Let's draw & shade a butterfly on the iPad in Procreate | Angèle Kamp | Skillshare

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Let's draw & shade a butterfly on the iPad in Procreate

teacher avatar Angèle Kamp, Artist & Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Finding a reference photo

    • 3. Setting up in Procreate

    • 4. Drawing the outline

    • 5. Shading Part 1

    • 6. Shading the body

    • 7. Shading Part 2

    • 8. Export & share your work

    • 9. Bonus - Sell your Art

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About This Class

Let's draw and shade a butterfly on the IPad in Procreate. In this class, you will learn the following:

  1. How to find a reference photo
  2. How to set up a canvas in Procreate
  3. How to draw & shade a butterfly in Procreate
  4. How to export & share your work

We will be using the Procreate app which is available in the App store. And don't worry If you are not familiar with Procreate, it is very intuitive and I will give you some tips along the way.

When you finish this class, you will be able to create your own butterfly illustration and share it with us by uploading your work to the Class Project Gallery. You can upload your artwork via an internet browser on a desktop or tablet (not via the app). Go to the 'projects & resources section of this class & click on the green button 'create project'.

Butterfly Photo 
Procreate App 
Ipad Pro 12.9 in
Apple Pencil 2nd generation


I am an artist & graphic designer from the Netherlands and creating art is one of my biggest passions in life. I love creating, watercolor art, illustrations, and hand-lettering. My designs are inspired by nature and Botanics and my style is feminine and delicate with a soft, neutral color palette.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angèle Kamp

Artist & Graphic Designer


I'm Angèle, an artist & graphic designer from the Netherlands and creating art is one of my biggest passions in life. I love creating, watercolor art, illustrations, and hand-lettering. My designs are inspired by nature and Botanics and my style is feminine and delicate with a soft, neutral color palette.




Sell your Art Course

Are you an artist or designer that wants to sell their creative digital products online? Then I have the course for you. Sell your Art, is a course for all creatives who want to learn how to start a creative career and how to sell their digital products online... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hey there. I'm Skyla, I'm an artist and a graphic designer. And creating art is one of my favorite things to do. I create watercolor ord. I create lettering, and I also create illustrations on the iPad. In this class will draw a butterfly illustration together on the iPad. First, we'll find a good reference photo. Then we'll create the outline for the butterfly and then I'll show you my favorite tips and tricks for shading. Are you ready? Let's get started. 2. Finding a reference photo: All right, So let's start out with finding a nice reference voted for Butterfly. I'm going to head on over to my Internet browser. I'm using chrome. Then I'm going to go to Side called on a splash dot com, and then we'll type out butterfly and you will find the most gorgeous butterflies that you can use already went ahead and saved a few that I wanted to. You can also created an account on on Splash if you like, and then create collections. Let's see, Yeah, this is the butterfly that I want to use for this class. Um, to save it to your iPad, I'm just gonna hold down the image, and then you can click on Save Image here, and it will save it to your photos. 3. Setting up in Procreate: All right, Now, let's head to procreate and to create a new canvas will click on the little plus sign here and then on this icon. And you can just type in however many pixels you want. I'm just gonna do 3000 my 3000 and then leave it at 300 d p. I, which is high resolution. Then click create. All right, so now we've got our canvas and we will import our photo cook on the actions tab and then insert a photo, find your photo here and then be sure to have uniform. Um, selected. So you couldn't scale that properly? Uh, I just wanna Yeah, I think that's about right. Then click a little little arrow here to de select it. Um, Then we're going to click on your layers. I'm going to lower the a pass ity of this one to around 25 and then I'm going to add a new layer that we can use to draw on. So when we're done at the end, you couldn't just take this fox here, and it will remove the, um, layer of the photo. So this is the layer we're going to draw on. Be sure to have that one selected. And now let's find our brush. We're gonna use the money. Is the drying brush. It's usually under inking. Yeah, There you go. It comes with procreate. So it's a standard brush. Just see what size it is. I think that's right. Let's see what I haven't set to five. Yeah, that's right. So now we can start drawing. 4. Drawing the outline: All right, now we are ready to draw. We're gonna start by creating the outline. So we've got our drying brush selected on. We've got it set to five, and then we're just gonna go ahead and trace the outlines off the butterfly. Now, you can decide yourself like what style you want if you like to go for a more neat style than you can trace it really neatly. But if you like it to be more of a loose style, then you can create more like a sketched look like this. I like to do a little bit of combination of both, So I'd like to keep it a little bit need, but then have some sketched elements to it. I see a beady little eyes. I'm just gonna every suspect see if you want to race again, either go back by tapping it with two fingers or press the back button here, or you can just select your eraser and then erase the bits you wanna race are his little eyes. So go around the whole image and then just traced the outlines. The basic outlines like you can also add the shape here. I'd also add that in the in this stage as well. All right, let's speed this up a little bit way. All right. Let's see how that looks for the first sketch. We can turn off layer. Yeah, that looks pretty good. 5. Shading Part 1: Now let's create some shading to bring this beautiful butterfly toe life. I'm going to reactivate the photo layer, and what you can do is you can either create a new layer to create the shading on or you can duplicate the layer of the outline. So I'm just going to turn one of them off so that if you don't like your shading or you messed up or whatever, you can always have a outline to fall back on. I'm still using that dry brush ink, and I have it set to 5%. So nothing has changed there for the shading. I'm going to create some small, loose strokes. The fun thing about this brush is that if you hold it more a bright, it will give you a smaller on a thinner line. But if you hold it, Morton angle like you would with a real pencil, is that it'll give you a nice thick stroke. So if you like to shade with the thicker side, just took your brush a little bit more, and it will give you a nicer, thick stroke for shading like bigger areas. I'm not going to shade in the whole area because it will be a little bit too dense for my liking. But if you want to go ahead and color and all of the black bits, then that's fine. Do whatever feels right. I'm just gonna, like I said before, create small, sketchy strokes for the darker areas and then the yellow areas of lighter areas. We'll just leave that blank, so we'll just go around the whole butterfly. You can zoom in and out to see if it's going the way you like it, and then zoom back into create some more, and we'll just go around all of the wings and then shade them in. 6. Shading the body: So for the head and the body of the butterfly, I'm gonna use the same technique. So just use small strokes, and I'm gonna add a little bit of, um, shapes here. Even though the whole body is black, I don't wanna make it all black, So I'm just gonna go around like the outer bids on shaded here a little bit true, create like, a rounder shape, and I'm gonna go around the outer edges and shade that so it has the illusion that it's darker than these light areas, But I'm not gonna shaded in all the way. This part is a bit darker, so I'll add some more here. This one's a bit too harsh. I'm gonna reset on Zoom. I don't see if that what I like bit more shading. Yeah, I like that. Um, also for the eyes, I'm gonna create like a little white spot where you know, the light hits the the I and then make the outer bit quite a bit darker. So it stands out the side as well. Just leave a white circle. How does that look? And the antenna. I'm just gonna make a little darker and then make it thicker of the outer ends thinner at the beginning. Look at that. That looks perfect. And the bottom bit as well. Not gonna shade it in all the way, but then just a shade along the outer edges of the shape just to give it the illusion that it's darker. And then I'm gonna make thes outer lines, like even darker, so it really defines the shape of the body. I also see some lighter areas here, so, you know, creates most rogues at the outer edges of this shape and then leaving the middle bit white . All right, let's zoom out and see how it looks. I like it. Let's turn off this layer. So I didn't haven't even better look. 7. Shading Part 2: So if you like the way that it looks right now, then you can stop here. But what I like to do is I like to add a second round of shading. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to hold down my photos icon and then swipe it here to the left so that I can find my reference photo. And then I can see where I want to add more shading. So you see how it's darker here. I'm just gonna add a little bit more darker areas around the top of the body as well. Yeah, I like how that looks. So No, I'm just gonna go around and then at a second layer of shading polio also have this little spot here. Um, it doesn't have one there or has a tiny ones there. So I'm gonna add it right over here just to create some symmetry. Was it here? There you go. No, it's even. So I'm just gonna go around and shade, uh, second round, just to give it a bit more depth and bring it to life. - Just keep zooming back in and out to see if there are any more areas you want to add some shading to 8. Export & share your work: I really love how the butterfly turned out. I can play with it and tweak it for ages, but I'm just gonna leave it at this. Um, you can remove this by swiping it to the left, and now it's time to export it. So if you want, you can turn off the background layer than you'll have a transparent background. Then go to the actions tab and click on share on for a transparent background will click PNG. But if you want just a white background, we'll click on J. Peg and then you can choose which option you want to say. I like to save it to drive so I can work on it on my I Mac. You can mail it to yourself or air. Drop it, or you could save image, and then it will save it to your iPad. There you go. So now that we've exported our work, you can share it to the Class Project gallery. To do so, you will have to go to this class on your computer and then click on the little green button that says create project underneath this class. So if you upload your work there than I could give you be back and give it a like Or if you have any questions at all, then just leave it in the discussions area underneath this class and that's it. I want to thank you guys so much for joining in, and I hope to see you in another class. 9. Bonus - Sell your Art: Are you an artist or a graphic designer? And do you want to sell your art as digital products online? Then I have the perfect course for you. I'm endo camp. I'm an artist and a graphic designer. And I create watercolor art, fonts and illustrations for products and companies all over the world. I've been selling my designs online since 2012 and I can help you do the same. Let's take a look inside of my course, sell your art as digital products. We will start with the basics on how to start a creative career and get organized. Each class consists of a video with actionable steps that you can take or a class project for you to complete. Now in this course, we won't be going over how to create the digital products, but we will go over which products you could make and how to prepare them for sale, how to test out the market and how to launch a product. We will go over where to sell them online. And we will focus on the marketplaces that have worked for me, like Etsy, Creative Market, and of course, your own webshop. As a final step, you will learn how to promote and market your products online using social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. And you will also learn how to create newsletters to promote your products and to grow your business. I will share all of the things that I've learned over the years and share the story of how I was able to quit my job to grow a thriving six-figure business. I will help you with this journey and show you the exact steps that you need to take. Enroll in these cellular art course today and start your creative career.