Let's do some art! – How to make mixed media illustration

Anna Horváth, fine art, illustration, graphic design

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 About illustration

    • 3. 03 Background

    • 4. 04 Add layers

    • 5. 05 Find shapes

    • 6. 06 Say goodbye


Project Description

This class project doesn't need any prior knowledge but can be exciting for professionals as well.

The materials are a bit special though.

Materials we'll need:
– Stretched canvas 20x20 cm (approx 7,9"x7,9")
– Acrylic paint of 3-4 colours
– Liquid acrylic paint – white 
– Random pieces of painted papers or newspapers, paper towel, some small beads, buttons or found objects – "accidentally" painted scraps of papers
– Matte medium or any varnish-glue that dries transparent... a wood glue works too, or a scrapbook varnish-glue
– Big flat brush for the background (+ a smaller flat brush – optional), small pointed round brush (1-2) for the details, an old brush for the glue
– Square wooden stick
– Chinese ink with a calligraphy pen or fine-liner



Class project description:

The class project is to make a mixed media canvas that can serve as the first step of making an exciting illustration or just hang it on the wall as individual art piece.

01 Introduction – Say hello! A short video where I introduce myself and my works in a nutshell.

02 About illustration – I talk about illustration in general with many beautiful examples from illustration artists. 

03 Background – Making our background – you will need one (or 3 if you want try more technics) stretched canvas (20x20 cm), acrylic paint (white, light blue, dark blue, but you can use other colours as well, preferably 2 and their shades), big flat brush, small flat brush – post it!


04 Add layers – Add a bit of spice to your background – you will need colourful scraps of paper or "accidentally" painted paper towels, the liquid acrylic and an old toothbrush to squish the paint around :) – find the colours, surfaces and shapes that you like the best and play with forms, tear the papers, build your composition (don't forget the golden section or golden ratio theory!) – share more of your composition ideas! :)

05 Find shapes – Final touches – you will need chinese ink and calligraphy pen (or a fine liner if your prefer that), neon colour acrylic paint or white that will highlight some details – share your contours, drawing, main formes, doodles! Show the other elements (beads, buttons, found objects) that you've chosen to use on your art piece (if any), play with their arrangements on the canvas and post some of them! 


06 Say Goodbye – Enjoy your art! – I show you some examples of my work, some details and the story behind them. AI show 2-3 digitally mixed media illustrations too. – At the end I ask you to publish your final work. I'm too curious :D


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