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12 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Gallery and Canvas

    • 3. The Brush and 3 Other key tools

    • 4. Selection Tool

    • 5. Layers

    • 6. Straight Lines

    • 7. Magic Fill

    • 8. Let's Draw

    • 9. Let's Draw Level 2

    • 10. Adjustments and Filters

    • 11. Share your work

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

This class will take you through everything you need to know to make amazing artworks on Procreate. Procreate is my favourite drawing programme to date (this is not a sponsored series, it is my genuine opinion). It is a replacement for photoshop for non-vector illustrators and at $10 USD it is more than worth a look into. Through this video series I will take you through all aspects of the programme, from circumventing the gallery, basic features and key tools to step by step processes for creating a few different styles of illustration. I hope you will join me for this class and that I can help you on your way to becoming a digital art superstar.

A few examples of what you can accomplish with this class are below. Also scroll to the bottom for a list of complimentary classes about illustration that you can utilise to take your art to the next level.




How to draw Faces

Finding your Style

Drawing from Reference

Warming up exercises for your best art

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cara Ord

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


My name is Cara and I am a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator with 5 years under my belt. I am very passionate in what I do and love to share this passion with others. 

Other loves of mine include ice skating (I am also a professional performer), dogs, nature and snuggling up with a good book on a rainy day.

I am so excited for this opportunity to share my knowledge with you all and learn as well. I hope I can become a helpful resource for you and I am here at your beckon call if you need any assistance with anything I offer.

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1. Introduction: Hey guys. And welcome to this month's Scotia, closely working with Parker it to make some amazing outlook. I'm gonna take you through all of the basic tools so you can stop with this program right from scratch. We're gonna explore the gallery and everything to do with the program right up to the special effects that you can do early in visual work. Now I use per create as a Photoshopped replacement. And it's only about I think 10 U. S. Dollars to get this Kurgan competitive 1000 you'll pay with photo shop for a lifetime. So I think it's completely worth it. The best combination I found for using procreate is using my iPad her 12.9 inch, because that scream spikes is definitely worth it. And the apple pencil. Silas, the apple pencil stylist, is the best styles of Eddie's with the iPod, and it is the most natural abuse. Even though I polls I used the Web from Interest and the weapons stylist. Now what is appropriate? I wanted to show you guys a quick example here of me doing a time lapse illustration on appropriate in the kind of level of stuff that you can do and what we will be getting into . - I'm going to show you the process of creating another two different illustrations in news program so you could do it step by step in this style of any salary would lack now, once he finished this program, you can also get in touch with my other classes, which teach you how to create faces, had a drawing or in style and all of that. And I teach all within this program because I think it's absolutely fabulous. So if you wanna get into procreate right now, let's get started with first class. 2. Gallery and Canvas: Hey, guys, and welcome to this class. The first thing we're going to be doing is running through how to use the galleries. Now, when you're can procreate, it will automatically open to the gallery. Unless you already have a drawing open and haven't raced out of the program, I will be using it on my iPad with the apple pencil, which I recommend is the best combination for using these programs as I find that the apple pencil is the best dollars I've ever used, only I had. But you can use on any device. Profit also now comes in appropriate pocket, which is full. Now. You'll see on the gallery that I have many different drawings. I have some Adrian stuff and somewhat your separate now to create these drawings, which is a canvas. All I have to do is go to the close button on the top right hand corner. Click on that, and then I could choose a pre made size. I have a future I created myself. I conduce screen size, which is the standard one, or I can create a customer size. This is really good. If you have a specific project in mind, Or, if you have designing, have to do for a teacher or something. You can put in an exact size that you want. I myself and just gonna go to squeeze, screen size and create, and you can't. It's for you now. This will automatically open the canvas for you, but I won't head back to gallery and goes with rest of features and organized this new canvas into my gallery. Now I have a new canvas. I can go here in press on the untitled artwork label at the base of it, and I can type in any sort off label that I want just so I can keep openness. I put that as test. I can also organized this into a stack so you'll see next to it. I have a separate just for sack ridges. Former me so I can either drag the moment a stack over to it and her little stuck in my back. Or I could go select up in the corner, click on multiple different ones off my India's and press stock would be up in the corner. Another thing I could do with my new canvas. I can swipe it to the left on top, and I can either share. It's duplicated or deleted. I'm gonna delayed it because I don't need that blank ends at the moment. This is your basic gallery feature. Now I just want to go through setting up canvas now. I already showed you Hank instead of a blank investigation. Also import a previous image, which automatically for me goes into my files on the iPad or I can go and add in a voter. So let me just click on a random photo. This one is off my phone. And then, from there, I can draw on that canvas and do whatever I feel like to that Photo said. That is a really neat feature. So that's all you really need to know about the gallery. I recommend keeping overnight, especially when you start using it a lot different aspect. But I have galleries and just for a story because working on one for the home a project because there's a lot of burns to do within each of those challenges even have an alphabet here, so I would keep it organized. And now we know the basic gallery we can't get into actually drawing and illustration, so I'll see in the next year 3. The Brush and 3 Other key tools: So the guys I've just opened up and you can this like I showed you in the previous exercise , and I want to go through the full fools that I will be using and you can use to make any drawing you left. Now, the first most important thing when we're going into a drawing app is the brushes and actually making a mark. So if you see in the up on the right hand corner, you'll see that I've clicked on an expression button. And then there is menus are all different types of brushes that I can use to create. Not so I'm going to go to one of my favorites here, which is in a brush, and it's called the Hard Hairbrush, and I am just going to use that in start during now. I'm at the moment God is nice cream car, but I'm gonna tenet black so I can go to my color, I claim, which is Stoeckel in top right corner and change. If you don't like this set up of the circle with your hue and tone bands, you could go change it to classic Modric. You'll see Photoshopped. You can change it the values, which is great, especially if you're using RGB color and Pollitz. I like Hosni like this disc set up because that way I can really get a fine dream for the color I want going through with the here in time. So here, with just my basic brush, I can just draw whatever I feel like you'll see. There's two. Slat is on the left hand side of your screen. You can changes to the right. You feel so inclined if you are left handed. Oddest, the top silent is to increase and decrease my brush size. I just increased it there and the bottom side out is for the opacity. So if I bring it down, I get the less capacity. And if I bring it up, I get more capacity Now. You noticed too, that when I draw and when you draw that with this brush, the harder you press, the more take your image is. And that is because of the way the brush is by French on the brushed have again. In this time. I want to cook on the hot brush twice here. It will bring up settings in my brush, so I can actually completely change this brush if I choose to. Now, we saw here that my streak changed in capacity when I was using it. But I can also get it to change in sighs. So as you can see here now, on my tape, my takers small and then have a press down. It gets big on my brush, going back to my brush settings. I'm just gonna take that back because I like the way it starts. They also have full up. So that means that my brush tool no go. That Bob full of basically means is that from the start of your straight to the NGO strike , it's kind of a set length and you can go through all these settings and change a high place . I recommend definitely playing with this, especially if you're studying out on the program because everyone is different in the heavy handedness and light handedness on, and you can go through and change like the pressure sensitivity that you're using on this brush, you can change all every single aspect you can think of. You could even change the texture. Now I recommend if you're going to be changing things on your brush to always make a copy of it. So if you slide your brush to the left, you'll see that you can duplicate it. Race at inches. I'm just gonna press read set, because I don't want any end, so my brush. But as you can see down here, I have another hot brush duplicated in which I've played with that on and change the settings to suit myself, drawing a little better. You also know here that if you press the plus button in the top right corner of that section, you can create a whole new brush where you couldn't add in your own specific shapes in your grains and make it from scratch. And I could go through making a break from start to finish. But there is other tutorials out there which are so much better suited Teoh to making brushes. Exactly how do you want them? Ida's recommend giving it a play and finding out what you're comfortable with and definitely playing with all different brushes in the kit that's provided I have no downloaded any other brush. Just people have created because there's just so many you. But there is great brushes on the market to, so you don't even have to make them yourself. So we have our brush, and that is a very important thing. Another feature which everyone as an artist needs is the rectitude, which is a little of the right hand tools, which, as it states, just erases the work that you've done again. You can change the size and the capacity of your aeration of razor left, and the other thing which you will want to use, is the back and forward buttons, which at the bottom of that left hand tabs, I could go back in forward. And those are the four basic tools, which I think you need to start off using the program, have a player, then do some drawings with these basic tools, and then I'll see you in the next video. 4. Selection Tool: Okay, guys, welcome back now. I have quickly drawn up AIDS Get for you guys so we can work with tools. And this is a made only because I've been drinking. I made this month, so I'm a little bit of a good drawing them right now in this class, we are going to be learning about the selection tool. Now, the selection tool is this tool huge has just highlighted up. And basically, what you do with the selection tool is you draw in area that you want to select. Let's say her hand here and then that is selected. And then I can use this to a lucky at the powerful. And I can move the hand if I like. I can enlarge it if I want to. I can put the defendant to in each direction news in these bottom tools. I convert ate it 2 45 degree angles and then I can enlarge it to the size of the canvas. I'm just going Teoh not do any of the changes that I didn't really want them on. And also, let's say I did flip it. I compress this back, but in any Ford robins? Yeah, um, I'm at the bottom for me to be able t o changes. And if I choose this a magnetic setting down the bottom, I can actually change using these corn off toggles in proportion. So that is really great. Now, if I go back to just the selection tool without the transform tool and I make a selection, let's say I want to let the hand and but I want absolutely dissection. I can put it presses class pardon. And I could be like I also want her face. And then there you go. I have those two things like that. So then if I go to transform toe, I'm terminally moving her hand in her face alternately to If I go back to the slight control unit, the selection, then I can press the minus button, and I can minus that area from my selection. Yeah, and then I want Teoh minus set out. That's great. That's invited in the night conflicted, using the two hours pointing in minutes, and then I can do another selection in my I personally use it to tweak my sketches. So, for instance, here I really like her, but I'm kind of disappointed because her tail is getting cut off. So I could actually just because if I want to select a bullet, But I can just for us because of school straight away and pulled her up. I can also use the magnetic proportions, which is just four should make her little small off. So then I can go in and I can finish drawing Italian in. That makes the process starting with Asia. Because if I get down paper, I just have to salt my sketch all over again. Another great thing about this tool is let's say I do the like area of it, but I wanted to tweak, uh, another part. I just freehand it. I saw it did back and I can put that on a new way out. Sir, I have her body on a new idea because I like that. And then I have the whole of her on another layer. So I think that is a pretty great tool. So the selection tool, as I said, it's just a really great Teoh. Refine my sketches to he advise it. Oh, I want hotel to be bigger conflict. That going with the transform, take it make it bigger and how I want it today. So that is the basic selection toll. I as I said, I find it really handy, especially if you're tweeting proportion and working with anatomy. I hope that it is useful for you and I will get on to the next video and we can go further into all the talk in procreate. 5. Layers: so welcome back now we've gone through the basic drawing tools, which was the brush, the eraser thief, forward and backward, or undo buttons and gone through selection. But now I wanted to go through a really handy feature of this program, which is why I love it and actually use it over Photoshopped. In is the fact that it has a lace just like Photoshopped. Now, when you go through and make your canvas is a pre warning, the bigger you make your canvas, the less slaves you can use. So I tend to stick with screen size A four a three for just drawing for myself. And then it just changes up when I need to do a client work, in which case they will need a specific canvas size. But we're working with this meme a picture just for all of these classes, and I'm going to go through high news delays. Now I've opened the layup. How which is the square in front of us? We're up here in the right corner next about color and eraser tools, and you can see here that I have a background layer, which is automatic. When you start your drawing and or another automatic thing is layer one. So your background color is basically if you click on that, it will automatically take you to call it and I can change the background color of my illustration. So let's just make it blue because we are working with an underwater creature, after all. On that is really great. Another thing you do with this background late, it's turned off completely on. And then if you say this as a vet dot you have no background in that. Absolutely fantastic because you can draw if you during a J pick have been save as a PNG, and you have a beautiful, transparent background. I'm gonna keep the background on just so you can actually see what I'm doing now I have Layer one is my sketch layout. I can press this rule and button here, which is, and because it's on normal capacity and I can change how opaque this l. A is in total. So I would just be really faint because it's my sketch layout so that I can draw over to get in black. Um, I can just take down the opacity just like I did then using this style options to change the way I have. See what? So I can use multiply. I'm Lynn. Even always kind of suffrage is all about darkening goes the line lining section have all the different versions. Yeah, Contrast have diversions. Yeah, I really like overly difference, which is just kind of making opposite of what it is. And then we have the ones which worked with color. Now, I would suggest playing with all of these a passively settings, but do it when you have a fully colored image. So then you can understand that the better the ones which I always recommend using, uh, luminosity over there subtype and multiply. I find those of the best to really get all the standard kind of looks and feels that you want these capacity in Leia settings I would generally used when I'm working on his shading and when I'm just trying to decrease the capacity of my sketching. But that's about it. Now, if you press the teak button on the side of your lays, that just is like showing it and not showing it. So that is a really handy feature. You press the plus button up top that is adding a layer. Now, I've added this letter and I'm just gonna call up it in. You read like the trachea, and it's gonna paint some bread and you can see that's on top of my mom Made a Well, I want to be out of these so I could simply drive late to under Leia one. And it is under the My mom made it just absolutely fantastic. I turn off my mom made for a second. Andi, I'll show you a few more features on layer to. So if I just click once on the layout, I can rename it, so I'm gonna bring it as red. I can also go in and I can copy Delia, I can fill the layoff. I can clear it, but my most important one I want to do is Apple. So I just pressed apple Look, so I'm going to go now. Draw the lay on a different color and you'll see what this does. Do you notice how my drawings now not going outside the lines of already drawn on That's because apple lock basically walk for transparency off the illustration that you're doing? So it's called transparency. Look in Ellis in photo shop on, and it's pretty much the same torch I find absolutely fantastic. You could also use a lay a mosque, so I've just been on a layer mask there. So if I click on that layer in the 19 glass, I can remove pots of bat layer and then because I can just go and drawing wife, I could bring parts of that laid back, basically with a layer mask. The doctor you draw on Aleman's. It should all be in turn to black and white. The dark. You draw the less capacity areas so black there'll be no opacity in the light of you. Draw on the more past few days the's a really handy features, and you can just go and remove a lay them off by sliding it to the left On the present delayed. Are these really beaches to do during any way you want to hear? Um, yeah, I think that they absolutely fantastic. They have this watery again, Thio added. Really want this later because it is just a big global color and I was originally during a moment, so I've just legislate Look, I can't duplicate it if I want to look it so I can't edit it at all for Do what about do in delayed the layer. So that's the layout feature. It is really simple, and I recommend getting yourself used to using it because it is really ideal, especially if you want to draw a complicated illustration. So I hope that you guys can get your head around that and draw a basic illustration now. But we will get on to the next instead of tools, which I'm gonna help you guys out. 6. Straight Lines: Okay. There's one tip in trick that I really wanted to share with you guys and that he's full about creating straight lines. Yeah, in your working space. So to create either line, I'm just going to make sure I have a dark color for you to see. I want you to draw from one point to the next point where everyone is trying to be and hold your pen, and still, and then you'll automatic return to a straight line for you. So even if I go there, looky, looky and do all this stuff, you will turn to a straight line. I want you to notice, though, that the thickness in which I'm drawing with doesn't change when I make a straight line. Doesn't go to one flat straight, uh, line if I'm using different thicknesses. Example here. I've drawn in completely different thicknesses. And then when this line string dump, you can see that the variation remains This could be quite a handy tool. But if you're wanting to use a completely straight blind without any dances thicknesses ironman using a brush that would do, sir, such as the model line, The monoline is always gonna have the same thickness, no matter what. So even I've drawn all of this area. When it turns into a straight line, it is one thickness they go. That is a really quick call that I want to show you. That is really great, especially if you're intending to draw shapes for geometry in here or if you're drawing architectural drawings or anything like that. So I really hope that tour is quite useful for you. And it's a good trick for you. I'll see you in the next video. 7. Magic Fill: Okay, guys. So I've been showing you a bit of different tools. There's one more I want to go through before I show you the process of illustration, and that is going to be the magic still tool. So I'm just gonna add a new layout and just quickly turned off by man made. And I am just going to draw a circle via I'm now in the circle, the other. But I can't be bothered to color. I could just drag together, drop from the phone off and place it into that circle and magically, it's yeller. Now if I wanted to change my color on my color wheel to from the color I'm using to color I was previously using, I can hold my hand down on that in that will turn to the previous apartment. I can change the color of that circle completely. This is a really handy tool, especially if you're using a flat color process or if you have a really big area that you want to fill, because that way you don't have to spend your whole time covering it in, and you can just magically do it with the beauty of a digital tools. And I was just a really quick tip, which I wanted to share with you guys before we move on to during a bit more off armament. 8. Let's Draw: so guys, and completely I have my sketch report have been working with for the past couple classes. I heard that you get on control up a sketch to draw anything you want. As I said, I'm making this class in May and during May. So I have a moment you Now I want to show you through a basic process and how to draw a simple illustration. So what I'm only start off with is a sketch of my illustration like fits. The next stage I am going to do is I am going to go now, enjoy the actual outline of the illustration that I want to draw. So to do this, I just want to lower the opacity a bit off my money. And I am not gonna go in in draw the actual Atlanta that I do this. I have made a new layer, so it's not on the same layer is my sketch and I'm going to go in and use in thinking brush . And I like the studio exercise. I'm gonna be drawing in straight back. You can do any color you want, but there's a reason I'll be using this color and you'll see it in the next step. Great tip to with the iPad. You couldn't use your fingers in a pinching motion and do the zoom and the shrink just like you can in a peach up murdered. Okay, guys. So I just really quickly went through, and I did the at line for this illustration. It is definitely not the neatest, but it is there in that way, we have a good basis to work off before the process, which I am going to show. You see, this style is definitely more of a fact based illustrator style. But I just thought you'd be great, because I can show you a bunch of different tools in action. So as you could see, when I was a drawing, yeah, I could actually twist the canvas the way I wanted to just shoot my wrist on. And that was a really handy feature. And also something which I forgot to mention to you was the I drop of feature, which is the news, which he basically just hold your finger down on a car and it brings us the eyedropper tool and you can change your color selection. So this happens to me accidentally sometimes because I rest my hand on the divides without having my pen attached. But if you just hold your finger down, you can change to any color which you fancy on active patrol. But now we have a lay assorted at lines. I want to show you how you can use the Alfa look tool to make your outlines just that little bit more fancy. So what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to duplicate use later. Just so I have a backup in case on the goods room. But I'm just gonna turn off that back up. I'm gonna click on my old layout, which I just copied and pressed Apple. Now, my intention this illustration is to create something which has a slightly duck Allen through the color, which I'll be using the interior. So that means that I have to have colored outlines, but I just have black. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go through with this transparency, look on or doubtful because it's called on this program and I'm just gonna go through and get high hot a brush and call it in the areas I want in specific colors said, for example, this mermaid is going have just a like a pink skin. I was gonna go in because the first color, it could be committee on spending color in the hand, which would be outlining the skin in a kind of color. I'm gonna follow up this action coloring in every other piece that's required, which is going to be in a difference color from the head eyelashes, the tail that I'm gonna go through and get them there. And you need colors. - Okay , I see you can see that I've gone through and put all the colors here, but I'm scared my whole Well, the eyebrow needs to go out a little more, and I need to do between in the illustration. So what I can do is go back. Turn off apple. Look, come in and using the right color, add to the lines that I want to and I might go. Oh, I want add a few more headlines in. If I go get you get more details and there you go. So then I can just turn on. If I wanted to change part of that again, I could just turn on a block and change again. But that is basically how use Apolo to make my line the right color. So I find that really handy tool. Now I want to go in and I want to add some Phil into these. So I have created new and I'm just gonna put that underneath. My apple looked Olia, and I am just going to stop coloring in now. Don't forget that tip. I should, you guys. So we're gonna get this tale and it's purple. I'm going to go in and leave my hot rocks and I'm gonna draw that line on the inside off this tale here in the purple. You just want to make sure that this line connects all the way around it is notice how I made sure that the film was underneath my lineup list. You want? Sure. Top. You see how that troubles or connected. Now what I want to do is I just want to drag that public fill in a and then that is magically done for me. So I don't have a color in all that area so you can go around now in just color in the rest area like that for you. Feel like it just colored in as you would put normal. Okay, guys, today you go. You have your basic illustration, and now it has a filling it. So to continue on with this style, all you're going to do is repeat the steps that we did before. We're gonna defecate this layer, turn off the duplicate, just back up, and then you can just apple Look it. What? You just some shutters and this will create thing animated stuff. I just want to make you aware to with your apple look that it have looked all the calls together. So unless you did each car in a separate layer, the only thing apple after the actual edges So be where when you're crossing your brother colors. - Okay , I said, there it is. That is your finish illustration in the stuff. I'm so through this illustration. We went and we use the brush tool used to brush is used the 60 pencil for off sketch and use the studio brush for thinking. And he also used the hard airbrushed for our field color. We went through and we used after Look, we used a duplicate levies multiple lays and we went and use our cultural and also how to do, uh, he drove are so we have all these different features that were used plus using undoes and areas so when needed. So that is plenty to get you started. So I suggest learning and practicing in this sort of animated style and getting your head around all those basic features. And then we'll get on to our next delegation. Groups will be a bit more complex and include more realistic features on this one will be found in time lapse because it is a much likely a process. And I can help you through step by step right here. I really hope you enjoyed this class, and I was even accepts it. 9. Let's Draw Level 2: Hey, guys. So I have set up a more complex drawing for us. Now, this one is going to be again, um, intimate just because I'm doing a challenge right now, but it is going to be more complex. We're gonna go through this artwork and actually make it with no lie. Not. I'm going to go through different rules of shading and using more texture breakfast. And I'll even go through adding extra features that we didn't know previous outlet. Now, this is a much more complicated way of drawing, but I just want to assure the capabilities of this program and what you could do with it. Sir, I'm gonna have a bit of fun illustrating this right now for you. I'm definitely going to speed up the process for you because it is much long that in the last one, But I hope you enjoy. - So have you guys concede? Now I have said at a base layer for my village station, So I have my schedule and then underneath I've gone through with a paint brush which is textured called the Chicago. I really love it. I use it for all my tricks to the illustrations and I'm going down and set through some colors and try to add some shading and turns to get the feel of how I want my arbor to look like when it's finished. This is sort of to me like a tone sketch which put under me. The next stage that we're gonna do is we're going to go to the capacity off our sketch layer and we're just going to turned that down just enough so that when we came over it, it's gonna be a little lighter. And also Teoh really get just enough detail that we can draw over it with that, basically redrawing all the same lines again. So now I've gone through and put all that color illustration base. I am going Teoh, create a layer on top of my sketch layoff, and I'm going Teoh paint in all the finer details of the face. I would do this any techniques that you want to use with any brush. Personally, I'm going to continue using texture brush as I do this. Another great book. Actually, he's going straight with the airbrush is in just using them. You can get a really soft, glowing sort of field with that, uh, and another paintbrush I would recommend is a good damn brush. I need also looks really beautiful. Or you can go in straight with the sketch tools and really create a very textured oil pastoring sort off. Theo, I really hope that you will enjoy looking at the rest of negotiation. I am just going to be speeding this up again for you. And if you pick up any tips and tricks from the way, that would be brilliant. If you have any questions about my process further on, let me know. So as you can see here, I always start from the eye. And if you've watched any of my other tutorials, you wouldn't know that would be true. And I kind of work in adding the detail As I go here, you'll see me deepening shadows, highlights and everything in between adding a lot of texture here. I added at latches first, I don't normally do that, but I really need to see how the black would look against the colors that I was working with and how deep I want to die and Iris. But this basic persons said I use for the I am pretty much use for the rest of the illustration where I'm just adding in all that detail and depth. So if you compare the two eyes right now, you'd see the kind of level I improve it for this. Now, I hope you enjoy watching the rest of the demonstration. Please ignore how the hair looks. It's definitely something which needs to be improved later on in the storing. But this will give you all the base ideas that you need to know for making your own fabulous and probably even better illustration and per career. Okay, guys, to their gives the simple versus. Basically, what I did is I went in and I did in my sketch layout. Then I did a base couplet underneath and then bugger writ. I did slightly rush you guys, but a fully illustrated piece. Uh, all we won brushed. You can do it with how many, many bridges you want. Whatever color. Solid one. But this was just an example to show you another way that he could work with per create. Now follow me in the next five year where I take this drawing up another notch 10. Adjustments and Filters: so I want to take you through using the adjustments panel. But before I do that, I just wanted to give you guys a quick tip on how to merge. Lays Now, I don't want emotionally. I've just used, but I want to duplicate them emergence so I can use them later. So what? I'm going to go if I'm simply gonna go to each last swipe to the left in duplicate each one ? No, all my duplicate. I'm going to stick together here at the top in the same order, so just click hold in drag for each of them. Once I have done that, I'm going to go and click formally. If I and I'm gonna go merge down, I'm gonna do this all the good place. Then I'll just switch off my original panel. This way. I have just one layer which have the drawing on it in my background way. Now that I've got all my content onto one. Lay on Theo Adjustments. Have the adjustments had Is this magic one up here Now the adjustments tap I can use Yes to change the opacity. If I chose to, I could change the capacity of my drawing, which is great for using individual layers. You could also do this in the lay a tub. Cancel this down the bottom. I can also go in. Do a blur effect. Soglo Schindler is a role Georgian overall blur that can change the effectiveness of that which is great, especially a fuel during foreground to background, you can get a bit of a blur in the foreground. Motion blur is really fun. It blows it as if you're going in motion and it glows in the direction off my finger. Women. So I don't really want that on that drink here. But I want to show you all the a perspective. Blood is going from a center point so you can drag it to wherever you want. And it kind of blows out from that point so I can even do it really subtle one destroying just after my face in a position. We can also have a direction which is really handy illness also shopping in the entirely if I choose to. So that's my original drawing. As I go to decide it sharpens everything. These two do you want to be careful of have much severity use And what level off, uh, pixels that you have so happy your follies. Because evening shopping it will be affecting the picks. Elation off, You mean you can also add noise if you choose to, This could be really effective. If you're going for a more old time. Look, I'm actually gonna add a little bit of noisy speech because I think it adds a bit more in effect, often underwater photographs, then coming down to this next penalty, stating the hue, saturation and brightness. So this is really good compassion. Go. I want it to be a little more green. I want to be a little more blue. I mean Goater and really clear view. Fix. Now you want to play with subtly, but it always is fun to see what you can do with it. So I like it about their They can also increase the saturation or details saturation in my image and the brightness these old really handy things to use next. I could do it Any change, color bounds. So this means I can go more red turns or more science tones. Obviously it's under the water, so I'd prefer to pull that CNN I especially like that's coming up in the shadows again, playing of Nida first scream and you and then curves. This is affecting but but also and I could go through needed to each specific color if I want to. REpower is basically color with using your color palette and adding that all of the colors so I can recall, ask civic parts that might Dimitri my driver's course there across. But it from there. I don't want to do that. I'm just gonna reset, and that is all the things that you used in your adjustment. So now that I've done on my adjustments, you consume it on all Malaysians names that this is my original so you can see how I just make everything a little more of those adjustments. I really hope you enjoy it. Crisis with me in that you will come to another video 11. Share your work: Okay, guys, we have run through all the drawing features, and I've gone through two different drawings now. But I wanted to come back to December 1 and show you the different ways that this beautiful program of perk it allows you to share your drawings and your process. So if I go up to the settings tub, you can go here to video, and then I can replay everything on time lapse, which is absolutely fabulous. So as you can see here, I can scroll back and forth and see everything that I've done. And it's a really fun, neat feature and especially great for some like me and wants to share your work with others . You don't even have to have a special recording program anymore. Now I can go, and I can actually export this into any feature I run. I can email people, get it directly on Facebook or do like I'm going to do and save it to my device. From here. I normally use a drop onto my iPhone so I can go on instagram, but it's really great. I can also show the actual image, and what's great is I can say that that's a PSC. So if I want to do even more stuff to it, I can take it onto photo shop, and it will have all the layers I've been working on. Saved econ. Also saving as a PdF JPEG PNG and tips you want to save it is a J take for standard things . PNG. If you have a transparent background and tips, you want that little bit extra quality. So this is exactly what you have to do. If you want to put your project in the bottom of this class, simply follow these tips and I'll see you in the next video. 12. Final Thoughts: so, guys, I know that was a lot of information to process with you in this cloths, but I really have you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, feel free to go back in the videos and rewatch them to learn a bit more about the tools. Maybe catching tips that you miss or better yet, even go down in discussions and talk directly with me. I am really excited to be able to share my love off this program and Dr digitally with you . And I'd be more than happy to help you guys out now for the project of this cause he may have seen it simply just draw in procreate. I'd love to see a finished image of yours and also using that time like ST inappropriate so I can see your process and help you out. I am so glad we have community here on skills with this such a range of oddest. And I really hope we can get together using this wonderful program and creating some beautiful and eating pieces. If you want to see more of my work on this program, seems they go onto my instagram account. It is linked from here on the screen right now, and you'll always be updated with my book. I traveled with this device and his leg, my prominent digital sketchbook. Now, do you want to watch more classes which help you run a bit more about illustration whether it be drawing faces, which is my second most recent class, or just drawing from reference or anything, please look through my costs. Election. I have heats up there. And if you don't find what you're looking for, just ask me. Because I'm always looking to make a new class for you guys because I do this for you. So I had a great time with this class. Please give me feedback. Anything you think I can improve on. And I will see you next month with a new video series by