Lettering For Designers: Deep Dive Thin Brushpens | Sheila B | Skillshare

Lettering For Designers: Deep Dive Thin Brushpens

Sheila B, Letterer + Maker

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7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Tools You Need

    • 3. Warming Up

    • 4. Styling Letterforms

    • 5. Using Lightbox

    • 6. Sketching & Inking

    • 7. Finalizing Design & Final Thoughts


About This Class

Hi this is “Lettering For Designers: Deep Dive Thin Brush-pens”.

In this class you will learn about a specific type of brush-pens with thin tips. I really love using it for my lettering works for my clients and for fun.

I briefly take you through the basics of brush-pen letterings for those who have just started. You will learn how to write different letterforms using these tools. Brushpens with thin tips are a little hard to control at the beginning. But with practice and correct learnings, it gets really fun tool to work with. It helps you design really clean and elegant artworks.

I will take you through the design process that follows for a lettering work as I design a print art in this with you onboard.

  • You will learn how to come-up with different styles.
  • How to use lightboxes.
  • How to ink the letters properly.
  • How to digitize these inked arts.

If you have any doubts while following this class, I will be more than happy to help you out. You will learn new things and don't forget to upload your beautiful class projects. You can sign up and join me in this creative session.

Brushpens: I get a lot of question on brushpens that you need for following any class. So for this class you need any japanese calligraphy brushpens. You can get these in your nearby art stores. These are most of the times imported from china and go by different brand names. These are great for practicing. You can get these from ebay too. Just search chinese calligraphy brush pen set. You can easily get some similar brush pens.

For doing actual quality work or in case you don't find these, then go for some well known brands like pentel, kuretake or pilot. These are easy to find. Just make sure you get fine or thin tips. There are also some ultra fine tip brushpens, but they are just for detailing work rather than lettering itself. Thanks.


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