Lego Selling with eBay: Complete Guide to profits with Lego | Sergey Kasimov | Skillshare

Lego Selling with eBay: Complete Guide to profits with Lego

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

Lego Selling with eBay: Complete Guide to profits with Lego

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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20 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Class

    • 2. About this class

    • 3. Getting Best Price & Research Phase

    • 4. Reselling LEGO sets

    • 5. eBay Active LIstings

    • 6. Selling LEGO on eBay

    • 7. Listing LEGO pieces

    • 8. Profit with Lego Minifigures

    • 9. Selling Lego Minifigures

    • 10. Selling Lego Vehicles

    • 11. Selling Lego Animals

    • 12. Flipping a LEGO listing

    • 13. Buying, Selling & Flipping Lots

    • 14. Profit with My Own Creations

    • 15. Comic Con, fake minifigures & customs

    • 16. Profit with Lego Offer

    • 17. Selling Lego Pre-Release

    • 18. Investing in Lego Sets

    • 19. Legovesting Guide

    • 20. Extra Legovesting Lecture

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About This Class

Lego Selling with eBay: Complete Guide to profits with Lego

Your mission should you choose to accept it! Is to enroll in this class to learn how you can profit with your Legos. This entire course will focus on how to source, where to source, how to flip, find deals and make money in every method possible with legovesting otherwise known as lego investing.

This course been created to help you monetize your lego hubby and start cashing in as soon as today. Got kids, love garage sales and want to find out how to make additional income and have fun in the process? Then this course is for you.

Disclaimer: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.

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Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. Welcome to the Class: welcome, my friend. I'm so excited to have you on board because this is the class you have been waiting for. If you like, goes, anyone won't. Which records you should be buying, investing and making money. Weapons. This is the cross for you. We're gonna go and explore which are the sets that you should be investing. Which ones are those you should be keeping and buying and flipping and making money online . This course has been designed just for you to teach you, which are the ones that you should be investing in now. I know. Just teach you how to do this. I do it myself as well. You can go ahead and see that I have over $1100 or merchandise. Who is that right now on eBay And I will be teaching you how to use eBay to your own advantage, to get an unfair advantage over all your competitors and everyone else who is selling. I goes online. This course has been designed to teach you how to profit with Lego resting. So go ahead, take this glass and see on the inside. I will be teaching. You hear things that you probably didn't even know existed, including how to whip eBay auctions, how to create motor rebel affiliation listings on eBay. I had to go ahead and drop ship items on eBay itself and make money. You don't even have to invest in any rebel sets for you to do this. That we think and more is gonna be all included in this class CEO on the inside. 2. About this class: welcome my friends to the 2018 addition over ago resting. I'm so excited to have you on board because this is the class you have been waiting for. If you like, where goes anyone won't. Which records You should be buying, investing and making money with it. This is the cross for you. We're gonna go and explore which are the sets that you should be investing for the year 2018. Which ones of those you should be keeping and buying and flipping and making money online. This course has been designed just for you to teach you, which are the ones that you should be investing in now. I not just teach you how to do this. I do it myself as well. You can go ahead and see that I have over 1100 doors or merchandise we listed right now on eBay and I will be teaching you how to use eBay to your own advantage to get an unfair advantage over all your competitors and everyone else who is selling my goes online. This course has been designed to teach you how to profit with Lego resting. So go ahead. take this glass and see on the inside I will be teaching. You hear things that you probably didn't even know existed, including kind of whip. EBay auctions how to create motor rebel affiliation listings on eBay. I had to go ahead and drop ship items on eBay itself and make money. You don't even have to invest in any rebel sets for you to do this. That we think and more is gonna be all included in this class CEO on the inside. 3. Getting Best Price & Research Phase: It is very important for you to know how to do research pricing and to find out the best possible price for said that euro by not only you want to buy the most collectible and the best possible set for the money that you are going to be spending. You want to make sure, forcible, that the item is in its original box. That item is correctable and it's gonna be wolf a lot of money. And here is why this item is gonna do exactly that. It is Lego Pirates of the Caribbean or different pirates, said exponentially go up in price, especially when it comes to Lego pirate ships. The ships themselves is what gives it the best possible price. A lot of people do correct those kind offsets. And also, if it has a very nice mini figures and details, it's gonna definitely give it a lot more value. This actually one off the year award. So one thing about this that you have to look for is even has a lot of men. If Ingalls this one of the reasons why the value of it goes exponentially higher. So before you go and decide to buy those. You wanna work for this? Said online if you can find it for about the chibok senses and your said, very likely you can still find it in as a location, such a stargate and warm out. Sometimes they have this item going for a lot cheaper in target Obama. So it now it is going 499. But if you keep on watching it, sometimes it goes much deeper. Also, if you open a credit card in target, you actually can get And this count for every item that you are actually buying on why Bus pre shipping in the United States. So this is definitely and good thing for you to actually do you is another set right now. That is definitely gonna be a corrector set that fell in price. It used to be 50 bucks, and now it is going for 30 for the mini figures. I want ah, wolf way more than the actual set itself so you can buy it and sell it for pieces for parts and eventually the price of it only going to go up. One thing you do have to watch out for is regal fakes and on early expressed they sell a bunch of those. He was wilder. So it is and looks like an identical same exact item instead, what they did, they took the same images that are coming form the actual original set, and they put it over here instead. There was selling you a copy of it, so you definitely don't want to buy it formally. Express. This is a fake. Wasn. But if you're working for a good discount and you can do this for any specific set, especially when you're doing your price research, you can go to blink. Wink that calm wink, wink that come is one of the best possible sites for you to find vintage and old Wigo sets . So this is the site I talked to a command for you to visit. So he was this at itself, and it says the different prices for it. And now we have prices for this set so you can get just a minute figures I want for 84 box You. You can get the whole entire thing and new box included on demand cheap worldwide shipping from Denmark 462. This is definitely the cheapest possible price. But you have to make sure it is coming from the same destination as the item that you're buying. Ideally, you want to buy it from the same exact country. I'm walking in the United States. So it has to be orchid in United States as well. And also, if it has a discount forward, and if it gives you free shipping in United States, definitely. This is what you want to actually buy. So Blink Link is a bunch of different stores that you could find the same identical item or even something better over here for much cheaper than you can find it anywhere else. When it comes to doing the price research, what you have to do is to make sure you type in There we go and the set number over here after you type it. Then it was on this and it was the worst possible price forced. So now we're working for the voice possible price off this set and see what kind of results that we get. Sometimes we can get the same identical set, and it's gonna be much cheaper. So here we go. This is actually a use set, and since it was opened, the price went went much war. So we can get the same price much well, by looking online and looking at all the different results we actually have here, sometimes you can bid on the item as well. But bidding is much harder for you to Windows. I don't. We recommend for you to bed, but if you're very good, better you might potentially get it for very growth, boys. So this one has one day and nine hours left so you can add this deal. Watch west toe, watch the item. You want a win and then wait to the last second. Not exactly there a second, but the last 25 seconds or so. Then you're gonna be placing your bed and see if you can win it for a very good discount price. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that they call in bid. Whatever it is, you have to intuit slightly cracks. There's gonna be 100 5 boxes. Plus, keep in mind that the shipping is gonna be sometimes a separate fee. So ed it up with the corn points to make sure you get the best possible price. Also, another thing you can do is to look for the same exact item on Amazon. Sometimes the price on Amazon is gonna be discounted even more. Just make sure you're getting the actual deal here. Not a fake copy once in a while that would have fake copies also sold on Amazon as well. So you got to be very careful with that. You don't want to make sure that you're buying a vintage set and then just finding out accidentally that this item it wasn't the real deal. It was a fake copy off the actual set. Take a look at some of those who Lego sets that have been discontinued and how much they're running up right now on eBay. 609 bucks for Pirates of the Caribbean set for 184 He was another one. Where Go Queen and Revenge for 195 set going for 599. Hugh is one of the best and most expensive Lego sets out there. There we go by with Imperial flagship going for a whooping, almost 1000 bucks. So this is actually the set. You should definitely work for on eBay. So type this inlet here, present search and try to find the same exact set. Hell, full, much cheaper price. Usually you can even take an item that is listed on eBay and flip it on Amazon for a much better price as well. And what you can do here is pretty simple, or you have to do is to take one of those sets and wasted up on Amazon. So this one is going for 624 box. And now we have to do is to take this set and the Western up on Amazon and see if you can get it and sell it for much higher price. Nothing. I want you to keep in mind. It is. You can goto boy Klink and see if you can find the same exact set some a lot cheaper price as well. So all the hell no typing in the set that they're working for and you just have to type in their set number. And now we're gonna go and seeing how much this item is going for. So in blink wink, you can find the same identical item listed for much cheaper price in fact, the cheapest possible price is possibly gonna be sold on blink wink. One thing you have to make sure that the item is 100 ports and complete in mint condition, and it is shipping from the same exact country that you're going to be selling it to. So since I'm orchid in United States, this is the item that I want to actually sell. It is going for 515 box. So one thing I can do is to take this exact item and sell it for more money on eBay. Before I want to do this, I want to contact this shop owner and ask him How much does it cost to ship this item toe any destination in the United States? After I find out the shipping voice, I'm gonna take this item and the listed on eBay for much higher price. And then if I do sell it, I'm gonna make really good money by using online arbitrage. So those are a few methods for you to do some price research and then also flipping waste things and making money with them 4. Reselling LEGO sets: welcome everybody to making money. Who have leg arrested here. We're gonna go over things to buy and interested and then foot, but for choices, much can. So it's get started those day. Gotta do still four sets that you can potentially Web for toys, the profit you have now at. So this political settling here looks interesting. And the problem issue here is it's too expensive for 50 is a lot of cash. The second issue, which is not gonna go work for Let's look at the menu. Feagles. The size of those is a very nice meeting begins, by the way. But there's one catch you. This whole set looks you humongous at the same time. If you keep on working, working the details, you will see those manager Minya feels and miniature spaceship and as a collapse and everything else here in buses and everything else, which makes you understand that this is a very minute show actually set that comes of those minutes so it's actually way smaller than it should be. That's probably a little over price. It 50 might be a lot of pieces, but at the same time it's just not gonna be wolf the money. You're not gonna break even on this. You might lose a lot of cash buying. So you should know what not to buy as well. You have the kingdom just like you. That'll set. That seems amazing. 72 bucks and it got sold out. This article said is definitely Woolford. And here we have a good price balance on what you can buy. Interesting. And whip. This is per country $250. Set your working at in a few us. What? From now when they stopped making it, which is the day? Just did. As you can see, this just got sold out. And probably next year this thing is gonna go maybe 450 because it's so out they don't have it anymore. If you can get your hands on this under 100 that's a buy and keep. Next thing you want to get, uh, might be descent. This set is it's a little tricky. This is 250. A little too expensive for what it is. The price is good, but, um, it gives you a lot off for Buck for your money. A lot of details about our next media P goes, but you might not be able tow We turn the money back this quickened. Take your work time to do this. So I don't suggest you do this. And us. You have ah, walked all investment strategy might be like 2 to 3 years. Maybe we'll go for you to double your cash. Innis. It's a little tricky foreign investment. It's more like if you're collectives despite yeah, they're separate here. This is a little bit different. It's so black. So it's not as good you're getting 200 bucks and doesn't look that fancy. No one critical item? Sure, that's where How to find the ego. Anything else? Those weapons here, though, is a few minutes Giggles. It's not good. I would not buy this. Stay away. Forget Down we go. This is amazing. Who could that detail some does? This is a power trip power trip. Very nice to me. This is an exclusive item. It looks very amazing Desisting on that fund off this particular kind of stuff with here Totally. Who wins the sentence of ways but the same time you're not buying it for that. You're buying it for shipping ship it really exclusive, working and amazing. I think this set is a by it's a buy if you can get it under 200. If you can't, I would stay away from it because it might go up in price. Yes, but for what? You're getting here for a lot of details, but it's just too expensive. Toe make calling. So I would say Wait. If it goes under 200 by four worked on by whip potentially one up to 400 in the future. It could be possible for this particular set. Now we got the palace. You This is definitely a by item. If you can get this full Western 1 50 whatever goes under it. The detail so amazing. This is an exclusive item, as you can see, work for dags exclusive. How to find how to find items. Those are the tags you have to look for a small. The details of this amazing as you can see why God before has details. That's what you want. You want it to be able to open in Every war has its own details also, and this is like just any geek would walk to get his hands on. Dad, this is amazing. So this is Stephanie. Work the money. You went for that set already. And I think they said is definitely by. So I hear we got we got something we can repeal. Unfortunately, this got sold out. This is definitely abiding. Graduation time. You buy those 47 box a box and then whip them for 15. 16 around graduation, April. Done by a bunch of those and try it. Step into you. What you should be doing. We got the train set, and as you can see, the sale price for that 1 43 This is awesome place for what you're getting here. You can get very nice details. Everything. It's not that fancy, is I put initially so it's kind of you can maybe break even on this. I would say no. Stay away from that. This is doesn't have a train in it. I mean, does have. But the train itself is not that fancy working. So now that's enough. That's a no foot had one. This strain. This is the kind of train you kind of more want. This this looks a little bit better. It looks classic, but the place is a little bit too steep for it. So this is too steep or with this particular train set. But you have to do is to go on sales and Dios. Then go Hiko and look every single day and try to see if something comes up and catches your eye like price discrepancies that are very big over here, like between the prices by and place it goes. So that's what you have to do if you want. Buy something in a foot between like, here we go. There's a huge price, that discrepancy that we have over one item, which is a lot, and despite this and whip it, very nice said. And he will go another one. This definitely by a bunch of those back 20 symptoms. So that's and step with you a Lego vesting and seeing 5. eBay Active LIstings: Hello and welcome back to Lego resting. And over here I have my own version off all the stuff that I sell right now actively on eBay. Of course, I have other things that are listed for sale also on etc. But this is not gonna be shown in this video. Now, this stuff that they have wasted on eBay kind off things, including drop shipping. Marcus thinks that I take from go our sales. And so it including my own collection things that I buy and resell for money or for the purpose A to expend my wiggle correction to to make more money so I can buy my way goes Oh , just toe off course, Get money for myself. So this is what they have Was there right now 272 ways. Things wasted in my store. Out of those 31 of those Legos and the whole amount of money that have off items that are listed for sale is 1385 box off merchandise. Out of those, 46 actual items are listed for sale, so it's not just only 1 31 plus motivation off listings, and that comes down all the way toe 46 listings in total. So let's go ahead and talk about each and every one of those listings and just to give you a few ideas. So he was there different kind of use that I'm getting for those listings, some of them beginning a while. Views such as this one, almost 1000 views people really interested in this specific question right here, but the price might be too high. Other ones are not getting as much traction such as this one, which is pretty cool set, which is a futuristic ooh wrestling arena. There's also off course, my own creations, including a custom logo bond and a lot of other things as well here. Now, one thing that you can see here is if the points itself and this is an actual auction kind of twisting. This is why it's in red. The buy it now is different, and you can see a few things on the stats. Here. You can see how many people are watching those specifically stings, and if you see at Watcher, that means the wisdom is doing pretty well, and then all you have to do is to make sure that somebody actually buys it by switching. Maybe if we're being a few things editing the description, changing the points and so on. So those are the things that you can do here. Here's another one, and somebody is watching this one as well, and the dinosaur is getting watched. Some of them are not getting watched. It doesn't mean it's nonetheless. So it just means that people are not watching that specific ways thing. So you have to tweak it more or just wait until the white bio comes along. One of the most interesting things that you can do is actually, so we go. Quetta works people Dubai. A bunch of wiggle cattle looks, but you should sell a bunch of and a wide ball idea of them, such as I do myself. This is £10 over different kinds, over legal catalogues in various kinds of conditions. It is sung right now for 54 doors and change. He was another Lego is thing, and in this one I'm selling random kind offsets or combined. Usually those are findings that they find from Garcia's some of it. I bought it myself as well from other people off course on sale. And then what I do is opposed them all up together, combined and opposed him as a wholesale rattle. People can buy also an interesting kind off items for them either for their own collection off course, and they can go ahead and play with it as well. So this specific one is mostly for people to get extra powered species. Playoff it daycare sets. I mean, people like toe get Legos, Azaz waiting room stuff. So if you're a doctor or dentist, this is a great way for you to spend the less money than you have toe on waiting room toys that they can play with. So here it is. There's a bunch of Legos over it. Hell, and you can see that in this specific listing. Some of the pictures are pretty great. Others are not so good. So this is a great picture right here. You can see it is all white in the background, the details. Everything looks good. Now, on the other hand, this specific want is this really bad yellow tent to this. And this one has a little bit bully in the picture background. So you have to try to avoid something like that. He was another. That's a great picture. Well, I kind off parts of it. And you can really see the details off a lot of the wasting. This one is okay. The apple part is a little bit not so great with grey with white. So you have toe be when they walk out for something like this and to make so that the item itself is actually very good. And the picture is excellent in quality as well. So make sure you walk on that. Nothing you have to walk on is an actual description makes. So the description is great and it has all the set numbers written right on it. People pay attention to this set numbers next set that I actually saw Hugh. And this one is also important. And interesting is the Lego Star Wars Force transport. This one gives you them really good pictures for this specific questing. So you can see all the details in every one of the pictures. You getting one from this side you're getting went from the forint, you're getting one from the top and from the back. Unfortunately, with this picture. Although I have the instruction booklet, I'm not taking pictures and enough pictures off this specific set. So it is missing pictures, but it's still getting me a lot of people watching this sets. I have over 1000 people actually thinking, Look at this specific satellite here. Next set is the Argo City Transport and this one. I took a lot of very good pictures off the specific set, now a little bit on the top. There was that gray background with the white mixed up so I could have went and made even better working pictures for this one. I don't usually bother to march who are getting those amazing work in pictures, especially when it comes to wag arresting and selling way goes, because people don't pay as much attention to those listings. And second about you don't want to work with your huge cell. Who does this for a living. So in some ways, but not actually having it as professional as you can, it actually gets people more comfortable from buying form. You used Legos, so keep this also in mind. You have to be the best photographer for those items to sell, but What you have to do is to make sure the item actually ranks on eBay and more likely people are viewing your wasting. So as long as the Western works good and it and it's just white background and you put as much details as you can with the worst thing, you should be able to sell those items. He was something that was a treasure fine on an actual guards. So I started with only 20 bucks, and I made almost 300 doors off findings on Ankara, Russia. What that particular were arresting find was so many items that they got Some of them will vote 10 times over the mother money that I invested in this particular case, it was wolf so much more than that. And here is why I was able to get a whole stash off vintage Lego mini figures in this 20 door that I spent for it. And this was just an amazing find. Next thing is ago, mocha, which stands for my own creation, and you can see here different, kind off pictures that I took off the item that is arrested for sale. So you want to take as many different pictures as you can off the item in many different views, from the top from the side and so on. Now I double listed the same exact item somewhere else, which means it is are so wasted on at sea. It is a duplicate in the double wasting. You should definitely do this in order to enhance and get double the exposure off the same item for self. So if it is and it gets sold on eBay first, I'm gonna go ahead and take it off form being on sale on Etsy. Next thing I'm selling is an actual dino. So what I did here, I bought an actual workers set. I took it apart and I'm selling pieces of it, including just a dino itself, the vehicles, the menu, Figo's and everything is wasted. Support e. By doing this, I'm an showing that I make money on every single parts and pieces off those sets, and people might be really interested in buying those things. A lot of times people want to buy something specific, and they were just looking just to get the dino didn't want that in town, said Maybe they just want the menu figure you're doing them a big service by wasting specific parts for sale. He was another dina list, and you can see that this one has superior photography that is involved in taking those pictures. This is how you should actually do a week ago Twisting. This is a primary example. So you can see here own white background for the actual wasting, including a lot of details off the item and taking a picture of it in airway. Possible position. So frightened that piece out to make it stand out and make some day, we want to actually buy it. Another thing here is another way, Gomulka, my own creation. And this one also has a lot of superior, very beautiful pictures. So some of it you can see the difference between okay, pictures, good pictures and amazing pictures. Make sure you're always try and book for to create the most amazing pictures that you can for your listings. This one is also in okay item. There was not the best kind off pictures for their specific item, but this is a Lego set and not necessarily an exact set. But I'm taking parts and pieces from different kind of sets posting it all combined as one mega beak set, and I'm adding some extra pieces to it as well, so you don't have tohave an actual will. You go ahead and your accounting toe every single piece and you're selling it as a complete item. It's not necessary. You can actually, so incomplete sets and sell it for parts, and people just as well are gonna buy those specific sets. He was another one when I saw a bunch of Lego model cycles and there was different kind of sets that are involved, so this is a bad man, said saying. For 29 98 box. And I'm trying to keep the price is high because I want to make sure that somebody buys it for what it is. There was a lot of different, very interesting kind off motorbikes here, and somebody might be really interested in collecting off we kinds of those, including free, different Batman's Wednesday. I have something that I created my own kind of my own creation over here with using different Lego parts and pieces, and this is like a super dragon and posted up for sale as a Lego marker actually was able to sell two different ones off those. So this is the last one they have left. And this one has also very nice pictures in different kind of positions. So sometimes eight dynamics not selling. Make sure you go ahead and take even better pictures because it's Stephanie going to enhance and make the wasting so much better. 6. Selling LEGO on eBay: a quick way to make money selling leg. What's is that You have to separate everything that's valuable out off the big what or that you have and take some of those mini figures out of there and weapons and try to sell them separately. So what, you see what here is a really good example off such an auction, and this one is almost perfect. Only thing I don't like about this a little bit on the bottom. It's not white enough, so it's a little dark right here, but everything else here is exactly how it should be. So it shows you that there was seven different Lego mini pickles, monsters, poor sales. Then it says what set number it actually came with. And it's no important that you put in the set number and as many different set numbers as possible because it lets people know exactly what you're selling and they can find you. What more easier If there was a certain number on it now, I was gonna wanna say, if it is used on you and even is used, it's mostly like it was open. So you don't get somebody say, Hey, this is not new. It's not in the box itself. So you say used and then you say new. Everything is burning new. So you tell exactly how it's described as now. Don't you wanna sell Dominion figures? You want to give them a few weapons and things like that that's going to make them more likely to be sold. And lastly, sometimes you want to customize some of the many pictures like this one like you is not actually something that comes in. And he said, and this is actually a custom made menu finger here you're looking at. So he was another one. That's kind of customers. I could like the back of it. This is not what originally comes with that specific set. So somebody they really like this particular set, they will buy it. But another thing you want to do to make people we want to buy this particular item. You wanna put in as many different pictures now off their every single minute figure that you have for sale. So here we go in every single minute, fickle up and close, and the last thing we have all the skeletons to here. So it kind of shows every single minute fickle. Their writing has to be pretty blood. So you have. You can see that. We mean figure. You can see every detail or what you're actually getting in this particular set. And then when it comes to it, the description you have to make it as simple as possible. You wanna make sure it is 100 put sent. Where goes so people know about you want to actually put a team on it? So if this is how we nous coming up and you're selling Monster said, it is perfect time for you to put an end. Oh, and life. And another thing you want to put in is if you have any Bono's that comes with it, such as the super jumbo which is included here. You want to say it is in the when you want to say which pictures kind of have it in. So this is the correct way to south a Lego that set, let's go into an in collect one and see what somebody did. And I will tell you exactly what went wrong here. So this is the long way too self aware will set this political wasting Bastable that won't thing about this is until he did. The description is kind of OK. The problem here is he's talking about crocodiles. There's also alligators, too, and it's the same kind of thing. But if you just put crocodiles, it doesn't get that much attention to it. But here is the big problem. It says we go huge. What? This is that that huge? But it is huge when it comes to what he is sound. So, he said, a lot of really, really valuable pieces healed. But the way he describes his listing is totally off and totally alone, and you can see how unprofessional this particular Western actually is. So how can you tell this? But let's take a look at the picture, forced and you can see. But he took the picture instead of this whole white background showing. You don't want to, really? So the signs with and you can see like like you, you can see the sides off the background. I like that it was assembled in his. He just just full in indo, took the pictures like he doesn't like, Yeah, and he's just trying to dispose off this. What he doesn't understand exactly what he sounds is you can see even when he zoomed in a bed. Everything is blowing and it's hard to see. Although you can kind of tell what's in here. It's still not the correct way you want to put an eBay listing up. It doesn't make it appealing. It doesn't make it look good. And here is another issue he has when you're selling a wig, a waste and you know when the sell something that has broken parts in it, or at least if it does, just for them out, don't put them in the wasting. And this particular person, he put a few of them upto and you can see that it is, Ah, few pieces that are broken indo that you're getting So now you might say, Hey, if this is book and what else is broken and if everything else fine, nobody is gonna really know, because that's that makes it unappealing. So some people might not actually want to buy this, so he didn't even clean. It was like a path here or something in the way over the web. So that's kind of Atlantic, too, but you don't want to do something like that. Contempt Minniti. That's not that makes people don't want to buy. At the same time, he signed a lot of very valuable stuff in this particular wasting, and he is not giving it as much value as you should. So you want to actually buy something like this because you can tone this listing around and resell it As you can see all the snakes, you could be sold just as one separate listening for around 12 bucks because there's just so many of them. Look at that. All the different spiders here, if you sell them just despite his themselves, they could also be sold for around 12 box you as well. And the pallets do that. There's so many different kind of pellets you and those are very valuable to. It was about one toe were didn't see around exceptional eight of them, and that's a lot of them, and they definitely go for a lot of money. And and then you also have scorpions here doing, and all of those kind of different items be half here, are not giving any value to them because he just through them all of them over there. And lastly, here, here is the big mistake he's actually doing. He is selling a head of a shock, and another one is the alligator. But both of them are missing two important pieces. The shock is missing there, the head of it most is the alligator is missing that tale. But so those two pieces themselves have zero value to almost anybody unless they have the head of the shock or the tail off the alligators. So those two particularly I wouldn't even sell because almost nobody will buy the motto. Here is the funny thing. Uh, the alligators does have another had inhuman. I'm working. If there was any, they'll go ahead to the snake. Sometimes what he does is accidentally includes them in, though, but doesn't put him on it. Which is ironic in this particular, and he just doesn't have it. So that's the two big mistakes he actually did in this particular wasting that I could see . But there was a lot more mistakes that actually told you about two. So those afterward, the spider Web pew and yeah, that that should have been added in in a separatist and so simple it e. There was a lot off those I do with major mistakes here, and there was a lot of minor mistakes and always upto what off? Different mistakes made in all in one wester. And you definitely do not want to do this because there's this thing could have been sold into six or seven different listings that could have gave him a lot more value. I think for what he has up here, even those small, different, weird kind of pieces that you see those electric tubes, those are actually animal tales. That's exactly what it is and people do by them. So that's everything about that, that just the picture I want that that was long. Now let's go into what he did want right here of the item specs. And he doesn't really describe it much, either here, so it doesn't like the eBay search engine even picking up, so he's listing almost nobody can even find it. And that's another mistake. You want people to be able to find your wasting, and the Western itself doesn't even look appealing enough in it to it, so it doesn't make you will. You want to buy this item it makes you like. I don't want to get this because there was so much It just makes it look so unappealing the same time. Somebody who wants toe flip for wasting. That's exactly what you're looking for. You wanna find somebody who is just food that the items And they're made so many mistakes, though, that you can just go in the fix it up, breaking into five or six different ways things and profit on that Bible six times over with Mitt. So that's what I actually used the we like to do because it was an easy way to make a lot of money and not on you work for goes. You can do this just about anything. I now have a lot more things to self, so I don't really worry about something like this. But if you're just starting out and you want to find a great way to make money, this is how you test your skills out your by a listing and you re sell stuff in it for what , more value. And then you make money and then you do the same thing over and over and over again until you make a lot off cash in the process. 7. Listing LEGO pieces: in this section will be talking about how to sell a wegel. What Lego What is actually when you have a bunch of Legos that you want to sell? So what you really are doing is getting a bunch of different pieces for many different locations. You put them all together as one, and then you take pictures of them and you take many different pictures so people know what they were getting. And then you put the price on it, so the price would be over on 26. But you can go as we always 29 then you put in in the description you're giving them 500 clean pieces for a different kind of what? So that's what you were giving. Some of them will be new. Some of them will be used because if you collect them from different sources such as Galasso, some of them are actually used and played with. And lastly, you want to give them something that will make them want to buy it, which is usually the many people. So you want to include a few minutes Biggles in the wasting. So after you get all of the pictures up and every one of the pictures. So that's what they're getting and what I would actually do. I would have the pictures off the minute he goes that are coming. Worked upset Because if its two individual, they don't know what they're getting, sometimes they're not gonna actually buy. And the last important thing in it is actually the description. So you want to put in in the description everything that they are actually beginning. So it's the same thing. That title is actually the same one and double it in the description. Then you tell that the window is getting 500 mind Oh, pieces so they don't know exactly what they were getting. Because if you have a big lot of a lot of pieces, you don't want to go encounter every single time until you're actually make this sale and pause, it makes it more mysterious and bond for the kids, so they know they're getting it from that. What? But don't know how many pieces and which ones they're getting and that this is a little bit controversial here when you're giving them that three random many pickles because if you don't show them what they were getting. In some ways, it's kind of cool that you might get an extra sale in other ways some people were not really want to buy because they don't know exactly what they're getting in the last week. You want to actually tell them what kind offsets it's coming from, So if it's coming from, star goes off CD only in general, you want to tell them that because people will be more likely to buy them as well. Don't also forget to say that this is 100% authentic wangle pieces because a lot of times there was a lot of fake rebels out there right now. So you have to differentiate your wagons and tell people exactly what you bought them from , such as Did you buy at Wal Mart and Target and are there 100 puts and original, and that definitely is gonna get you over at most sales here and you start making money. There was a lot of different watts, our helpful cells. You have to work in the competition, so if yours is priced much more higher than the competition, you will not get that many sales. On the other hand, you don't want to actually wore the price or what more Just to compete of somebody because you can never win this waste. You want to do something in the middle. So as you can see, there was a lot of competition here, and a lot of the Macedonian Tony 1 24 And some of them are going toe 22. So I would say 29 is actually the sweet area where you actually would get sales, and at the same time, you're not gonna actually lose money as well. 8. Profit with Lego Minifigures: There we go. Simple. Hugh Lineup is one of the most popular and the best one for you to make money selling Legos . The reason for that is quite simple. The ago superhero line is a brand new wine that they came up with, and every few years they come up with some kind of a team that has a lot of fans do it. And when they do this, they do get sold out after a while. And at the same time, many figures themselves as you can see every minute. Figel has a different drawing to it, and what happens is that when they come up with a new mini fickle, they sometimes ritual the way it looks like. So if they created a doubt boost, supermen, and then they created one that's not about Geronimo, it's becomes a brand new men. If iCal and some of those men, if eagles go up in price, what because they make so few of them? So every kind of Magnifico has a different price to it. As you can see this particular cell, what he actually did is really simple. He just got out a bunch of those Lego mini figures, and he is selling each one of them at a very good price. This is the market price for every one of those men. If Eagles, as you can see, he saw the 1261 many figures, which is unbelievable amount of men if Ingalls that he actually saw them made money, or so you can do something very similar. You can create the wasting that looks exactly like this or you waste metal One item, but you list every single minute difficult. You haven't cell in one particle auction. So this one is a fixed price twisting to be just every single product that he's signed with a different kind off price talk. Choto it. So if you want to choose this particular item, you buy it at around 16 doors. And then if you don't like this one and you want to get something else, you go to a different one and you pay a different kind of price sport. And it doesn't look like this is walking because it is successful. He sold a bunch of them and at the same time he has a picture of every single item that is force there. This is a great way for you to make a lot of money by doing exactly the same thing by replicating a successful eBay cell and trying to sell your own meat goes and then after you sell the menu figures themselves. But I do suggest you to do is to sell the Lego pieces themselves as a whole s parts or 500 pieces. You'll be selling them totally separately. This way you make a lot money because you're getting money for each minute, fickle in the set. And then you're getting separate money for just the Lego pieces. And separate is gonna get you way more money than this set itself. And if you do this a bunch of times and you keep on doing it over and nobody can you definitely make a lot of money using this particular mattered 9. Selling Lego Minifigures: and not a very profitable way for you to make a lot of money would be to actually sell Lego Mini Big goes online and not just any minute. Biggles. We're talking about the Lego superhero mini bagels because those are the ones. They're gonna get you the most money. In fact, when you get the Lego superheroes set, you want to get rid of all the ago superhero mini figures, get the money for them and then all the leftover pieces you'll be using to sell them as a what. So you'll be making all that money just from selling the men. If Ingalls alone now, every single time you'll be selling a Lego mini figure, you want to take a picture of it. The first thing you want to do is take a picture of it, how he works like enough want and then the second picture off the back off the menu figure because sometimes they have a different design on the back. And lastly, when you take a picture of a mean if eagle, sometimes to have a different kind of faces to them. So this one has a different kind of face. You just flip the face along and take a second picture in it, and that's when he doesn't really do that. So he has anyone picture, but you want to have three different pictures here. Instead, you want to use old white background and you could just buy it different, kind off white, something white, and you put it on the bottom, and then you put the minute figure on top and you take the picture. Get some extra right down, and it's gonna work very professional here because it blends in with the background off white that eBay uses itself. Now when it comes to the description, you want to say exactly what you're selling, which is why Go DC superhero and the Magnifico set, and you want to say what kind of said it actually features in it. Sometimes it's featured in more than one particular set, so if it's speeches and three different sets, it's even better because it's much easier for somebody to find it, because when they typed in my Go Super here, they're going to find this practical many thing of all. If they type any of those, wait, if one sets so you're getting a lot more exposure by sign it when it comes to the price. The price is all depends on how much the same exact item is being sold on eBay itself. And right now, this particularly typical is going for eight bucks and set itself is probably going around for 19. So if yourself if we have those many figures, it's gonna pay for its the set itself because they're split of when kind of simple human. If eagles in that kind off set and they set itself when you're going for around 19 if you use your toxicology, definitely will get it even it by puts and off, which is going to give you out $17 here and you will make some decent profit selling it. Will you go to the bottom? This is pretty important. You wanna put in exactly what you're selling the title, then you want to put in what kind off wasting you have in this particular one? This particular Posen is actually just talking about his stole and awaiting. Also, I wouldn't actually do this because this actually takes away the bond off the listing itself. So you want to have more information about the mini figures such as You won the state what you're selling but it is about and what kind of set it came with and just small details that make somebody we wanna buy that particular item. He was a slightly different example off the same exact twisting, but it's down a little bit better wanting. You can see here is the picture itself when you look at it. There was more details here, and you can see how the alternative basis you can see the cap that this mythical actually comes with. And then the price is a little bit more competitive people the price, a little bit wall. So he gets more sales. And he hiked the Super Bowl with a bit Heil. So that's one thing that he actually did. And this is a top way, that cell. So you know that he did this before and he's making a lot of money. Whatever he is actually sound because he's very good at the way he was and describes items . So when it comes to the item specifics, he made sure it put in the Lego brand in there because that's Stephanie. What's gonna be a lot of people do everything right and they don't put the item specifics. And you have to do this, especially when it comes to the team. You want to put the team as superheroes to. Sometimes you want to use their UBC cold and the MP encode if you do have it. But it's not quiet. And in this particular item, it's not needed the description here because not much in the description here either. But you can see it tells you what more about this particular item. What I would actually would have done to make it even better wasting. I would put the description in the white spot and highlight that make it more appealing and a lot better and make people really want to buy your particular wasting. He was one of the better examples over Lego super here listing itself, and I will tell you exactly why forced about the description itself. It uses every single he would possible in the listing, and it feels everything up in it. So if somebody looking for any off those items, they're more likely to stumble into this particular listing and they do put in what kind of set it came with and then the picture. The picture makes it. They took the most interesting picture off this minute Figel, and they put it up as a forced picture. And you really want to do this? You want to let people know why they really want to get this particular many people? Next thing they did, they took the picture off this item with an alternative had or they kind of took the head apart. So actually, what they actually did is take the head apart. So that's how it actually looks like. And then they took a picture off the back off the mini Figel. So that makes somebody will, do I want to buy it because they put a lot of different pictures here off the same exact item. And if somebody is just having one picture and without the extra accessories, they might not really want to pay the extra money for this particular minute pickle. When it comes to the description, this particular person who made this listing made a very good job at telling exactly what he is saying that what the wasting is full, what set this particular item came with. And then he also says that condition off the menu bagel itself. The only mistake he is really making Hill is he is not putting enough highlight on the item . And he's putting a lot more highlight on the water. Different kind of junk that's not necessary. Was somebody for this particular wasting or talk? It is important for him to put it in there. Oh, it's like a commercial in The West Wing. Most people don't really want to read about. They just want to lead. But they'll actually bind. And he was a little bit more extra description about exactly what you're getting. So the item is as the described, which is good. The bad part about is you want more make itself So you want more people to pay attention to the item itself and what exactly that you're selling in the descriptions of somebody would want to buy it like now. Also, just spend all this time leading this until the end, and then maybe saying, Hey, I might not actually want to buy this particular item 10. Selling Lego Vehicles: If you like to build things, you can sell some of the individual crafts in every one of the sets. So every set has a few different vehicles in it. And you can just sell every one of those vehicles separately because people do buy them. And here you can see the Dagestan was land Speedo. And this one doesn't come with any meaning because because the menu figures been so it separated that people we want to buy the mini figures, but at the same exact time, you can still profit on the set itself. And the set itself is very interesting. And this is actually the highlight with and some of it. The funny thing is people by the minute figures and then they overpaid for them and then they forget about that clapped itself. But some people still want to buy the class to. So you is the cramps ability, people in the price for that. And as you can see, this is trending at 17 99. So they kind of tells you what is the real price that this particular item is going for. So what he did, he wore the price down off this particular item. He opted Faisal this shipping. So it kind of becomes the same executive vice. But he wants to be toe for this listing to be a little bit West and the trending price people would want to buy it and it walked. So he sold six different items and all of them probably in the same exact twice. And now what you want to do next? You want to have a few pictures over it and he tick took the force picture, which is the point of it. He was another site picture, and lastly, he took a side picture that makes it even more appealing. How talks like my belly. Unusual kind of angle. So that's the old good stuff that he actually did here and what I think he put in what he's selling. And it all filled up off what It's coming from their family off the item itself, which is startles the Lego brand that he put in this little bit off that right after we're going, I think that's not really good, because it makes it harder for somebody to find it in this so change and so I wouldn't actually do that part, and it's very nice how he actually describes it because he puts a lot of emphasis on describing this particular item, and that's what you will you want to do. You want to really describe the item itself. You want to tell people what it is and why somebody would want actually buy this particular item to. And if you have a Lego stole or something else that your sign on eBay itself. You want people to go in and check out the other ways things you have in here, too. So you have. You can have a small little kamo Shal one day on the item itself that you're selling, and when somebody quicks on it and go straight into the store that you have on eBay and they can buy us and stuff you have up there as well 11. Selling Lego Animals: so I wanted to explore also Lego collectibles that not many figures. Old Lego sets Those actually do come in some sets and here are a few of them. This is a vintage who ago, Dragon, You have a humongous big Lego to York's. This is definitely is gonna be correctable. Someday, when they stopped making a specific model and Abby single different Lego animal, they have different skin tone to it. They have different working one as well and not on your skin toes. You have different core codes and slight affiliations to them, so you have to keep a watch for those. Another thing I really think that you should be looking out for is there wiggle star walls . So this one is one of a kind, some kind of an animal from Lego Star Wars. I did have a very good one once in a did sell it, and I still regret that I saw that because it went exponential once. That you should be considering is something like this. So this is another legal Stavros, especially the Lego star was there that wants to have the highest while you off over them. The second highest would be Jurassic Park and superheroes. There was another one like hell. This one is from an old vintage set. Now, some things they have. Like, for example, there were crocodiles. This is the order of ocean off the clock under the new votes and has a different point to them. So when they change the point, the value of it actually changes. Those things are not too expensive for 5 to 10 box of peace, another hand that also make the trolls. So this specific one could go from anyone from 20 to 50 bucks. This one could maybe catch some 300 doors. This specific want would maybe factual on 50 to 60 bucks. Right now, it's all I'm saying. Maybe there was a wide variety. Will does, because someday the points can go out higher and other days it could go a little war, but it never goes down. So if we go collectibles, special incomes, toe collecting Lego pieces, Menefee goes and everything else everything has a value to it. And you want to get them in the most mint condition. It's possible. Never played, never used an adored stored. Those are the ones that give you the most money if kids played with them, definitely puts the value of law because it has played damage to it. Of course, it's not the ideal place for you to go into court act and put them in storage because they're all together. You probably want to put them in plastic bags as well. So he was a dragon one. This is a super vintage one. They don't make one. Looks like this. This is that one is gonna catch for some pretty hefty price to it. Not sure yet for march from suspected on 50. Everything else is really small. Hell, there was not anything to our job to make you any more and some vintage horse and those actually have pretty good value. And all depends on this. And for the holes they're working for, what goes on top of it, which is that blink like hell. Those are very loud and unusual. Also highly collectible to it. Doesn't have a sack for the force as well. Such a dislike you So different ones go into the horse. It's for the benefit goes to wider. How so? They have something like this story with a whole so a lot of accessories that go for those mini big girls talking about accessories Way one of those successive these points to it as well, including, I mean, you have some old who ate fish like you after a doctor. So one of those have two of those years, so I'm gonna be putting this one on this side. I actually have two of them. Whether you know, this is an older point. Let's see if I can match maybe 16 or 20 bucks for both of them. Since Jurassic Park is out now, Octopus like you on something, that's gonna be pretty good. Value is this. Why don't I was just talking about different points close in designs, but we have Wait. Hell is a different kind of a board, in fact, and that we see when the looks just like this. So the different allegations cause and designs. Once the actual point goes out of wind, their value goes up. Also, if there was anything that different streets and makes it different and those boats don't have any will go or anything else on them or record, I mean, like, points to them. There was no point. It's totally pointless. That might give it some extra vow. It will have to research and find out how much those are Wolf and I found three of them inside, which is great. You know what kind of things in my find, after you collect a bunch of them, you might be able to make a substantial amount of money telling them individually. One thing I don't suggest for you to do I used to go and sell this in, apparently, is a box. So if you get one of those boxes, your have a lot of those different media figures, pieces and accessories, especially something like this. If you sell, it is a what? You're not gonna make much money if you sell it individually, it would take you a long time, but you definitely will. If you sell it in the auction. You're taking a huge risk because you never know what they you're gonna be standing action , whether you're gonna end and so on. Nothing about getting so many of those at the same time. It's probably better for you to be a buyer, so if you're buying a bunch of those same exact time, you're going to get a better deal, then actually buying them individually so you can buy a wholesale what go of them, some of them individually and make more money. So that's the way you go about and do it. 12. Flipping a LEGO listing: in this particular section, I will show you how you can whip an auction and make a lot of money in the process. What happens is sometimes a few cells. If they have a bunch of one particular item, they just want to get a little bit. And they make the mistake by getting rid of something by putting too macho it on sale at the same exact time and as a whole. It's not both as much as every individual piece. In this example. Somebody is selling a bunch of those alligators, and every one of those alligators is working on $5 a piece, and you have 11 of them. So if you do the quick math, you, your definite will get more money selling both of two alligators at a time, voices selling them every one of them at once. So, for example, if yourself two of them at the time around 11 doors each and you do this auction a few times over, you definitely will make a lot of money and the two least twice the money that he's wasting This particular item. Four. So you want to look at another auction, just really symbol what that is doing it all that better. Then he is doing. And in this one, as you can see, somebody sold the same executive item can of them, and he sold them around five bucks apiece, plus shipping, which comes down to the average off seven doors each. Alligators. The way I would go about this, I would go actually sell to alligators at a time instead of someone one of them. And the being mistaken came by selling one he gets. And he was is more money with their shipping fee here because every time you said you have to pay 2 19 to ship every individual items, but by seven to limited time, you only have to pay one shipping thing, which actually is going to reduce the amount of money you're paying the post office, and it's going to give you more profit at the same method. For example, that's what you want to do. And, you know, in the cell damn it wants, because you're kind of saturating possible the market. And second of all, you're not giving anybody a good deal here, because if somebody when he wants, like two of them, they don't want to pay for every single one of them. What you want to do instead, you want to buy this particular auction. You want to get everyone off those alligators and then you want to sell them either individually or too limited time. You wanna right into it. More profit because you just do the math and see how how profitable for you would be to sell them with this and whip this particular auction. So this is a very good way for you to make money because what you're doing really is looking for typos, mistakes and listings that have been done long, and then you're actually cleaning the white type of wisdom. And then once you have a sale, you make a lot more money in the classes. This is this. Just take more time. It takes time for you to won't how to do this. But if you have a lot of eBay listings that all wear goes at the same time, you will have a lot of cells and you will start to make a lot of money 13. Buying, Selling & Flipping Lots: with wholesale. Here's something I would love to buy. You always get a very small amount of cash on there. So it's 9 89 that you're risking he'll by buying this specific watt, taking a few pictures, posting it up and try to flip this for around 15 or 16 box here. Now, this is a sample of what kind of find themselves selling. So one thing you could do here is you can just buy a bunch of those wagons. Look at this. Five years ago, police and by getting five them work the picture. Somebody might think you're getting away more than five buying this specific item because they like this picture. And they're like, Oh, I want to get something out of this. But you just ship them five of those random pieces and yet you can flip this listing as well. But over here, maybe just by the Swiss thing, take a picture of exactly what you're selling and sell it for more money. Now let's go and check another listing. Heal the web. I go, Why staying is awesome. And here is the items that we can go on a trip. So we have a bunch of vintage based plates. This guy doesn't know what he's doing because he signed Vela Very well. An unusual vintage plates. Some of those points are going for at least 24 bucks each. So the one I see on the left side is probably won't maybe, like 29. And this one, though. The unusual one with the water. This one is wolf, probably around the same price. Maybe the green one is worth four on even 2 50 Some of those plates are wolf of a mole if you know what exact sat it actually goes for. But the poise is a little bit too steep here for this specific item because the mother of profit marginal make here is very, very tight. So you gotta be careful when you buy stuff a wholesale. Because if I'm buying this, I'm investing 50 box and potentially might make like 20 bucks on this listing. But it always is a gamble. Now it stick or get what other things he's selling. Just in case you can get something that is wolf a lot of money. Because if you made one mistake damn funny, he's gonna make a lot more mistakes in his other listings, and I don't see anything that catches my except this interesting listing. Let go Michael. Many figural. What? So he's saying a bunch of those micro mini figures, but he's selling them super cheap for like 20 bucks. Now you might say it's expensive. It's not because he didn't waste them individually, so I would actually go and buy this whole lot and resell them individually. In fact, just a minute. Fickle heads might actually go for around 7 to 8 box for seven or eight of them instead. So this is a wasting that gray t under estimate what he's actually selling. The reason why he made so many mistakes your post about He didn't count how many times that he is something he should have put it in here. I'm sorry. Maybe 20 or 30 off this item. Plus, he should have named exactly what it is named the sets and everything that would have definitely get a lot of extra impedance value to this specific listing, and he didn't actually do that. Next one is another menu figure. What, and this is a Lego at over 10 minute Figo's something for 20 bucks to believe this one was for nine doors and it was something five minute fickle. So this guy's doing almost the same exact thing here by sending a bunch of different menu figures for 20 bucks. And he's just selling Tell of them, which is just a random bunch of Legos. And look at this 2900 52 different kind of waste, things that been sword. And that's out of all his huge amount of waste things. He's definitely pointing money here, doing leg arresting Airway single day and you wanna live? Look at what's going on here with this guy, and in fact, this guy's making money, just buying and selling Legos. That's it. He's not buying some. Anything else is just going go having a bunch of different Lego sets like this one, like friends like hell. And he's suing whole lot of them for a very cheap I mean, reason, we cheap price. How is he getting them so cheap? Or one way for them to go and get them? You buy the whole entire set and you just sell parts of it, and the parts are always greater than the whole so by buying whole actual collection, and then we saw just different pieces of it. You can make good enough money in the process, and some of them are both for money work that he's selling individual pieces. This one. I don't know how much he's making out of this one. It's probably like next to nothing, but he's doing it anyway. He's disgusting. Almost every single component, almost every single piece. He's getting them. He just posting an optimal like a fractal. He's just producing and posting all kinds of waste things, and there's pages and pages, so it doing, arresting, full time amazing. 14. Profit with My Own Creations: What a way go, Marcus. And how you can make money with them we're gonna focus, are taking something that has been already equated and creed your own creation, which is otherwise known as my own creation. So what we're gonna be doing here is looking for sets that you can take and flip and make your own creation where? So we're looking for Lego warbirds and specifically were working for Rigo or words that we can take politan pieces off that set for super cheap and create your own creation with it. One thing that you want to look for is a very good price. And here we have it. So this piece right here is going for Western 15 bucks. So that is our goal. Find something which is less than 15 with unique and different kind off figures that we can use to rebuild it into something amazing. And others said here that there were like is this specific set? We have the wheels, he'll we already have something that is already being pre built. So all we have to do is to take this existing set and create our own version of it. It is only 15 box as well. So if you have different parts and pieces, we can customize it and then we can sell it. For what? Higher price on ANSI Oh, on eBay. So those are just a few ideas for you to go for now. If you don't see anything you wake, you have to keep on searching until you find something that does work for you. Sometimes the voices are not gonna be right here, and that's something you have to keep in mind. You don't want to spend too much money on any of those given sets if you are going to be creating a mocha. So this one looks to be two used. As you can see, it already shows some dust. So that's one said I would definitely be stay away from Plus, the place is a little bit on the steep side as well. So one way to potentially enhance them on the money that you can really make with requesting is to take something that is already selling in one set and create different variations and wasn't of it. So this is the green one, and what I did is I enhanced. It actually went about and put their friend details initially including change the hands as well. Such as what? Here? The hand itself is different and the original one looked like this. So I didn't really change it with the original one. I don't have any. We didn't want to show you this one like hell. He's really different. So I did try to do custom modification toe each one of them, including their wags. So the exact pretty much the original thing. But each one of them has a different really Asians toe. It is world now, After I could eat it this I have decided to quit a swing down water or there full in time. Where's that swim down? We'll take a look at this. It's totally different has weapons like you And in here I added something that looks like a really interesting lounging in the back. I was so if you want to look at the chance there was a huge difference between the hands and the sides off this This is a really big O. Then this one Look how slim those hands out with this voter and the legs. I was super swim as well. So This is a belly slim motion off the actual thing. Now, when you go all the way in the back, you can see this is a much most simple ball version of the same executives on, but it does have something different than most of them don't have. It is that to blast those guns and two of those whites in the fourth, a few other things that makes a difference is the different Menefee goes over here Figo's, though there we go, a different one as well, and the last three most important thing is a winning with boss, engineer and eat it this magnificent thing. There's nothing awake it. So I have decided, after I could needed one of those what make me the same exact thing but adds something extra to this, which is their whole mech do this, which is the wheels. So this has very nice tracks to the wheels instead of wax. Also, the hands are totally different as well, so this is totally entire unique and different construction. In fact, this would be probably sold Onazi also because the elements are so hard to find by Windows thing, so there was no more of them, and it's very hard for me to do. You have the pieces and get to create an additional one for sale. So since those things been sung so good, there was none of them anymore sold in my Etsy store or eBay. But this is just gives you an ideal what kind of things you can go and create. In order for you to create custom made Marcus and the list them up for sale, you can do cooler for modifications. You can add extra poets pieces and add unique different men if it goes to each of those sets and it enhances the value off the different sent. It makes somebody wanna buy it for a lot more money. So, for example, the pieces for those go on for 20 bucks. And so if you get it even Dan, what you do is your revolts injury new, the whole thing. You had the want policy pieces toe everything to make it more interesting and so on. And then after you do that, you go and an eminent Figo and then you ap the value of the price. So it used to be 20 bucks. You are put all the way to 60 for the walk in time. And I thought that you put into it. And if you do it a lot of times, you are definitely gonna make really good amount of money doing the same exact thing and that we can you do it. You come up with something even better. So that's a great way for you to create a custom made more cassettes using original waggle pieces and then taking an actual warbled Lego and creating your own version off that set. So now it is your turn to do exactly that. Go ahead. Welcome debate. Try to look the key votes my go go boots and see if you can find and you were both pieces and parts that you can take in create your own abortion. 15. Comic Con, fake minifigures & customs: welcome to the next section, and this sexually would be about comic, con and fake. Then he figures, so get, let's get right to it. The common common is in the band that's hold about once a year. And unlike the Mini Figures series, which comes out about twice in you discipline, it is an exclusive abandoned in Cynthia Go in New York or one doing and the coming come by itself. They sell all kinds of comically that it's super cule away, that kind of stuff. But the big thing about the comic con is they sell many figures and many and some sets and in their direct school exclusive sets that I think what they're doing is testing the market . That's what I think doing well, just giving some kind of exclusive treat. The people who come down the those mini big was barely really go for a money date. Sometimes go for Mobile 300. Does he ever attend those events? Make sure scoop up some of their somewhat of sets or many figures, and it will pay more than it cost you to attend this whole event by itself, be I going down for four. You have to paint it. It's that simple. And he was some me Biggles that came out from a set. Those the green oh, and toned down the Super Man and Batman Big thing about it. Sometimes they come up with exactly the same thing that selling already in some sets about since you have a package that's that's kind of a condom on it. It forward. It's already an exclusive item, and it's so sells for a lot of money and the Green Line going, that's actually I think there's gonna be a set coming out in 2015. Soon this mini figure. It now is well for a lot of money over 300 box, but soon enough it won't. It won't be walked that much because as soon as they are gonna come up with a set that comes that this minutes ago, then it's going hard to differentiate. Which one is no real meaningful to go on. Which one is the one that comes from comic con and the place we just fought out. So if you, if you have any hands on one of those monies, were to sell it that soon, it's possible before they come up with one of those some labels and he listened more comic cons, many fingers. And, like I told you before, some of them look exactly like the Lego sets and some of them very nice looking and you can get the manual else. There was a whole affiliation off every single superhero. When you figure out, though, it's well, another one that we have two guys know about is the custom Mini bagels. Me and those are really papel. Some of it looks so good, like the one up there Abadan will be, just came out, came out. It's an amazing piece, and somebody it used to be like Tony Box, but now it's gone. You can't get your hands on that. So this is an exclusive item. That's how they go up in parts. You know, People discussed to make those and somebody custom make something doesn't want a few of those. And the price is a community that go up there was 18 was kind of cool. Our custom questions I would ever quit each easy. By the way, just down the next couple Memorial, I have a picture it out for you. It's kind of cheesy. So just when you get those make show there, uh, printed in a certain way the day tell you it's not the cords off stickers or somebody just drew upon it, though, that the battle ones you want to get some of those that don't get you least very easily. The quality is not that good. But some people do this for winning, actually create those things and makes such a nice job. I did. You would want to get your hands on those another big thing. So guys notice in cases the fake media Vigo's and you will spot the fake you can that so they look so real that sometimes they look so we're in a DeNicola that can't even know which one is the one which one is not. But the key is to look at what was the set actually came out If the set never was keep now we came out and you don't you go and you have to work even. Is there anymore because they look exactly like it. And a lot of times, that's if the said never came out and you see some unusual looking benefit go unusual Asian or outward confidence. It's a fake one and you don't get those because they're really cheap. And I got one of those before accidentally somebody mailed it to be talking me. It was fake, so he found me the money. By the same time, you couldn't tell the qualities really bad. I took it apart it just to see how, how, how it is on the actual making a present for you guys. See how you can take those legs apart. I took the legs about as well because I was a director. Customers, my money goes, and I took it apart than a block. That's how cheap it is. Usually available. They have a break when you just take it apart. It's under, since we're all a little bad shape. Don't never happens on this to work immediately. Another thing you just don't know the quad even safe for kids. I mean, it's meaning China. It's fake. So, no, I would take my chances. I think later since plus it's it's really cheap, feels flimsy and everything. Here's another one for you guys to know in case you find a bunch of Legos and you just don't know which one speak. Uh, let's go back to this and it shows you on the right hand side. We always points on every block. Every piece there was a year ago. Who will go on it? Those are the places we can book in many figures. I don't need the eggs. You can see the world or you can see the or go top of the head. And then you will, Can it? It is the world going to fake me. Thinks they don't have the work on it in the face of a lot of times. The mass after face. They have not mastered out putting things on face dogs, money. The Coehlo is a little bit off. It's It's like this. We'd call. They just couldn't master. They always in time. The problem of that moved up moved ahead. Especially today. They always seem to mess up with that. Another thing is the texture. The texture is not smooth. It's on the same call the little Sometimes it's a little more Doc. It's supposed to be what this sums it up with this episode and what's going Trussell from good now and I'm gonna show you. See, this is next one. Well, it's going from the Trussell. Hardly now. And I'm sure you can come. It comes kind of sounds like down as you can see business. And you come in. You know, some of the set known for 1000. Because of that, we're going in place. But as you can see, it's on you want big away Now, this guy seven whole set you do. So this guy's doing, like, a bunch of SETC to comic con and looks to be a okay deal, man. He put it way cheaper where? Cheap. So unless you went to the comic con itself, it's another world. My nose right now. Because the radio call Price is you could see some of the sets are gonna come out. They were gonna be the sets in 2015. Sometimes they test them out, as you can see. Got another one queen people. So but the kind of concepts are very exclusive, very hard to find, and there was a limited edition number them. So once they start going, they it will be seven more seas. You consider a very limited number of those on eBay and don't go up in price. Let's go without to the fake y goes for you state time. Okay, so no, this this is the one I got gypped and that this particular But as you can see, I didn't leak it. This equips of Dell and he looks like almost identical visit. We know that. Go fake bath Go out. Let's go pick one. This is the one that got accidentally. As you can see, it almost looks identical. I mean, you do. You cannot tell him in this picture. I mean, if you just like could could you just start all this cheap with me by now? Which I did once and got this piece of software everything. One thing you can tell me in its that had itself once you had the key doesn't want they had because it looks so bad. Go about no one. You could look at theirs. We see these new number using the Lego keyboard, but it says compatible. See? It's compatible. You know, this is a step. It's not real. Shouldn't even be and let me show you. But it's something else. Oh, he was another one. Here's another fix Set. Let's tablet baked and I can't tell you how many. This guy so speaks that like that what comes up directly from China is definitely fake. All the speakers, when they picked on a group that goes, it's as many people blocks. That's they call it about them. They don't even those guys, not even doing put I go on because it's a day when you know it's stuff is fake. So that would go against those fake me Biggles. They stuff You don't not want to get that. They might have a nice package to them, but they're definitely nothing nice about those things. Uh, once you get those things, it would be So you bought those and you'll be you want your money back. Worry away. Anyways, this ends our episode and walk. Wait one more. So don't do it. Is that deciding that we've seen before? Those remember, If you're getting custom stats like Waigel costume, it doesn't much better quality. They're checking IDs, fake Legos. You can see some people make a nice creation charge a lot of my book. It is a guy. So the staple 150. When I told you I could show you how to make money anus would make that stand quite down. You get 100 50 bucks, you make pleaded decent cash. There's not somebody made this custom separate their constant leg. Agree? No, this is much nicer than I would not get the fake where it was. But some of those guys who make the custom set the amazing they create some blue green eyes , many figures, and this looks pretty decent. 16. Profit with Lego Offer : once in the wire, rigor comes out with her, Blaine, you awful and promotion. And almost every single month they have something boring new. So you have to keep a watch out until you see something that you can actually, so for what more money? Sometimes they're sets our exclusive. Something's there, wolf more. It doesn't times down that works so much in this specific month you're getting if we big set with Portis is off 88 box. So if you're going to be buying 88 bucks off merchandise anyway from Lego, you might as well get this set for week. How much is this set? Wolf. What? Let's check it out. So this specific said, seems to be selling for 2014 99. That means 12 other sets actually been sort. So this specific person bought enough of those sets so he can able to resell them for more money so you can do the same exact thing here as well. So if you're gonna be placing multiple orders for things and keep in qualifying for 80 eat box or merchandise, you can technically just go ahead by a few stuff that you want to resell and all you have to do is to go on the on sale section and pick some deals off the week over here. So, for example, let's go here and just get a bunch of those sets that are at huge discount off. And since you're getting them for weg arresting, you might as well just get a bunch of them from here to and the star. Whoa, sets, especially the classic ones, are the ones that always hold value. In fact, this specific set right here I think someday it's gonna be wolf a lot more money. Right now it is selling for 71 bucks. But if you can get this at a want 50 bucks or even cheaper, this is a good deal. But for our example, he'll we're not going to go and do price comparison. What we're going to be doing is just adding a bunch of stuff to the bag so we can get 88 bucks off. Motion dies for us to eventually yourself for more money. So all they really need is either one set that costs over 88 box all a bunch of multiple, not so expensive sets in step So in this case, we're going to go and grant just one specific set such as this one to you. This one cost 98 box. It looks like a classic Star Wars satellite here, and it definitely is gonna hold value inspecting the minute Vigo's. They were decent as well. So each of those specific media figures probable French meal on 12 bucks and change the actual set itself. My fetch, Miller. 50 bucks and this specific media figure with very special limited edition here might go for 20 free box so over. Well, you might be able to just break even on the sexual set right now. Now, if you hold this for the future, they said could go the way to 100 1670 doors. So what you're gonna be doing is just adding this to your bag. And after you add this to your bag, what you going to do is to go to check out, and you already gonna be qualifying for their pig separate here over for free. Another thing is sometimes get is as if we are them, such as over here. We go movie to trading pack cards, and I got for you off those here. So what I can do with their trading cards? I can also pose those on sale and get money for them as well. Now, one thing. And to suggest for you to do is that you can do multiple checkouts just like this and keep on getting the free set. So if we said is very vulnerable, this will you get a bunch of those resets and you can sell them right away for about 23 door profit, which actually means that they set whatever said that you're getting forgo resting is awaiting on discount for 20 feet. 17. Selling Lego Pre-Release: some could be explored a fresh in a way that you could make money as a psycho maniac. And in this one, it is very simple method, and it is very effective as well. And to do this co actor, you have to do the farm forced a ball. You're going to be doing this and you're gonna be posting listings at least a week before the actual item is gonna come out on sale for Michael. Now, there's two ways for you to go about this while is to do the three or those Well, you're accepting pre all those on eBay in two. Of course you're not gonna do pre all those. You're actually gonna go to a store such a stargate and see if you confined Lego mini figures that you can buy Most people, they just do the Creole. So what you're doing is very simple. You're going over here ending the actual product to your wish list, and then after you had their product, your wish list, you're gonna go and post it up for sale. So here it is. There was an actual example off people doing exactly that. Now, those kind of people who are able to grab four of those actual listings. They went and they found it probably in a target store or maybe even a warm out. They bought every single one off those mini goody bags, and they posted those for sale. So usually there. So it for on free box and we box times for around $12. He saw this for a whooping 27 box. He made three times extra money, and he saw two of them using this specific map it. So this is one successful person who did this Lego besting method, and he was another one. This one did. It will be different now. The way this guy actually goes about and does it is what most simple, all he is doing. He is signed a pre order off the actual product. He doesn't even have any off this on hand, and he saw the whooping 192 different kinds offset for $200. So let's figure out how much money he actually meet. 192 items multiple by around 98 bucks off profit we're talking about are hoping $18,000 off cash that he was able to make using this cargo resting method. This is Wow. This is just a smudge that you can buy a brand new car. Now, there was a lot of things that could go on kill, but this is something that he is doing. He is a big time a Lego Weston maniac against 24,000 feedbacks. Been doing this for years, so he knows exactly what he's doing. And for almost apple and you car, this is how much he is making this method is very successful. The only downside is that he has to find a humongous quantity. Hope those Lego sets, which actually means he would have to buy a huge amount of them on. They would have come. You have to go to Target. You have to go to a warm it. You have to get his hands with every single one of those Lego movie sets right after they're released so he can give it to his customers. But it's totally ball for 18,000 bucks off profit. Just imagine what you can do if something like this. So he was another example of somebody doing something very similar. This guy's not taking this much chances is the previous guy Well, he was making whooping amount of cash and yet they can put all those This guy is only doing very few sets over here, but he is selling that waiting counts. So the 20 counts actually come for free if you're ordering some things online. So he ordered a bunch of Lego sets and then he got trading cards and he kept on ordering miniature or so How do you get so many trading cards? It is also very simple. What you're doing is you're placing orders from the agosto you're placing miniature. All those that are giving you the free shipping. You're selling those Azarenka vestal and then you're getting all those extra goodies. Oh, for free by placing a minimum. Although so he did exactly that. And he is swimming in a taunt off money that's like all those like of estos are doing exactly that. So you should do this as well. This is a great way for you to make money with Wegel Western 18. Investing in Lego Sets: so nothing is better than getting a set and then seeing it exponentially increase in price after it sits in your correction for a few years now, it does take time for this to happen, so don't expect right away for the set to increase in value. In fact, it takes a very long time for sets, especially very collectible sets for them to go up in price. A few things have to happen in the process. One. It has to be a very high demand set, and yet then they're make enough copies of it. Second, a boat they said itself has to retire. Oh, it's category is not something that's gonna be wasted again for a very long time. All if ever one such set called the Avatar we go. Alberto was some kind of interesting thing made out of a TV show. Because of that, it was very popular with the regular community, but not enough was actually made when it came out. It was only there for a very short period of time, and people who were able to snatch it and never open it. Well, we won't it by exponentially high prices on those Lego sets. So when you wished them up, the whole thing happens to be. People are not on purpose. Listing those prices and making them go so much higher eats only then, because of demand and supply issues. There was very few off those buttocks that are available for sale that have never been opened. Therefore, the price is exponentially higher, and there was a huge demand for it. So that's what actually qui etes deploys going up so exponentially afterwards. Let's take a look at how much those Lego sets actually sought for. So just looking at the West Boys doesn't mean as much. So as I'm walking right now, you can see it here. Somebody got exponential like you. Look, this word here. Huge Toti £1 set, including SpongeBob in Avatar. This is why he actually bought it. Probably just for the ever taught was set. You think you're really about anything else that is included, but you can see Hugh New in the box Rebel ships going forward, 269 plus shipping. That's a decent price for those sets, especially since they have never been opened. Now, with the holiday season coming, the markup on the sets out even higher. In fact, what some people actually do is bite Oh, sets in the off season, knowing already that there is a high demand for them. So somebody might buy the specific satellite. He'll 480 wait a few months right before Christmas, listed up for 300 bucks, and sometimes they will get sales, so you can still make money on those sets. It's not something you actually have to wait until those sets just come out and wait a few years. In fact, you can flip them, too. So if you see something like somebody, we wasting it all going on an auction. This is the best thing ever. When people tried to auction off sets, they always get valuable value for them. And because of that, if some of the auctions off a very said that everybody really wants and it isn't high demand, I would jump right on it, for example, that he'll this one actually sort of 69 plus 19 bucks shipping and that thinking easily franch at least 100 50 doors if he didn't do an auction on it. He was a few. Also sets is well the same exact thing here and in the hell is an actual set off a bunch of different Lego mini Figo's assets such as like it. And when you have so many different mini figures, that is all combined, what you can do of those sets, you could just go take those pieces from those sets and the least seldom for more money. But this one is going for a little bit over a very high price, and I wouldn't really try it for down one. What's the cook? It also sets that might actually fit the bill in the future. So in case you want to invest, like now and already to make some decent money on Dragos, one of those sets is their full installments. This is going for 59 doors. It seems like an expensive set for you to ingress then. But the price is just gonna be higher. If you never opened the box. This said it in itself will definitely go up in price. In fact, just the vehicle alone is more than wolf it and the men, if it goes to so I do suggest for you to take a look and examine the details in those sets . And if it seems that the details are exponentially very nice for the whole set in itself, it is something for you to definitely invest in and by. And this is just one of those sets that they do a command. And I do think that this is gonna go exponentially higher. There's only one Flintstone set Able could eat it. And because of that, and people who like those specific kind of sets wants this thing no longer is gonna be active. It's gonna go for at least $100. He was another set. And this one people we don't understand. Not all Harry plateaus are equal. Somehow you prados are definitely going to go up exponentially higher in price. And this is just one of those. There was a set just like it about 5 to 10 years ago and down one tripled in price. Because of that, I think that this set is going to do the same exact thing here that on you have a bunch of different men. If eclipse that is included in this set, you have 123456 different mini figures, that is a lot. Bus an animal as well. So one animal, a bunch of many figures, very hard to find pieces, plus a value NYSE looking set. This makes a belly winning set that's definite. Wouldn't go up in price. So at least you should expect to get your money back for this. Set some sets, not on you. Get your money back. You get much more in return as well. If you keep it forth due east a few years. One thing you have to wait is when it is no longer for sale. That is the time for you to start selling your copy. If you want to wait and get this on discount, I suggest for you to check it out on eBay. Sometimes people selling the same sense for a lot cheaper than the wolf over here all, of course, on target. We'll just wait. When we go, go ahead and this counts. This said a little bit, but usually when it does, it's gonna get sold out very quick. Another set that I do recommend for you to check it out. This is another ideal set. In fact, this is a dinosaur. I wake it because it is very hard to find, and I don't think they will make this for a very long time. The ideal section off Lego is one of those locations. Well, they feature one of a kind sets. Those specific sets are there for a very limited amount of time. Because of that, almost any set in the ideal section is gonna be a collectibles set. And because of that, I do suggest for you to get them. Some said, such as this one, that Sean said this been here almost for rebel under said, which is the wagon? NASA. This one is just way too expensive at 100 20 doors. I don't commend that specific set. They said so like is definitely the Flintstones ship in a bottle. Could be something that could be correctable. This one The Papa book is not wolf it. And the dinosaur set is the one I recommend for you to buy this one. The Votron way too expensive as well Not wolf it for you to invest in the Disney Black and White one. It is Disney. It is. I go. And yet the black and white and just the team. I don't think this one is gonna go for much money, but I could be long on down one. So that's an if not sure about that. The tree house is definitely something that will be collectible. Just the price is a little too steep. Central Park. Well, this one is from the foreign set. I mean, down one definitely will go up in price. In fact, it's already been almost sold out because it says back older on it. Another very interesting category that I do suggest you to check it out. It's called the Ninjago. Once in a while, the neon jungle comes up off this amazing team that is gonna will be wolf. So much more money. One of those is anything that has to do with ships. Every single time weather comes up with an amazing looking ship, it's gonna go up exponentially higher. And this is just one of those sets. In fact, a few sets in a Ninjago line. I live off your time to invest in there We go see, the wine is also very good one too. So Ninjago past city. That's a winning combination in Jago and City docks. That's another winning combination as well. The price is super steep on those, but the price will just keep on increasing for those winning sets. And, in fact, one of them already sold out. And I don't think it's coming back to the way gusto anytime soon. It family. If you get your hands on this destiny, Bounty said, you're automatically guaranteed to a twist double your money if you never open. And so it so those are some ideas offsets for you to get started right now that you can get that in the future are gonna go up exponentially in value. 19. Legovesting Guide: This is a quick over you off their 2018 addition off Lego resting, we are now entering into the four. Which said, should you buy which one should you scape? And of course, what to invest in. One of the best things about Michael vesting is that you can get money on almost anything that you buy with wagons, provided you don't open the packages and use them posting that we're gonna work at every part of the Harry Potter kind a bunch off new, exciting things for 2018. One of which is this I think this is gonna be an instant classic right here. There isn't, for that is quite simple. It looks pretty good. It works Mito evil and it also look unique and different. I haven't seen those in years, so I think this is Wolfie Investment. Next day is the following another great Harry Potter. Oh, sets. Even if you don't like Harry Potter. Oh, the train itself is always something that you could invest in in this specific joint. Said that looks amazing. So you could just buy this set, get rid of the menu figures, and keep this for yourself. for your own collection. Oh, even just never opened the box. This would definitely be a double in the future. Other sets off interest of those that castles. So we have this very interesting working Harry Potter castle. This actually looks like a church, but it is even better than a church it has on the other side. Everything in it. Now, if you spent 200 bucks on this set, you could potentially make an actual looking castle here by combining both sets together. So that's another great set. He is a miniature washing off the same exact set. In fact, you can use it as pro to over this set. This one is just a little bit small than the previous said. It is still pretty good working, but for this one, it's going to take you back. Only 70 box compelled toe, almost 100 of the previous separate here, which is actually 100 bucks. Everything else off notice, the one that I really like you is the media figures once again, you can never go wrong with Minya Figo's. It's only four bucks and I do suggest for you to go ahead and buy all those many figures on the Lego because if you buy it over here, you're getting 44 of those. But you don't know if you're getting duplicates or doubles men's villages. Get someone else to shift it for you and find out which one is good and which one is not. 20. Extra Legovesting Lecture: her local law, everybody and welcome to the 2016 Lego Collector's Edition Review. Which one should you buy? And, of course, which ones you should actually stay away and avoid and wolf you buying something in 2016 We got a few very nice gift for you as well, such as this particular Munif Eagle that comes off every poaches we shipping. If you buy anything over 75 bucks if you are located in United States, the next thing I want to do is go to the stubble selection. The movie just came out. I don't know if you watch the doughnut, but this is something you should actually check out. If you're Star Wars, spend it. When it comes to the Star Wars set off 2016. There was a lot of choices for you. A lot of those choices here are actually the choices that are still here from 2015. And if you didn't have the time to grab some of them, it is a good time for you to get some before they get sold out. He was one particular set that actually like pretty much it looks more like the classic sad hope starboard's would We have this toe figuring kind off a vehicle. It has two different legs, and it moves around with a lot of very interesting, classic looking mini Figo's and they look pretty neat as well. So I like this particular set in particle. Out of the west of them, he was another set. I like the vehicle itself. It looks like they used to be a big oh vehicle just like this a few teams before that. And it is a very nice working miniature set or a bigger set that used to be created before . I don't like the judge of beings. There was other people who dislike this particular minute beagle as well, so it could be a collector's item just because it's so hated that particular mythical in this. But they go set and another one right here that you should check out. And this one is from 2015. If you can still get your hands on it, that's definitely window. It's their tired grants for the type, and the way they created this is just amazing that just structurally so good created there . When you build it, you're like, Wow, they actually put so much effort in creating this particular set and seem so This is another said that I like one of the most interesting sets off 2015 that you should actually get your hands on if you have the money. Is that our village? This particular said, has a bunch of men. If Ingalls and the best thing about is just how detailed an amazing it is, this is definitely Echo Actor set the set only go up in price. Unfortunately, the price tag, this article said, is too expensive for most people. So unless you have the money to spend and put it in storage for a few years, this that is not working for most people, as it's much how, though, to make decent money whipping sets, even they walked on with Legos. But this particular set, I definitely could see it go forward, please, 500 or 600 bucks sometime in the future. So if you have the money and you have the time to sit on it, definitely invest in this typical set is just amazing. Their details and just the works over it. Let's move on to another 2015 favorite of mine. This one is definitely a collector's item. There is a classic 10 like coal, which is unusual for struggles. Sets. There was a bunch off Joe Baca's in this political set as well as well done, which is actually a lot for something that costs money. 69 box. It actually went on sale for 55 and then it went. So without every time, Mr Was said that it's pretty good, like this goes on sale. People just grab it and get sold out valuable fast. So this particular is said, if you could get your hands on it on eBay for around 55 box, that's definitely an investment for the future or so definitely get it. You're not upset that they actually like this one is and just came out like at the end of 2015. The way what I like about this is very classic looking type. Vital there was the lead core to it, so it's a little bit more different than a classic great call that always comes out. The minute fingers themselves are just better working. Actually, there was a lot of details, and the captain works pretty awesome as well. That cost is a little bit more on the steep side for a type vital, but it's still a decent working set. I don't think it's gonna go up too much, but if you're a fan of startles, it's a definite set. You want to get this political wanted to have stopped final duel. That is gonna be definite classic just the way it is constructed. This is another one that came out at the end of 2015. There was a lot of very nice Minya Feagles that comes along with it like the classic good Alfredo Idol and a lot of really bad due to you, such as Baron Panel. Ha ha. You see his name? Exactly. That Dr. Parent on in the tone room s O that that is his actual wounded. He sits in and directs all their bad stubble dudes to do or the bad stop. So it's gotta like yeah, you want have the have quarters like here. That's his headquarters. So that's definitely is gonna be a co actors item that you must actually get if you're a Star Wars fan. And here is some of the reason 2016 sets that just came out. So that was a brand new look to them. They would like something like a quarterback. So if you see those guys could play football, that's how it actually looks like They're the new star walls dudes. And I'm not big fan of this new look. He is a princess Leah in Green. That's actually a really nice core. I do like this particular menu bagel. This one is one of my favorite mean biggest of all times, and it looks like he's had us get some makeover to him, so he works even better. Then he used to work like and he was another one of those interesting wheeled Wookie helmets. No, and one of the new Star Wars for 2016 have this real working mechanisms that they flying and and you have to will use imagination how in the world something like this actually flies out. And I'm not a big fan of their new What if there was a lot of stock chose that how actually coming out in 2016 Star Walls and they're not that fancy working, so they're not gonna be corrected, said. The only thing I might actually like is the biggest, like this one and down one. That's when I'm not panel. So I would not buy this particular set, although I do like to the minute figures a lot. He is a another set that also came out 2016. As you can see there was, that can call toward this. One looks a little bit battle. It looks like a classic kind off a butoh. It like it's something a little bit unusual because of the construction but a set itself. It's not too fancy for me for 59 box. I think it's a little bit on the steep side. The only thing I really like is this one particular menu figure out of the whole set. That's the only thing I want in it. As of the Net, I'm skipping this up as well. Their self quarters came out and the end of 2015 or so. I think it was for most of the towns of 50. I'm not exactly sure This Vertigo set has a lot of very nice looking menu figure. Stewart there set itself is just amazing. Okay, I mean, if you're gonna take a few hours of time, try to construct something like this. It's gonna be a lot of fun At the same time, it is a very, very steep price that you're paying for it. So if you're buying this and you want to collect the Sinem, do not break it into Pollitz. Keep it in the box because that's the only way you're gonna get your money's out of it. This could happen to get into the 600 door range, something this could definitely double in a few years after they actually stopped making it . The first thing you have toe has to happen before that. Sets will go up in value. They have to stop actually making them. That is the key to it. Here's another Star Wars set, but this particle one has a new, really interesting looking menu figures That spaceship is just amazing in terms of detail. The bubble fat in it is just probably cool walking one. So if you want to get a set like this than York Star was brand, that's definitely a set to get this. What could go up just because the media figures in it all pretty much unusual, especially the this particle one. But there were bobble fat as within that they're set itself is just pretty good working in terms of details. I'm not offend this particular set water. It could go up in price. I'm not gonna whisk it on that one. That pile said, which is? There goes past those team set this particular one. A lot of people are big fans off Ghostbusters. The construction off this particles that it's pretty much amazing for what it is. The outside of it is not as fancy as the inside of it. There was a one of many figures here that coming with this particular set, and they work about a little bit different than the ones that came out in the previous. Because Boston's set itself, the price itself is please up high. So we hunted 50 bucks. It's not like you're getting a big deal here because a lot of it is just a lot of pure Blix that you have to just people constructing a building like this. The building itself, but I like about is like when you open it up is just amazing. In details inside but on the outside, it doesn't look this fancy. So this is the issue of this particular set itself is that the outside of it doesn't look as good as the inside of it. At the same time, the price is a little bit on the steep side of peace issue getting, which is 4624 is just pretty high. So for the value off what you're buying it for book to break the issue here is pretty decent. Is this gonna go up? I think it will. Just because of the team itself, which is goes past us and the way it is constructed is the way inside with a lot of details in it. Other than that, that's your Ghostbusters fans wouldn't get it. The risk is too high for a price orbit as well. So paying 350 both the chance is gonna go to around 500 box in the future is a pretty big risk here because the higher the price, their west likely will get the money back that you investment in it initially. So think about this way. So what better for you to invest in under 100 door sets and wait for them to double triple horses. Just buying a very expensive set and then waiting for that item to potentially double. Your chances are a little bit who s here. That's what I think about this. But if you like the city like the details, then definitely get it because it does have a lot of very nice details and benefit girls do it. Here is a bunch of Lego dimensions that's this one came out in 2015. In 2016 they edit about extra, wants to it. It is a bit off price because you're getting the game as well. There are some pretty interesting working many figures here, but you can get them in a separate set. My suggestion is to skip it out. It's probably going to go on sale by the end of the year as people realize it is a little bit on the overpriced side of it. There was a few teams here that are pretty interesting, such as this one, that Doctor que que and this particular one you get a very miniature walking off doctor who ? The place that he calls the police box itself. So for that, it's kind of neat, and you get a doctor who mean difficult. But if you have the money just by the doctor who set instead, it's just such a battle kind off investment here dance. When you come to the superhero set, there was one that you have to get, which is the trouble. Check it out that details are just amazing. This is the ultimate addition said. It is hard to find, and it's going to retire soon. So if you want to invest in something that you know, it's gonna go up in price. This is definitely it. An ultimate Edition said is stepping a must have for people who, except for Huma sets and alco actors off something that is the superhero line itself 200 box. This definitely could go easily 200 in the future. Next thing is out of the team credo sets. Those are sets that I really like. There's a lot of time, Credo says, that you can potentially get and double your money in the future pretty quick, so you have to look at what they have you. If you find anything you like, especially in terms of the buildings and they are under 200 box. You should definitely get them. There was the patch up the doctors office here, the potion restaurant and the power Steam City. Paris Cinema actually doesn't definitely set that are gonna go up in price in the future. The power cinema is just amazing in atomic detail. Let's go into some of the sets itself. This one, the frozen Westerlund. That's just amazing. In quality for 159 box, you're getting a lot of details. It just looks like the real thing. If you're collectible, those miniatures sets that Stephanie must have to get on many figures. Get a lot of poor area. When you look inside of it, you can actually see. And it looks exactly like a real restaurant actually Look like let's go into another one here. This is the bad shop. You. This one is a little last detail was the previous one, actually. So that's when I like a little bit waas. But the price is just about right here and get to go high off course it could, but the amount of money you investing in some sets like this you have to really think about . You don't buy too many of them, because just in case it doesn't go up in value, then you actually lose money at the same time. When I buy stuff I buy for my one collection. So and I doesn't matter to me what goes up or down. If I like this, that I keep it to myself and if it goes up in value, then if I feel I want a salad, I would sell. It wasn't in that. I will keep it, and maybe I'll just open it and put it on display goes up in a few years. Then I can get rid of it. That's my way of thinking about this one. The bank said It is pretty much amazing that Blink, Blink bank. That's what it section called 169 box of getting something that looks like exactly like an actual miniature bank. So if you don't have much money in the bank and you want to pretend as if you do, you can on a real angle bank. So it's kind of cool, actually, so you can store your Lego bank money like in here, so it's not a real bank, but it is kind of cool. Kingdom this storage space for for the Wegel Menefee, go where they put all their money into and you can see it right here. There's a safety on. I don't know why it opens up from the top. And I know how this many figures aren't gonna actually open and up from the top. But that's left to your imagination to figure this one out and they have a laundry set in it. I really don't like that part off this particular set itself. If I was going to actually go into it and fix it out public, just what do we take away? The wonder we met out of it and actually had an extra section two. This bank actually like the way it looks inside. So if it wasn't 469 I would actually buy this and put it inside my own Lego City compartment as a net. No, I'm not buying it. It is just too expensive for whenever used, I would actually do for it. The dairy Cornel in this particular one is willing, Hossam, actually, for the points for 40 bucks, you're getting a miniature looking Lego building here. So I think this one is actually potentially for 60 bucks legal form A 40. It's relatively likely. Other than that, there's not as many details as I would actually want to see in this particular kind of team , which is the building team itself. Let's keep going. Here is the doctor who sat right here, this political one. I like it because it's doctor who the details of it are just amazing. For 59 bucks, you can't go wrong, especially if you're proactive off doctor who and those are the people who collect those kind of sets. Always remember that if there was a bunch of people who are at TV series and they come up with a Lego set that has to do. If it that's definitely going to go up in points. When that particular scenes actually tiles the Scooby Doo as well. This is another 11 of those those people hope big fans off. This could be due. So, and unlike the ninja told us where they did the first time when they created, they messed up a lot of the many figures and the way that look like especially the buildings themselves. This particle want has a lot of very interesting working scenes from the Scooby Doo movie and dimension itself. Just take a look at the price here. 90 bucks you're getting a very cool working mansion with a bunch bald, interesting looking, benefiting us. This is one of those things. And like the hunted White House, the White House itself actually got this play go set because I like the White House. So much hasn't been that I'm not a big fan off the price of it, it's a little bit expensive, but at the same time, you're getting what you want. You you're getting a very nice white house and the customized it And I put it in my own collection because I just like the way it works. I don't care if it doubles or not. I didn't buy it for this particular hopers. But if you want to buy some Scooby Doo sets, you might is which is by this could be due collection and this Scooby Doo collection. The reason why you want to buy something like this is quite simple. You're getting a bunch of those sets and want will price So it's definitely something should be buying if you want to get a bunch of interesting looking sets and get a pretty good power forward when it comes to Jurassic Award, this is a movie that came out in 2015. Now is a bunch of team sets that came out in exactly the same exact time in The best thing about this is that the sets itself. I'm not too much war fan off the call. I'm not much of a fan off the way they created, but the many figures a little bit interesting. And the best thing about the many figures think this particular set itself is actually the dinosaurs. So this one like the T. Rex itself. I'm telling you that this set with double points just because of the T. Rex I want everything else here. Nobody really counts. It is the T. Rex that is the seven point off that particular set Now there was a lot of waza once that do have a lot of value to them and this one that jeep itself is pretty interesting looking and you also have a dinosaur to which is also very cool. King is What? This is a very limited edition working dinosaur. Looks like from the forced Jurassic Park moving itself. So if you want to get something like this, Stephanie, get us for that dinosaur and they keep itself is the cool working one. So all their Jocic woke sets. I would say this one is the past out there, because in terms of value, you're getting a lot of very nice things for the money here. But the dinos are the seven point. Remember this because those tunnels themselves, the sets may not be that particular good looking, but the Dino's are what people are looking for, and that's what they want to get. So once those things we tile, you're not gonna be able to get a hold of those Dino's ever again. And then the price off the set is just gonna go up just because the diner in it is gonna be something everybody wants to get. He was another one, which has a very interesting working Dina. I'm not a fan off this particle dino, so I think that the best choice for you is to get the to extract CO that has the best looking Dina here. And if you're getting this, it's definitely gonna go up in price just because off the dining alone, in terms of go sets I like this particular one. This is a decent team said, and the building itself. The cause of where that works with this is something that women are gonna go off. And if they're buying it as a gift, that's definitely the set I would interested for 40 bucks. You can really go who walk and last thing plus kind of set that that, like, is this Cinderella Castle? It's kind of works. That's other leaks in the well. But it is still a castle when the castle itself is a unique and interesting working elements and mean if Inglese to it. So if you want to get something for goes, that's definitely they're set to think about and get it and never open it because that's the only way they will go up in value. That is the key. And he said you yet if you want it, the value to go up never actually open it because once you open this set that said, the value goes down and you won't be able to re sell for as much as we one of the South in the future. So this is all that 2016 sets and a lot of previous 2015 sets that are retiring as well. This is the winter addition or red. And if you see anything you like, make sure you get it, because once those sets in a style, you can get a hold of them unless you're willing to pay the extra money on eBay. And you don't want to do this one again before those sets retired, So see you in the next episode.