Lessons in Launching Your Creative Career: The Art of Self-Promotion

Brad Woodard, Illustrator + Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Welcome to Class

    • 3. 3. Creating an Effective Portfolio Website

    • 4. 4. Tracking Your Progress

    • 5. 5. Social Media Part 1

    • 6. 6. Social Media Part 2

    • 7. 7. Professional Writing and Voice

    • 8. 8. Reaching Out

    • 9. 9. The Launch Campaign

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Project Description

Create a self promo piece for your brand

Your Place on the Internet

  1. Go Make or Update Your Website

    If you don't already have an online portfoilo site, then start making one now. Start simple. Here are some platforms that are easily manageable, clean and cheap:




    Cargo Collective


    If you do have a website already, then look over your website with a critical eye. Make the necessary tweaks to make the most of your site. 

  2. Set up Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a great, free way to track your progress. Set it up on your website so you can see who is coming to your site, how much traffic you are getting, where they are coming from, etc. See a video tutorial on how to set it all up in the resources below.

Making Social Media a Business Tool

  1. Get connected

    Open a profile on all appropriate social media platforms. Decide which will best benefit you and start making profiles. 

  2. Make sure your bios and profiles are consistent

    Go look at all your online bios, avatars, profiles, etc. and make sure they are consistent. Consistent to your brand, and simply make sure the details match. Stay updated.

  3. Follow people

    Start following other creatives and companies you respect, and dream clients. Chances are some of them will start following you back.  

Professional Writing and Voice

  1. Choose your brand voice

    First things first, makes sure you know who your audience is. Once you know that, you can effectively choose your brand's voice. How do you want to be percieved? 

  2. Start a blog

    Set up a blog and link it to your website. You want them to feel connected and share traffic. Choose how many days and which days you will post. Be as consistent as possible because those reading will start to anticipate your next posts, and expect your posts to be on topic. The topic is something you need to establish as well before-hand. 

Reaching Out and Connecting

  1. Talk to everyone, everywhere you go

    Look for opportunites to let people know what you do, and that you are available for work. But be genuine, not a salesman. 

  2. Blog

    Use your blog to interview and spotlight other creatives.

  3. Get involved locally

    Participate in local shows, galleries, community events, etc.

  4. Get involved with good causes

    Pro bono work for charities and other good causes is a great way to not only be a better person, but to have your work spread around. 

  5. Cold Call

    Reach out to creatives/companies you admire, dream clients, blogs, and magazines. Let them know you exist.

  6. Follow people (not creepy)

    Start following and engaging on other's posts. Shows your genuine interest in them and their content, and can lead back to you in the future. 

The Launch

  1. Enlist friends and family to spread the word

    They may make terrible clients, but they sure do like to brag about you. Could bring in new clients!

  2. Send out e-invites and/or physical invites via mail

    People love physical mail.

  3. Directly contact blogs about featuring your new brand launch

    Blogs are always looking for new, original content.

  4. Brand and prepare campaign ads and artwork

    Plan on posting your ads to all types of platforms. Make sure to get them all sized accordingly.

  5. Post and share everything

    Be active.

  6. Track your progress & react to comments/shares

    Watch and react to comments and shares.

  7. Thank those who helped spread the word or feature your work

    Always be grateful.

  8. Remain active posting quality content on your blog and social media

    Keep on, keeping on.

  9. Send out branded promotial swag/gifts to potential and current clients

    This is the fun part. Look for opportunities to send out branded promo material to clients, potential clients, etc. Whole purpose is to show off your work.

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