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15 Videos (48m)
    • Let's Write Horror: Intro to Fear

    • LWH: Importance of Emotions

    • LWH: Fear is Subjective

    • LWH: Shock and Gore

    • LWH: The Uncanny Valley

    • LWH: Modernizing Horror

    • LWH: Dark vs Light

    • LWH: The Unknown

    • LWH: Exorcising the Jaws of Research

    • LWH: Little Tip Clip of Horrors

    • LWH: The Horrors of Sensationalism

    • LWH: When in Isolation

    • LWH: Death

    • LWH: Let the Games Begin!

    • LWH Finale: Symbolism


About This Class

This class is currently going through a large revision. It was my first class, so I didn't expect the compliments it received. Thank you! I'm also grateful for any feedback or criticisms that can help improve the class. I want to make it the best it can be!

Want to strike fear into everyone with just your words? Trying to get that script done up for a film or video game? Need to give your ideas an extra spark, but can't find it? Finally tired of complaining about blockbuster cliches and want to show Hollywood some REAL Horror?

Welcome to Let's Write Horror!

An introductory class about the art of terrifying storytelling. Here is where we discuss and write about Horror staples and the aspects that they're built upon. Each video will discuss a theme and offer prompts for students to write about. Feedback is encouraged all around!

Note: this course is designed with the expectation that students already know about basic storytelling, i.e, structure, plot, characters, writer's block, etc.

-ALSO, because of some of the themes and topics, this course is Teen+. There may be triggering topics, such as death, abuse, and insensitive imagery. Viewer discretion is advised!

Recommended reading: Pharmakembru: The Face. Available for ebook on Blurb and print on Amazon. Not required, but I helped with writing it and I will use it for examples in the course.






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Udern Stroud


Hello and welcome. Enjoying the smell of the marshlands? It's a great place to watch the sunset.

We got many names, but on here, it's Udern Stroud (OO-durn). I do lots of things. Lots of things.

Hey, check this out: you know what's the real problem with dying? You just can't live with it! Ha!

When I'm not cracking jokes, I'm drawing art or comics, interpreting dreams, walking, writing, and watching or making videos.

Always had a thing for Video Editing, really. I r...

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