Lettering & Beyond: Recreate an alphabet from a word | Ana-Irina Vescan | Skillshare

Lettering & Beyond: Recreate an alphabet from a word

Ana-Irina Vescan, Designer & Skillshare teacher

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11 Videos (1h 20m)
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    • How to analyze type (1)

    • How to analyze type (2)

    • Introducing the lettering samples

    • Sample 1: Analysis

    • Sample 1: Drawing the letters

    • Sample 1: Illustrator marathon

    • Sample 1: Final touches

    • Sample 2

    • Sample 3

    • The project


About This Class

Have you ever come across a piece of lettering that you loved and wanted to be able to use the same or similar letters in your own lettering projects?

This class shows you how to recreated an alphabet starting from a lettering sample. I will show you how to discover the rules that form an alphabet and how to rebuild your desired typefaces building upon the relationships between letters and their distinctive features.

The third part of my "Lettering and beyond" series, this class combines theoretical information with fun exercises, to help you become a better letterer.

Join me in this class and let's uncover the mysteries of alphabet creation!

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Ana-Irina Vescan

Designer & Skillshare teacher

My name is Ana-Irina and I am graphic designer living in Zurich. I love drawing and painting as my artsy hobby, but my true passion is putting my talent to use and creating graphics with a purpose. Here, on Skillshare, I am both a student and a teacher; I follow other graphic designers to expand my own horizon of creativity and I teach classes which I hope can help others learn new and fun skills.

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