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7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Nutrition and Different Types of Tofu

    • 3. Drying Tofu

    • 4. Tofu & Carrot Nugget

    • 5. Crustless Tofu Quiche

    • 6. Tofu Steak With Mushroom Stir Fry

    • 7. Thank You


About This Class

Do you want to eat healthy tonight but tired of cooking the same thing over and over?

In this class you will learn 3 different vegan tofu dinner ideas. l know, many people hear the words "tofu for dinner" and think "boring", "tasteless" or "too light". However, I will show you tasty tofu dishes that leave you satisfied and also feeling healthy.

Tofu is made of soy beans and is well known as a good source of protein. Here in Japan, we love tofu as it goes well with almost anything including vegetables, fish, seafood, cheese...and so on.The 3 ideas I'll present in this class are vegan but I'm sure that everybody can enjoy the taste.

So let's get started!