Let's Have Some Fun: Creating Hand Lettered Business Cards

Lala Watkins, a charming designer

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10 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Meet Lala

    • 2. Stay True, Be You

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Back to Basics

    • 5. Illustrator Magic

    • 6. Coloring Fun

    • 7. Photoshop Delight

    • 8. Bring It To Life

    • 9. Printing On Moo.com

    • 10. Final Thoughts


About This Class


Add a personal, handmade touch to your brand. In this class, the charming Lala Watkins reveals the steps to create a hand lettered business card, based on your brand to hand off to potential clients all while letting your personality shine through.

In this exciting process, you will go through the basics of lettering to develop a concept that matches your brand. Using your different applications and your most favorite drawing tools, you will create a business card with a lasting impression for everyone to see!  

An overview of what you will learn in this class is shown below;

  • Stay True, Be You  With a few questions come up with your brand identity. Find out what you want the world to take away from your brand and research different treatments to project your true self!
  • Back to Basics Explore the basics of lettering, sketch different arrangements & styles for your brand -while maintaing your personal touch.
  • Draw. Draw. Draw. After developing your idea we'll review different techniques that suits your brand best. 
  • Bring It To Life Add the little details to make your business card come together.

                                                         Let's Have Fun Together!