Let's Write Chinese Calligraphy - Clerical Script 101 | Jessey Cheng | Skillshare

Let's Write Chinese Calligraphy - Clerical Script 101

Jessey Cheng, Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Ideas

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12 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Scripts

    • 3. Tools and Materials

    • 4. Care and Cleaning of Brush

    • 5. Hold the Brush

    • 6. Different Strokes

    • 7. Start Writing

    • 8. Words - Sun and Moon

    • 9. Words - 5 Elements

    • 10. Writing on Blank Paper

    • 11. Final Project

    • 12. Summary


About This Class

Chinese Calligraphy is now an art of writing instead of the daily communication medium. Even if you don't know Chinese, you can still be attracted by the beauty of the calligraphy because of its use of brush, composition of the characters, and the arrangement.

In this class, you will learn the basic skills of writing Clerical Script (an archaic style of Chinese Calligraphy).  It is OK if you can't read Chinese, you will be able to read some Chinese words and write them after the class.

I will guide you through step by step from the use of brush to the character structure.

Some people said Chinese Calligraphy is "Qigong", as you may feel the energy flowing in your body while practising.

Let's join the class and I am sure you can write Chinese Calligraphy too!





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Jessey Cheng

Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Ideas

Hi, I am Jessey from Hong Kong.  I love creative things from crafting, graphic design to copywriting, and marketing.  And trying a lot new different things is the favourite part of my life.  When I started to learn Chinese Calligraphy, it is love at every sight, learning to be patient, feeling the tranquility, connecting to the ancient culture.

Sharing Chinese Calligraphy is my little wish to help preserving Traditional Chinese and spread it o...

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