Let's do some art! – How to make mixed media illustration | Anna Horváth | Skillshare

Let's do some art! – How to make mixed media illustration

Anna Horváth, fine art, illustration, graphic design

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 About illustration

    • 3. 03 Background

    • 4. 04 Add layers

    • 5. 05 Find shapes

    • 6. 06 Say goodbye


About This Class


Hi, I'm Anna Horváth, mixed media artist, graphic designer, illustrator. 

In this class I will take you through the whole project of making a mixed media canvas as a first step of an outstanding illustration.

As there are no rules (or not really) in mixed media, I will show one of my favorite technics. Mixed media for me is about making experimentations with different materials and technics. Probably your final art piece will be completely different from mine and it is good like that. I show you my making process and guidelines, my favorite art supplies and material choices.

The main skills to learn during that class:

– Making background in some easy steps – you will learn an easy but effective technique to make a background – with painting tips and colour choices.

– Composition involving other materials like "accidentally" painted scraps of paper – you will learn some simple composition guidelines, the using of different materials and how to apply  them.

– The importance of finishing touches that makes the art "shine" – I will show you how important the final touches are to make your creation more exciting and eye-catching.

When we finished I'll show you with some examples how I used these art pieces as a part of an illustration.

This is my first video class and I’m very curious how my explanations go through and come to life in your art pieces.

I will pay attention to give a feedback to everyone and I would be happy to help if needed. Please feel free to ask, upload some work in process photos and the final art pieces! 

... and the most importantly: have fun!



1. 01 Introduction: Hi, I'm on the court, Man. The mixed media artist living issues on I Grew up is sent under Hungarian town known for its artists. That's my accent. Comes from working as a professional artist making equity, pain things That makes me your paintings. Andi. I also started to illustrate cheer France books This year I decided, Teoh, try myself scare shark teacher as well. So this is my first ever. Just get from class there I will show you one of my favorite techniques. How to make makes me your heart that cancer into visual art piece or also first Amazing demonstration. That's a start. 2. 02 About illustration: Now let's talk about the illustrations. In general, an illustration is growing. Painting or printed work of art, which explains clarifies, eliminates Visually Represents or Mary decorates. A written text, which may be of a literary or commercial nature is a definition by region are score that calm and what makes a good illustration. Since photography exist, illustrations gained more freedom. Now they just have to give positively to the tax store book, maybe simply an enjoyable break. But the best months for me make me think about the tax work in a different way, the highlights of parts of the text or off the food from another side of it. They have us to feel the bigs atmosphere and give a better understanding to it. Now these illustrations have no rules until they can be scanned, printed or somehow attached to the text. There are so many illustrator artists and illustrations around us that the best ones have to stand out of them with their originality and creativity, like these ones in the slight share, at least for me. Besides traditional illustration techniques, I think mixed media is one of the best bonds to make outstanding illustrations, so let's make ours 3. 03 Background: mixed media has no rules, which means that you can use any materials that you like. But now we'll stick him the materials that I use for this particular project. So I'm usually working on stretch Columbus. Now I will use equity pains white and like a big flat brush, a smaller brush for the foundation and the background and the darker actually brain from the remedy contrast, I will use also accidentally painted paper towels and other color for scraps off paper. Okay, Usually I made by a foundation of three converses at a time. Because I don't know, just, uh, it's like that for me. And in the small four months, we just use a small amount of pain that if I paint three other time, I don't feel it. Like based off paint eso. The three campuses give me more possibilities of making experimentations because ideas comes always during the working protests. Onda materials lead my hands on and sometimes modify their origin Our concept as well they drone. I will add Morley yours to give volume and make more exciting background. Now that my foundation is ready, I continue with light and dark blue. I don't mix them gestures like that. And as I said before, there's no rules. So you can choose any girl you like, just preferably, uh, two colors and it shades. I just put them on the canvas with the big flat brush. Very lazy movement, to be very precise. Now, I could leave it like that, but I use a smaller brush to make the surface smooth there because I think it looks better on this scale. And actually, I prefer big brush strokes on large former paintings. I paint the top part of the lighter, and the were part of a darker off campus so it can be background, the sky or C O. R. Mountains at the end. 4. 04 Add layers: in this part, we will at Morley years to build the main forms of our painting. Their use golden hackery. Click it pained with an old toothbrush than a craft knife to cut and much medium with an old brush to clear. It's very important that to use new brash, otherwise, we cannot use it anymore. Then we're use our color for scraps off papers to build the main forms. I call them accidentally painted papers because it just happens to get them colored, as I usually keep all the tissue papers and scraps off papers that I used to try. Some colors, or the bonds that I used to spawn job left over paint or being or the bonds that I use is as a stand seal or to cover a part of the actual painting when I used spray paint. So that's what gives the next layer of our painting bill. It's spontaneous, Onda, very color for and the accidentally surface. Now it's really depends on you how your art piece will look like, as none of the papers craps are. The same said I chose, uh, this, uh, greenish bluish on paper. Andi, I figured out the type of used these Teoh triangle form. So I tear off the rest of the paper Onda and, uh, try on the campus how it will look like, say, I cut off the bottom part of the paper say, now you can see my composition when we arrived to composition. It's first to keep in mind the salary off the golden section. It helps us to create well belongs on bond pleased, Natural like a look and composition that that has been huge for thousands of years in art and architecture on that we can find also in major location. Now I know how my composition we look like, but I figured out that the background is to queen and it needs a bit of spice this creased over with my toothbrush. The liquid called actually to give it more texture on the beat Funky lick Ban. The background is fully cried. I can glue on my papers, uh, that I cut out the form of with a Met medium and the old brush the tops. Two very well. Glue it on even in the edges. As this step can define the whole painting, Andi can be pretty tricky. Please, feel free to post a command under to be you. If you have any, adopt any questions that I can help him. Honestly, I hardly made to see all of your creations in that stage because it's well, that's our mind. Final result that smell, but seriously, those dress just have fun. 5. 05 Find shapes: by now, Your art priest is probably very different from mine. So I just show you how I continue. I really use again that called on a creek. Paint on the square head wouldn't stick. I will draw the contours with my favorite calligraphy pon on the Chinese ink. Then I really use a Rome brush for the acrylic paint, but I can use also smaller Rome Bosch for smaller details. I used this wooden stick for windows from me for small rectangular sports. The ideal choice is, uh, well done steak with its sharp edges. Send now I search and come through the main farms. I have something about houses, so I draw houses again when I want to see significant controversy. I usually use this calligraphy pen because it cannot be too fine, but it gives to the whole drawing or painting a priest as I can hardly control the amount off ink flow off the pan or the very minute when this depend runs out of ink compared to find liner, it's very spontaneous. I like the contrast of big houses and small windows. For me, it just made those houses so whimsical with secrets behind there being this. I really like anything unexpected details like those Preto flowers. But I told her than the house is done. I do do around flowers and strives everywhere. Can I continue acting details to that heels that made by that are accidentally painted. People are scraps down here. I see a combat. So I drew it strives I and nose usually it as much details as I can. I think it will be more interesting at the end, so people cannot just get an overall picture off our peace. But they have to come closer on bond. Watch it carefully. At the end, I painted Boom! But I white Andi I paint the flowers with now color to highlight them and give a pop up affected the whole creation. So now you see that after having starting concept how I let my hand driven by materials and how I create a kind of spontaneous art piece 6. 06 Say goodbye: you have one more task at the end. Enjoy your art. I like mine turned out, but I could have used some Butters instead of pained to highlight some details. Now let me share you some other mixed media piece suit that I made before. For example, here I used more or less the same technique. But instead of painting the flowers, I used some paper cutouts to glue. And here you can see how the in can be beautifully. I'm perfect. Usually ever single paintings of my have, uh their own store memories here and anything applies. There are super bunny jumps of A or some clowns wedged a politically sparkling brain from the global umbrella. When I make an illustration, I usually painted background on campus and through the characters on paper. Then I scan everything on put everything together in further ship where I can digitally add more details and blind burgs and effect to reach the mutes that I want. I hope that you injured my class, aunt. Hardly wait to see your masterpieces. Please feel free to reach out If you have any questions that I can see you soon