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Lettering for DIY Non-Slip Grippy Socks

teacher avatar Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Practising Your Flourishing

    • 3. Play: How to Create Lettering On Socks

    • 4. Making DIY Puffy Paint

    • 5. Your Class Project And Thank You

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About This Class

Need to keep those digits on your feet warm in the fall and winter months? Or perhaps you want personalised socks for your Pilates sessions at the studio or customised Christmas stockings for your mantel? In this quick 11-min Skillshare class, letterer Joy Tay will teach you how to create non-slip grippy socks that keep you both safe from falls and your feet toasty. Learn how to incorporate your hand lettering or monoline calligraphy skills on socks for happy feet for lounging at home, or sweating out at the studio.

Start here to get an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process for infusing calligraphy and lettering on different materials.

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach of selecting supplies, and the types of socks or fabric which work best for hand lettering or monoline calligraphy.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the monoline calligraphy style would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at art supply stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her tips for selecting the most appropriate types of socks to choose so that your beautiful lettering work can shine.

Lettering on socks: Get tips on how to create lettering and troubleshooting tips such as how to grip the tubes so that your lettering is much smoother.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay

Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |


Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs

Oh, hi there! I’m Joy Tay, your gal behind the joy-soaked fingers you see in all my classes. 

I’m here to help you to use art to

…tap into your creativity to express yourself fully.

…achieve greater clarity so you are in alignment with the life that brings you joy.

…be connected to not just your devices, but also the wholeness of your inner world and the outer world around you.

I’ve found that art has been my joy alignment tuner whenever I am out of balance.

When I feel stuck in life, picking up a pen to hand letter designs on anything from canvas to chocolate, helps me to get my ideas flo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome, but you learn how to infuse. Don't drink. Yes. So my name is Germany and I want to share something personal with you. I love philosophies and I always find it. I'm running out off, man. Strip brookies off. I thought I should create one and shag of process with you. Perhaps you can use it also for your Pallotti's or and author. We need to keep your feet warm. I will be something that's very useful in this class. I'll take you through a specific parts of the prep, play and display process so that you're able to learn the right kind of techniques and tips to be able to infuse your lettering on Fox while they know prerequisites to enroll. I am using the monoline lettering style, but you can infuse your old style onto socks. Come on, join me. I can't wait to see insight 2. Practising Your Flourishing: before we start, we might want to do some warm up warmup drills for our flourishes that we're gonna be putting on our FAQ. So just gonna take a prominent pen to show you you can use a pencil, obviously. But I'm just afraid it won't show up very well on the video. So you can practice different kinds of first. Yeah, your overalls. And or you might want to do something more complex. You're gonna do something that's a little bit combine like that. Yeah. So just practice of flourishes and see what? What's well for you? The opposite direction? Yes. I just keep practicing your flourishes because these are going to be some of the embellishments that you're gonna be putting on your stock together with your name. Okay, once you have already warmed up and then you're flushing drills, you might want to try and see how you want to create the whole piece on the bottom off your sock. We can write a word. You can write a name, and I'm just going to write my own name, Joy, and we'll do our first draft, which is trying to see what we're really like. And they will do other kinds of flourishes. Yeah. Okay. I think that should be okay. Yes, I'm gonna do this. Flourishing on the sock. And, of course, for grippy salts. I'm just gonna put random dots later on whether sole of the feet iss especially the hell and the feet. I'm just gonna be felt the I feel OK, but you want you might want to try a few times and see what subversion like that you like. So maybe no, be prefer writing it us ways with different flourishes. So, yeah, just play around and see how you might want to, uh, draft out your final piece before you use your puffy paint to actually create the final piece. 3. Play: How to Create Lettering On Socks: first test your profit paint and make sure that's able to come out from the squeeze bottle if you're selecting socks for this project, selected new one or assault that has no limbs so that the puffy pain can at hear better and stick to the sock and self just sitting on the lint. Also, when you're working on this, make sure that the sock is thought but not stretched. Just make sure it's as flat as possible. If you want your lettering to be seen, then select a father colored background. Life is infinitely easier if you follow this class with a full bottle off puffy paint, because otherwise you have to keep squeezing. But let me show you a peck. Heck no. 4. Making DIY Puffy Paint: and since we're on the subject off, do it yourself, because this video was really about us making our own none slip grippy socks. Using puffy paint. I tried to see if there is a recipe for making our own puffy paint. As you can tell from the video actually might stash off. Perfect pain is running out, So I wanted to see if we could just make our own and or the Internet will tell you everything. And actually, there is ah, puffy paint D I Y tutorials, many online, and if you're interested, I just want to tell you about it. The based ingredients are shaving cream, almost white, blue and food coloring. Some people put flour, but that's quite optional, and you can see what consistency you would like. And then what do you put it into so you can actually use Ah, squeeze bottle with a nozzle tip so I can put the DEA y puffy paint in a squeeze bottle of a model tip. The only issue that I see is that most probably you'll run to the same thing, which is when the puffin is running out. Then you really, really have to squeeze the bottle. Um, so it the other solution was to use a Ziploc bag with the tip cut off. But I'm not so sure, but it would give you the level positions. I think it's something that if you need to use it for socks, it probably meet a much smaller hole. But I suppose if you're doing lettering on other big things that it probably wouldn't matter very much. So these are some ideas about further in your D I Y journey. If you ever decide to work with the I y puffy paint. 5. Your Class Project And Thank You: Hello again. I hope that was fun. Did inspire you to create something awesome. Now, for your class project, you be selecting ASAC. Remember? It should be and free. Select a sock. Put your lecturing on the using the techniques that I've described in my video before, and then post the picture off your finish, please uploaded on our cast project. Do you have questions about this class? Please feel free to put your question in the community section by posting a discussion. I have projects ranging from working on a gate to seize key. So I hope to see you again. My name is Joy and thank you for taking this class.