Let's do some art! – How to make mixed media illustration II.

Anna Horváth, fine art, illustration, graphic design

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Making the background

    • 4. Add layers

    • 5. Paper scraps

    • 6. Add details

    • 7. Final thoughts


About This Class


Hi, I'm Anna Horváth, mixed media artist, graphic designer, illustrator at Annabies.

In this class I will take you through the whole project of making a mixed media canvas as a first step of an outstanding illustration. 

As there are no rules (or not really) in mixed media, I will show a mixed media technic that I love. I provide you a step by step tutorial from the foundation to adding layers, use of paper towel scraps or stencils. We will build up a mixed media painting from scratch, that can serve as the first step of a mixed media illustration or an individual art piece. After this class you will see differently an everyday household item like paper towels. I share tips and tricks with you and drive you through the magical process of working in mixed media.

Mixed media for me is about making experimentations with different materials and technics. Probably your final art piece will be completely different from mine and it is good like that. I show you my making process and guidelines, my favorite art supplies and material choices.

The main skills to learn during that class:

– Enriching the background in some easy steps – you will learn an easy but effective technique to make a background – with painting tips and colour choices.

– Build up an art piece from layer to layer – the importance of layers, tips and tricks.

– Adding details – that makes your art piece yours and different of anything else.

When we finished I'll show you how I use these pratiques in my work through some examples.

This is the second video class of a serial that I create of mixed media art and I’m very curious how my explanations go through and come to life in you and your art piece.

I will pay attention to give a feedback to everyone and I would be happy to help if needed. Please feel free to ask, upload some work in process photos and the final art pieces! You can also contact me on my facebook page or instagram proflie and see up-to-date informations of my work.

Very welcome in my world... and the most importantly: have fun!