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Lettering Over Photographs: Creating Impressive Designs

teacher avatar Carmel Wilson, Lettering & Illustration At Bricky House Co.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Class Trailer

    • 2. Gathering Resources

    • 3. Preparing Lettering Design

    • 4. Blending Lettering Over Photo

    • 5. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Hey, welcome to my new class! This class focuses on creating impressive designs by blending custom lettered pieces over photos. It’s more about few specific techniques where you don't use regular design applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. But you use your smartphones and tablets to achieve the same results.

I will tell you about how you can get creative on the go, how you can engage and design effective hand lettering designs using these easy to follow techniques. Lettering over any image adds extra beauty and meaning to it. For your social media posts, its a really good practice to follow.

Then it's really great if your tablet or smartphone can just do the same thing. You can also add lettering over your instagram posts on the go with the techniques that I am gonna show you in this class. If you are not a letterer then you can use any stock fonts, take a picture of it and follow along as the standard steps. You can also check-out my lettering classes to learn this awesome skill.

You just need couple of apps, your hand lettering piece and a photograph. Then just follow these easy steps for your own beautiful design. So you can hit enroll and jump right in!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carmel Wilson

Lettering & Illustration At Bricky House Co.


Lettering, creative illustration and late night blogging is what is fueled at Bricky House Co. It's nice to inspire creative people, glad to be here!

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1. Class Trailer: Hi, guys. I'm Carmela, graphic designer and Lederer. In this class, I'm gonna be teaching you how to do lettering over any photograph on the go completely using just her smartphones or tablets. This class uses a couple of APS to achieve the same effect that you would dio on Adobe Photoshopped or Illustrator and that to infraction of time and effort whenever you're on a trip or you want to post that cool photo of yours on instagram with hand lettered quote or phrases, but you don't want to use your laptop, then just grab your brush pen or any random lettering. And using these techniques, you can add that awesome personal touch to your posts with your smartphones, which you always carry with you. The best part is even if you don't have any idea about what Adobe Photos Shopper illustrator is, or if you're not a designer but want to add this effect to your photos, you can learn this technique without any previous experience. I'm always here for any help you might need. If you're not a hand Lederer, you can still use these techniques with any hand lettering funds. You can also check out my lettering classes for that. If you want to learn him littering Enbrel now and let's get started 2. Gathering Resources: lettering over any image adds extra beauty and meeting to it. So for your social media posts, it's a really good practice to follow. But sometimes you don't have access to your workstation or laptop, and you're on a trip and you want to post that awesome photograph of yours for maximum engagement or even when you want to do stuff in most easy steps, then it's really great if your tablet or smartphone can just do the same thing. You can also add lettering over your instagram posts on the go with the techniques that I'm going to show you in this class. First thing that you need is a lettering piece. You can just grab your pocket brush pen, take a blank page and write on your piece. You can also carry images of your hand lettered pieces and access it later wherever you need it. Here. Some of the examples of hand lettered work that you can use it could be anything in any style really doesn't matter, though it will help if it's in black and white. If you are not a Lederer than you can check out my brush lettering classes for learning that, but in this case you want to avoid that, Then you can use any style of hand lettered fonts. I've designed this class irrespective of the smartphone that you use. But the one that I will fall here is android phone. As in IOS, it gets really easy. Before you started this class, it's better to take a pause and install the zaps on your phone. Adobe Photoshopped expresses common for both the platform and the steps in the beginning is the same for both the platforms. For the later steps, you need different APS for adobe APS. You might need to go for a free trial for a few of the advanced features. If you have creative cloud subscription, then you can just log in to these APS to and use it as you wish. I have installed all the three APS. As I said, I'm using Android here, so I will be using the photo layers app. But I will try to show you how you can do this in your IOS device to using adobe Photoshopped mixed app. You might be asking why you need the photo layers app even though you have Adobe Photoshopped mixed available for download in Android. You will get the answer in a few minutes. Once you've installed these APS, the second step is to have a photograph of your lettering work. As this technique is best for the situation where you do lettering on the go, you can just take a picture of it. And if you're the person who takes a picture of every lettering work that you do, including the random doodles for your instagram or Tumblr post, then you are in luck. I did some quick lettering work for a photograph that I will be working on, so the first thing that you need to do is go to the camera app and start taking a picture of it. Make sure the lining condition is good, or else he might feel it's kind of difficult at a later stage. So here's the camera app, and as you can see, the phrase Let's get lost is in black and white and make sure that you get the maximum contrast between the foreground and the background. Once you have the phrase in the correct frame, take a shot. Make sure that the lighting and the Grady int that is forming on the paper is uniform, the better it is, the easier gets to process this later. And as you can see, the hand lettered phrase, there are some splash, too, for extra effect. So I'm gonna keep this this way, no matter what is the medium you are using for lettering. Results might be different, but the process will be the same. So once you've taken the picture, you can open your gallery and look for it. Check for any error and the results if you want to take multiple pictures and decide on just using one as this class is about applying lettering over photographs once we have the lettering peace, you need to get your photographs ready. You might use this technique for your personal use or your brands social media posts. But in general you will need a photograph on which you can apply the lettering that you did . One of the best ways to boost your social media is to share your work creatively. You might have just done your hand lettering, but rather than simple black and white ink, sometimes you want toe spice it up a bit, then the best route to go for that is stock images. Back images are professionally shot photographs by professional photographers, so it really looks professional as your lettering. You can use your own photographs, but one way to do that is using stock images. So, in this example, will be using a stock image. There are many well known premium and free resource is for stock images. One of them is pixels. So open your browser. Enter the Web address as here, which is pixels dot com. This website offers a variety of free stock images that you can use for your various needs . You can check for license policy if it suits your needs also. But here is the research bar. So if you have any specific type of photo that you're looking for, their some popular searches and tags to help you explore, there are plentiful. There are so many high quality stock images, you can take a pause and explore this website. I'm gonna look for images with people in it, but you can refer to your lettering work for relevance. So if you are working on your own photographs, you can just skip these steps so I will search the keyword. People here are some search results as well. A suggestions. Let me see if there's anything I can find. But let me first show you how to download these images on your phone. So tap on any thumbnail image and then it will open this page, As you can see here. Ah, there. The license suggests that you use this for any purpose without attribution, so that's really great. So you can save your images as your favorite if you want to just create a collection of nice images that you can use later. But if you tap on free download, then you get the option to select. The size is you are looking for if you do this on your computer than high resolutions are awesome. But in smartphones you can settle for a decent mid range quality after selecting the size touch on the download button below. After going through some of the images on this Web site, I came across this image. It's of, ah, levitating man on top of a building. It's kind of fives around the phrase Let's get lost. But you can just choose any image you feel should be a really good one. I'll go ahead and download it. Here is the image in my phone's gallery making sure it is saved in the right quality. One quick tip. You should look for images that are kind of bright or dark and shade, so that will make it easy to contrast with your lettering. So that's it for first few steps. It's pretty easy to follow. You can follow the same steps on your smartphone, irrespective of the platform. It's on until now, IOS or android? It doesn't really make much of a difference for an update. We have the lettering and the photograph ready. So in the next lessons we will see how to combine these two the right way. 3. Preparing Lettering Design: I suggest you grab your smartphone and follow along with me. You can do what I'm doing this way. You can learn this technique really fast now that you have the lettering, peace and the photograph on which you want the lettering effect. So let's move on to the next step. It's until this step everything is the same for both the android and the IOS device. It's only the next step that will differ in terms of APS that you can use. The next step is did clean up the lettering image so that it can blend or layered against the background photograph. From that, you need to open the adobe Photoshopped Express app in your smart phone When you open the app, there are these three icons. Now you can connect it to your creative cloud subscription to, or you can also click the lettering shot from this app using the camera option. But I prefer to use the stock camera up as it makes it easy to take multiple shots and choose one. So I will select the gallery and open that image, and here it ISS. Now you can see it's not very perfect, but I don't want to demonstrate something that is to clean that you might find it tough when you do a relatively bad image. So as you can see, the image is not very good, in contrast, nor the bottom of the images very clean in terms of shadow. And there is some great ingredient to first thing you need to do is crop it to the minimum dimension, discard everything not needed. Then you need to go to the looks tab. So here you need to decide one thing which is you need the color of lettering is black or white. Now you can also use this method for different colors to But, ah, it's not really recommended. So for this time I need the lettering to be in white, so used the invert option, and you can leave it to black and using different options to make it even darker. But for me ah, the Enver option works great. The goal here is to gain the best high contrast image, so you can just a just a few more things in the corrections tab. And here you have options such as clarity and sharpen and reduce noise, etcetera. One option that will really enhance her image is the default option. And what this does is it really emphasizes on the positive part of the image and removes unnecessary Grady int. So as a result, you have a pretty clear black and white image for your lettering work. Adjusting anything else is just icing on the cake. So if you feel like adjusting other things to have some effect on the final result, you can for sure try them and adjust like I want the white toe pop out really well. So I used the exposure option here. So once I'm done with it, I can go ahead and save it, Which is easy, its simple how these APS work. You really don't need any complicated tools if you're a beginner. 4. Blending Lettering Over Photo: all right. I hope you can follow along this now if you have anything to ask or doubts that you have, write about it in the community discussion, because I would love to help you out. And now let's see how to blend the lettering phrase and the photograph into one. So for that, there are these two APS here, the photo mix and the photo layers up. As you already know, if you're an IOS user than Photoshopped, mix will work for you. If you're an android user than photo layers, app is the one for you. So before moving on, I am on the android phone. I first want to demonstrate how easy it is on an IOS device to and why you can not use Photoshopped. Mix out for this purpose on android device. So for IOS users, open the photo shop mix app. You might need to log in for a trial access, or if you're a creative cloud user than just log in and go ahead. The first thing you need to do is tap on this plus icon and blew. It creates a new composition from various sources, and I access the gallery and open the background image. Here is the screen for Photoshopped mixed workspace. There are different options, as you can see, like Ah, just looks cut out crop. But there is an option that is missing in android devices, which is blend. So the only thing that you need to do on your IOS devices to tap on the plus icon on top and import the lettering image here, displace it just the size, the position of the lettering over your image, and then use the different blend options to blend both the images together, which ever looks the best two youths. That's pretty much it, and you complain with looks and adjust the options to adjust both the layers, and that's it. As you can see here in IOS, Photoshopped mix has the option to blend the layers together, so you just need to open both the layers and blended together with the option that gives the best result. You can adjust size, orientation and everything that suits your image. Now let's see how it's done on an android device using photo layers app, you might ask, Is photo layers up not available on iPhone or iPod and the answer is yes, it is available in the iTunes store, so you can use these steps to which I'm going to demonstrate to you now. Photo layers app is free and irrespective of the device that you use. But if you're on IOS than using Photoshopped, mix up is a better bait. It's easier and yields better results, I think. But let's move on to the photo layers apso with its hap. Here is the welcome screen from this app, and as you can see at the bottom, there is an option load. A background image. It's similar to photo shop. Mix up and you go ahead and open the background image. First thing that you should dio is to adjust the image. Noon. Crop it to your requirement, your dimension, flip it or just the color whatever visual adjustments you want to make. But we can do that later, too, so it's better to, ah, just them. Once you have both the image loaded, it's at the top toolbar. You can see the option to add the photo, and you can tap it and load the lettering image that you saved after processing it in Adobe Photoshopped Express as the background image. The first thing you get is an option to crop it, as we've already adjusted it earlier. I'll just tap on done just by dragging the layer and re sizing, you can brainstorm where you want to put it, and you can also rotate it. If you want Teoh to maintain the aspect ratio while re sizing, make sure that you use the bottom right arrowhead around the bounding box for that layer. Once you've adjusted everything, tap on the cut option at the bottom. What it does is it will remove everything except what you want in the image. So in this lettering work, I want on Lee the white areas of the ink. Apart from that, every black and gray area will be deleted. It actually makes the areas transparent. Now, using the auto option, you can easily remove the unwanted area from the image. You can also adjust the threshold for similar color, which decides how much difference in color you want before its removed the red dot below. The aim pointer is what you should keep your fingers on while you do this. That way you can drag and actually see what lies beneath which is a great functionality for easy editing. You just have to drag and stop wherever you want to remove that area so you don't need to tapper touch. Just make sure you don't point to a wrong area. If you do do that, then you can just undo it from the undo option below. Wherever things get very minute than you can zoom in and out, using the zoom option at the bottom right of the screen. I don't go ahead and remove every unwanted area using the auto mod. First, try to remove all the darkest areas once you are done with it, then select the manual mode and choose a smaller size. Then this mode works just like any other research tool. Ah, and you have to drag the pink point at the bottom to move the manual erasure. It's a simple and easy is that really once you've cleared everything, though, you can double check that using the BG color option, which sometimes can help you detect some areas which might not be visible in light mode. After everything is as you want, it tap on the done icon and then you get the option to smooth the image, and you can choose a lower value if you don't want it to look to inorganic. Here is how it looks over the background image. Now go ahead and play with size and position, and you can also decide on multiple background images. For that, just load multiple background images and see which one feels perfect for your lettering and vice versa. As you can see, there are some visible black and gray areas inside and around the letters, which could be corrected as well. Just select the lettering layer and then tap on the color option in the bottom. Toolbar and I will adjust the brightness and contrast here, but you should set the saturation to zero. If it's black and white letters on Lee, you can also adjust the background image to your liking. I want it just a little tent, and once I'm satisfied with everything, I will save it to the gallery and post it wherever I want. You can also use any photo filter APS to further enhance the final photograph with lettering. Even Instagram and other APS have the filter with some adjustment options, and you can explore with these APS and try a different things 5. Final Thoughts: So that's it for this class. Thank you for taking the time to complete the class. It would be great if you use these learnings into your day to day designs. It's great for me to see you actually applying what you have learned. So this is a really beautiful community. You are beautiful people show up and upload your projects in the gallery, and I would love to see all of them and help you and any doubts that you might have. So go ahead and learn this stuff. Um, for the project, just do whatever you would love to do and add a personal touch to it. And you can use any type of photographing lettering to come up with something that goes really great together. Try different styles and just add your creative flair to it. Really, The most part is that you don't need anything to complete this project. I know you're all spending all your free time on your smartphone, then this project fits right into it. Really? It's so just have fun while you do it. And if you're not a letter, then I want you to just try it or use any stock funds for it. All these stuffs will improve your engagement with your viewers and will definitely be worth it. But the best thing would be that you start doing hand lettering using brush pens. It's easier than you think, and it's an engaging design skill, and you can just do some custom lettering, add it to your photographs and shared on your of tumbler of your instagram Facebook, whatever everybody loves those stuffs and by mixing some creative posts, you and the extra layer of flair for your success. Um, people sometimes get bored by your same old way of posting photographs. So just have fun. And don't forget toe upload your projects. You have completed this class successfully, and if you have any doubts, um, go ahead and share them and I will be happy to sort it out with you. Thanks again for joining me.