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Let's Talk About Videos | English Boost | Group 2

teacher avatar Able Lingo ASL, American Sign Language (ASL)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Clever Student

    • 3. Couch Dog

    • 4. Exercise Guy

    • 5. Computer Attack

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About This Class


IN THIS CLASS, we're going to:

  • Talk about unique and interesting videos
  • Analyze the situations and explore vocabulary
  • Answer questions about the videos
  • BOOST your English fluency
  • Improve your ability to describe what you see
  • Have fun!



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See ALL of our classes here.


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Able Lingo ASL

American Sign Language (ASL)


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1. Introduction: Well, hello and welcome to this class in this class. We're going to check out some videos. Some interesting and intriguing videos for each one will explain. It will answer some questions. It will explore and analyse vocabulary that describes the situation. I think it sounds pretty good. Let's do it, Let's get started. 2. Clever Student: All right, So let's talk about this video and answer the questions from before. I think this is a very interesting video. Here we go. The first question was, What does the teacher think about this situation? Well, if the camera that's moving forward is the teacher and he's finding out that the student is sleeping in his class, I with the teacher might be upset. However, this student is quite crafty, which means kind of smart finds interesting ways to do things. This student wants to sleep right. For whatever reason, he's tired in the class. So he came up with the interesting idea to get a picture of himself blown up, made huge and put on a poster right. So when he puts his head down on the desk to sleep, he can hold the poster up. And the poster is a picture of him looking like a perfect student, right? And it's interesting because the picture also catches the background at the right time and the color of the window shade, and it's very interesting. So to answer the question, what does the teacher think about this situation? If it's a cool teacher, I would say he's like that's quite interesting. I'm not happy that you're sleeping in my Claris, but that's very interesting way of doing things, you know. Please don't do it again. Or maybe a teacher would freak out and be like, Hey, get out of my class if you're gonna be sleeping, I don't know. X question. Why aren't the other students laughing? Um, well, it looks to me that the other students were quite focused on maybe the lecture. Maybe what the teacher is talking about, Or maybe they have been given a few minutes to study at the last moment before an exam. Maybe there's going to be a pop quiz or something like that. So the other students aren't really laughing because they're serious and focused. And if I look at the end of the video, there's a guy that sits right next to him right over there, and it looks like he kind of chuckles a little bit at the end. At the very end, he kind of goes, Let's see. So it's the guy sitting next to him in the gray shirt with the bag on his desk right there . You kind of kind of laughs a little bit, but it seems like the environment is one that, you know, you're not really gonna laugh out loud because you need to be respectful of the student and of the teacher and the other students. Okay, next question. Where did the student get the poster made? Okay, so once again, the poster is the big thing that he's holding. Maybe it has cardboard or some sort of hard backing. So the photo this doesn't, you know, full fall over if it's just a thin piece of paper. So they probably stuck the picture onto a poster posterboard, cardboard, something like that. And I imagine he got it done at any print and copy shop. That's what we call him. Um, what I remember at college and living in the U. S. We just call it a printing copies shop where you go and you have special things done. It's too big to print on a home printer, right? So you have to have it specially made in thes print and copy shops are they have all the huge machines and huge printers and the everything they need to blow it up and make it good . So I imagine he got it at a printing copy shop. Right? Next question. How much did it cost to make the poster? Well, been quite a while since I've been back in the U. S. And made one of these, but its oversized right. It's like a huge poster, and it's good quality. A good quality picture. I don't know. I mean, depending on the copy, the print and copy store. Maybe, like 20 bucks. $25? I don't know. Maybe more. Maybe less depends, but it's It's a very specific job, and it's going to take a lot of ink to print. Maybe, but I don't know. I'll say 20 bucks. Why not? Okay, next question. When did the teacher realize something was wrong? Good question. Well, at the beginning of the video, if we noticed that the other students are kind of focused on what's on their desk, right, What's in front of them? This one of the front is reading a book. I think there was a girl on the front. Let's see right here. She's looking down the lady behind this guy. They're looking down. However, his picture is still looking. He's looking up right, so maybe the teacher was like, Why is he still looking at me when everyone else has their head down studying? And that's probably when the teacher realized that something was wrong. So then he got up and walked over to investigate. Plus the students, He's frozen right? He's like, Is not moving. He's not blinking. He's not shaking. He's not anything. And so it was worth checking out right here. The is last question. Who are the other students going to tell about this? Well, I imagine in the class, especially if the teachers upset, they're probably going to be quiet. They probably won't say anything, but maybe maybe they're texting. Or maybe they'll take a picture. Or maybe they'll I don't know. Later, they'll tell their friends and family about what happened. The best and the quietest is just to put your phone on mute right kind of think it over your shoulder and take a picture of the kid because this is kind of unique. I would say this is very crafty. It's kind of intelligent, even though it's not accepted behaviour to sleep in class. This is a very unique solution to being to wanting to sleep in class and trying to not get the teacher to look at you. Right? So the teacher doesn't. I know that you're sleeping. Okay, So we talked about this video and we answered the who What, Where, When and how and why questions that we had before, okay? 3. Couch Dog: Okay, so let's take a look at this video and we'll describe it and we'll answer the questions that I asked before. Okay, so when I first see this video, it makes me smile. All right? We had a dog growing up that our dog wasn't this big, but we had a dog, and it's It's nice. I always enjoyed having a dog. Okay, so in this video, we see a guy who's lying down on the couch, fully stretched out, right? He has his head on a pillow or maybe the arm rest of the couch. And it looks like a very comfy Luffy. Comfortable couch, right? And he's lying down, stretched out on his back, and suddenly this huge dog jumps on top of him in kind of smothers him, right? If you say smother to smother, it means to cover completely. So whoever's underneath is like, Ah, they're covered completely. They're smothered and it might be difficult to breathe. Well, one reason is this dog is so big, right? And heavy, so the person might be like our but it seems like they have a pretty good relationship because, uh, the man seems quite happy. And the dog seems happy and they seem good, right? Okay, so the dog jumps on top of the man. Kind of smothers smothers him, but kind of cuddles down and lies still and then enjoys times with the man. Okay, so let's see. Let's answer the questions that I had asked before. The first question was, Whose dog is this? Well, I would say it's probably the man's dog. Or maybe it's the family's dog. I don't know. And let's see the next question. What kind of relationship do the man and dog have? I would say they have a great relationship. They seem very comfortable together. They enjoy each other. They have fun together. No one's uncomfortable, and no one's afraid right there enjoying their time together. See the next question? Where is the man lying? We could say the man is lying on the couch on the comfortable coach. When will the man get up? I imagine the man will get up after the dog gets off after the dog gets off the couch. Then the man will get up. This is a pretty big dogs, so it might be difficult for the man to get up. Stand up if the dog doesn't move first. All right. Next question. How much does the dog way? Mm, well, but 60 70 kilograms. Do you think in pounds? Maybe like 1 140 150 160? I don't know. It looks like the dog has a lot of for, but it's a little bit difficult to tell how thick the body is right. How much muscle, how much fat. But it's It's a big dog, all right. Last question was, why didn't the man get angry with the dog? Well, it kind of looks like in the beginning of the video. The man, he I think he taps his chest. And I think that was a signal or indication to the dog that the dog is welcome to jump on top of the man. And maybe it's something they do for fun. The guy seems pretty young, so I don't think he's going to be hurt by the dog. It's just it's It's a big dog, right? Okay, So I don't think the man got angry because he expected it. This is how he plays with the dog. This is how he has fun with the doc. Okay. All right. So this is a nice video. I like it. And I had a good time describing it. Okay? All right. 4. Exercise Guy: Okay, so let's talk about this video. And then we're going to answer the questions that I asked you before. Okay, so first I'm going to just describe what I see in this video. All right, so the location, the setting, the time and place, it's in a fitness club. It's in an exercise class, something like that. And most of the group, they're all moving together. Most of them are in sync. They're moving together. So if there are two people there like that, right, the opposite of in sync would be not in harmony, not in sync. So one person's like this. The other person's like whatever. But in this class, the majority of the students, the majority of the exercise class, is moving together. It looks like they're following the teacher who's up front, and he has black and white exercise clothing on and white tennis shoes. And they're doing, I think was called step ups. Something like that. And, uh, everybody else in the class. They have exercise clothing on, except for the guy in the gray shirt and blue blue jeans, right, And he has some sort of maybe cross trainers or boots on and he has a stepper just like everyone else. But he's not in sync with them. He's doing something, which is, we could say un choreographed, Which means unplanned. It wasn't There weren't specific things to do. You need to move this way first. And this. He just kind of does whatever puts his hands over his head like a ballerina. He twirls around and does everything. Okay, So, uh, while everybody else is focused in there exercising, he is kind of distracted and just doing his own thing. If someone is doing their own thing like this guy, they're not worried about what everybody is supposed to do. They just do what they want to do. All right? For the time of day. Wow, that's kind of difficult to say, because it's inside and we can't see outside. But I'm gonna guess I'm gonna guess like, five. PM six PM in the evening. Maybe after people have finished work. Or maybe it's early in the morning. Maybe like five AM six AM seven AM before people go to work or another option could be at lunchtime when people are taking a break from work and they come exercise. I don't know, but this guy, he just hopped in there, and he's working out with them. All right, So let's take a look and answer the questions that I had you answer before. All right, So here we go. Let's do the 1st 1 What happened to the man's exercise clothes? Well, if you ask me, I don't know if he ever had any. It looks like if you're a serious student, you're probably going to wear the clothing to exercise because exercise clothing is incredibly comfortable and it allows your body to breathe if you're sweating and stuff like that. All right. So what happened to the man that exercise clothes? Who knows if if he ever had exercise clothes, maybe he just was walking by and he's like, Ooh, that looks cool. And then he paid, and he went straight in and started exercising in his regular clothes. Ah, great short sleeve T shirt, blue jeans and kind of boots or cross trainers shoes. I'm not quite sure. Hiking boots, maybe. Hmm. All right, Next question. Why don't the students kicked the man out? Well, a couple possibilities. Here are many possibilities. If we use our imagination, maybe one Maybe this is his first class, and they're being extra kind because they usually like to welcome new classmates in a respectful way. Maybe maybe he is the owner of the exercise club. So if he's like the boss, he can pretty much do whatever he wants. You know, unless it has a negative effect on his business, then you know he probably would stop, but I don't know. He could be someone who just came in. It could be. Maybe he's one of the classmates. Maybe he's one of the students husband, and they're like, Oh, my goodness, I can't believe my husband came. He's going to exercise and do crazy things. Ah mm. So why don't they kick him out? Maybe they feel awkward. Maybe they don't want to disrespect, disrespectful. Or maybe they don't think his behavior is so bad that they need to do something. All right, Next question. How do the students feel about the crazy guy? Well, just by watching the video, it's difficult to tell because doesn't it doesn't appear that anybody is looking at him or reacting to his behavior right, and we don't know how long it's been going on, but Ah, as of right now, the students are just kind of doing what they regularly dio exercise and follow the teacher . Right? Kind of looks like the teacher might be talking. His mouth opens up a little bit, but ah, yeah. So I suppose you could say they feel ambivalent. They don't really care. It's not important to them what that guy's doing, at least for right now. All right, where is this fitness club located? Well, we have multiple possibilities. It could be its own building, like in a strip, mom. Or maybe it's its own big building by itself and has a parking lot around it. And the whole building is for fitness for, like, a gym membership. Uh, life fitness, I think, was when I remember back in the U. S. And people just go to that building to work out, right and do things related to exercise. It could be in a mall. Maybe this is a store or a location in a mall. And, uh, people go there and the exercise it could be like in a strip mall. A strip mall is just basically a whole bunch of stores that are lined up in there. They're side by side. They're kind of touching each other, But you can go directly from the outside and walk right in their front door. Usually in a mall. You have to go inside and then go inside the mall, the big, huge building, and then find each individual store. But if you go in a strip mall, then you could just go right to the front door and walk in. So there are different possibilities for this location. All right. When did the exercise class start? Well, it's hard to tell exactly, but if we look at the people and the guy doing the crazy stuff, we might have. Ah, an approximate time frame, because when you exercise like this and you keep doing it, you keep doing 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes. You're probably going to sweat. Or you could say perspire when your body produces extra water and it runs down your body right on your head and your hair everywhere. So this guy, if you look at the crazy guy, it looks like his shirt does not have any sweat stains, right? There's no like under his armpit. There's no like wet stains, sweat stains perspiration, and he looks like it's still pretty dry now. He could just be like a super fit guy, and he doesn't sweat much. But judging by his clothing and his lack of, I don't know, embracing the whole exercise environment and he's not sweating, I'm going to guess that the class has just started maybe two minutes, three minutes. Because for him to keep going like this and for everybody else to keep going like that, they're going to start sweating. And they're going to look tired, right? Because it's a lot of physical exercise, a lot of physical activity. All right, let's see who are the other students? Well, like we mentioned before, maybe one of them is his wife. Maybe it's one of them is his neighbor, and he was curious about what they do, and he followed them here and started to do it as well. I don't know. They could just be regular workers. They could be neighbors. They could be friends with each other. Ah, I don't know. There are lots of possibilities for who are the other students? I would say it seems like the guy in the front is probably the teacher, so we could say he's the fitness instructor, is the person that is giving exercise lesson and leading the class. We can say he's leading the class because he what he does, everybody else follows right and they pay. They pay because he knows what he's doing. He probably has good rhythm with the music. He does good exercise moves to boost up their body and give them a great workout. Okay, we talked about this video and we answered the questions interesting. 5. Computer Attack: Okay, so let's talk about this nice video. All right? So I asked some questions questions before we did the W's. Now this go through and I'll give you my answers to the questions. Okay, So the first question was, why did the man become so enraged? Well, we don't really know from the video, but we can kind of guess, because he starts smashing the keyboard with his fist. So something probably happened on the computer. Maybe he just lost all of his files. Or he received some really bad information. And he he's like, I'm going to take it out on the computer. I'm going to get revenge on the computer monitor. So something happened that pissed him off and he became enraged. We don't know exactly, but we can kind of guess. All right. Okay. Let's see. The next question was, how much will it cost to fix the computer monitor? Well, this computer monitor is quite old harmony. I mean, they probably won't even buy one like this any more. They would buy a flat screen, right? So if his boss saw this, his boss or the gender, the office manager, or whoever is in charge of buying the equipment would probably say, You have to give enough money to buy a new ah, flat screen, right? So maybe a couple $100 depending on the quality and stuff like that. Next question. Who might have heard the noise? Maybe the question is, Who didn't hear the noise? So he's in a cubicle and next to him, there's a cubicle over here. There's a cubicle we can see ahead right here. So I'm sure someone heard the noise of a key keyboard being smashed against the screen of the computer monitor. Plus, the guys probably like, Oh, you're still Overgaard. I can't believe it happened, so he's probably being loud as well, but he's kind of attracting attention. So who might have heard? Probably his co workers may be the supervisor if there are customers coming in. They probably heard it, too. Anybody who is in this area, right next question, what will his co workers say about the situation? Well, at first they might just be kind of shocked and be quiet because they're waiting to see, you know, what is he going to do next, right? Maybe they'll say, Hey, relax. You know it's not worth it. I'm sure there's a problem. But you don't want to destroy the company property because it is going to make a bigger problem. I don't know. Maybe they'll try to calm him down. Maybe they'll try to I don't know, but I guarantee the employees later when he's not there, they're probably gossip and talk about Did you hear what happened at work? Oh, I can't believe it. He went crazy. Okay, next question. When will his boss find out what he did? Well, depending where his boss is. If his bosses out of the office, you'll probably find out about it later. If his boss has an office which is nearby, you probably find out about it almost immediately. So yeah, this kind of depends. Where is the boss? Also, Maybe a supervisor or another employee might call the boss and say, Hey, we've got a crazy guy here. I don't feel safe. Okay, Last question. Where will he work? If he's fired for this incident, I don't know. We could use our imagination. Right? I see. Maybe he'll go find another desk job like this. We're working, uh, some company using the computer. I don't know. I would guess that if he gets fired for this, he probably is going to look for a similar job that takes similar skills and similar qualifications. All right. Okay. So we talked about this video and we answered the questions that I had posted earlier. All right, Wonderful.