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Let's Talk: Adobe Illustrator Brushes

Michael Austin, I love the smell of fresh vectors

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5 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Brush basics

    • Blind Brush Inking

    • First Is Last

    • Sketching

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About This Class

Working with brushes in Adobe Illustrator can be very difficult for a beginner. In this short video tutorial, I'm going to go over my workflow from start to finish regarding working with brushes and inking in Adobe Illustrator. I'm gonna show you how I build my brushes from start to finish. I'm going to teach you the basics of the Adobe Illustrator brush palette, and get you started in the right direction building your own custom brushes.


We also touch on inking and working with blind brushes that will allow us to ink shapes easily and apply hatching lines and shadows to your artwork.To round out this tutorial, we will work with the first is last method, and apply this knowledge to inking a simple character design. We will also covered the sketching basics and brush management.





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Michael Austin

I love the smell of fresh vectors

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