Lettering in Photoshop! Two Easy Methods to Script Lettering

Jasmine Lové, Designer. Illustrator. Optimist.

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9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Welcome to Photoshop Lettering: Modern Script

    • 2. Tools and Overview

    • 3. Inspiration Hunt

    • 4. Creating a Lettering Brush

    • 5. Creating a Lettering Guide

    • 6. Photoshop Lettering I

    • 7. Photoshop Lettering II

    • 8. Bonus: Vectorizing Photoshop Lettering

    • 9. Motivation


Project Description

Follow along with the video lessons and learn how to create your own unique lettering piece using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to create a helpful lettering guide, as well as a Photoshop hand-lettering brush & eraser. You will also be able to pick up some time-saving Photoshop shortcuts as you watch me create lettering from start to finish.

Together, we will explore and apply the elements of modern scripts that we see in current calligraphy, brush lettering, & type design. This class is packed with lots of useful letterform tips to help you style your script lettering. So click Enroll and let's get started!

BONUS: As a bonus, this class includes a video about how I vectorize my lettering while keeping the same ink-to-paper, hand-lettered look. (This portion is optional and does not need to be included as part of the class project.)


Your assignment is to create your own unique digital lettering piece in Photoshop. Together we will:

  1. Watch this course from start to finish.
  2. Find and save inspiration to help you determine the style of lettering you want to create.
  3. Draw your own modern script lettering piece and upload your process along the way.


  1. In the project gallery, share a screenshot of your inspiration collage or a link to your Pinterest board. Title your project the word that you will draw. Think about the elements you like most from the inspiration you found.
  2. Share a screenshot of your lettering guide. (Optional)
  3. Upload an image of your final Photoshop Lettering piece.

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