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Lettering Trends: Patterned Ink

teacher avatar Gabie Moret, Letterer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. First Method: Channels

    • 3. Second Method: Pen Tool

    • 4. Third Method: Magic Wand

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About This Class

Handlettering is a lot of fun but there is only so much we can do when things are done by hand, I'm sure a patterned handlettering piece can be done by hand-only too but it takes special skils (AND TIME). This trend we have seen everywhere in social media lately is not a new creation, it has just recently been given a little kick (well huge kick) by a well known designer on instagram and everybody wants to try it now, I can't blame them IT'S A LOT OF FUN.

Several designers have done this tecnique before either similar or exactly the same, when I saw how popular this had become and how confused a lot of people were I thought maybe a quick class could help. So here it is! You will be guided step by step through three different methods you can apply in different scenarios using photoshop, all of them are very easy and fast. This project won't take longer than 20 minutes to complete and you can try different patterns and textures, your creativity will set the limit. Even if following trends isn't your favorite thing, I can assure you: you will enjoy doing this project.

Designers Mentioned
David Milán
Christian Decianni
Ted Bettridge
Molly from Poppy & Mint Design

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Meet Your Teacher

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Gabie Moret



Hi there, I'm Gabie.

I'm a self taught everything. I share my experiences, ideas and things I've learned with whoever finds them helpful or somewhat relevant.

Check out my Instagram :)

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2. Welcome: Hello and welcome. My name is Gabby and I am a self dot lettering artist from a Salvador. This technique has been all over the place on Social media, lady, especially on Instagram. I had a project for a little while ago. That was basically the same thing. Just different and what I saw. A lot of people couldn't figure out the behind the scenes on the effect. I thought I could make a quick class to help. Here we will cover different methods you can use to get different results in different scenarios. And I go step by stop, which makes it big in our friendly. The only things you'll need for your project are a pen and a piece of paper for your laddering piece. Something to photograph it. It could be a camera or just your phone, and then we take it to photo shop. I'm pretty sure there are other methods that can be used. And if I find him what you know for now, this can work just fine. You can complete your project in just a couple minutes with really cool results. This is a real from project to do So hit and roll and let's get started 3. First Method: Channels: Okay, so the first thing we gotta do is just open up or picture in photo shop. This picture, I just stick up with my phone. So nothing fancy. And the only thing that I would recommend is adding the marker onto your picture, as you have seen on the on the pictures on instagram like everybody's doing it. I mean, be unique, of course. But you know, this helps you build up your credibility case because we're trying to simulate the ink of the marker, its pattern So adding marker into the picture and put into pattern on top of it. Well, just make it easier to believe. That's why you could check Instagram Commons. People are going crazy. They're like, Oh my gosh, what pen is at? I had no idea such a thing existed. I mean, if you don't know anything about footer shop, it might be really confusing to look at stuff and just automatically think, you know, OK, that's just Duchess. That's just a mask. You know, people are really buying into all of this, so it's fun. I guess I have a lot of fun with it. All right, So the first thing that we are going to do with this picture as we are going to duplicate it, so and then we're going to hide the one blow because we're not going to use it right now. So just so you're aware, Um, the way that I'm going to break down this class is by showing you three different methods of doing this and the first won't let me get into that right now. If you're not using black ink, um, like me, I'm using purple. Go ahead and make the black and white. If you have black ink, you could just skip that. And now we're going to use levels and same old story you hear everywhere. Just make the whites whiter and the blacks blacker. That will be easier for us to you to use to manage. I think that'll work. Just make sure this type of shadows get rid of them because they're gonna be opinion, you know where if you live them there, So yeah, thing that'll do. Okay, so now let's present whole control or command. If you're a neck and then click on the layer and it will select the whole thing automatically, So we're going to cut it and then we are going to be using channels. So if you don't have your channels window open, just goto window and legal channels. All right, so no click own tree New channel. And right now we will gives a black background, but we're going to invert it. So control I or comment I and paste it so control beer commend be, um the reason why I would do this is because we're not working with black paper in white ink. Otherwise, it would just work as you first get it. But since we're not just invert at all right? So now control, I once again on now we can see. You know, the white thing is, what were your going to be using so it would take a look of the marker. It's not going to be easy to select because we have all of this shadows. So the best thing to do here, IHS, just get rid of that. Just use your brush tool and block just said it to black. And since we're doing this, you see this little tiny spots. You know, the little things that are white as well. Um, get rid of those because once we apply our layer, it was just look really weird, So make sure you get rid of them. I mean, doesn't have to be perfect, because it's obvious you get this minutes paper, so that's gonna happen. All right. So we now have our letters, press control, and then click on the channel and he will select what we have there. One selecting something like this. It goes straight to the border, right? But sometimes it may leave tiny bits of information behind. Um, So what I like to do is just quick fix, right? Here we go. Toe select, notify and expend. I'm just going to expended by Mom Pixel. Nothing dramatic. Just when you do this. Um, it kind of smoothed out the edges. So something extra I like to do. This is completely optional. You can try it out first without this without this do steps and see how it looks. I expended just by one pixel and smooth it by two pixels, so nothing dramatic uses just without the the address. Also, this works with just one pick fool or two pixels for me because my picture is not that big as you can see here. Since the main thing is for instagram, it will. It tends to be better if you use another platform. Um, it's a really small image. I mean, it could be smaller, actually, because instagram, if I'm not mistaken, it's just like 500 pixels by 500 pixels. So just like, doesn't really matter, so, yeah, whatever works for you, to be honest, um, all right to know we have our letter selected. And since this is just add just a selection, we don't have a picture right now. So click on the empty layer were left, and now we are going to create a mask. So add layer mask, legal nest, and we have our intel ear, and we have ours. Election year. That is now a mask. So click on the empty layer. And this is the time for you to add the pattern that you chose so you can make it yourself . You can look for something. Definitely make sure you're not stealing anything from anyone. Um, I got I have some patterns here. Not many, though. I got this one, which I just found in my computer. I was looking through stuff that I could use and I found is I think I got it from color lovers dot com. It does the job. I mean, we only want something Teoh do use it just on the ladder to you. Nothing really, really fancy. You're not going to be able to see the whole thing anyways, as it's just a tiny part of it. So you can just look for a pattern or you can bring in a picture. It's OK as well, so I'm just going to apply it. And just so you understand what's happening here going to deliver the mask. So basically, I just painted this. That's it. I mean, I used the paint bucket tool with the pattern, just painted the whole thing, and the mask allows us to only see the part of the mass me want. Is he right? So let's make the background visible again. Yeah, we have our first bar completed, so stay with me on the next part of the class and we're going to be working on this bad boy 4. Second Method: Pen Tool: All right, So let's get down with the second method. This is the one that allows you to have way more control on what you're doing. So this is the perfect method to work with the marker because we need to have a lot of control because of the shadows. So this election options, we have to create A to create a mask. They will now work for this. So what we're going to use it's going to be the mental. And, yes, we're going to do exactly what you're thinking. You're not thinking what you have to think, then never mind, but yeah, whatever. So, basically, we're just going to go through the shapes. We have three easy shapes here with a curriculum marker. Um, if you're using any other type of pen, it's going to be really easy as well, since two shapes are all very basic, you know, just brush, Ben, You will have, um, tip a little bit longer and thinner. If you have just like a Sharpie marker, it's going to be really easy to go through the tip as well. And usually they will have some type of thing like this just to symbolize like the color that it is, so Oh, yeah, By the way, I forgot to mention this. You can see here, this is a purple, I think Purple ink. And this is very so Yeah. Doesn't really match. I was taking a picture and I realized my Carrillo marker there so weren't out that it didn't have the waves. So I just thought, Whatever. You're not gonna be able to see the color anyways, So I just changed that with the with the best one I had. Since you can see, I use them quite a lot. They're pretty awesome. If you don't use them. Definitely recommend them. All right, so let's just get started with this. I recommend you not having a feel just live in it. No feel. And just a little stroke doesn't have to be like a perfect shape. Here we go. It's fixed. It is. You can go back with the with the cover point tool and with the direct selection tool. Okay. All right. Now, let's go into the little weights year. - No one's going to be looking at it really, really close. Almost. Of course, it is going to be a professional thing But if it's just for social, media doesn't have to be perfect. So now that we have our shapes, make sure you're still on the pencil, select them all. And now we are going to give them a feel. So just white, Whatever. Let's get rid of the border. Um, now I can see I have someone states here, so yeah, this one. I am going to fix it just so we don't have any of the rial color showing through. All right, that'll work. All right, So now that we have our three shapes, we are going to select, um, and right click and we're going to merge them. So click on merch shapes. Now we have only one shape. No, on top of it. We are going to create a new layer, and we're going to apply the pattern again. If you're using a picture, just bring it in and avoid the stewed steps of trade and layer and adding the pattern. So just painted over completely And make sure either your pattern, your picture, whatever you're using is on top of your shape and right click through eight clipping mask. So there you have it as you can see. It's really easy. It doesn't take a lot of time. It has literally taking me just a couple of minutes. Um, to do both of this, I would say 15 minutes stop. Probably. Yeah. I mean, it's because I'm talking that wasting time, but you can do this under 15 minutes if you don't have to be an expert on anything on the pencil or anything, because we're playing around with really basic shapes. 5. Third Method: Magic Wand: Okay, so we're almost done. Uh, well were actually done. But, you know, we're going to go through the third and last method. Let me just make this three invisible. The reason why I'm showing you this even though I don't like it, it's because I saw some people recommended this method, but it's really up to you. What we're going to use for this will be the magic mourn tool. So if we select ich letter individually, we will always have some parts of it that have not been selected. And you will completely lose your lettering piece. I mean, you're losing parts of it, so yeah, it doesn't work. The best way to do this is clicking outside of it. So you definitely have to have a playing background. Otherwise, it would have made the difference between what? The background. What's the letter? If you have, like, a pattern as a background, it definitely will not work. So, playing background, Yeah, what you're going to do right now because we're select in the white area right now, which is not what we want. We are going to go to select, click on in verse. And now we're selected letters and this shadow thinking that we're gonna get a read of right now. So click on the quick selection tool. Make sure is on the minus thing. It's obstruct from selection. I'm sorry. I don't know a lot of the names of the tools. I just go with the little drawings that they have. It's easier because I don't remember anything and just dis elect that part. Um, see, here on the e m that are the holes are selected as well. So let's make it smaller and select. Um, well, on select them on there, we have it. So we will create a new player, and the same thing would do before we're going to create a mess. And then we will apply the pattern in the same way. As you can see, this is the end result for this you can also use the modify thing expended smooth it. But you still get really weird edges. I don't like it and like, look at this. It's just ugly in the art. I mean, you cannot even see the little hole it had here. The separation between it to line. So this is the end result that you get this method cannot be used with the marker. I mean, when you have the shadows. So we will go back to the pencil anyways. Or you can do it, you know, with the lasso tool. And it will be like the same thing. But with the pen with the pen, you actually get more control. It goes where you want it to go. So my recommendation is used. The 1st 2 methods, I think I said enough, but I just said it again. I mean, it's just important to point out you get better quality with the other two.