Let's make a Crepe Paper Cactus! | Eileen Lim | Skillshare

Let's make a Crepe Paper Cactus!

Eileen Lim, Miss Petal & Bloom

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8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Making our Templates

    • 4. Cactus Body Part 1

    • 5. Cactus Body Part 2

    • 6. Adding Polka Dots

    • 7. Making our Cactus Flower

    • 8. Potting our cactus


About This Class

In this class, I'm sharing all my tips and tricks to crafting an adorable polka-dotted cactus! We'll be using 180gsm Italian Crepe Paper. Here's what we need:


- 180gsm Italian Crepe Paper from Cartotecnica Rossi

- Florist Wire #18

- Floral foam, small pot, paper fillers


- Scissors, wire cutters

- Ruler

- Paper (for template making) and pen (for note-taking)

- Hot Glue Gun


1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Dean. I'm from Miss Tell on blue. And today I'm gonna show you how I make a cute and colorful crepe paper kept. Now I know for some of you this I feel a little insulating. As so she if you only kind of used to working with quick people. Phallus so And this cost your kind of venturing into brilliant territory in order to craft this tree dimensional structural cactus body. It so is that issue and feel a little bit intimidated. Please let me assure you that I'll be here to get you through all the sex once. But once I catch a special chapter, that is kind of like a practice round. So you are going to be making our own template and followed Today I'm going to demonstrate auto boarding techniques using that template, and he's bleeding all the different components. So by the time off me, stop talking about create people, probably using attempted. I think he would be confident enough. Comfortable enough to go ahead and craft something that looks like this. So it's really easy. Once you get hang of it, just need to practice and understand the technique and then after conflict, this part, It's easy peasy. All right, We're going to on to creating this really cute put up pattern on our cactus, as well as creating a simple but colorful flower to talk all cactus hit all that's pretty easy. And at the end of because I'm also a great show you how I pot my creepy protectors. So also shown with you some tips and tricks in order to keep your creepy protectors steady in a pot. Great. So I do hope you guys enjoy this class. I really look forward to seeing photos off your completed detective baby, and we got to do that's Lawrence the next chapter. 2. Tools & Materials: Let's go over the tools and materials that you'll be needing for this cause for tools. Our first need a mini hot glue gun. I'll need a ruler that's ideally transparent. And also Hess, that center line visible are explained in an extractor. Why this might be helpful for you just to have that center line showing I'll also be using . Why a catalyst teacher, My floors wire as well as a good pet off scissors. Okay, Now, for the materials I am using 180 just m Italian. Create people from catatonic A Rossi, my main characters body will be green, and I'm gonna use a variety off pings and writs for my flowers as well as white for the polka dots on my captors. But you are welcome to kind of use any kind of color that you prefer. I'm also using florist wire. This is a thick pre rep number 18 Flores wire, and basically I'm using it. Teoh kindof anchor. My catcher's into my pots, which I'm going to show you in the last chapter. So any kind of thick forest wire that can hold, um, he kept a steady in for a form would be fine. And lastly, if you're playing to put your characters, you know it'll be great to get some small parts as far as some people straw Phyllis, you might want to use flora form to hold your captors in place. Otherwise, you can also use pebbles to whole yard just in place inside the pot. Ask for not leads. I'm gonna need some paper. I'm using cuts on paper here, and so is your ruler and a marker or pen in order for us to make our own templates, which I will show you in the next chapter. 3. Making our Templates: in this chapter, we are going to actually make up on templates and by making on templates. We are essentially during a practice Rome, because I'm going to go through all the different voting techniques with you using Kat stop paper. Not a reason why I'm using cuts don't instead of Crete people is because it's easier for me to show you he specific fools without the creek people stretching and getting out of control. And we can also write notes only cut, stop people itself. So for future reference, you can just refer to this template. Look through your notes and you'll be able to remember all the different steps required to make the cactus body. Okay, so we're actually going to start making our templates together, and you'll need to kind of a rectangle that is 25 centimeters long and seven centimeters. Why now you can use office paper as well any kind of paper. I just use cut stop because it's thicker and more durable. Now this surface area is essentially the area of creepy, but that you'll need to create a small creek people cactus. Okay, um, I generally like my characters to be short and chubby. So that's why I keep it at this length. And one important thing I want to highlight is the crate paper green not agree. Refers to the lines on your creep paper, and you always want to green to go in this direction. All right, up and don't read it. And from site to site. Okay. And this is how you want to align your creep people when you are cutting out the paper using your template. Okay, Now, this 25 centimeters is actually your circumference, not the height off the cactus. I know it can be a local fusing, but that's why I'm using this template to kind of show it to you. Essentially, what's going to do is we're gonna make fools. And the longer section of this template will become your circumference and the shorter section off your template actually determines the height off your captain. So I'm keeping my captors at a shot. Cute height of seven centimeters, depending on how much you stretch your creep. Your final textures might be slightly longer than seven centimeters, but generally I keep it at seven so that it's really cute and shot and just I think an ideal height for us, especially if you are a beginner. Okay, so I just wanted to clarify that. So you understand what's going on? You know why we, uh, you know, using the's measurements 25 centimeters. It's going to help us create that circumference. And the seven centimeters will determine how tall your cactus IHS. Okay. All right, let's do confused. Don't worry. Just full along, all right? I'm gonna bring back my ruler. And now we're gonna start folding and heretofore is actually pretty easy. Just follow me along step by step and studying at the base of my template. I'm using my ruler on the whiff of my religious A Stand it and I'm gonna start folding upwards. I'm always making my fall in the same direction, going upwards, and, um, I can see the the whiff of each four is equal to the whiff of my rula, which is about three centimeters. Why? How does this justice stand it for me? If your ruler is like me larger in with a smaller with that's completely fine to the technique should still what the same. I'm just using this with s a standard cause it's more convenient instead of me. Kind of like measuring every single four that I make. All right does. It's just much easier to do. So you should be making about eight. Fourth in total are including a top four, which creates in really small thin flap right at the top notice flap is where eventually we're gonna use it to seal our cactus. So it's OK if it's a little bit, you know, that's fine. And right now I'm just going back and shopping all of my false so that it's more defined and easier for me to see. All right, so you can see roughly what we're getting at. We're using this S s a conference. It's starting to get similar, but we need to make the alternate falls in between these nationals in order to get that kind of exact pattern. So from here and flipping my temp it over to the other direction I'm getting but my ruler and no, I'm making fools in between the force that I just meet earlier. So that's why I need a ruler with that half mocking in the center. If not, if you don't have that, that's fine too. You can. Just a free hand like me. And, you know, it's actually pretty easy to do it for your head when we're using construction people. But once you start affording with our creep people and might be a little bit tricky So that's just the hits up for you. It's always hard to control creep minutes, you know, stretching in all different directions. All right, C. So I fought it all the way to the top, just leaving that extra flat in tech, and then you haven't You have this perfect accordion full, and you can see again, we are coming closer to the eventual shape they're trying to achieve with all cactus. All right, we have that stash e is and we have all these fools. And let me just make a note here. So I love this temple because I can really write notes on it. I'm gonna write, apply grew. And this fact here so that I know this is where everything, you know, feels together. Okay. All right. So now that Mitch is, um, full, everything tightly together. And I'm going to reposition the template so that afforded ages are on my top. Right? Okay, so assaults or folding over me this direction, You should be on the right track and what I'm gonna do. So I'm just folding all these throated edges for the tips downwards to make nice triangles . Okay, so folding really meet triangle. So that kind of touches itself again. And I'm doing the same thing to all the edges along this accordion full voting it down. All right? When it comes to that last flat, we're going to do the same thing to just pull it down so that we don't have this that kind of protruding out and over it way we want to hide it. And this is what you should get. Essentially. All right. So that tip should be all folded doll neatly. It should become kind of a pointed tip. You're right. And you might be wondering what wide before the tip down. Why they for there? Actually, they're going to eventually become the top off our cactus to tip and all these try and goes back. She going to group them together. So I'm going to do with my marker is marking X on all the four that flats right at the top of each flag. I mark an X because that's where I'm going to apply group and seal that tip off the cactus because we want to find a way to kind of join the tip of the cactus and seal the tip. Now, after this, the next step actually require stretching Arquit people so I won't be able to demonstrate using our normal construction paper. Okay, we actually stretching all to create that round it to, and I couldn't do it here. So what we're gonna do instead is to get my marca and I'm going to mark on my template, the direction that I have to stretch it on so that for future reference, I could just look at this template. Look at the direction of the arrow and full of that direction. Okay, so this is a road that you should draw. It's kind of like an upside down J, I think. And just make sure that everything is aligned, that your tips are the same as mine. The directions all the same. And then you should be fine. A slice your flowing, this template. Okay, so we're all over, template. We're gonna move on to the next chapter, and I remember to keep your templates handy for any future use 4. Cactus Body Part 1: Okay, so now that we have done a practice Rome by making out template, you're going to go ahead and just repeat all those stacks using the creep people. All right, so I've already cut out my creep people in the measurements require. And I'm gonna start with the first that which is folding. Um, are people upwards right? Making those same falls using my ruler s d standard and just going up, up, up. OK, now, because all creepy, but it's slightly more stretchy. You know, you might want to take a little bit more time. Just be a little bit more careful when you're making a false If it, you know, um, becomes disfigured. Don't worry about it. At the end off the day, we're still going to stretch this paper. So even if you do stretch it out a little bit, that's completely fine. All right. You can see that I've reached the last flab, and I'm gonna squeeze in that small little fleck that I need to apply glue on Sometimes this might happen if you're not cutting the people exactly 25 of centimeters s. Oh, don't worry about that For me. I'm not too fussy about having all my forced equal size as long as I have that specific number False, which is eight falls, including that small, little flat. Um, the shape shits overall still look. OK, so now I'm just going back and kind of reinforcing each full, pressing it down, making it more defined. Okay. And there we have it. That's the first round of fools. Okay. Similar to what we did for all template. It's for step two. We're gonna flip it over just like we did before. And now we're going to focus on the center falls RG half full. So again, I'm going to my roula. I'm gonna make that first half full with the hope off my transparent ruler. Okay. Uh oh, my God is not cooperating with me. It doesn't want to stand still. Okay. All right, Let's just leave it there. Okay? So now I'm going to do just do it according awful. And I'm going to do it Freehand for sometimes to Rouleau get no way. And you know, for this part, you don't really have to worry about being precise. As I said before, if your false aren't all exactly the same with That's perfectly fine. Um, once we stretched out and expand out cactus, it's not really gonna be too obvious anyway, so, yes, just go ahead, make those falls in the center take your time to really press it down because we are walking, you know, in an opposite direction of the green were working perpendicular to the green. So just really make sure that you're pressing down each for making mortifying so that your life is low but easier when we, uh I'm building the actor's body structure. Okay. All right. So that we have it. All right. The ship's look familiar to you. We have all corden falls done. Okay, I'm just pressing it down so that older falls on, please. And similar to what we did with the templates were going to shift this around and position before the edges. Right on the top, right hand corner. Okay. And then we're going to receipt SPD before to fall down each off, be cornice off the accordion. False. Alright. So, again of being this year because we're footing it at an angle, you might find it a little bit tricky because on your people might not cooperate your people might stretch a little bit. It might be a bit this figure, because really kind of just pulling it in love, different directions. So don't worry if it's not perfectly even if some opera parachuting out more than others, that's completely fine again, once we have it all stretched out in the end of all these little imperfections and inconsistencies won't really be too obvious. So you're right. All my food's that done. I remember when we drew those little crosses. Teoh indicate where we're going. Apply group. All right, we are going to do that right now, but I forgot to mention we don't want toe applied through on the first that because we're not closing up OK this yet. So if you apply glue day, there's nothing for it to stick on to first. So we're going to skip the first year. I like to call the little flats years, right. Okay. It's like, afford it. Don't, Doc. Yeah, I'm gonna skip the 1st 1 go into the 2nd 1 and basically s You see, I'm just plopping a dot of goo. Ah, hot glue there and impressing it together with the front flap. Kind of squeezing it together. Every time I apply glue, I just squeeze them all together so that this helps to steal that t tip off our cactus. Because, remember, this is the top of our characters, and we want to kind of close it in so that there isn't a huge keeping. Oh, okay, So this blowing down the ears or the flex will help us kind or just you'll everything together, he And if the last purpose, Well, I'm going to hide it. So I'm going to perhaps some glue press it dough and basically avoid it from for shooting backwards. Okay, so, yeah, even if it's a little bit messy, don't worry. This pat will be pretty much hidden. He wants We top it off with all flower. So that's one more reason why one at a cactus follows two coaches height and your feet and slightly pits. So there we have it. All right. We are almost done. It wasn't to vet, was it? You know what? You had to practice round. This is pretty easy. I think you can hang of it. Okay, 5. Cactus Body Part 2: so going back to what we drone a template. Do you remember that arrow were basically gonna do that step right now we're going to stretch this, um, Hector's body into that upset, don't g. So the first thing you want to do is just make sure that it is in direct direction. We're going to make sure that the pointed tip is on the top right hand corner, the shocked it is on direct the corner. Okay. And, um, for clarity, I'm just going to drop the arrow again on a big A sheet of people so that you can all see it very clear. So this is my upside down, g. And I'm just going to do this site by site. I'm gonna basically stopped pulling it in a cuffed way. Just pulling that tip, coving it to the site and Dalits. And I'm also stretching out the bottom so that it extends downwards just to create that J shape. All right, so you're basically stretching every bit off this creep people block, But we're making sure to can emphasize that cuffed top, So something like this should be fine. I say I'm just showing you, though it looks from all angles, and they have it. That's your upside, Andrzej. So after this, this is where the magic happens. Are going to stop pulling the two ends in a circle towards each other and ideal you. When you press the two ends together, you should get this particular curved shape, right? It should be able to meet each other and produce. And really nice a conference. Okay. And remember that no flat that we wrote upside glue on. So that's the fact we're gonna focus on how we're gonna do that. I'm going to press the two edges together, okay? Just to align them. So I know my flat is going to be align perfectly with the flat on the other side. Right. Okay, so I got a position them together. And once I'm happy to position, I'm going to slide. And with my guru, what really, really quickly? Because the hot glue dries quickly, So I'm just going to go in sections, You know, I'm not going to glue the entire J shape in one shot. I'm just going it bit by bit. So I did the bottom there. Now I'm aligning the top, making sure it's indirect position. I'll pull it open slightly, speak in my hot glue gun, and then quickly seal it all. Now, if you apply grew only on that flat and not on the other. False, right? Just that, in fact, that we have All right, you should be. Was seal it pretty well, Something like that. Oh, yes. So the bottom I look a little bit weird. Don't worry. We're gonna go back and adjust it. And now I'm just gonna open up this putt. I think I got some glue. Stop the, um let me just is just the rest of it first, so you can see that kind of really building up the body of the cactus. It's really flexible. So it's really up to you how you want to play around with the shape I like to put my head in just to kind of fasten it up a little bit. Give it more, follow you. Oh, put my finger in and just stretch it a little bit more and let me come back to fix this pie that hey, and yeah, I'm just extending it a little bit swell to make it slightly taller, putting that bring back my hand in there to extend it, so I despise a little bit tight. Um, I think I've got some glue and nurse, and then you just fix that with my fingers. All right, that's so much finger. I had some glue stuff there which started to unfold together. But now that I've supported apart, it looks more even know. And at this point, I just want to emphasize that it's OK if you're kept. Those body does in the perfectly symmetrical or perfectly neat, you know, if it's a little bit not side it or has a fatter top in a skin your bottom, that's totally, completely fine. We're not chasing perfection here. I think having your characters a little bit you know, um, a stranger in shape and not perfectly symmetrical will actually make it look a little bit more realistic because captors in your life that actually not, you know, perfectly symmetrical on all edges. I think it s a little bit of Lindsay, and that's a noble character to your captors. And, you know, you can see that it's really meet by you and no one else cause no one favor a copy. Those imperfections. Okay, so I hope that was fun. And in the extractor, we're gonna move on into decorating all practice 6. Adding Polka Dots: in this chapter, I'm going to show you how I d polka dot pattern on my characters body now does. It is a relatively easy and fun part. All you need is your crepe paper in white or really any color that you like. And I'm just gonna cut out a once and to me toe White strip. So I'm using my religious to help me there. I'm just gonna cut that out. And because I want to maximize the area off crypt keeper that I have, I will actually stretch out this strip. This also helps me to They're not the paper so that my arm rolled up balls wouldn't be too thick. What's extraction? I'm going to stop cutting out squares and I'm ready during this re hen eso. Your square should be approximately one centimeter by one centimeter. But it's totally fine if they're a little bit and even they don't have to be, you know, perfectly, all the same size. And I'm just gonna cut as many as I can using the strip. But if you fooling me and putting on three polka dots powerful, you would need about 24 rolled up both in total okay, But of course, again, you can customize this. You know, you can either make your balls in different colors. Oh, you can actually put more polka dots. Powerful. Now, at this point, I'm just gonna use my fingers and roll up each of the squares into tiny, tiny balls. This part is pretty fun. You know, it gives your fingers a little bit of exercise, too. Uh, yeah, I'm just going to keep doing this. It's really times like massaging your fingers to, you know, having that little bull there between your fingers and trying to get them into a nice road , that shape. And I'm gonna actually demonstrate how to glue these on. So I'm using a hot glue. I'm gonna choose a fold, and very quickly I'm gonna plot somehow. Go on and quickly put my book about ball right on you full. So you don't have to use too much hot glue. Just a pop of it. Will do. I find that, um, how close the best, because it dry so quickly. And I don't really have to worry about holding the little balls and please. But I think if you don't have hot glue, if you're using white craft, Klute, That should work. Fine s well. So yes, that's all you have to do is easy peasy and just repeating the process, getting my balls all rolled up and then gluing them on one by one. So one of the downsides of using hot glue, I think is sometimes you get glue strings and I'll show you what happens with the glue shrinks in a little bit. Um, it's just inevitable. Whenever you use hot glue, that happens to me, too. When I am making paper flowers, the Hoosiers get everywhere and sometimes I just have to, you know, use my fingers and really picket them one by one. So I don't think you can see in the video. But I do have remnants of goose rings. I'm gonna pull up over here. Great. Once you get a close off it, you will people see it. But the good news is that they're not to office and they're very easy to remove. So as long as you take a little time to remove them, it should be fine. So they just go back. Teoh rolling more tiny tables and again, if you want to use actually customize the size of the bulls as well. I'm using the one Searby once in squares. But if you find that needs a too big a too small, you can just adjust the measurements accordingly. Hey, I hope nothing goes I having fun. And I think this is quite a new movement. It might be unfamiliar for your fingers. So just half a little bit more practice, And I'm sure your fingers wolf you find okay. And I actually think this is the most fun part off making detectives just going on the little people groups individually. I know it can be a little bit tedious. Um, but it's I think it's worth it cause it just makes her captors that much cuter. All right? Yes. Goose rings all around. All a round. Okay, so I'm actually wondering is actually going to get my secret to which is a lift Rolla and just putting that by my side because I find that the lint roller is very useful in picking up Grew strange. Yes. So you don't have to just use them on fabrics. You can use it to pick up your crew. Shrinks s well, so I'll give you a demonstration in a minute. I'm just finished this road. Okay, so you can see I have some glue strings to me, Meaning under the characters. I'm just going to use my left roller, go around. He captures the border of the characters, and it should help me pull out any off those dangling, annoying crew strings there. Okay. And I felt fine. It's helpful for removing the glue shrinks from my fingers after I picked them up. So it just gets a sticky surface where I can deposit all that access Unwanted whose trains ? And in this section? Because I think it might get a little bit boring. If you're just watching me glue on the polka dots one by one. I am going to kind of speed it up s so that we can kind of phosphoric through this portion . But, hey, you know, if you're doing this by hand, please take all the time that you need. That is no rush through free to enjoy the process. Don't give yourself any pressure at all. All right? Okay. So assuming that you've done all your polka dots, this is how it should look like, um, I just think the polka dots a super cute, and I think that's what makes this cactus really look unique. So I hope that wasn't too painful. A process are too tedious process. And once you're happy with it, I will see you into next chapter to create our create people flower atop. 7. Making our Cactus Flower : all right. We shall know. Start meting out cactus flower together. I encourage you to just have fun and be creative with the color combinations like me. I don't really follow any realistic color combinations for my father. I just have fun of it. And half different colors for the centers and the petals. So for this particular flower, I'm gonna use pink for the pedals. Doctorate for the semen. And I'm going to also need my florist wire. So the 1st 1 I'm using, it's about 14 to 15 cm long asla as it's a thick enough wire that can hold the weight off your captors. It should be fine. Ah, for my steam in, I just need a rectangle that is roughly five cm long and to see em white. So and we just use this rule is so that you can get a better view of it. Okay. And are these measurements are approximately? You don't have to follow up the exact measurements. In fact, I encourage to you should actually come up with your own flowers that we can really make your practice a personal creation. Now, this is my petal template, and I'm gonna show you how to make your very own petal template for reference Defies is about 4.5 centimeters tall and 1.5 centimeters. Why? All right and again, you can totally free style. The pattern. We are templates. But let me just show you a little trick I use. I'm going use cuts. Don't paper to demonstrate What I'd like to do before making any temper is too full it in half first and then on this side, I'm going to draw up the petal shape or at least half of the pedal sheep McKay on. And then I'm going to get my scissors and cut this out. Now, why do I go through the trouble off voting this paper in half before coming on Attempted of the reason being, I want to get a symmetrical Hello. So what's open up? That, uh, that is your template. All right. And you can see it's slightly different from the original tempted I have. But it's really totally up to you, um, to be creative. You can make your pills, Rhonda Feder. That's completely your choice. Okay, So if you want to follow me and try out my particular design of flowers. Um, you can go ahead, use your template and cut out eight pedals. Um, from be quick, people color off your choice. So I think this one I have four pedals here. Me get another sheet. I don't think I need this to anymore. Okay, So let me do my Korean full. That's usually how I go about cutting multiple pills at one goal. Okay. Oh, I'm a little bit off screen, but I hope you guys don't mind. I'm just cutting out the pedals and that we haven't eat pedals again. Feel free to free. Stall it. You can cut more pedals, less pedals, completely up to you. Now I can see. Right now, I'm just cupping the pedals, and this is a pretty straightforward technique. What I'm doing is I'm pinching a pedal right in the center with my thumbs and index fingers and kind of stretching it in a cough so that I get a really nice Kong chief in the middle off my pedal, making it 83 dimensional shape. So, essentially, we're just stretching out that middle portion, making a deep Kong Keefe so that it has some debt, right? So pretty easy. Especially cause a pills. A small now for our steaming First things first, I'm gonna chop off a little bit off the steam and just a little bit, okay? Because I want to wrap up the tip off my florist wire. If I don't, I'm afraid that the green and the metal portion off the first wire might still stick out. You know, if I even after I go on a statement. So I'm just using this, um, smaller portion off the steam and just to wrap up the tip and you don't really have to do it any specific way. Oh, I thought is you just, you know, cover that tip. Um, you don't worry about you don't have to worry about being too neat, because on the sites, we're just gonna wrap it, um, over with our steam it. So for this demon, I'm gonna first stretch it out like so, and I'm going to start fringing it. So what I like to do is to fool in half. And fringing basically just means cutting thin strips along the length. All right? We're not cutting all the way down ice. The strips won't hold together. I'm just cutting about 3/4 of the way down so that the lower portion or lower body will be the kind of surface area where I grew. Okay, so right now I'm just gonna pop on some clue, right? And a piece that is uncut. And I'm going to glue it around my steam in and I just like to twist my wire around so that the Stephen just sticks on automatically. I can't really easily really quit. Yeah, just getting rid of some glue strings. And they have it at his demon. I like to kind of stuff it out, pushing out what's so a debt? It is, you know, kind of spread out. There you go. Really cute. Okay. After your semen is complete, it's time to go on the pedals around your steam in there is no, you know, particular way I do this, I just go in a circle around my Stephen, and I am aligning the base off each pedal to the base of my Steven. That's just a good fighting for me. He doing a pedal to be too high or too low. But a good guideline is as long as your panel has enough grasp on the steam. And, you know, it's like it has a Russian off base to hold onto the semen so that it doesn't fall off easily. Then it should be fine. Okay, so my 1st 4 pills on on a good guy I am is because four is half off. Eight. It should reach half off. He's a conference. That's just a guideline for me to make sure I am spacing them out rather evenly. And I'm just gonna continue in this suckle. You know, while I say that I do want to try to be something else. Evenly, Eddie. End of the day. If it's about symmetrical, that's completely fine. I think my aim is to just complete the soccer and not leave any giving holes that might make my flower look a bit set. So it flies high, complete that circumference. It should look fine. Okay. And here we go. That's how Complete a flower. Really easy. Super quick. Okay. And for the fun part, I'm gonna show you how to assemble thes two elements together. So how am I going to stop? But my flower on top of the captors know where we are making a cactus. It's a great thing because you don't really seal the top. We see what the sites, but not that top. So there is actually a little hole for us at the top. Okay, that I'm going to actually poked through with my wire. And once I pull it open from the sites, you can actually see that coal it spent. All right, so let me just put my wire through there we go. Todo So why should be long enough that it should be poking out from the bottom and on the top, it really depends how high you won your flower to be. I realize that some artists really like their flowers to be poking up a little bit more. That kind of looks like a more realistic cactus flower cost student to really put up more. But for my personal preference, I like my father's to be really stuck into the hit of the cactus, something that looks like that. All right, so make it a really tight squeeze, freight, ensuring that if it's read us Notley onto the hit off my cactus. And yes, So once I find that really ideal position where I'm happy of it, that's when I apply glue. All right, I'm not gonna pliego before that because I just want to have give myself enough time and wiggle room to adjust my flower. So only after I'm happy with the positioning. That's when I kind of just go into my glue. And I just grew it and it's so I'm just going on the sites and I'm pushing the flower against the head of my cactus so that day stick together. All right, so just a gentle push are gentle pressure to make sure that they both gonna stick together . And right now, I'm just going back and making sure that the are stable, that the flower is and nicely holding on to the cactus. And I'm also getting rid off any off the excess glue strings me, right? So hey, guys, that's that's kind of it that you are all done with our tractors and new flower, and I hope you I have you if your product sofa. I hope it's looking pretty and adorable and colorful. Um, next up we are going to put our characters. So stay tuned for that chapter 8. Potting our cactus : All right, guys, we are almost at beat, and we just need to put a little captains babies. And the first enemy is off. Cost a small part. Now I get mine from the to the list, or here in Singapore, which is die. So and what I have done already has two. Instead, one of these pots with florals phone. Now, I also have people, Phyllis that I got from die. So and I do want to show you a little trick instead of just, like inserting a whole bunch of them into your part. This is a trick they do. I kind off, um, and gather the people, Phyllis, and stretched him out into a longer strip. Okay. And then I'm going to kind of roll it up into a doughnut before inserting it into the pot. So that allows me to have a little hole in the middle, which makes it very convenient for me to insert the wire off the cactus, right. Otherwise, if your center is filled with people, stroke, your wire has to kind of put through many layers of keep the straw in order to reach the fraud form. And that's kind of it, guys. 00 I have to do is just put it in. And right now, I'm just going around to adjust. Eat people, Phyllis, make it look a bit pretty up. Um, so, flora foam, Um, I get that from my local wholesale florist. I know some people might prefer not to use for a home, and that's where we find I think using small pebbles would be great to cause they would be able to get I'll give you that the proper friction and a purple wheat to hold on your cactus. So I hope you guys have fun in this tutorial. I can't wait to see your cactus babies. Feel free to share them with me on social media and have a great day.