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Let's cook Tsvetaeva apple pie

Margarita Ionova, Designer+QA

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. the dough

    • 3. filling (step1)

    • 4. filling (step1)

    • 5. Final


About This Class

This grief for homeland! It’s despair
And hopelessness of daily worry!
I’m equally indifferent where
- Alone, entirely and wholly, -

I am, which way I slowly stagger,
Back from the market, walking homeward,
Into a home, that like a barrack,
Still doesn't know that I'm the owner!

This poem was written by Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva.

 She was born in the intelligent family: her father Ivan was a famous philologist and a professor of Fine Art in Moscow University and mother Maria was a pianist. Marina Tsvetaeva began to write her first poetry being a 6 years old child. Her poetry was written not only in Russian, but also in French and German languages.

 Tsvetaeva published the very first poetry collection in 1910 on her own money. She rejected Russian Revolution and wrote the cycle of poems about the war, glorifying those who fought against the communists.

But let’s return to our apple pie recipe and its name. It’s being said that such apple pie was served in the house of Marina Tsvetaeva and her sister Anastasia. Young Marina spent a lot of time with famous poets on the literary evenings, and served an apple pie to her guests. For me, this pie recalls me my childhood, with autumn and flavor of apples. At this time, the wonderful time of year, nature is beautiful. The pie has special taste of cream cheese with aromatic flavor of apples.

Let's cook this wonderful pie together!





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