Let's make Portobello mushroom burgers - vegan style

Marc Isaacson, Bhavatu sabba mangalam | May all beings be happy

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9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Welcome to class

    • 2. Prepare the Mushrooms

    • 3. The seasoning

    • 4. Load 'em up!

    • 5. Lets Get Cooking

    • 6. Is it done yet?

    • 7. Lets eat!

    • 8. Cleanup time

    • 9. Final thoughts


Project Description

If you want to go the easy route, you can just follow the recipe (attached) and make the very same mushrooms I made in this class. But, how about if you get a bit adventurous and think about adding some variations. How about using soy sauce instead of olive oil and balsamic vinegar? How about adding a bit to the spices and using something with a bit more heat?

Take pictures along the way!

  • Let us see your gorgeous naked mushrooms.
  • Let us see your loaded mushrooms.
  • Let us see the sandwich you made.
  • Let us see your unique serving suggestion.

Tell us how long you marinated the mushrooms.

Tell us at what temperature you baked them and for how long.

Tell us about your experiments, whether successful or failed.

Whether you've tried something like this before or not, let me know how you enjoyed it. If you make a video response, I will share it on my YouTube channel.


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