Lettering in Photoshop! Two Easy Methods to Script Lettering | Jasmine Lové | Skillshare

Lettering in Photoshop! Two Easy Methods to Script Lettering

Jasmine Lové, Designer. Illustrator. Optimist.

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9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Welcome to Photoshop Lettering: Modern Script

    • 2. Tools and Overview

    • 3. Inspiration Hunt

    • 4. Creating a Lettering Brush

    • 5. Creating a Lettering Guide

    • 6. Photoshop Lettering I

    • 7. Photoshop Lettering II

    • 8. Bonus: Vectorizing Photoshop Lettering

    • 9. Motivation


About This Class

Welcome to Photoshop Lettering: Modern Script, where you will create a stylish lettering piece using Adobe Photoshop. Together, we will explore and apply the elements of modern script styles that we see in current calligraphy, brush lettering, & type design. I will walk you through examples of how I applied this technique to real-life lettering projects. This class is packed with lots of useful letterform tips to help you style your script lettering exactly the way you want.

What will you learn?

In this class, you will learn helpful techniques for drawing stylized words to create unique lettering in Adobe Photoshop. This includes:

  • What to look for when gathering lettering inspiration.
  • How to create and use a “Lettering Guide” with fonts.
  • How to create your own Photoshop brush & eraser that mimics a hand-lettered, “ink-to-paper” style.
  • Bonus: Learn how to vectorize your lettering while keeping the hand-drawn appeal.

This class is perfect for all Lettering-Lovers, no matter the skill-level! When you're finished with your class project, you can apply your unique lettering art to a product or personal item such as a postcard, logo, invitation, birthday card, or anything you want! Ready to get started? Join now and let’s begin.