Let’s paint a Sunset in Procreate (Will help you Relax) | Banashree Das | Skillshare

Let’s paint a Sunset in Procreate (Will help you Relax)

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Importing color palette

    • 4. Let’s Paint a Sunset


About This Class

Easy way to paint a beautiful sunset in Procreate. I am so happy to publish this class. Most of the time I draw portraits but I paint sunsets or beaches whenever I feel exhausted or tired; trust me or not it always helps me get relaxed. So you will not only learn to paint a sunset but it will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. That’s why I  recommend it to anyone who would like  to learn how to paint a sunset in Procreate and to those who just want to get some relaxation from your busy life.  I am using Procreate but you can try this in any digital art program. You will be guided through all steps but you must be familiar with the basic features in Procreate. If you are a complete beginner consider taking my classes

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Takeaways :

  • You will learn how to paint a sunset in Procreate 
  • It will help you get relaxed 
  • You will be able to apply these steps to paint similar landscapes or backgrounds for your characters 

 Materials you will need :

  • iPad Pro
  • Procreate (latest version) installed on your iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil

Download the color palette 

Watch  How to Blend Colors in Procreate Part 1 to download my custom blending brush 

You can also find me here :  InstagramYouTube , Gumroad


1. introduction: Hey, guys, this is bonus tree and welcome to my class. Let's paint a sense it inappropriate where you will learn an easy way to paint a beautiful sense it inappropriate. I'm so happy to publish this class most of the time I drop poor treats, but I paint since its or beaches whenever I feel exhausted or tired, and it always helps me feel better. So in this class you will not only learn how to be, in a sense, it, but it will also help you get some relaxation. Feel free to try this in photos up or any other digital painting software. This glasses for anyone would like to learn an easy way to paint us and sit. And for those who just want relaxed and calm their mind to making out, you will be guided through all the steps. But you must be familiar with the basic tools inappropriate or whichever program you were using. If you are a complete procreate beginner, consider taking my other classes on appropriate. You can use a few of my techniques, like creating glow effect and using planned moods in any other digital art program. Now let me tell you what? Your class project. It's quite simple. All you have to do is paint along when you were watching and so make your painting with your show soon. Media handles. If you use any once you were done. Now let's get painting. 2. Class Project : for your last project. You just have to follow alone and being a beautiful sunset with me and get relaxed. I have attached a color palette in the project details, so first download and import it appropriate before you start painting. If you would like to use the same colors as may, I will be sharing your projects on my instagram story, so make sure to serve your projects along with your instagram handles. 3. Importing color palette : first of all, download the palate from the description or project details and save it under the appropriate folder in files. Next, opened the folder and step on the downloaded file, and it will automatically import it to procreate. Now select the color tool and go to pellet, then dragged the sensitive palate to the top. It will be easier to pick colors when the palate is on stop. 4. Let’s Paint a Sunset: feel the first layer with the first blue color from the palette, then create a new layer again and divided canvas into halves. The upper portion will be the sky, and the lower will be to see way we're going to paint directly on the canvas in state of making a sketch first, now beat amounting as shown. No need to outline. Just paint the safe's directly. Now pick the colors one at a time like me and paid accordingly. Don't worry about bending, just pained and feel free to use more states. If you want to use the same color, you can also use the color picker to pick a color. I'm using the palate so you can clearly see the colors I'm using every time. Now it's time to us much. I'm using my custom blending Bruce. It's a premium breast, but available for free download on the former skills your students and you can find a downloading in my class. How to blend colors in procreate, part one to know how end with the fall presses to use for sketching, coloring and blending in procreate. What's my other classes? They will help you get the most out appropriate. I saved all the time and going to say it again. Always adjust precise and capacity when blending, because it makes a huge difference next week, the same blue color as the mountain and pain. Few areas like I'm painting and smudge. I added fuel covers to the pellet when painting. That's right. You were not seeing all the colors right now, but the bedded I have shared with you has all the colors in it. So no need to worry about dead now. Paint again, with the darkest blue and smudge now being the reflection off the mountain. Next, create a new layer between the base and the top there, then pick colors according to your preference from the palate and start painting the sky. - It's time to us much again. You can also use the cloud press from elements tose much the sky colors march del ears once you were done. Next, clear a new layer on job and pick your low from the color palette. Then pain. Discern and set, then more to add. It's much a little so the colors blend in to learn more about blend modes. You can take my class on plan moods. Where I have shared everything I know about blend moods now in the same there, we will paint the reflection off the sun. Leave few strokes without smudging. It will help the reflection look more shiny again. Create another layer on top and paint with random colors from the palette. But to create a good contrast, use bright and a dark color next to each other instead of using too dark or do bright colors. Now apply 50 to 60%. Caution. Blur and said layers. Spend more to soft light. Use hue, saturation and brightness toe. Adjust the colors to your preference. Next march all the layers and create a new one on top. Big, lightest color from the palette. It's not your fight, but almost close to it. Now we're going to make the reflection. Shiny er, and more beautiful you have to do is make some strokes with the medium sized press as soon and do not smudge, then said the layers plan more toe and lower capacity to 40 to 50%. Then create a new layer again. You don't necessarily need to create new layers over and over again, but I do it so I can delete it later if I want to, without affecting another earlier. Now we will paint to palm trees. You can use the transform toe to Reese ice. Duplicate that layer again. He was the transform toe to flip it vertically and move it to right underneath the original tree layer, Then apply 10 to 15% motion. Blur. Drag your pencil left and right to adjust. Trust hold now. He was a small breast size and smudged, a reflection. Trees gently to make it look more like a reflection, then merch all the layers again. Next, create another layer and changed, then moved to overly. Pick the yellow color from the palette and paint over the sun, and it's reflection. Smudge a little to mix the colors. Then select the lightest color and make some strokes like we did earlier, but this time covering more space. Then go to the base layer and use color balance to make any color adjustments. Us. You can see the right side off the sky has a competitive the big portion covered with a combination off pink and yellow. But the reflection is not so to fix that I will create another earlier. Then big, yellow and pink, one at a time and pain. Then I will use 60 to 70% question blurred. Next. I would erase few areas and much to plan the colors in. I'm drawing field lines gently to make it look more detailed. So now you can follow the steps. If you need to make any similar modifications now, we're going to add few flying birds. It doesn't have to be very accurate. It will work as long as they're recognizable. You can resize or move the layer if needed, and slightly lower its capacity. I used 71% capacity here. Lastly, I'm going to readjust the outwork clears hue, saturation and brightness. But before you do so, make sure you have merged all the years together, then amusing carbs to adjust the primary colors that this red, green and blue. And now finally, you have successfully being did a beautiful sense it and it's ready to share in the project . Calorie. Don't forget to mention your social media handles when submitting your projects. I will share your works on my instagram story. Also, let me know whether you found it relaxing or not, because it always helps me feel better, and I really hope it helps you as well