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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. The Crop Factor

    • 4. Portrait Comparison

    • 5. Macro

    • 6. Special Effect Lens: Lensbaby Spark

    • 7. Vintage Lens: Helios 442

    • 8. Things to Keep in Mind

    • 9. Wrap Up


Project Description

In turn, as your project, you will take two images of the same subject in the same environment at the same time of day but with different focal lengths. This can be an 18mm and a 135mm or a 35mm and a 50mm. The choice is yours as long as you can tell me which one you prefer and why. Use our comparison test in this course as an example for your own 2 photo comparison project.

From portrait to landscape, you choose your subject and keep every variable the same except the focal length. 

An Example of a Project

From our comparison test, the two longest focal lengths below are 135mm and 200mm. Choosing between them is difficult as they are both extremely flattering on the model. However, I believe the 135mm is the winner here as the 200mm brings out his ears a bit too much and starts to flatten his face more. 

The 135mm you still get the separation between the background and subject's shoulders but the face is more rounded and it is more flattering for this reason.


Above you can see the 135mm lens in action. It creates a good separation and booked while keeping his features round.


Above is the 200mm lens which I think has even more beautiful booked but since the subject of the image is where we want our audience to look, I think his face is to flat and the ears are becoming more pronounced.

Student Projects