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14 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Your Class Project

    • 3. Supply List

    • 4. Cutting out the Bunny

    • 5. Strengthening the Cardboard

    • 6. Beginning to Paint

    • 7. Painting The Bunny

    • 8. Drawing the Face

    • 9. Painting the Face and Adding Details

    • 10. The Bodice

    • 11. Adding the Dress

    • 12. The Finishing Touches

    • 13. Adding the Hanger

    • 14. Thank you

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to make an Easter Bunny. We will begin with cardboard, old book paper, and tissue paper, making a fabulous bunny canvas to play on. We will then add layers of paint, pastels and colored pencils bringing our bunny to life. To finish off we will use tulle and scraps of ribbon and paper flowers. Isn't she cute? Of course, you can use whatever fabric you choose! Make a boy Easter bunny if you like.  Be creative and have fun! I look forward to seeing you in class. 


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Suzette Hussey

Artist, Skillshare Teacher


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1. Welcome: e arts and Crafts over 15 years ago when my Children were young, they have moved on. But I haven't I love to make Hello, I am on. Welcome to Let's make. In this course I will show you how to think this adorable Easter, but we'll begin with cardboard on a few basic art supplies. Working in layers, you at detail with a critic pain pastels, colored pencils on. Marcus. As we begin to embellish on my adorable Easter bunny comes to life. Each one make will be different but unique. Yours? This course was good for all levels. All ages should give it a try. It is also a great upside in project. Using up cardboard scraps of fabric on bourbon. I look forward to seeing you on all your Easter bunnies in class. 2. Your Class Project: for your class project. You are to make your own Easter Bunny. I would love if beach on every one of you uploaded pictures of your Easter bodies to share with the class. It can be at any stage skittish. Er has a great community on often. We don't take advantage of this. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have along the way and give you feedback on your projects. I think Ford to seeing all your adorable 3. Supply List: I am quickly going to go over the supply list for you. Of all the items you'll need in this course, you don't have to have these specific items. What you can do is substitute where necessary. So the first thing you're gonna need is your template. Ah, your template you can download in the resource is section. It's 8.5 by 11 which is standard letter size. So you can go ahead and print this out. Of course. You're welcome to draw your own bunny rabbit if you'd like. You're also going to need a piece of cardboard. That's what you're going to trace the template onto. You leave masking tape to hold it in place. We're gonna use good old traditional carbon paper to transfer the image to the cardboard. You can use graphite paper as well that you get in the art store on. Um, you're gonna need tape. As I said, toe, hold it in place. It's just a good idea. So it doesn't shift our own while it's drawings. What, while you're drawing rather, the next thing we will be used in will be able faithful. This is just out of an old book. You can also use ah, scrapbook paper or any other scrap faithful you have around the house. It basically is still keep to help make the cardboard stronger when we're because we're using cardboard as our substrate for this particular project. So we're gonna coat it with some book, paper or scrapbook PayPal, take to give it a stronger feeling. Also, we can keep some of the text. Um, while we're doing our work, the other thing we're gonna uses tissue PayPal. This is just add texture. If you look at our bunny right here, you can see all of that lovely texture that's given are the tissue paper allows for that texture. We also need tissue paper. Just a little bit of pattern to show people. I mean, a really small bit. It literally is for the bodies of the dress. Right hair. So any pattern tissue paper you may have or Scrabble papers Fine as well. Or a napkin could be used. A nice, pretty napkin to stick that all down. We are going to be used in mod podge, our matt medium or gel medium, which everyone you have. One thing, though, is just make sure that it's the mat version. A mat version is a lot easier to work on them. The glossy version, the glossy version. A lot of, um, crayons. Marcas Everything slips right off it. Where's the map? Version? Has more tooth, so it's easier for us to work on the mat version, the pain that will be used in. Of course, you can use whatever brand you want, but basically, these are the colors I'm using. The P P o browned on deco paint. On this is Rose Portrait, which is like a nice zaka pinkish page color on. We need White on. This is a martyr. Martha Stewart sat in acrylic in beach glass. Those air, this re colors I'll be using You can, of course, use whatever colors you like. You can do agree bunny, if you like. You have to do this color. You can do a pink bunny, but these are the colors I used. These are Krilic markers. There are optional. You can use your paintbrush on, um, acrylic paint if you like. For this, I just use them to do the eyes on the nose. It's sometimes it's just easier to use because it's just like a Marcos. They have more control, but it actually is acrylic paint. But as I said, you don't have to go to buy these. You can just use a fine paintbrush on, um, your regular acrylic paint. But I also used colored pencils, these air personal color. But Correa was fine. Sergeant artist. Fine. You don't need to buy professional artist grade. I only used two colors. I use the gray, and I used the brown. Most people usually have colored pencils on handle, But as I said, if you're gonna buy them, you don't need to buy any artist. Brand, a regular Children's brand is actually very good for this project. Now I'd like to talk about the pastels. Um, you can get pastels and very informed on the main thing here is remember, you need chalk pastels and not oil pastels. This is old set I've had for years, as you can tell from the tin, but it's still going strong. They do have these types of pastels, maybe not the same brand. They're still available on Amazon, for sure. On it is a nice, shimmery Pasto. It comes with this, a little holder on when these finish, you could just use balls of cotton on their really easy to use. Um, you just depicted in on Rob Onda. It just slicing light on. It's very it gives it a slight shimmer, but it's very soft. It's great to use for projects like this. I tend to use these a lot in my sculptures as well, because they are great for I shadow and for cheeks, which is precisely what I used them. Four hair for the eye shadow when the cheeks and I even went over the bunny ears with these , um, another type of pastoral. This great is patent testicles. These tend to be more expensive. There are just great, but they're very, very pigmented, and they go on very smooth. These are great for skin tone Onda. We also have this type of festival, which is probably more. What you see is in its next chief of pastel in the store on the common sticks. But that's fine. They're just a soft. I use the white want, see how easy that is to come off. It's very powdery, and I just use the white want to give highlights here and there. If you don't have pastels. We can use acrylic being to substitute, but the pastels are really, really good for given that nice, soft, muted type of feel, like in the cheeks. And I shudder right here. I also used a glitter paint. This is folk art. A terrific ah, it's a great pain to just add sparkle. I'm not sure if you couldn't see the sparkle. Let me try. There we go. All the sparkle on the dress was from this blue terrific paint. Any glitter paint is fine. Or if you don't have to defeat, you can just when, um, your paint is wet or even your mod podge when you stick it down. You can just Sprinkle some glitter on the dress if you want a nice literary effect. Another thing I used, it was a charcoal pencil. You don't have a charcoal pencil? Um, soft, dark pencil is fine. What I use this for is outlining all of these little shaded areas, so it's great for outlining and, you know, allowing things to kind of pop off the image. It really gives it more dimension. So a charcoal pencil or ah, soft dark pencil like a six B or eight b. Either of those would be fine. I also used um, a black pen when I was finishes is a permanent marker. Like a sharpie would be fine. And I just use this toe, Adam that dark lying to the eyes on also, um, the mouth and those little dots, right? They're movin on to the dress I used to cool. This is six inch tool that comes in a rule. I used five feet of it. Teoh, make this nice little puff. I used this decorative lace ribbon, which is right under here on this was the trim that I used. So you'll need all of these. They're all in the pdf that you can download. Um, you only need. They need five feet of this. You need six inches of this. And you lied about what? And 1/2 feet of the lace in order. Just enough to cover it. And just full behind. You will also need some ribbon here. And this revenge is for that little both. You also need some decorative ribbon just out a boat to the bunny's ears. I use this particular Juan and then I use this court in right hair. for the little hook at the back, the hang my bunny rabbit when I was finished. So to stick that all on, we, of course, will need our trusted glue gun on the other tools. Of course, you need would be your scissors glue sticks to go, that glue gun on assortment of paint brushes. A palette knife is great for applying the glitter paint on. Spread it owt and also a pencil. We went through the markers already and the charcoal pencil, and that about covers your tools. Of course, you need a glass of water. Couple bought a handy toe. Clean your paintbrushes on. Let me just mention that I have one old brush hair one brush is dedicated to using with the mod Parche. You really don't want to use your good brushes with the mod podge because it does tend to stick in the base. So I use just have old brush dedicated to the mod podge. That's a great idea. Another tool that I'd like to mention is the craft Matt on our exact deny for craft night. You're gonna need this or very strong scissors could actually work to cut out the cardboard template all of these items are listed on the pdf in the resource is section. Just go there and look for supply list on I will put links were possible for the items that I use But as I said before, you do not need to go out and buy all of these things. Use what you have, substitute what you have. Just be creative and have fun. 4. Cutting out the Bunny: in this lesson, we're gonna transfer the funny from the template onto the cardboard. So go ahead and print out your template on ledger sized paper. That's 8.5 by 11 inches on. Just used a little piece of masking tape to just stick it through the boards toe. Hold it in, sleep straight hair and then grab your carbon people or your graphite people and place it underneath. Of course, with the transfer side, don't now use some masking tape suggests Secure your drawing onto the cardboard, your template rather onto the cardboard so it doesn't shift our own while you're tracing it . The next step is just to trace over the template like this, just like you would do when you true something. As a child, you don't need toe trace those, um, inner pieces. I just put those in there as a guide for you. So when you are drawing your bunny's face, you haven't idea of where to place everything. So we really just need the outline of the out apart traced onto the cardboard. So that's what we're going to cut out right now. It doesn't matter if it's not perfectly straight like there, for instance, it really just is a guide. Frosted cuts out, and then you can take off our team and just lift it up. See, it's really transferred there. Let's move the carbon. But that's a side you call for tempting since, but that's a side you can keep your temporary for later on, when you're ready to add the details to see as a reference for your face and ears and stuff if you like. All right, so the next thing you'll need is your cup in months on your craft knife. So go ahead and cut out. You time, please. If you have a very big, strong pair of scissors, you can also use those. Sometimes for me, it is easier to use scissors. But unless they're very strong, it's kind of hard cut through the cardboard, and it really does hurt your hands. I did, however, get a purses is recently that cuts through cardboard nicely. I will show it to you. Let me just grab it. I got these from tonic studios, and they're quite Bigas you can see and they're easy on the hands because they have a spring, so it easily just snips right through the cardboard. So if you would like Teoh use something like that, that's quite fine. Also, when you finish cutting out your bunny, don't throw away the cardboard. Just yes, because we do want some bits. Just a that we cut out on support the years There we go. So, as I said, you could actually clean up any edges you like, But I'm not too bothered because we're gonna cover this with PayPal. So let's put away aircraft that's under cross knife now, Onda, don't throw these away just yet. We will use two strips, actually, So we could just go ahead and see how easy these cut through card for maybe just like that and that you don't want them to think because we're gonna put them behind it. Years as extras of court. Because when we start at in everything and it gets what they tend to bend just a little bit . So I'm gonna go ahead and put rid of the rest of this cardboard and we can start covering our bunny 5. Strengthening the Cardboard: my friend. This lesson. We're going to cover our bunny rabbit, our template here that we could open with our book paper. So we're just gonna grab our book people on. We will also need our mod podge format. Medium or gel medium. We're just gonna grab that. Also, I usually just use a little spoon to put seven little container and then just grab a few bits and we'll have them in various sizes. And we are going t o go ahead and cover the entire Ah, complete with, um, book paper you can use, um, newspaper. That's what you have. You couldn't use scrapbook paper, old gift, wrapping paper. We're basically strengthen in the cardboard. Similar to what? You doing a paper machine project. We're gonna go ahead and flip it over and fold all of those under. Once we have the area covered. This is true forward. So I'm gonna go ahead and speed up this bit because you don't need to see me sticking on loads of paper. Oh, show you again. When we're ready. Toe. Flip it around and I can show you how I secure the edges. Okay. Great home before we flip it over and do the other side. I would just like to point out that at this stage it's great to go over the entire surface with another coat of mod far just to make sure all of that paper's sealed and then we can dry it, whether you let it dry or with a heat gun it doesn't really matter. On were flipping over on do the other side. All right, so I'm just gonna dry this to the touch with my heat gun says you can see her. This is what I was talking about with the ears getting a bit wobbly. So what we're gonna do when we finish covering with papers that will just sit here behind the heirs with off those strips of cardboard? We'll do that before we add the tissue paper. This isn't very dry, but it's OK. I'll continue, so I should ensure you want to do quickly. So flip it over, and as before, we're gonna cover the back. So we just use our fingers on just bring up each one of those little bits. You might have to tear them like that and fold them, person them down on gluing them securely. We're going to do that all the way around. I have to tear off some, and then what we'll do is the areas that aren't covered. We'll just go over those areas with more of the papal. You might have to tear bits right from different spots. As I said, especially the curves, because you want to maintain those curbs and then you just fill in those areas little bits of paper. You gonna continue this all the way? Our owned until everything is called blood and then we'll move on to the next step. I'm gonna go ahead and just finish us and I'll be right back. Okay? Now it is fully covered. Ah, we're just gonna add the's to bits of cardboard behind airs right here. Because, as you can see, one wouldn't fluffy a bit. So just use your mod podge is fine when you already have it out and just glue those in place about halfway down. And then the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna add the tissue Now, the tissue were only at into the head area and upper body thief. His down hair is gonna be covered by the trust We're just gonna grab more that mod, Kaj, and just coverage ahead and just add your tissue. We wanted crinkle, so we're put it on very rough and go over it with your mod podge. Let me just grab a bit more. Come on pods and continue. So what we're doing here is just add in some text Joe to the piece. I like texture. I think it adds car, Phil Interest, visual interest. As you can see, I'm not really being fussy about where I add it. - I'm gonna go ahead and flip it over and secure areas at the back. And at this point, I'm going to go over those pieces of cardboard with the tissue that will help secure them in places. Well, - when this is fully covered, we're gonna leave it to drive for a bit. We wanted to be fully dry before we continue, because we're going to be adding paint and just so and all sorts of things. So it's best if you just give it a few hours to make sure that it thoroughly dry. That way it will be stronger as well as you won't interfere with the surface with all your paints and stuff, so I'm not too bothered about how the back looks. If you are, you can go ahead and maybe give it a quote. Black, Jess. Oh, or just just so And leave it. I won't be doing that because I'm hanging it on the wall. But you can, of course, do that. If you let once again once you finished cover and at just go ahead and go over with mod podge, just a secure everything, then I will flip it back over. Now, Andi, through the same on this side, you can have more texture, if you like to the the fringing as much as you like. I mean, it's up to you at another piece right here. I'm not too bothered about going all the way down because I'm gonna be put in least there, So that is fine. How it is. You just get this little bit right here, and I think I'm finished. So I'm gonna set this aside to dry, and then we will continue with our money project 6. Beginning to Paint : in this lesson, We're going toe. Add the foundation coat of paint to the bunny. Um, I have already taken out some of my paints with my palate notes because I don't want to get them mixed up. So I will begin by just adding a little bit of the roast portrait to some of the white, and that is gonna be my base coat. So grab your paintbrush and just add a little bit to the white. Sees a very nice pink. When you do that, do it, or if you use all of the colleague can always go back and add more. And they were just going to give it a nice base coat of that color. We don't want it to pink on us. Of course you want to pink money. That's why I had the white What you can do at this point if you are trying toe retain some of the printed um, eras is the score light and those errors with the paint? I didn't bother use the Jessel because, um being it was sealed already with the Mont podge. Basically, what Jessica does is that it prevents the pain from being absorbed into the paper 40 substrate on. I had already used mod parch so I wasn't too bothered. Say actually didn't use any Jessel on this before I started That being said, if you prefer to use just so first, go right ahead. But I will be doing several layers of paint. Anyway, this is just the the first layer because I will go in and do some shading and stuff. Once this is dry, we can also use the Jessa, um, to coat the back of the the money. So, um, it doesn't look like this if it bothers you, doesn't really Masa. I mean, it's gonna be hung on a wall or something, but I know some people like to keep things uniform, so that's also a good use of the jets. So in this situation for it, just something like black paint looks also great for that are white paint. So I'm gonna let that dry so I can going to do those sites properly because I want the sides to be incorporated, but it's coming off in my hands, my hands already stained from another project I was working on. All right, that's a good first cup. So I'm gonna let this dry, and then I will start with more shaded and stuff 7. Painting The Bunny: right now, that's dry. We're going to do the edges. What we're doing, really is just adding darker area around the edges. Um, just to give it some kind of dimension. So I'm gonna use this. Were just a little bit of work, and I am gonna go around the edges. I will come back in and shade and just a bit by the ears. - All right, so we have all of those edges done. So what we're gonna do is just we're in here and just blend in those edges with the middle . It's a lot of back and forth, but that's fine. Until you get the look you want, see how much. And I said that here is now rather than just flat, we just go right ahead, and we're going to do that all the way around. S keep in mind the areas that you're working on, like the ears. You know, this is a side of a face right here. Doesn't have to be to light because the truth is the the ears are right there. So there would be a little shadow in the face area. You can add more white too. But the key is just to keep blending because you don't want it to look Teoh like it's too divided. Any time you add a like to color, you just kind of, you know, or a darker color. You've just blend the edges. So I'm gonna go ahead and at that there to show you. And then we just some worked, and when that nicely, my weight looks like it looks more uniform. It's a part of it and that it's not just stuck out there by itself. On the beauty of working with acrylic paint is that if you mess up, it's no big deal. Just go right back over it again, and it should be fine. So as you can see, I'm just adding more white now to those areas. A little bubble right there. I'll stick that down in a minute. I'll show you how we can fix that little bubble where the tissue didn't sit down. I think tissue. I was using a little sheen to it. So um, definitely didn't sit down as well as I'd have liked it to, but it can be fixed. It's not a big deal. I'll show you how to fix that right Now, let me just get my craft night. So what you can do if this happens, is just give it a little slip through right there and then we just get some of that model college and just kind of get it under there. You can go ahead and just cover down like that. Of course you'll have to go over that area with a little paint, and you'll never knew that happened. Once it's dry, there we go. So we've, um, pretty much done all of our paint and, like, you know, the background painted? No. So I'm gonna let this dry, and then we can add our details. 8. Drawing the Face: Mattis fully dry, you're gonna want to grab your template again so we could just add the face. Weeks. Trish is a pencil. Um, the years was straightforward. Forest me. Just go ahead under all those in and then the face. Now, just take a look at this. The eyes we're probably, like, halfway down the face. So the bottom of the I lies halfway down the face, so you can just keep that in mind When, um, already drawing your your eyes, I find it easier if you've put in the nose first, which would be the eyes air here. The nose would probably be a run here. I remember the center line also, so you can go ahead and just sketching a nose lightly will adjust these as we need to. And you can also go ahead right here and just switch in the chin. Just say you have an idea where to the place things. So the eyes probably be about hairs on. They are just above the each corner of the nose. If we add them like that, it just makes it easier. Get in everything line. You can do the eyes as big. Aziz, you want or small is you want It's up to you. - You can see it Start take shape once you e I add these details sometimes if you just hold it up When looking at it at a distance, it gives you a good idea If everything is in the right spot of its strange if it's crooked . This I is a bit her kids. So I went ahead and straighten that this one needs to come down a bit more hair Did. My eyebrows would go here on here, and you can determine right now. If you want him to look straight ahead, then you do your I like that. If you want him to look to one side, then you could do your I like that because they see this eyes in the center. This arm right in is in the center. I'm sorry, is looking straight ahead, but this one is looking off to the side because we placed the eye right there. So it just depends where you want. Um, your I I'm going to stick to the center like I did with this one here. And as you can see, it's now started in tow. Come to life, and each one you do well to will never be the same. That's just how it is when I do it. Anyway, you've been using a race of the series. Doesn't go to undress robot any lines that you don't want. And then we could grab our pains, and we can go ahead and start to pay. This, um, we're gonna need are white and are black. I'm going to use the Posca marker for the black, but I'm gonna do the white first and then fill in black hair is Alaska. Marco. I'm gonna use my colored pencils, and then I will use my trump Estelle's to finish off the face. Uh, let me just drawing right here also. V and I have my pencil. Ope, this is gonna be the dress. Here we go. This line is just really for I'm gonna put the belt. Great. All right, So now that's fully drawn in. I am going to grab my pains and fill in these areas. Let them dry, and then we'll move on to our colored pencils. 9. Painting the Face and Adding Details: okay, I have my white paint. I'm not going to bother put it on a pallet cause I'm only using white, so I'll just use from the lid. And I'm just using a tiny amount so it won't dry out or anything. So I'm just gonna fill in the white. I'm not worried about the pencil lines right now because we will be outlining the eyes with charcoal when we're finished. So when you use, um, swallow Russia's like this, it's a good idea not to leave them standing in the water because the tips will bend. And I mean, they're detailed brushes, So you wanna take care of them? I'm just going to give that a quick, dry I I'm gonna use ah acrylic marco to fill in the eyes. But, um, you don't need Teoh. You can use your paints if you like. I just happen to have a black phone, so give it a shake and, um, to get them going, you just pushed them Dr Tips down and it starts flowing. Some of them work better than others. Paska is a popular brand. Okay, this one is called painters. The Posco does work better in my opinion, But this is what I have for the black right now. So who doesn't work? I'll just grab some black paint. It's flowing better now, so let's just get that colored in. I may just actually check if another one. I'm sorry. Cold. Okay. I found another one. It's a posco on and says you can see it work so much better bus goes a brand name. You can get them on Dick Blick, Amazon. And I'm sure your local crafts store or whatever story use online. We'll also carry them. It basically is. Is acrylic paint in a marker form? I just with pain, Just as when you use pain, you have to be careful not to smart what you did before. So that's why I'm turning it around. So it's just that much easier to control. Then the more than the on paintbrush. Here we go. You can go back in and areas right there needs a little bit more. You might need to do more why we can use a white, um possible Marco. Also, if you want to just go over the white with the so let me just try that quickly. I probably will just go over the white of it. Great. All right, well, that's drying. I'm gonna grab my colored pencils. I am using the grave brown. I'm going to use a dark grown on the great. Here we go. On these I am going to use to just color and areas like this is a middle of the ear. I'm also going to go over this with some chalk pastels, but just tip again. Let me just get a good layer down with this. I love, um, mixed media, because you just get to you so many different things. There are no rules. Just do as you please and use what you want, how you want it. And then I am going to just use the throne. Just go over the mouth area for now and that I froze. Okay, great. I think we're finished with those colored pencils. For now on, what I am going to do next is to get my chalk pastels out. All right, this is one set. I went over all of them in the beginning. In the supplies. These are the the stick, Juan Cesar. The ones you've most likely see in an art store. these aren't any. They're not expensive or anything like that. Pan pastels, as I said before, tend to be more pricey, but they do have some lovely colors and these you can get on Amazon for in your local craft store. So I'm gonna begin by, given Cem shadow or shadow around the edges. So I'm gonna use the yellow for that, and I'm just going to go around the edges. As you can see, a little goes a long way. That's why I've had this set for literally over 10 years. And I do use up. I use it a lot in my sculptures. I like to make art dolls, and I find that it's great for details like my shadow and cheeks for under the eyes you want toe, make them look, you know, shaded and mysterious. Did you concede? Am as you start to shade and add stuff, it really does begin to come to life. It's not as flat anymore. Um, remember, under this, the head is actually the chin area. So we want to make that also shaded some of the pencil right there, um, seem to have smudged. But that's OK. We'll fix that. with some pastels also. All right, now that area is done, I'm gonna give him some eye shadow or her brother. Um, well, depends. If you want a boy or girl, that's up to you. I'm gonna use a nice blue and just lightly with this area. Yeah, lovely. I should. Great, that's fantastic. And next, we're going to go ahead and add some other shaded, Actually, with that blue, let me just go ahead and get some of this dark color. This is dark, greyish blue and just fill in the ears some so it looks ward dark in the middle. All right, there we go. And then I am going to used to move my pant pastels because I like that color. This is a great little tool that comes with this kid where it just groups little balls of partner. Little pom poms actually would work nicely for this on. What I'm gonna do is just going in areas like there that just need more. But it there just you can also use the pastels to highlight which I will do in a minute with the white. Just show you you can also use them to shade So, um, as I said, the white Now we can just go ahead and add some white to this area Can fly directly, were about the nose. We can go in and clean that up in a bit on. Um, if you want to highlight any areas like here, the forehead, maybe that's what the White is good for. So I think he's looking pretty good. I just soften that a bit more of my finger. And of course, if you make a mistake, what wipe would definitely help to get some of it off? I think this looks pretty good. Now we can go ahead and, um, had some cheeks, rosy cheeks right here. Don't use your hands to brush off any excess because it will smudge. Just give it a gentle blow, and that should be good enough. All right, so that's our Easter Bunny coming along nicely. The next thing we're going to do is we are going to have to spray this with a glass barn ish because, um, actually, before we do that, let's just do some charcoal outlining, and then we'll spray it with lost varnish. Um, the reason I'm spraying it well, I want to gloss varnish. You can use Matt Satyan, whichever you like. I'm the reason why I'm spraying. It is because the pastels will need to be set as well as the charcoal. So I'm gonna grab my charcoal pencil here, and I'm going to go ahead and outline my eyes. Use under the chin. And although Iran you Yes, a light robe over is good. You don't want it to too dark. It will get dark very fast with their charcoal. You'd be surprised how fast, Actually. All right, so we're gonna, um, spray all of that with the gloss varnish and just of it or your fixative. Um, you can also use the aerosol hairspray that will fix the charcoal and, uh, the pastels. Also, if the line looks a bit too harsh like it does in the airs, and you don't want to use your finger cause you don't want a big smudge. You could just get a paintbrush. Fat Pam brushes. Great. And just go ahead and just soften the edges of it. 10. The Bodice: before we go on and spray with our varnish on. The last thing I want to add is my tissue just need a very small bit. And this is for the bodies threat. Here. You're gonna need your map medium or your mod part, which ever one you are using. Make sure your brushes drag. You don't want to dilute it and go ahead and just painted in that area and your tissue. It doesn't matter how far you go with it. Um, remember, what's thunder we aren't really gonna care about? I mean, what's below it, because we'll be out in the lace and stuff down there with the dress. So I'm not too bothered about down there. All right, here we go. So let's just get that all sealed on. You mean another coat on top? And then we will set that aside to dry. You can either tear this off or you can just go ahead it at it. It doesn't really matter, because it's not gonna show, so we'll let this dry. There we go. Set this aside to dry. Are you can drive with your heat gun. That's up to you. We will outline this is well, which is why I wanted to just act to do this step quickly before we sprayed it. Because I wanted to make sure that we outline this. Spread it with charcoal. Also. Alright, right. So I had an ad back your shadow lines and soften them with your finger or that brush, and then let me just put in the neck line. Then we can go ahead and, um, spray it. It's actually a bit damp right there. Still, So I'm gonna wait a bit before spring mine. It's great with the glass varnish format. Whatever born issue, like before we move on. All right. I've gone ahead and sealed the charcoal and pastels. Would some varnish? Um, I couldn't do that on camera, because one it needs to be done outside. And two, it would also miss at my lens. So you go ahead and do that. Um, it just prevents everything from smudging. It doesn't mean we're finished it. You can always add stuff on top of it. All right, So the next step for is just to add some color to this little dress hair. I just need a very little bit of color. So I'm not too bothered. I'm just gonna add it right on top here. Normally, I wouldn't add stuff on top of a gloss of our nation, but I'm not worried about it spreading thinly or not, It's acrylic. So it will definitely, um, it will stay. I'm not worried about how it will behave is probably the right word, because, um, not doing it very thick. I'm not doing it perfectly. I'm actually gonna wipe some of that right back off now and then drying it before I continue. So what happens when you use, um, stuff on top of a gloss? Varnish versus a mat is that it tends to slide off very easily. The grip isn't there, like with the mat, so it's not advisable. But in this particular case, it's fine. So it's just to give just a hint of color there. As you can see, it's just literally a hint. It's not very strong, very loud. Um, so I'm just going to drive that quickly. I think I'm gonna turn down these lights because of the gloss. Um, it's no very hard. See, I'm gonna search off that one. There we go. That way the glare isn't too harsh. Ah, this dries very quickly with the heat going cause it's just a thin layer. Next thing we're gonna do is add our glitter paint. If you don't have glitter paint, you can just use dealing glitter. It's not a big deal, so I'm just going to scoop out some This is nice, but it is very iridescent and the colors and this one happened to be, um, more pesto. So it kind of goes in with the Easter theme and was gonna apply. Remove that to these areas just down the bodies. I'm not bothered about down there. It's okay if it gets down there, you don't have to wipe it off, but because we're gonna be put in the lace down there and the tool and bothered at all Great. I think that's covered enough so we can know. Um, just leave this to dry, or I'm just gonna write with the heat gun. Just seal it so I could touch it because I want to continue with my project. I'm impatient. All right. So before I start drying that, I'm just gonna put on my you gun to start warming up because we will need that for the next section. So why would your gun warms up? Let's just drive this part right here, and then we will move on. We're gonna be at in the skirt. It doesn't have to be the length. Oh, it doesn't have to finish. There doesn't have to be that length because that you're hanging it up. So whatever length it is, I wouldn't. If you're using a six inch tool like I am, I wouldn't bother to trim it. 11. Adding the Dress: Okay, So the next step is we have our our lays hair, and what we're gonna do is just measure. You think I said we needed about two feet, which is still correct. Um, because you even though, like this exact about five inches, you wanted Teoh go under hair, so it's not sticking out of the site. So when you're cutting it, leave it with a little bit of overhang. Make that. Yeah. And, um, just cut it in half, right? So heat up the heat gun and let's get crackin here. No, this it's dry enough was drafted some. So it's OK. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna work out where it's gonna go because I want them overlapping. But I also wanted to took in under here. We're gonna have to trim this one hair because of the arms, but that's fine. So go ahead and stick it on first will trim it after when it's in place. Go ahead and add that we carefully don't burn yourself like I always do. And, um, Signet down there. What you can do is just go in there like that and carefully just snipped down. Faras you need to for it to fold under. It needs to go down a bit further. So we just need that to go under like that so you can possibly just trim off that little bit or move it up the way I'm just gonna stick it there. And then I'm just gonna stick that there its name. Here, Do that in place. Let me just make sure I have this bit. I mean, it's so stubborn. We're going to go that in place also. It's not perfect, Remember? It's fine. We're covering up. This is just the under layer for the skirt. And then we can go ahead on at our second layer on top of it right here, which is Thank you might pull that down a bit further. And then once again, we have Teoh. I have it here. I prefer to full it under so the edges don't look afraid. It just looks a lot neater that way. All right. Great. Oh, okay. So and now we have our lace in place. We're gonna work on the skirt, have a scotch. I used a six inch wet tool. When I say six inches. Six inches. That way and I use I do believe it's five feet of it, so I'm just gonna eyeball it. Can't be bothered to measure. So that swan to e four I want or makes it okay, great. And I'm going to keep this exactly how I had it. We're gonna full it and have Can't get the whole thing on camera. So just after bear with me, full it in half, and then I'm gonna full it in half again and then one more time, full it it in half, watch, keep trying to keep it straight in together. I'm gonna full it in half again. You can probably start seeing it now. Okay, so it's half and then half, and then so we end up with this. It's a lot wider, but that's okay, because, you know, we're going to ruffle it. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put it about in the middle, the bunny rabbit right in the middle. So to make sure all our pieces air together and then what we're gonna do is just add a little bit of glue right in the center there. Then we're just gonna place this with the bunny in the middle. I just press it down and give that just a minute to set, so it holds it in place. It will make it a lot easier when you're doing your little ruffle because we're just using glue here were not so in. So just give that one minute. All right, here we go. So the next thing we're going to do is that we're just going to begin to ruffle it. So what we'll do is at Mar glue and kind of just fold it, who is actually very yellow. I didn't realize that, but that's OK, cause we're gonna cover it. It actually helps for you to see it. Anyway, we're just gonna keep doing that until we're fully in. What I'm gonna do, actually, to make sure that we get it all in is just me. Just get on the end of first. So we're just going to keep doing that until we are all in. So it's add more glue, just kind of ruffle it up in your hands and just keep sticking and go along and ruffle and stick. I'm gonna fall over this last bit here and ruffle and stick. Just push that all down into the gloom. My dirty hands aren't exactly helping her. I'm usually doing many craft projects that want so your friend that my hands are always in a state because I am impatient. So I just move on to something else. When something is dry, what do you use a pencil? Cause I don't want to burn my hands right there. So just make sure doesn't stick to the pencil. We're going to get that done. It's just straighten up this piece Fair's best we can, and we're gonna do the same on this side. So we're gonna been begin just by full than it over right there in the middle. First, everything is sticking. My goodness, we're gonna begin by full in that little bit over first. That's get that folded. A little bit more glue here. And, um, this folded over and then immediately to start roughly and sticking. So we're gonna spend a ruffle and stick dry. Keep in the pieces together, ruffle and stick where we go until it's all glued in place. If you push it down firmly, you shouldn't need to add more, Luke. As you can see, that's quite pretty. And then the last thing you're gonna dio for the dress that is, is to add this to the skirt. I'm going to switch my glue stick because the yellow it's not gonna look nice with this. So give me a minute. I'm gonna go ahead and switch it and I'll be right back. All right? I've changed my glue stick now back to a clear on, and that's loosed. It must have been told about it was yellow. Um, I have cut off six inches off my decorative trim. If you don't have that, another great idea for, um, right. Hair would be like little flowers across Tom. I can show you that quickly. Actually, if you don't want to use the decorated dream, that's quite fine. If you have anything like little flowers like that, that's actually adorable. Like I have a little bunch of them. I don't know if it's not what you know. Let's try that. That actually is quite cute. If we could stick those all the way across, let's see if we have enough. I think we should. That would actually be nice also. So if you just went ahead and snipped each one off this stamp and just stuck them down like that all the way across your skirt. I think we haven't. All right, let's go ahead and do that instead being, um this is how it looks with the lace one that I did initially. So let's do this one a bit different. That will be good fun. So what you want to do, then, is grab a glue gun and that's stick this one on and each one because these air honor wire, you're just gonna have to snip off the wire. Don't stop it all the way down because it holds it together and then just pull it under. Like that said the petals don't fall off and then stick on she address. So go ahead and snip. You could also get those on paper flowers. Use all I think in the strap looking ill. Those were great for this as well. I just had a little blue and go ahead and stick that them, so any form of trim would be fine. Here. Any ribbon you have any lace, you have flowers. Buttons could also work those cute little wooden buttons you can get or pearls, even if you braid yard. That would also be cute right across breed. - I think that will be it right here. That is actually really, really cute. So there she is in her beautiful dress. Got the lay sharing at the top as well. Is that the bottom? It's quite cute. Here we go. Her dress is finished. Let me just put these aside and we shall move on to the final touches in just a minute. 12. The Finishing Touches: All right, now we're doing some finishing touches here. We're just going toe. Highlight the eyes a bit and we're going to go over the most and, um, at some little dots there for whiskers. And then we will add our ribbon. I just I have used my ribbon. Teoh, I changed what? White ribbon? Because I decided to do that. So the plaid ribbon never really look good anymore. Already getting him rather So, um, that's how it is when I'm crafted. I start with one thing and finished with another. So let's go ahead on what we're gonna do. Just use our permanent marker. Sharpie is fine. And just do that right there and just give it a little This adds a little island. We're not going all the way around because we don't want that I to look too heavy. Sometimes it's hard to do that little lift up when you have the texture. And I'm just gonna go over my nose. Any little white dots that I might have gotten from the truck. Same with the pupils and the mouth, because this is already varnished. If you make a mistake, you could just use like an alcohol white, and, um, it can easily wipe yourself so you can do it again. All right, so our details air their honor. Face some. Let's just add some light to the eyes. That little mark that you always so big splatter came up. Um, that's okay. We can fix that easily. Skinner would wipe for our paper toe Just that, Uh, if it's much that I a bit or adult it down rather than you can just go ahead. And that's one of the risks. Ah, you run into with markers. I find sometimes they just do that. So try that again. Sometimes I think it's super to use a paintbrush, a good old fashioned way. Anyway, it wasn't easy fix. So our faces done. She was quite adorable. We can just add this right hair and stick on our ribbon. That's a bit long in her eyes. I'm just gonna treatment from the other side to match. You have to have a very sharp scissors to a tribunal. Striven. There we go. Isn't she cute? 13. Adding the Hanger: all right, We're almost finished. It's the final lesson. The only thing we have left to do is tow. Add our ribbon or corden or where whatever you're using, um, attached to the back of your bunny rabbit. And that is toe hang. No. One. Good thing to do when doing this is always to bend over the edges. Or maybe if it's ribbon, you can tie a little, not there. That would be good as well, and then decide where your place in it. You don't want it to show right? There is a good spot, so there's going to go ahead and add a dabba blue there on a double glue there. I don't want to burn myself, so I'm just going to give it a few seconds to cool off a bit and then a touch your ribbon or corden or wire right there and let it set. And now you have something to hang your beautiful Easter Bunny. That's it. Congratulations. And thank you so much for joining me 14. Thank you: Thank you so much for joining me on the stars. I do hope you enjoyed it. I knew I did. I know. Making these adorable Easter bunnies short. Follow me. So don't miss out on any future courses. I mean, have a plan and having a parole, you might find, of course, that I have already made that, you know, thank you. Once again on I hope to see you again.