Lettering Layouts: Create Beautiful Messages

Teela Cunningham, Bloggin' design on every-tuesday.com

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9 Videos (1h 13m)
    • Lettering Layouts Trailer

    • Welcome

    • Layout dissection

    • Materials + Bonuses Overview

    • Process

    • Simple Layout

    • Advanced Layout

    • Complex Layout

    • Digitizing + Farewell


About This Class

If you’re an avid hand letterer, just getting your lettering groove on, or have had years of experience, chances are, you’ve hand to create a lettering layout a time or two.

One of the most beautiful displays of hand lettering is within quotes, simple messages and phrases. Think greeting cards, art prints, signage, web banners, and more. Because of the emotional quality a hand lettered piece is able to achieve, creating a visually effective layout strengthens the message that much more.

If you’ve ever struggled with which lettering styles to pair in a layout, how many of them to pair, how to integrate design elements, text weight and scale, this class has you covered.

We’ll start the class by dissecting some very effective hand lettered layouts, learning why and how they communicate, and then go over a process that will strengthen all of your lettering layouts moving forward. We’ll go step by step through 3 different complexities of layout and I’ll talk you through everything as I go.

You’ll only need a basic pen, pencil, some copy paper and tracing paper if you have it on hand. If you’d like to use some fancier utensils, I share every one I use, plus links to them if you’d like to check them out further.

With your enrollment in the class, you’ll receive 3 bonuses to help you along your lettering layouts journey:

  1. A pdf with 15 curated quotes so you don’t have to spend any time searching for the right message if you’d like to jump right in
  2. A materials + resources links pdf, which is fully clickable and gives you access to every item mentioned in the class
  3. An inspiration elements pdf with some of my favorite decorative elements, flourishes, lettering shapes and lettering pairings to remove any guess work.

Ready to create some beautiful lettering layouts? Let’s get started :)

Please note: this isn’t a course on how to hand letter (check out waterbrush lettering essentials or bounce lettering for that!); it’s a course on using your hand lettering in layout and compositions.

Sources from this class:

Lettering layout examples:

  • Tobias Saul
  • Abed Azarya
  • Dan Gretta
  • Risa Rodil
  • Emily McDowell
  • Cat Coquillette
  • mariecatribs.com
  • ATLtees.com
  • Drew Ellis

Timelapse music from bensound.com

526 of 528 students recommendSee All

I loved Teela's lettering layout class! As an intermediate letterer, I'd been searching for resources on creating better layouts. I love(d) Teela's approachable teaching style, and that all her advice was built on strong graphic design principles like hierarchy and contrast. The dissection portions were particularly valuable. I wholeheartedly recommend this class!
Katie Lipton

Copywriter • Graphic Designer • Calligrapher

Very useful for when you are confident with your lettering but not quite sure how to lay it out on the page- your thoughts on looking at it with a hierarchy of words was particularly helpful. Thanks so much, subscribing!
I'm just getting into layouts after a year of learning hand lettering & bounce lettering. This is a perfect follow up. I love Teela's classes and have taken several of hers and I follow her online. So inspirational and a great teacher--very clear and concise and her videos are always thorough and easy to understand. Thank you Teela!
Elle Buck

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Teela Cunningham

Bloggin' design on every-tuesday.com

I help ambitious graphic designers and hand letterers level-up their skills and creativity. Grab freebies + tutorials here! >> https://every-tuesday.com

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