Legal Research Skills for Students | Tufail Hussain | Skillshare
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14 Videos (40m)
    • Criteria for the Legal Research

    • Start Improving Your Legal Research Skills Now!

    • Sources for the Legal Research

    • Planning Legal Research: Where to Start?

    • Facts Collection and the Objective of the Research

    • Facts Analysis

    • Formulation of the Key Search Terms

    • Developing Legal Research Strategy

    • Best Strategy to Approach the Legal Research Problem

    • Primary and Secondary Resources

    • Keeping Record of your Research Trail

    • Presenting Legal Research: Introductory Section

    • Findings and Applying the Law

    • Advice and Next Steps


About This Class

The course discusses strategies for undertaking legal research for a particular assignment and discusses, supports and encourages well established practices and practical approaches towards carrying out effective legal research.  The course covers all stages of the legal research; from the point when a student or a lawyer is handed an assignment through to presenting the final findings of the research to the tutor or supervisor.

I have been involved in carrying out legal research extensively during my postgraduate degrees and then in my legal practice for around seven years in total.  The course also reflects my personal experience of undertaking legal research and working at a law firm ranked in 'Chambers and Partners', the organisation that identifies and ranks the most outstanding law firms and lawyers in over 180 jurisdictions throughout the world.





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Tufail Hussain

LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., Barrister-at-Law

Hello, welcome to my page and thank you for showing interest in my course. I am Tufail. I have a strong passion for teaching law and have experience of tutoring law students for over 5 years. In addition to my LL.B. (Hons) and LL.M. in Corporate & Business Law, which included intellectual property laws, company laws, arbitration and corporate crime, I also hold 'Certificate in Delivering Learning'. The course provided me with added insights to develop and design courses for adult learners.

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