Lessons in Launching Your Creative Career: The Art of Self-Promotion

Brad Woodard, Designer + Illustrator

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9 Videos (1h 50m)
    • Trailer

    • Welcome to Class

    • Creating an Effective Portfolio Website

    • Tracking Your Progress

    • Social Media Part 1

    • Social Media Part 2

    • Professional Writing and Voice

    • Reaching Out

    • The Launch Campaign


About This Class


Whether you are a creative just starting out, trying to land that first job, or you are ready to make the big leap and go solo, self-promotion is the key. You may have the best portfolio in the world, but if nobody knows it exists, it doesn't matter.

I am Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods, a design and illustration studio, which I recently left the corporate world to start with my wife, Krystal Woodard. 

After a few years of experimenting with self-promotion, we found a formula for launching our brand successfully. My background in design and illustration, paired with Krystal's background in social media and professional writing, created the prefect storm, allowing us to start and run a successful design and illustration studio of our own. In this class I'll walk you through everything we learned along the way. 

What You'll Learn

This class is a step-by-step guide to the science behind effective self-promotion. For all you creatives, this means getting your work seen, gaining followers, connecting with the creative community, using social media to your advantage and creating a stronger portfolio and personal brand. Through a series of short video lessons, project steps and other resources, we'll cover:

  • Getting your website in order. 
  • Making social media a business tool. 
  • Professional writing and voice. 
  • Reaching out and connecting.
  • Launching your brand.

What You'll Do

You'll prepare your personal brand for launch (or re-launch) by creating a self-promotional piece to send out to prospective clients and followers. This self-promo piece will be in whatever format is most effective for your work. Some examples may include a physical mailer, an e-blast, an invitation to an event, or a care package. This project is meant to showcase your work and gain momentum for your brand.

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Audio is a little rough, but the info and advice are worth it!
Kristin Thornton

Living, Laughing and Loving Life!

Great class with plenty of useful and very detailed information :)
This is a great practical class on how to get started with your own self promotion. The designation between using social media for personal use and your own work was very helpful. You touched upon the very important aspect of getting your work in front of the right people. However, it might have been helpful to be more specific about how to target them. Oftentimes, we take for granted how our own stories of success could benefit others seeking to do the same. As artists, we never want to sound like we're bragging but our own stories can be inspiring to others. So feel free to share just a little more. I actually stopped in the lesson as you directed and went to develop my site. I realized that the work i am putting up there, while good, is not what makes me happy. Loved the class but admit, I am one of those that may come off as desperate. There is a level of commitment to doing good work that takes time beyond this class and I have my work cut out for me. Everything you touched upon is so great for toplining while developing and creating my art and design. Potential follow up for this class? Creating that perfect image ( graphic, illustration or photo ) that will get you the attention you need on social media. Perhaps bulleted lists for a step-by-step execution along with a recap on specific social media posts. Thanks, mattdetroit





Brad Woodard

Designer + Illustrator

I am a graphic designer and illustrator raised in the Great Northwest, now living in Austin, Texas with my wife and two little kids. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design, I started my career as an information designer and illustrator at Column Five Media. The digital illustration courses I took in college paid off, as I found that more and more clients were requesting illustration work in their designs. Merging both skills together I have been able attract all types of work, including my work in advertising at Arnold Worldwide.

Now, my wife and I run our own design and illustration studio full-time, named Brave the Woods. We also started the company Artists for Education, which brings artists together to create beautifully designed, educational artwork for teachers' classrooms and your living room.

You can also find me on DribbbleTwitterFacebook and Pinterest