Let's Practise Chinese Calligraphy - Clerical Script | Jessey Cheng | Skillshare

Let's Practise Chinese Calligraphy - Clerical Script

Jessey Cheng, Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Ideas

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9 Videos (1h 47m)
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About This Class

In this class, we will be practising Clerical Script together.  If you are interested in taking this class, you may need to know the basic information about this script, either you have joined class outside or enrolled in my Clerical Script 101 class.  

This class would be updating weekly.  Each week, I will show you 16 words from the model calligraphy copybook.  You can follow my pace, practise new words every week; or you can keep your own pace to do the practising.  

It is aimed to improve your Chinese Calligraphy writing skill.  If you have any questions during the practice, please feel free to leave a message on the community board, and other students could also benefit from it.

Enjoy writing Chinese Calligraphy :)





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Jessey Cheng

Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Ideas

Hi, I am Jessey from Hong Kong.  I love creative things from crafting, graphic design to copywriting, and marketing.  And trying a lot new different things is the favourite part of my life.  When I started to learn Chinese Calligraphy, it is love at every sight, learning to be patient, feeling the tranquility, connecting to the ancient culture.

Sharing Chinese Calligraphy is my little wish to help preserving Traditional Chinese and spread it o...

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