Let's do some art! – How to make mixed media illustration II. | Anna Horváth | Skillshare

Let's do some art! – How to make mixed media illustration II.

Anna Horváth, fine art, illustration, graphic design

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Making the background

    • 4. Add layers

    • 5. Paper scraps

    • 6. Add details

    • 7. Final thoughts


About This Class


Hi, I'm Anna Horváth, mixed media artist, graphic designer, illustrator at Annabies.

In this class I will take you through the whole project of making a mixed media canvas as a first step of an outstanding illustration. 

As there are no rules (or not really) in mixed media, I will show a mixed media technic that I love. I provide you a step by step tutorial from the foundation to adding layers, use of paper towel scraps or stencils. We will build up a mixed media painting from scratch, that can serve as the first step of a mixed media illustration or an individual art piece. After this class you will see differently an everyday household item like paper towels. I share tips and tricks with you and drive you through the magical process of working in mixed media.

Mixed media for me is about making experimentations with different materials and technics. Probably your final art piece will be completely different from mine and it is good like that. I show you my making process and guidelines, my favorite art supplies and material choices.

The main skills to learn during that class:

– Enriching the background in some easy steps – you will learn an easy but effective technique to make a background – with painting tips and colour choices.

– Build up an art piece from layer to layer – the importance of layers, tips and tricks.

– Adding details – that makes your art piece yours and different of anything else.

When we finished I'll show you how I use these pratiques in my work through some examples.

This is the second video class of a serial that I create of mixed media art and I’m very curious how my explanations go through and come to life in you and your art piece.

I will pay attention to give a feedback to everyone and I would be happy to help if needed. Please feel free to ask, upload some work in process photos and the final art pieces! You can also contact me on my facebook page or instagram proflie and see up-to-date informations of my work.

Very welcome in my world... and the most importantly: have fun!



1. Hello: my guys are on the whole right on Abby's I'm Hungarian artist living in Switzerland. I'm working in mixed media, but also I'm making graphic design illustrations on the States have designed custom design , actually, whatever comes in my mind. So in this class, I will assure you another mixed media technique that I love. The beauty off mixed media for me is that I can always experimenting. I have to always figure out thesis material works with that Onda. It's very exciting. It's very funny, and the result is something beautiful at the end. It's like chemistry, just not in a class keeps. So we will make again a small painting really use different materials and different tools from Chinese into a critic painting from brush to painting live on and paper towel. I ask you, Teoh, try. So it's not just me who has to create, but you too, just jump in. It will be fun, I promise. 2. Class project: the video need stretched campus or Ecuele paper, then some stand sales for the background. I prefer the bond me, the dogs, but actually any shape can Berg. Then we will use a heavy by the equity pains for the background, the one that you can find in any stores at the Hobe department than a rubber printing roller than ink sprays off different cars for the stand sales. My favorites are tear on the coffee Any liquid acrylics paperworks. But be careful with the ECHR expiry pains because we need small spray hat. I really like the acrylic paint double to because it gives a very fine earlier to the painting. But it's up to you if you want to use the heavy body, actually paint for the stent sales. I supposed to use Estancia brush for that. Then we will need blue for the light paper Early years. I use that liquid X that medium, but any Scrabble glue or even food on Bloomberg's. You don't want to destroy your best brushes, right? So I supposed to use an old brush to gluten, then a dark blue abide and another color of golden Leica Dockery pains. But any other kind of acrylic paint bergs. Also, I prefer golden because for me it has the perfect consistency and its colors are beautiful but pretty expensive. So it's really up to you again. I use a painting knife for the big spot on the size to brush for the details, I will show you why I love paper towers and how to use thes paper scraps. Isn't it beautiful? So, as you already know, in this class reopens another small pain thing. After the foundation that gives a light blue touch to the canvas, we will divide Lee your to the background, then another layer with the stand seals and another with paper cover scraps. When we finished all off that we can add our tiny details that gives the meaning to our painting. Usually I have an idea to start with. Then I just let it form by itself. I follow the flow, then it turns out, at the end what happens in mixed. Maybe at the most interesting thing is the working protest itself, and it's just a plus. If the final result is something great. Oh, and I almost forgot for this class, you don't even have to be able to draw. I hope that you will like my claws, Onda. And that you will feel the urge to create something. Meeting these. Upload your class project on there. This video Onda And so I can see what what you're creating. Don't forget, Teoh. Watch my previous class to learn another. It makes me the affect and let's get started. 3. Making the background: in this part, we will prepare our canvas with light blue foundation, then really use despite heavy body acrylic paint on printing roller Teoh make the background bit more exciting, not so flat, so just add the bit of texture to it. Then we mix a little a dark blue into the wide background. The foundation protests is very simple. Just cover the whole campus with light blue acrylic paint. If you need more detailed explanation off the foundation that you can find the video in my previous class, so please, just much it thread more texture to our background. We use that wide, heavy body actually faint, and finally we can use a rubber printing roller, said Just put a bit of paint on the canvas and then rolled with or no, actually, we could stop at this point to have a cloudy background, but now I will go further. I put the pain directly on the canvas to mix it right there with the rubber printing roller . Sure, now you don't have to be really careful with their moans because, you know, it just gives more texture to the whole painting. So sticking on that idea, I will make the white and the dark blue paint also directly on the canvas. Sure, it will be accidentally on bond not entirely mixed and gives more. That's to the background. Oops, Ed stuck. I have to clean it to roll again how it works. So now you can see the background. I kind of like it Ever like it this way. 4. Add layers: in this part we will. Adlai years. Stansell's for my favorite one is dotted, essential from team holds. I really like it because it's not at all even, but very random, like me. I don't like ruffles will use the delusions, inks, praise or liquid acrylic space. As I said it before, even though my favorite colors are the teal on coffee, I start with lime cream in this particulary project that gives a very light lier to the background, just lightening up the darker tones. Then I used Equity Paine Webber, and later on I will go on the top off the background, with heavy by the acrylic paint on stands a brush. As you see, I used existential very often. It makes a beautifully spontaneous surface. Now I put the stances on the campus, But before I start used inks pray. I cover with the paper masking tape, all the broken thoughts so the pattern will be continuous on duh doesn't break anywhere. Now I just pray around with my ink spray and done removed the remaining Inc off the canvas by placing paper towel on the top of it and just gently lift it off it. The tricky part is that as you don't want to wash away the ink spots, so you have to just lift the paper towel off the canvas and not pull it. So be careful. I used the same Stansell for the teal inks Pray as well, and I use the stand still the same Vaid like turning back push on the canvas, lift it and so on. My paper double is getting to be quite exciting with all those leftover Inc that I removed off the campus. Let's see how it looks with the paper scraps. It's quite nice, but I think I will need more finally years on the top off these car feel spots. So I use here the birds, which gives a very light white the your teeth. It's almost a invisible, so I think that in that case I will need something stronger. Then I use also the wide, heavy body, actually pained, be the stance, a brush so it will give more texture again. Andi, the result will be more visible. I really like to add lightly years, so not everything at the same time, but to build up the painting with asthma. Nearly years as you want and it it gives a very sophisticated result at the end. So you can discover always small details that you haven't seen before. I like to build up the whole painting like that there. See? It has a very reach texture. I like it. Do you think? 5. Paper scraps: So in this part ville at more layers with our accidentally painted paper scraps that we will glue on the campus with Matt Medium, either liquid tax or Golden Matt medium or any kind off Beckham Posh glue are wouldn't Bluebeard's. Then way will use an old brush not to destroy our heads. Brushes off course, said. Now we will create our next layer out of these paper scripts by tearing them apart. Andi gluing on the campus because thes scraps at a value, um, in terms off off texture and color as well. So I already prepared my paper scraps and I tried it on the canvas again. How it looks like. And then I slowly start Teoh glue it on the canvas, one after the other. Just take your time to find out how and they're exactly to place them on the campus. As you see when you put the glue right on the campus on the ink sprayed campus, it's a bit removed, the ink so you cannot see the color of the papers crap anymore. But the color off the ink on their neath shit I as I realized it now as well, I removed the original layer purple layer, and I placed another paper scrip. Is that so? I rather put clue directly on the back off the papers. Crap, not on the campus. So it will. It will keep its original color and not affected by the background or not as much as before . I glue on the paper scraps one after the other on the canvas. You know, these paper towels have three Lee years. I always take them apart. Onda use just one layer off, the three said. Actually, every layer is a little bit different, but the same color if I find it too fine, then I just blew another similar colored paper script under our on the top of it. It depends always the actual painting where I put it, cut the edges with a scissor and then include the edges. All set Teoh united with the with the campus. Why is important tear thes paper scraps? Because Venuti period, it always something random, something unexpected. If you tear it, it's always more accidentally, is always more natural, but you're looking at nature. The trees for asked the mountains. The edges are very similar to the fear edges 6. Add details: wear getting slowly at the end. In this part Reville, finish our painting re Hughes, Now the golden liquid critic, pains a dark blue, white and some color, so we will paint with painting knife, our old credit card, for example. In this case, the most important thing is the flat edge off it. Then we will use a size to brush for the fine details. So I built up the base off the light house with white equity paint, using the painting knife just to move, flee, pull from one edge to the other and then turned back the canvas and again one inch to the other with the white paint and then put a small amount off dark blue paint. Also on the painting that put the painting life into the dark, then into the white paint on duh. Repeat the matter from one side. Oh, the painting life and then turned the campus from the other side, pulled fading life, and you can make this way very sharp edges on both sides. I paint the roof of it, and then, with the small brush I will at shadow to my building on, and also I can't read a bit. Then I also add a bit off light, a bit of shine to the roof. Then I give a bit off shadow Teoh my mountains as well, using the dark blue acrylic paint with a lot off water. I just use it like water color. Andi, I don't want to paint sharp edges this time. Just give a bit of shadow Teoh to the mountains so it won't be flat anymore. But it gives a bit off three D effect or something like that. You know, it's not really a three d effect, but actually it gives a bit off depth to to my mountains as well. And then I'm finished. 7. Final thoughts: So I really hope that you liked my class. Now I share some of my previous works. I build up all these pain things with pretty much the same technique. May I use it even in my arch Orna on on campus, in small scale or in a BTK embassies as well. It's really exciting all the time. So please feel free Teoh comment on their these videos and to upload your artwork that I hardly wait to see. And if you want Teoh learn more techniques than you can watch my previous class on, uh, I will continue it mixed May the art techniques later on. So I hope you enjoyed it on. Please upload your burke on duh. Ask anything that you want and I will I will have if I can see you next time. Bye.