Lettering and Beyond: Draw the perfect S in Adobe Illustrator

Ana-Irina Vescan, Designer & Skillshare teacher

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. 1-Intro

    • 3. 2-The 6-points rule and the frame

    • 4. 3-Outline only

    • 5. 4-Inside/Outside

    • 6. 5-Conclusion & some advice


About This Class

Today we'll go through the in's and out's of how to draw the letter S correctly in Illustrator. When I started learning lettering, the letter S was the biggest trouble maker. I could never get it to look smooth and natural and I would always spend too much time working on it, readjusting the handles over and over again.  In this class, I will share with you a few easy techniques that will help you draw the perfect S in Adobe Illustrator. We'll look at existing fonts and study reference material, in order for us to get a better grasp on how the tricky letter S can be drawn.

So...see you in class!

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