are creatively savvy graphic designer, You know, if you're ready, this is a good time to get your personality out there and showcase what you do in a funny way are you can just keep it very simple, like networking Strategist. That's what I had initially and what I realized. I get very excited about people in their story, so I'm a connection enthusiast, just little things trying to be different and that I have my own podcast on the host of Networking with Michelle Show. That's what I put out in the forefront. I like to say whatever you is your primary business, the primary thing you want to be known for, You want to put that in your headline? Okay, current position. My company marketing strategist at Line 25 Consulting. I use marketing strategists in connection enthusiasts in a chamber interchangeably, depending on what I'm doing or marketing strategist. It's more so. The plain, the plain, Jane. Everyone knows marketing strategy, right? But if I'm doing a bio once against something waiting catchy a lot of people are not using connection enthusiasts. My education only back up current position. You can always add to your positions, and your education will get to that later. Education. Full Sun University. I'm in the U. S. My ZIP code. I have no problem sharing my my contact information are my location. You want to make sure you select your industry. This is very important once again, especially if you're looking for job opportunities as well as business lead generation for business. All right, Contact information. Profile, Euro. This is very important, especially if you have a common name. This can be very tricky. But instead of having your LinkedIn or any website saying Lincoln dot com back slash i n a B c d. 12345 Parentheses. Signed money sine x y z equal sign element. Opie. If you can customize your ur wealth, this is great. This is great for branding, especially if you don't have a formal website. Your own domain. If you have Lincoln dot com back slash i in m and M NGO Me first last name initials. This is great for you to put on your resume putting the signature email promote on other social media platforms. It just makes it easier. And it's a cleaner appearance. Okay, so you're gonna click on the euro. It's going to take you to this page here, personalized to euro for your profile. I'm on the right hand side now. Langdon dot com backslash i n and that you want to come up with something, come up with something clean professional if you can be your first and last name for I have my first initial and my last name. Unfortunate that my name is not that common. Um, So it was easy for me to grab, and I've been on linked in for a while. Okay, So I strongly encourage you to get a customized euro. You can use letters and numbers from the length of 5 to 30. Okay. No spaces. Symbols are special characters, so please be mindful. Unless you create that, go ahead and save it, and then we can go back to our headline in summary. Okay, So have a website I have my personal website. Michelle, go me dot com If you have other websites that you would like to promote go ahead and put that there. Where says other. This is great when it comes to research. Keyword research. Um, so once again, I have the connection enthusiast. So I have a second website that I listed. Technically, it's still my main website, Michelle cami dot com But I put back slash category backslash pike eyes because I also want to promote my podcast. I want to make it easy for people to have access to that. Okay, I have my phone number. My primary email address. This is the email address I used to sign up on lengthen. In the very beginning, my twitter handle and my date of birth could fill that out and click. Apply click save. And that is how you update your headline in summary section 4. Headline & Summary Part 2: All right, So we're going to start part two of the summary section. I'm gonna be going back and forth through editing and this this section right here because it's easy to read now. First thing, people always ask me, Michelle, how do you get the specialized bullet points in the summary section? And what I do is I use Microsoft Word or Google Docks. Okay, So a timeless summary and Microsoft Word and then a copy and paste it into the summary section. So if you click on the pencil, scroll down to the summary section, you can copy and paste it here. Okay, I'm gonna get back to that. But go ahead and open up Google docks or Microsoft Word if you need to. Now, as estates summary, the summary should be the summary section should be a summary of your work experience. Just like the headline. What is the first thing that you want people to know about? You are that you want to promote about yourself, Okay? My thing is, I love connection, the power connection and the fact that I have a podcast. So my summary section, as I say since 2005 excuse me. Since 2015 I have released over 200 episodes of the network you Michelle podcast interviewing the world's most successful about leaders influencers on life and business strategies. And then I have a list of some of my popular guest. So, you know, immediately I have my show. I've been doing it for least three years. I have 200 episodes that showing consistency, you know, the messaging on my show and some common guessed that I would like to think that you have come across these names or these people. Be four. Okay. So what do you want to stand out in your summary section? Is it the fact that you're dynamic cells person? You can manage a book of business of over 100,000 1,000,000 dollar portfolio? Um, have you Are you a recruiter? And you've worked with companies such as Twitter, Google, IBM, A, T and T. What are those highlights? Those accomplishments Those assess success rates that you have received. You want to capture that here into summary section? Okay, I go on further. Ask yourself this. What? What do I do or what I do? OK, I work with professionals and entrepreneurs on content and social media marketing strategies that develop their personal brand. Very concise once in its bone. Think about your elevator pitch. You're stuck in the elevator with someone for 30 seconds. How quickly can you get that out? Okay. Who are work with I work with professionals. Are SIA preneurs and entrepreneurs looking to create effective content and social media strategies to develop their personal brain consistent messaging. Okay, who is your target audience from your target audience? When some was reading that, can they say, Hey, this fits me under ideal client. Okay. You want a stream like that? Streamlined that And make sure that your messaging is uniform. How do I do it? Or how I do it? Coach E one on one private. Our group coaching, speaking Kino Workshop. Fireside chat que innate for corporate and nonprofit organizations. Okay, so if someone's reading Oh, I'm corporate. I worked for IBM. I'm gonna I'm gonna event organizer for my corporation. Okay? Speaking topics. So this is going for me. This is going a little bit further, okay? Because there's a lot of speakers, but how do I know she's a good fit? Well, these are my topics. Okay. As featured in these air my media appearances, this is just the popular ones are what I consider a popular and how to find me the contact information. No, I believe this is very, very important. A lot of times, people, um, asked me, should I pay for a premium linked in account. And I say no. Because when you're paying for that premium McCarroll, which is, like, 79 bucks a month, you're really praying, paying to direct message people. And at the end, today, all you need is their contact information. And if you do a thorough search, more than likely their contact information will be in the summary section. Are the contact info that we talked about earlier? Okay, so just make sure you either put that are your profile. If you want to be contacted or you're looking for that information, I'm gonna be honest. Recruiters do not put their contact information on there. Okay, So if you're looking for a job, it's gonna be very slim if a recruiter has any contact information on their profile. So once again, I talked all of that of Microsoft a copy and pasted over I put it in the summary section. Okay. Also, you can add media are strongly incursion issue. Want to think of the media as evidence? A social proof, right. So I have a free pdf. I have some presentations. I have some videos here. This is just some of the work that I've done over the years. You can upload original documents are links to sly, share our YouTube, and then you'll save it. So make sure your summary showcases your best work in the most concise way possible. And there's a uniform messaging across the board. That way, someone knows exactly what you do. And if you are the right person for them, that concludes the summary section. 5. Experience & Education: right now for experience and education. There's two ways you can add your experience. This is fairly new. Right below your profile picture has at profile section, you can click on the plus sign and open up for you. This is if you wanna add new experience will close out of here, or you can scroll down to the experience section You can edit if you click on the pencil. You can edit your current experience, or you can click on the plus sign, and you're able to add new experience. Come. So once again, you want to fill this information out? Um, you can type it in straight through or what I like to do. I like to type of Microsoft Word and then copy and paste the description over. Okay, another thing I do with the experience to get the most out of it. You also want to keep in mind keywords. Um, so here, for example, from my company, Line 25 Consulting. I include social media platforms. Social media will be a key word as well as each specific platform. This is important because if you look at job descriptions, whether it's on Lincoln Jobs and d dot com. CareerBuilder and other platforms. A Looking at job descriptions When it comes to a marketing strategist, social media strategist or whatever your preferred job title is, you want to find the key words that are in that job description. You want to make sure that you apply that to your linked in profile and are your resume. I'm sure you've heard this before, and the more specific you are, the better. Because if a recruiter is searching, typing in those keywords, um, those titles, um, for their filled for whatever opening they have, you want to make sure that you come up with in their search. Okay, there's a lot of tools at Rikers used for linked in, So go ahead and add your experience. Once again. If you click on the section, click on your pencil allows you to edit you click on the plus on you can add new experience . It also gives you the opportunity at media. So if you have any projects PowerPoint presentations. If you're a published author, white pages journalist ing things of that nature. Couple of those documents brag about yourself. Show those experiences. Show what you completed. Okay, make sure you upload that or have a link to those documents. Thing if you feel like your job experience is totally outdated, maybe have something from 2003 to 2005 and maybe it's just completely relevant. Once again, click on the pencil. You can click delete, and you can remove that from your linked in profile. Let's go down to education. It's the same thing to click on the plus sign. You can add new education information. Do you click on the pencil? You can update it. You include those activities that she in organizations you participated in, as well as upload. Any projects are documents showing your experience at school, and that is how you add your experience and education on linked in. 6. Accomplishments & Interest: Now we're getting to the last section of the profile. We're gonna cover accomplishments in interest. So with their accomplishments, you can click on the plus sign. It's going to give you everything that you can possibly list. And I really love that. The fact Lincoln has expanded to even patents, right? So this is really important for those tech and engineer people, but anything that you can think of that you're proud of, you want to brag about that. Maybe it's not a good fit in your summary. Are your work experience. This is the time to listed under your accomplishments. If you're ah, grass student or any type of student, you definitely want to list your courses, right? And the thing with the courses two courses is askew, right? You're gaining new skills every time you take a course, and they are also doing projects and presentations which further develops those skills, right? So don't underestimate not listing your courses, but definitely do that. Whether you're a undergrad grad school, even certifications right? And the courses that help get your certification Here I have organizations thes air professional groups that have been a part of a one time or another. Before, Before my work experience grew, I actually had these organizations listed as my work experience, which I do believe if you're in a leadership role, that is a good idea to do. But if you feel like your profile, your resume, your experiences transitioning go ahead and list that down here in the organization section and only speak one language. But of course, if you have more than one, go ahead and add that court. If you click on the pencil, you're able to edit the information and gives you the option to delete Scroll down to your interest. Now your interest. It's gonna be a list of pretty much celebrities, influencers people that have a blue check to their name or organ. Excuse me, organizations that you choose to follow okay, and some of these may be groups as well. If you notice any time that you apply for a job on linked in with, the company is automatically going to check that organization. It's going to allow you to follow them, stating that you're interested in them and it's going to come in the section here. So be mindful of that. If you don't like to follow too many people. So you have influencers company groups in schools. I'm only following my a Marta's my linked in groups, companies, an influencers. Those are the people that I'm interested in, so this rounds up the profile with accomplishments and interest. 7. Skills & Endorsements: next, we'll be talking about skills and endorsements. So few things when it comes to the skills, you're able to list up to 50 skills. Okay, I've already deleted one. Um, a show you an example on how to add it with those 50 skills and you're able to pen your top three are your best three skills to the top. Just click on this blue one and open up for you. Okay? Also, if you look to the right with the three lines, you can rearrange your skills based off a You're a priority, your preference. And then, of course, you can hit the trash can to delete it. Okay, so my click out of here, okay, Look, like on add new skill. Now, your skill suggestions are derived based off of the information you have included on your linked in profile. Specifically when it comes to your work experience, okay, it's also gonna it does a good job keeping track of how many skills you can add. As you can see, I can add one more skill. So, for example, I'm gonna type in marketing, okay? And it's going to suggest to me all the different types of marketing, right? So you definitely want to keep, I guess, regular marketing or marketing by itself, but also digital marketing. All I'm marking marketing management. Be very specific when it comes to your skills, cause you also want to be mindful of the keyword advantage when people are searching for marketers or marketing in your area. Once again, recruiters as well. Okay. So you can do the same thing. Engineering. It breaks down. All the specialty type of engineers are engineering health care. Okay, What type of health care? Health care management, consulting I t analytics click anything that applies. Okay, so once you do that has a check mark, and then you can click, add, I'm actually gonna delete this. Go back to the marketing piece. Think I delight delete a PPC, and I'll just click are multi channel marketing and click at. So now I'm back to my 50 skills. Also, as you can see, my top three skills, click on Show More is gonna list everything. But the top three skills is gonna show the people that have endorsed me for those skills. So for when? When someone's viewing your profile, they'll have the ability to endorse those skills. Okay, You click on that specific skill, it will show you all the people that have endorsed you. So this is an example here. So I've already endorsed Chris Our Web development presentations. Alcoa had endorsed him for that speaker. Check their motivation. Check there. Then It's how you endorse someone regarding through skill sets. So that concludes to skills in the endorsement section. 8. Recommendations: and now we're gonna focus on recommendations. Now, recommendations can be a little bit tricky, right? Keep in mind, an endorsement is endorsing your specific skill set. The recommendation is more like a testimonial. So it's going to take time. Some work for someone to write some positive things about you. Okay, Now, once again, if you click on the pencil, you're able to edit the recommendation you can add. We'll ask them to edit it, or you can show, um, make it visible or not. Also, as soon as someone does right gives you a recommendation, you will be able to approve it. So it doesn't just post to your linked in profile right away. You have to approve it. So is going to show you the number that you received as well. It's a number that you've given. Hey, so you going to click on, ask for a recommendation for a brand new one? It's gonna ask you, Who do you want to ask? You tried the presence name? Okay. Ask you about the relationship. Once again, this relationship is based off of your experience, your work, experience, school, the information you're putting on your linked in profile Okay. Say it was lying. 25 Consulting go to next. You said that as a message. Hi. Chris King. Write me a recommendation. Click sent. Chris will receive the request in his Lincoln inbox and maybe his email, so hopefully he'll take the time to write it. As you can see, I have one recommendation request on hold on the other end. If you go to someone's profile, click on more. You can also request the recommendation. Are you click on recommend. If you want to give them a recommendation, select the relationship you managed, Chris Directly Position LR training. Click next. And then you can say all those good things about him or her. They will receive their recommendation in their in box, and they have the right to approve it and place it on their profile if they choose to my suggestion when it comes to recommendations, especially if you're at work, if you are working on a project, you want to request that recommendation as soon as possible. So if you are work like hey, hey, Carrie, I really enjoyed working with you. Is it possible that if I send you a Lincoln request, can you write a recommendation for you. I'm really trying to beef up that part of my profile. More than likely they're going to say yes. And you've already given them a heads up. I think another thing is, when you're putting in that request, you want to do it while that person your work is on top of mind. Okay, So if you do it all right away, Why? We're currently working on the project or we just wrapped up. I'm very I'm able to articulate your contribution to the project versus you, you know, backtracking awaiting six months, a year later, black home and need a new job. And now you're trying to get recommendations. It's gonna be kind of hard, because yes, I know you're a good person, but I'm not mindful of the specifics. Are the details that go in either working on that project are the daily task, right? I know you get so you want to really focus on getting hopefully that person's providing you with some specific things and not just a general blank. Oh, yeah. Enjoy working with Michelle. Um you know, she was always on time. Yes, that's important. But maybe they know she was able to pay attention to the detail. When other people are struggling with the spreadsheet, she was able to do this right. So that's the importance of asking for a recommendation as soon as you get the job done. Another beautiful thing about recommendations is ableto It's a staple, and you can take this and apply it as to marketing material, whether it's on your Web site as a testimonial, peace or anything else, that she may need it for promotional use. So that is the conclusion for recommendations. 9. Analytics: Now we're going to discuss linked in analytics. I really like how London has made this very easy for people just on a personal use. We're only focusing on personal profiles. So if you're on the home page, if you look on your left hand side, you should see who's viewed your profile in the views of your post for that week. So first, I'm gonna click on your post. Okay? So once you do that, it's gonna take you through everything you posted. It's like your personal feed and for each post is gonna show how many people have seen it. And I think that's the best part of versus going to a dashboard. Okay, um, here you can see this article with Inc magazine 99 views, but only two likes. That's pretty low. Okay, scroll down if you have a video, which is what I'm trying to get to. Okay, this is pretty good. A video I did three weeks ago. I have 175 views, but 11 likes, so I've done better. But it's right there for you. So if you're an influencer and LinkedIn influencer, you're trying to build that. It's just easy to scroll down. Get those numbers, creature your kit and or figure out OK, what do I need to do? More of what articles do people like? What type of videos do they like? What type of content do I need to create on the platform? I think that's what I like most about how easy the analytics are. It's the same thing for articles, although I haven't posted her article in quite some time. Okay? And then you also have the option to see all of your activity, which is everything that you liked gonna go back to home, say who's viewed your profile. So if you check out the dashboard is gonna give you the number of people for each week and for the month. Okay, so for the months are within the past 90 days have 263 views. Unless we know the percentage if it's gone up or down within the past week. So it's very simple now. A lot of people do go here and they always want to know, like, who saw more profile, or why are they anonymous, for? I cannot see their profile. So if you go to your settings. This is why so important. And it says how others see your linked in activity. Okay? And this is how you want to appear, your name and headline or private profile? If you go on private mode, this is what it looks like. So that means that person on the other end has selected private mode our private, pro file characteristics, and that's why you're not able to see their picture are their information. Okay, so that's why privacy privacy settings is very, very important. And I always like to start there come but that I know that always stumps people when they do get to this page of the screen, so that's it for your analytics. 10. Careers: next, we're gonna focus on career information. So I'm on my main profile. If you just scroll down, you should see your dashboard. It does have a few analytics as well. It's also gonna let you know the status of your profile. So after this, we should all be it all star status. So a couple of things I'm gonna go in order here also want to let you know the salary insights. Here are the same salary insights on the top right corner. Okay. And we'll get to this section later if you So first, we're gonna start with career advice, so I'm gonna click on it. I'm just gonna open up a new tab out of preference. So career advice allows you to connect with other people within your industry. It's like your virtual mentor and what I like about this feature, although I'm not utilizing it is lots of time. Especially. I speak to so many college students and new grads, and as they're getting into the workforce, they're all linked in, but they don't know how to leverage their connections. And I think this is a great way to leverage people and nurture the relationship. So if you're in career advice. Um, ca minus currently off. So you want to make sure you turn it on and you're just gonna go through here and select Fill out the information and select was important to you. Eso this could be within your first or second degree of network, interested in marketing media communications. Put some of my favorite topics here, and then you can enable this on her off if you like, Click on save and they'll find people for me. The last time I did this, they found I think, two people within my network for me to connect with If I wanted that mentor ship, I'm looking for advice, so make sure you put that on there. The next thing we have is career interest. This is letting people recruiters know that you're open for job opportunities outlets again , you won't make sure you turn that on. Can put a note to the recruiters. A general note if you like, as well as your phone number. Keep in mind you may receive text messages from Lincoln once again. You just feel this information out. Well, type. How active are you in the job search? What are you willing to start? Okay. And once again, what are your interest as faras job title industry things of that nature as well as location, okay. And the type of work that you're looking for so you could fill that out. It's gonna automatically save, and it gives you the option to go to jobs. Someone go back to my profile. So next we have salary and sites I've already completed. This between click on salary Insights is gonna walk you through once again job title industry. Your skill sets your location is going to compile that information, and this is what it will provide you with. So I'm marketing strategist in Houston, Texas. Should be making somewhere around here. Okay. And then I like this feature cause is very similar to indeed, Andy does a good job of having salaries as well. So what's the use of applying for jobs or having a job board if you don't know what she should be asking for? Based off of your skill set? Okay. So once again, the summary and fight is available to you also shows you was going on in the your region. Austin, Dallas and the Great City of New York for Houston's below market, Houston's on the lower end about the same time that costs a living. It's a little bit cheaper than these other cities, too, so this is it for the career section. 11. Jobs: next we have our job section, which is will be the third have so we have our jobs, we can click on that. Or if you're still in the salary section, you can click on view jobs. Can you take you to the platform? So we're going to do a job search? Look, we've all done drop searches before, so same same principles apply. It's gonna provide you with the list of jobs based off your profile, your skill set degree experience, everything that you enter on your profile as well as if you have part of drugs before it'll give you some options here the same time. You can always type in the type of job you're looking for based off of industry or title. And, of course, the location we discussed, linked and salary already. I do want to say this. One thing I do like a Burlington Jobs is it does a good job stating, if your connections have I worked with that company, whether it's past our present, and so if you know someone, for example, have one alum here. Eso If you know someone that has worked for an organisation before, you may want to try to reach out to them. Especially if you really know that person and see if you can get some feedback on the organization. If they're able to assist you by reaching out to the recruiter, the hiring manager moving your resume to the top. This is a good example. Direct energy. Have two connections here and see, I know one of whom, one of the two. Very well. So it gives me an option to shoot them a message, right? Ask for the referral. I love it. So be my flow that you are looking for jobs. Now, the process may be a little bit longer, but if you're able to generate better quality, possibly more quality, it will pan out in the long run. Okay. And this is it for the job section. 12. LI Apps: All right, everyone. So next we have linked and mobile app are mobile APS. Okay, Lengthen has several APS, and I'm sure we're all common with linked in itself. That app, I guess that compass, everything. And if you know you're going to start leveraging and utilizing linked in a lot more Now that you've gone through this course, I would strongly encourage you to Donald the app or download the app that's suitable for you. So I want to run through a few of them that they here have here. We have the Lincoln job search. So if you know you're on the market, you want to streamline your search and maybe you don't want to be caught up with everything . That link then has going on. But you just really focused on specifics. This is what you want to download the individual, the specific app versus the big gap. If that makes sense, hopefully that makes us all right. So we have the length and job search. So if you know you're on the job market, that's why you want to focus on is finding jobs only then boom, lengthen job search cream you have linked and look up. I just showed you the advanced feature. If you want to look up, people are you just want to connect with People of that are like minded with similar interests, common backgrounds, companies, all that other good professional stuff. You have Lincoln Look up, lengthen learning a shoji that was under earthy work Tab If you want to take horses, remember they bought lynda dot com several years ago. If you just's, you know, professional development is your thing and you love the Lincoln platform. Lincoln Learning is for you sly share. If you are a creator as Melissa, consumer of presentations, power points, things of that nature link to this lecture will be great. Compliment, uh, to linked in learning groups. If you only want to focus on groups now, Dan, target bar groups in this course because I do feel that the groups have fallen off, probably for the past. May be going on five years now, especially once Facebook started doing groups lots of times in the groups. People are just what I like to say. Content dumping. They probably wrote Arkle article. They were future article there. Block pose. They're promoting something there. Just posting it in the group and they're out. There's not a lot of engagement from anyone in the group. Whether you know, once again we're either creator or a consumer at one point where both but I one point you're either or so that's why I don't focus on the groups that much. And as you can see, it's only for Apple. Have linked impulse once again, the publishing, um, if you're if you want to leverage linked in as your blogging platform of choice. I want to encourage that and or if you just I want to follow business. Professional news. You can have this as your want to say your feed. Um, I think it like RSS feed where you get all your information through linked impulse. Some of the premium maps. If your recruiter this may be beneficial for you here for my entrepreneurs linked, it sells Navigator. If you're looking for prospects, who and Lincoln elevate? I'm not as familiar with this app because your company has to have an account lifting dead . And if your company has that account, you're able to create and share content. Um, almost your company from what I understand, but these are quite a few APS to choose from, Um, and just figure out what works best for you. For the most part, you can do just about everything on linked in mobile. But if you just wanna have one app specified for your most immediate needed interest, that's when these others will take place and you can just go to mobile dot lengthen dot com . And, of course, in Google play are the APP store you can download be up. 13. LI Search: Okay, everyone. So next we're gonna talk about search the search feature, I would like to say the advanced search feature on lengthen. No, I know it's common for us to say, Just Google it. You know, Google's an action word of Berm now, But keep in mind that every social media platform has the own search capabilities. So the click in the box or the magnifying glass it will show me a list of my second degree connections. Okay, but it will also give me these categories. Are these filters across the screen? If you click on more, you have the option to search for companies, groups of schools, locations, connections for a 2nd 3rd and current companies. So I would like to go to all filters. I feel like it's easier to get more of the screen here, and if you are doing a sort, she could fill out as much as possible. Okay, I think the surge is really beneficial. One If there's a Miss connection, Maybe you met someone at a networking event. You forgot their name. Are there last name or their company or something like that? You want to put a couple of words in there to find them. Uh, to If you are looking for a job and you want to get in touch with maybe a hiring manager are Recruiter, this is a great way to utilize this. You may not get direct email contact information from a recruiter, but at least you have a chance to connect with them and hopefully shoot them a message if they accept your request and then Third Lee generation. Right? And this is why keywords are so important. So I'm gonna just play around with a few features here. I can easily click on Google Arkan type Google here in the company always do, and I'm gonna hit apply, and it will show me second degree connections of people first and second degree of people that either work currently working at Google have worked at Google in the past or have some kind of relationship with Google cream. So if I connected with film, I could shoot them a message or I can connect with them if they're my second degree. Usually if it's my third degree and asked if I want to send in Mel. So I'm gonna clear this. Go back to all filters Type of title of the recruiter. A company I will type. I'll just do Google again. Click. Applying now is specifically targeting recruiters at Google. That's all I should see, at least on the first page. Okay, Um delicious. Click on the first option here. Okay. See Contact information Onley. They're linked in profile, but this is a good tool. If you wanted to track someone down or if you wanted increase craze some opportunities for yourself and go back to all filters. This is my key. Words are so important. I'm gonna type, Entitle networking. Click Apply. As you can see here you have two things. You have computer networking and then you have career slash business networking relationship building. Okay. So, depending on your area of expertise, you may want to be specific. Putting those he words in your profile and or doing your search clear My recent surge all filters If you want toe research, alumni, our past relationships at your current or past relationships at your arm. Amara, you have the ability to do that. Um, non profit company corporations this search feature is not utilized by most. So I want to strongly encourage you to use this, especially when it comes to finding professional opportunities. Lengthen search 14. My Network: All right, everyone. Now we're going to focus on my network, which will be your connections, right? So if you click on my network has the icon of two people, it will bring you to this screen here. Okay, so you'll see if you have any pending invitations. People that requested to connect with you all of your connections. If you're always curious about that number, people, you may know pretty much mutual friends, as you can see here. And yes, so you can see all So I have mine based off of my recent request can also filter through first and last main, or you can type it in this box or any other filters. So if you really want to grow your connections quickly, a lot of people like to get over that 500 mark. You compress continue, and this is kind of provide you with a list of connections. And this is really based off of people you have contacted via email or through your phone. Okay, so it's either email address through your Gmail account on the desktop or through your phone and maybe a phone number. It kind of depends. Also mutual friends or similar organise professional organizations are groups on linked in so quickly even add at connections. Thes individuals were receive it and they can accept. It just depends on what your preferences. I don't like connecting with people without a profile picture, So just be my full of that. This is only if you want to connect very, very quickly with people. If you want to grow your connections very quickly, we're going to skip that. It also gives you options of email addresses. Okay. Most again, these are people you have corresponded with one way or another via email. So I'm going to go back to my network. Another option you have here. Give me one moment. Another option you have here is if you want to connect or sink your contacts via email, right here, have one of my business emails. But you also have Gmail yahoo out looking a oh well, or 1/3 party that you can invite the email. All you have to do is click continue and we'll go off automatically. If you have a spreadsheet, maybe you compile a list of people that you reach out to for work or for whatever reason, but you haven't taken the time to reach out to them on linked in. If you already have that spreadsheet, you want to make sure it's in the CFB file are one of these formats, and then you can upload it. And once again, it will populate for those individuals allowing you to connect with them are sync with them train. So I'm gonna go back. I also want to show you how you can export people. So if you go to my network, my connections on the right hand side has a book, a picture of a book. It says manage sink and import context. On the right hand side, this is advanced actions go to export contacts. So if you want to download your connections, you can click on connections. I will give you all 2000 connections or however many connections you have. And then you sh you shall receive that file and about 10 minutes downloaded to your computer. Okay. This is also providing you with options to download anything from lengthen. Now, why would you want to export your contacts from Lincoln? Well, once again, if you're someone that works off a spray, she's often and you need to give it to someone or for whatever other work purposes that may be useful to you. Another thing is, if you do email marketing, you can download this part off a link then and uploaded to your email service provider your email platform. You gotta be careful with that. Those two things. A lot of email service providers charge you based off of the number of contacts, so you want to make sure that you can afford it. If you exceed X amount of contacts to they do have. Can spam laws as well as FTC regulations that you may need to comply with the preferred method is that someone goes to your website and they opt in to your email list versus you, adding them by yourself, whether it's to linked in our business card. So even though you have the option to add based off your LinkedIn contacts, if you send out that first email over time, don't be so. Don't be surprised if you have a lot of off subscribers. I'm so stated organically opt into your email list. So just be mindful of that Eso. This will conclude the my network portion of the level of Lincoln 15. Profile Photo: Okay, now it's time for a head shot. Your profile photo. Okay, Unfortunately, I'm not there to take a great picture of you. Um, I do want to encourage you if you do not have a professional photo. Um, the cheapest way to get one if you can't afford one right now is if you are able to at home where I work. If you're able to stand in front of a white wall, preferably with good lighting, are close to natural sunlight. If it's coming through the window, grab a friend. But, hey, can you take a picture of me right now? So you want to make sure you have a nice shirt or blouse sign? You're standing straight up face to face, and they can snapshot. You do not do a selfie cause you can tell by the angles. Okay, but just a natural straight face to face has shot, and you can upload that to linked in. So this is how you upload your profile photo. Make sure you're on your home page of your actual profile for linked in click on profile photo. I already have a photo, but I'm going to change it, so I'm gonna go to change photo or upload photos is your first time. I have a photo right there. I'm gonna select that photo click on the picture based off your computer or your phone had open. Now it does a great job centering the photo for you. But if you need a zoom, straighten cropper filter are just You definitely have that option. I like my photo, as is when I click on Apply is gonna take a while For it to load are to say, Russia saying All right, so once it's saved, our once the pictures uploaded is gonna take you to your intro or your summary screen. And for now, you can save that photo. And they're now you have a new profile photo. 16. Profinder: everyone, This is section is for my entrepreneurs Do want to let you know you can post a job if you have a business, you can post a job on LinkedIn. You just want to be mindful this is a professional platform. So please be a comprehensive and transparent with your job description and the type of ah salary that you are offering to people and it can be internships. You can pose internships on there as well. Okay, but what I want to show you here is the pro finder section. So on the right hand side of your profile, it says work. If you click on that USC pro finder. So pro finder as we know, we're in a gig economy, and this will allow you to pick up projects. So it was great for freelancers if you want. If you're looking for someone to do some quick work for you could go here and find someone fill out your information of which were looking for and it will narrow search down and then you can select. You wanna hire on the flip side If you are the professional, the freelance, or looking for work what you want to do here is click on where your name say, are you a pro and it will take you to how you can apply to become part of Pro finder. Um, it'll just ask you a seriously questions. Has a great section on FAA cues what to do once our how to sign up and I'll just walk you through the process, so I haven't used it yet. But if you feel like you have a skill set one of these proper skill sets I would strongly encourage you to pursue it. And I'm see if you can get some extra money and tell me how it goes. I will love to hear from you. OK? Ah, lot of people don't know about this, OK? It's one of the many hidden jewels of linked in pro finder. Okay, lengthen pro finder. 17. Publishing: and next we're gonna talk about linked impulse linked in Paul's allows members to share self publish content with their audience. So there's a difference between writing an article in a post. So the pulses I could just type it here. I can upload a picture our video and opposes really shorts. Just a couple of senates are. Maybe it's a couple of sentencing. Attach a tool an article such from Ink or Forbes black enterprise dot com. But if you want to write your own article, you just click on. Write an article so this is gonna open up. You have the option to add a cover banner, the title or the headline of the article, and then you can start typing, or you can copy and paste it over very similar to the platform. Medium. From that, you can click publish, and then it will be posted all your feet as well. It's notified a notification to all of your connections, and that's why a lot of people really like linked impulse at the time, because if you post your connections are not gonna get notified, they'll just see it as you're scrolling along. But if you were writing. If you're publishing an article, your connections will be notified unless they change your privacy settings, of course, so that you can only start a new article. You could review that previous articles that she ran. I was putting my podcast here at one time cream. He could save it as a draft, and that is linked in publishing. 18. Work: next. I want us to focus on linked in work linked in work. So I just mentioned it about pro finder and the salaries, but I want us to just quickly explore this section here. So if you remember a couple years ago, lengthen but lynda dot com So now you have lengthen morning if you want to, just if you you know, who wants to go back to school, right? He wants to spend all of that money. But if you want to find a way to learn things, learn things quickly within, you know, one or two courses sit down a couple of hours or a couple of weeks has a whole bunch, of course, is that she could run through. And such as three D animation. Graphic design, business, consulting, marketing, social media. Just a slew, of course, is you can go through in order for you to pick up the skills that you need. We talked about posting a job. Next, we have advertising. The good thing about linked in advertising issue can advertise as a individual through your personal account or through your company page. So I'm just gonna click on create ad and there you are, um, your personal account and I will walk you through the process. Now I do think LinkedIn advertising is more expensive then. Facebook ads. It's been a while since I've done it added, You can see. And, uh, I just haven't received a lot of information when it comes to linked in advertising that that's something that interests you. I would encourage you to follow Josh Turner. He's another linked an expert, and he asked him, Great books and Resource is on. He's very successful when it comes to linked in ads, but once again psalm about spending the money. Next we have groups. You can join up to 50 groups. It's gonna show you your most active groups. On the right hand side, I don't do a lot of groups anymore. Kind of feel like they've gone downhill especially. But what about three? Four years ago, when Facebook started promoting third groups and grabbed a lot of the attention? But ah, lot of people just kind of feel like the content dump. They dropped their article or an article in there, and then they move on, so it's missing that engagement. Now we'll say the good thing will groups is if there's someone that you're unable to connect with maybe a second or third level connection and you have the same group. That group will allow you to connect with that person. And I think Link thing caught on to that and they changed it a bit. But you can always communicate with them through that group and then request him if necessary. We did Pro Finder. We did the salary. Next we have slide share. A sly share allows you to put your presentations online. I early on I uploaded a lot of my presentations to Sly share. It was great s CEO, and it's been a while, just haven't done it. But if you're someone that does a lot of presentations with us from your employer or for your business and your great at design, this is another way to demonstrate that expertise right? But getting content online and increasing that digital footprint. Okay, So sly share or 10 ways your boss kills and play motivation. So check that out. Utilize any one of these additional features on LinkedIn. Want to come to your expertise and personal branding 19. Thank You: we made it. We made it. Were to the end. I want to thank you for your time. I want to thank you for completing This course. Knows a lot, but, um, I I gave you the my all. I gave you the best information. Everything I know I have provided to you. And I hope you know hope used to your breasts, right? I hope you're able to utilize it. Remember, you don't have to do everything at one time, But if we just implement one thing a day, one thing a week, I was going to take you much further thing you were before. So once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And remember, I believe in you. You can connect with me on any social media platform. Um LinkedIn, instagram Facebook. I'm here for you. And I look forward to following your success.