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Let's make Portobello mushroom burgers - vegan style

teacher avatar Marc Isaacson, Bhavatu sabba mangalam | May all beings be happy

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Welcome to class

    • 2. Prepare the Mushrooms

    • 3. The seasoning

    • 4. Load 'em up!

    • 5. Lets Get Cooking

    • 6. Is it done yet?

    • 7. Lets eat!

    • 8. Cleanup time

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class

It could hardly get any easier to cook a meal than this! If you like mushrooms, then you will surely LOVE this recipe. Even if you are not so sure about mushrooms, I would highly encourage you to take the class and give the recipe a shot. It doesn't take much time, money or effort to complete this dish.

I welcome you wherever you are on your vegan journey: vegan straightedge, vegan wannabee, vegan curious, vegan resistant and even vegan oppositional.

Meet Your Teacher

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Marc Isaacson

Bhavatu sabba mangalam | May all beings be happy


Hi! I'm Marc Isaacson. I'm a vegan and a triathlete. But, I didn't start out life as either. I was raised as an omnivore and didn't become vegetarian until 1997, when I was thirty years old. In 2001 I made the switch to veganism.

I did my first triathlon in 1989. It was a fairly short "sprint" distance and I couldn't believe how hard it was. I didn't do my next triathlon until 1999. I continued participating in triathlons until 2002, working my way up to half Ironman distance races. I didn't exercise at all from 2005 - 2013. On August 2, 2015, my 48th birthday, I became an IronMan.

All of us is on a journey in life -- one that can take many paths and "side trips". I welcome you wherever you are on your life's journey.

My vision for my classes is:

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1. Welcome to class: For those of you who are new to my vegan cooking Siris on skill share, I'd like to say Welcome. My name's Mark. I've been vegan since 2000 and one for my returning students. I'd like to say welcome. Thanks for coming back. Thanks for taking more classes. My focus on scale share is to create these really easy, really delicious vegan recipes. And this is the third in my Siri's. And I've got to say this is by far the easiest one I've come up with. Now, I do want to say that while I call the class how to make vegan portabello mushroom burgers , I don't intend that these are really gonna be a replacement for a burger for people. It's just the easiest way to describe it. But don't there don't run away because I want you to know that my father is somebody who is probably about as far from vegan or vegetarian as a person could get. He can't stand vegetables and, you know, he certainly isn't interested in trying any type of unusual vegan dishes. But he is somebody who does like mushrooms. So if you're somebody who likes mushrooms, I think you're gonna love, love, love this portabello mushroom recipe Because I've got to tell you, it really couldn't get any easier. Come on in and check things out. You'll see what I mean. 2. Prepare the Mushrooms: All right, let's get started. This set up for this recipe really couldn't be any easier. I've purchased a package of three portabello mushroom caps at the store. It's your choice whether you'd like to do to larger ones or three medium ones. Or if you wanted to buy more packages, it really doesn't make any difference. Just make sure that the mushrooms are large enough so that you can get the spices in there . And then all that you need to do is I'm gonna take them out of the package here, and I'm just gonna rinse them quickly in the C. I don't really I don't scrub them. I just give them a quick little rinse and let them drain a little bit. Here. I've got him in the colander, will let some of the water run out, and then I'm just gonna transfer them to the glass trade and get ready to start preparing them for marinating 3. The seasoning: before I get started with the actual preparing of the mushrooms, I want to let you know what I'm going to be putting into the mushrooms. And for your information, I don't have any specific measurements that I'm using and you'll see why in just a moment. But I do want to tell you what spices I'm planning to put into the mushrooms. So I've got a pepper grinder here. I'll put in some black pepper. I've got a bit of onion powder and a bit of garlic powder. I've got a container of salts, I've got balsamic vinegar and I've got olive oil, and that's what I'm gonna be using today. 4. Load 'em up!: you can see here. I've got my three portabello mushroom caps. I haven't bothered cutting out the stems. The stems are pretty short on this one. If you wanted to, you could remove them. These aren't gonna be stuffed mushrooms. So the truth is, we probably don't really need the stems in there at all. We could just pull them out. And in fact, if you want to do that, you could just go ahead and grab it. And I'll do that today just for the sake of showing it to you. This way. I don't normally bother pulling the stems out, but we'll try it that way and see if maybe the caps even hold the spices in a little bit better. I'm not gonna bother chopping up the stems and putting them back in their willy. But like this and then the other thing that you'll notice is that I've got this Mushroom was cracked, so I kind of wedged it up against the corner there. And this one had a little piece that broke off. So I wedged it up against the side of the glass there so that it can hold the ingredients now a nice thing is that it doesn't really matter what order you put the ingredients in. So you can feel free to do it whichever way that you want. I'm gonna start out with the onion powder and the garlic powder because then once that's in there, it's easier for me to see how much black pepper and putting in because it's dark. And so what I do is very simply, I take the powder and I Sprinkle it in their basically just to cover the mushroom. And I'm going to do that with all three of the mushrooms, and then I'm gonna set out to the side next. Oh, I love the smell of that onion powder. Next, I'm gonna take my garlic, Carter, and I'm gonna do the same thing. And you could see him up measuring it. Precisely. I guess they ended up getting a little bit more in this mushroom than I got in the other mushrooms. That's okay. I'm gonna take my garlic powder. Whoops. There. That one got more garlic odor, and I'm gonna Sprinkle it into my three mushroom caps. And I mean, I really have no idea how much I'm putting in here. Maybe It's around a teaspoon of each of these that I'm putting in there, and now I'm going to grind the black pepper there. And this is why I like to do the powders first, cause I could see how much pepper I'm actually getting inside of these. I can see that I am actually getting a ground pepper in there. You know what stands out against the white ish color of the ground garlic powder and onion powder. Finally, I'll grab my salt and I'll shake a little bit of salt into each of these. I would say not to put too much salt. That's one that I would be a little more careful about to keep it pretty light hands. This, I think, is basically a one teaspoon measuring spoon, and you can see I didn't even use all of that on the three caps. And then the last thing that I do is I'm gonna put in the olive oil and the balsamic vinegar so I pour that right over the spices here, and it's dripping out some, and that's fine. It'll drip into the pan, low oil, a pan a little bit, I suppose. Get a little bit more in each of these. And then finally, we're ready to use the balsamic vinegar I'm gonna Sprinkle at in the cap and there you have it. I'm pretty much ready to go now. I'm not gonna put these directly in the oven. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tear off some plastic wrap. I'm gonna put the plastic wrap over the tray. Let's wrap it here. And then I'm going to set the mushrooms in the refrigerator and let them marinate for a while. And honestly, I haven't experimented with how much time I let them marinate. I think I'm gonna plan to have them for dinner tonight, and it's about 2 40 right now. So I guess I'll end up putting them in the oven, Um, in about three hours from now or so. So I'm gonna set these in the refrigerator, and I will come back later on 5. Lets Get Cooking: Well, my mushrooms have marinated for about three hours or so right now, I'm gonna take them out. I'm gonna put them in the oven because, honestly, I'm gonna be running out to do an errand. And so I'm gonna set my oven at 3 75 Now, I'm gonna tell you, you could set your oven between 3 75 4 25 Even one should probably be fine. But since I'm gonna actually be out a while, I want to make sure that I give my mushrooms a chance to bake more slowly. His is opposed getting burned very quickly. And I know this oven's gonna have to pre heat. And I'm not gonna even worry about pre heating before I put the mushrooms in the oven. And now another thing here. I've got the mushrooms in their pan. I had put this plastic clean rack on top. Don't put the mushrooms into the oven with the plastic clean rap on top. This is not going to be a good thing. And what I will do here is I'll come up to the camera and see if I could give you a look at what the mushroom caps look like right now without dumping everything out of the trade. So you can see how the, um, olive oil and balsamic vinegar have kind of soaked into the sauces here. So these mushrooms are looking pretty dharam tasty to me. And I'm just gonna go ahead and pop him into the of, um and let him cook for a while. I'll be looking forward to getting back later and see how those air coming along. I'll check in with you and let you see how I put my sandwich together. 6. Is it done yet?: all right. While it is time to take the mushrooms out of the oven, they've been cooking at this point for maybe, like 40 minutes or so. I don't know how long it took the oven to preheat. I had said it a 3 75 I left the house to run some errands, and now it's in the range of 40 to 50 minutes later. So I'm gonna take these out of the oven. I'll bring them up to the camera so that you can see what they look like in the pan. At this point, I've already turned off the of him and they are fully cooked. So let's have a look at what these mushrooms look like when they're finished. That pan was feeling a little too hot in my hands, so I decided to move the camera and give you a nice, close up shot of these mushrooms here. And what you can see is here is the garlic powder and the onion powder, and there's the salt and the pepper, and I put the olive oil and the balsamic vinegar in there, and it's all cooked together really nicely. And the mushrooms right now, you can see our cook down and they're soft. There's this delicious mixture that's in the pan as well that you can drizzle over things. And I'm gonna get ready and put them together in a sandwich and get ready to eat. It smells amazing in here right now. I can't wait to eat. I'm starting. 7. Lets eat!: I've taken the portabello mushrooms out of the oven, and I have chosen to serve them on a bun, and I'll put on a slice of tomato and a piece of lettuce. Now, of course, I've said that this is portabello mushroom burgers, but you don't have to serve them as a burger. You don't want to. You could also feel free to serve them with a bit of rice. But I'm really hungry. I don't want to keep talking about this. Instead, I want to finish putting the pieces together and finally get a taste of this sandwich. Oh, yeah, That's what I'm talking about. Bon appetit. 8. Cleanup time: I had told you just how super easy this recipe was, and if that's not enough, check it out. One of my favorite things to geek out about is how little clean up some of my recipes have . It could hardly get easier than this. There's no measuring spoons. There's no bowls, there's no pots. There's just this one baking pan, and that's all we've got to clean up the end. So I'll have to pour a little bit of the oil into someplace else. I don't want that going down the sink. I may let this soak a little bit and then I'll be able to throw it in the dishwasher and I'm done Cha ching. 9. Final thoughts: So we've reached the end of the class and I want to highly encourage you to start your project. It's really easy to do. Just click the start Project button. You don't have to complete it all at once. You can update it as you go. One of the things you can do to start your project right away is to even tell us whether you've eaten portabello mushrooms in any form before. So go ahead. Start the project right now. And I'd love to know how you ended up putting your portobello mushroom burger together. Vegan love to you.