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Let's Talk Freelance With John Morris

John Morris, I help freelancers get clients.

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18 Lessons (9h 51m)
    • 1. Welcome & Introduction

    • 2. How to Get the Most Out of This Course

    • 3. EP15: How to Create a Profitable Online Course

    • 4. EP14: Quitting Your Day Job and Freelancing Full-Time

    • 5. EP13: How to Get Clients In Competitive Markets

    • 6. EP12: How to Craft a Winning Proposal

    • 7. EP11: How to Become a 6-Figure Freelancer

    • 8. EP10: Manage Scope Creep & Pushy Clients

    • 9. EP9: How to Estimate the Time and Cost of Projects

    • 10. EP8: I Just Built Your Freelance Website For You

    • 11. EP7: Build Your Freelance Website With WordPress

    • 12. EP6: How to Pick a Profitable Freelance Niche

    • 13. BEP1: How to Get "Lowball" Clients to Increase Their Budget

    • 14. EP5: Finding Passion In Your Freelance Career

    • 15. EP4: How to Create a Job-Getting Portfolio

    • 16. EP3: Package and Price Your Freelance Services

    • 17. EP2: How to Rank In Google for Key Freelancer Searches

    • 18. EP1: How to Get Started Freelancing

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About This Class

This class is all about implementation. Inevitably, as you make your way through relevant courses, you'll reach a point where you get stuck or aren't sure where to start. The most helpful thing you can have, at that moment, is someone who has been through that exact same thing.

Figured it out.

And, can help you get unstuck and moving forward.

That's what this is class is for. It's driven by you and the road-blocks you're facing. Think of it as more of a reference manual than a linear course. Browse the list of lessons and look for the problem you're facing or question you have and watch that lesson.

If you can't find what you're looking for, ask in the Community section.

And, I will (most likely) make a lesson answering your question.

That's my goal with this.

You don't need any prior knowledge. There's no required materials you need to bring with you.