Lens Flares: Add Warm Cinematic Glow to your Photography

Tabitha Park, Really good at airline sudoku

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Catching Lens Flares

    • Prisming

    • Ring of Fire

    • Miscellaneous Tools

    • Editing in Lightroom

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this class we'll be chasing the sun to create dramatic, beautiful lens flares totally in-camera (no photoshop necessary!!)

I'll show you each of the tools I use to add a little (or a lot!) of lens flare and haze in my images.
I'll show you how to utilize everyday objects like a CD, plastic bags, or the screen of your phone and I'll also tell you where you can get a great prism and a set of copper pipes for even more experimenting.

Please exercise caution when shooting into the sun! Eye damage is real, so don't stare at the sun for extended periods of time and give your eyes plenty of breaks during your photoshoot. :)

Buy the Prism here

Buy the Copper Pipe Fittings here

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Another great class!!!Thanks you Tabitha.
Super helpful with giving other ideas for reflecting light! I knew about the plastic bag and prism, but cool to learn about the other tools!
Awesome class! I love the creativity
Evelyn Michaels

I want to pet all the dogs.





Tabitha Park

Really good at airline sudoku

Hi! I'm Tabitha and I teach photography classes. I'm a lifestyle portrait photographer for a living and I make that living in the gorgeous state of Utah! I love plants and I knit and I had my appendix removed in 2014 and sometimes I worry that I might need it later to talk to aliens. Other than that I'm pretty normal.

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