Let's Make Friendship Bracelets #1: Candy Stripe, Forward Knot & 7 Easy Bracelet Patterns | Debbie Hart | Skillshare

Let's Make Friendship Bracelets #1: Candy Stripe, Forward Knot & 7 Easy Bracelet Patterns

Debbie Hart, Artist and Designer

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10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Gather Your Materials

    • 3. Pick Your Stripes

    • 4. Start Your Class Project

    • 5. Get Set Up to Create Your Bracelet

    • 6. Create, Part 1: The Forward Knot

    • 7. Create, Part 2: Making the Bracelet

    • 8. Create, Part 3: Physical Demo Video

    • 9. Create, Part 4: Braiding the Tie

    • 10. Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this fun class for beginners, you'll learn how to make your very own handmade friendship bracelets step by step using embroidery floss, which is inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors. (You can also use other materials too, such as pearl cotton needlepoint thread, hemp or yarn; see the materials list in the Project Description in the "Your Project" section for more possibilities.)

We'll first learn one simple knot, the forward knot, and then we'll use that knot to a make a colorful 6-string friendship bracelet in the easiest beginner pattern, the candy stripe. We'll also learn several cool variations of this simple yet stylish and visually striking pattern.

I'll start with the absolute basics and cover all the steps in detail using both animated PowerPoint diagrams and physical demos, so no previous experience is necessary. Here's what we'll cover in the class:

  • Materials needed (most of which you probably already have; see list in Class Project section)
  • Measuring and folding the strings to start the bracelet
  • Making a loop for the closure
  • Attaching the strings to a clipboard or other flat surface to use as a knotting workstation
  • Making the forward knot, shown first with just 2 strings
  • Using the forward knot with all 6 strings on the clipboard, string by string, to create the bracelet
  • Making a braided tie to finish off the bracelet
  • Attaching your new bracelet to your wrist

If you're eager to join me in this exciting project for grown-ups and children alike, click the Enroll button, and let's get started!

More About Friendship Bracelets:

This colorful folk art jewelry form originated with the indigenous cultures of Latin America (including parts of North, Central, and South America, and especially Guatemala) and is currently popular worldwide with all ages.

These simple wrist adornments in bold colors and patterns make great DIY accessories for the hippie boho chic fashion styles that are currently in vogue, and are a fun, easy and affordable way to spice up your wardrobe. These bracelets are also great crafts to make with kids.