Let's Make Soda - Learn How to Make Naturally Carbonated Sodas | Magda Diaz | Skillshare

Let's Make Soda - Learn How to Make Naturally Carbonated Sodas

Magda Diaz, Brewing small batches of goodness...

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9 Videos (32m)
    • Lets Make Soda Introduction

    • Tools Overview

    • Hot Infusion Technique

    • Juice Sodas

    • Cold Infusion Technique

    • Fermentation Check-in

    • Bottling Soda

    • Opening Soda Bottles

    • Wrap-up & Your Project


About This Class


Easily create naturally carbonated sodas at home using herbs, spices, fruit and juice. You'll learn 3 simple techniques for making delicious soda to enjoy within two to three days.

This class is designed for beginners and I will walk you through step-by-step instructions for making soda with ingredients you might already have in your kitchen or garden.

Benefits of making naturally carbonated soda:

  • Way cheaper than buying a soda machine.
  • Endless possibilities for flavor combinations.
  • Sweetened to taste (less sugar than commercial soda.)
  • Amazing and delicious!
  • Impress your friends and enemies.
  • Super easy to make

Tools required:

  • 1 half gallon wide mouth mason jar or a glass jug (See examples in class video on "Tools Overview.")
  • Small funnel
  • 3 or 4 "Flip-top" or EZ-Lock beer bottles (Must be able to withstand pressure.) (See class video on bottling.)
  • Optional but highly recommended: Airlock, Wide mouth mason jar lid with grommet and gasket. (See examples in class video on "Tools Overview.")
  • If not using an airlock you wil also need paper towels and a rubberband.
  • Champagne yeast





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Magda Diaz

Brewing small batches of goodness...

I am an Instructional Designer by day and a passionate small batch beer and soda maker in the off hours. The techniques I use are simple enough to make delicious beer and/or soda every week.

You can follow my brewing adventures at Stovetop Brews.

Keep up with my soda making instruction at letsmakesoda.com

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