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Let's Get Creative With Topaz Impression

DENISE LOVE, 2 Lil' Owls Studio

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7 Videos (1h 29m)
    • Topaz Impressions Old version

    • Topaz Impressions in Studio Overview

    • Getting creative with Topaz Impressions Charleston Building

    • Getting creative with Topaz Impressions Charleston Row Houses

    • Getting creative with Topaz Impressions Painted horse

    • Getting Creative with Topaz Impressions Pencil Sketch Cone Flower

    • Getting creative with Topaz Impressions Shrimp Boats


About This Class


Hello and Welcome! I’m so glad you are joining me for this mini-workshop on using Topaz Impressions! This program is so fun and versatile with an easier learning curve than the larger painting programs. I cannot wait to see what you are creating once you see how I use this program. Getting creative with your photography is one of my main goals with my own personal work – so I am so glad to be sharing this with you today! I hope you enjoy the techniques I share and jump into creating some of your own photographic art.

**If you do not have Topaz Impression and would like to try it out – they have a 30-day free trial you can download. I have an affiliate link if you would like to use it – This is an affiliate link so I do receive a few dollars if you make a purchase. As a small business owner, I really appreciate it when you click my link and help me out. I do not promote many products – but this is one I really love. Check out this program HERE

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What I cover in this class:

  • An overview of the Topaz Impression program - older version and new Studio version
  • 5 Complete projects using different art techniques from Impression and combining them creatively in Photoshop to give you some very unique finishes you may not have known you could do. This goes beyond just apply a premade preset in the program and calling it done.
  • Under the - your project tab - I provide you with the photos and textures I use in these videos so you can follow along with me!

When you get finished with this class - you will have a new understanding of how you can take this program and apply it in more creative ways to your own photographic art.





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