Let's Get Sketchy! - A quick guide to filling your sketchbook | Jake Olson | Skillshare

Let's Get Sketchy! - A quick guide to filling your sketchbook

Jake Olson, Illustrator / Designer / Storyteller

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6 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Course Trailer

    • 2. Getting into it!

    • 3. Direction / Purpose

    • 4. Art Challenges / Inspiration

    • 5. Can't go wrong with animals

    • 6. Wrap up & Thanks!


About This Class

This class is for folks like me that love sketchbooks... whether you complete them or not. I myself have had my own ups and downs with maintaining consistent sketchbook habits but lately I've felt great with how much I've been using my sketchbooks and wanted to share what works!

In this class I'll go over some tips that I've been learning and using to fill my sketchbooks up with drawing exercises, completed pieces, and even scrap art journaling.

Ways to jump in like:

Give your sketchbook a purpose & direction

Using visual notes or pasting in work/collaging

Art challenge hashtags & word lists

I want to provide you enough inspiration and exercises to get things going on your own. We'll tackle those blank pages and heck, we might even enjoy the work along the way!

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