Legal Advice for Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups: Concepts Every Entrepreneur Should Understand.

Mark Connolly, Lawyer

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9 Videos (1h 17m)
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    • Choosing a Business Name & Legal Issues for Commercial Websites

      Unit1 Video 1 pdf.pdf
    • Website Terms & Conditions

      Unit 1 Video 2 Slides pdf.pdf
    • Intellectual Property: Trademarks; Passing-Off & Registered Design

      Unit 2 Video 1 Slides pdf.pdf
    • Intellectual Property: Copyright

      Unit 2 Video 2 pdf.pdf
    • Intellectual Property: Patents

      Unit 2 , Video 3 pdf.pdf
    • This video will look at apps and the law relating to apps.

      Unit 3 Video 1 pdf.pdf
    • Company Formation

      Unit 4, Lecture 1 pdf.pdf
    • Tips to reduce legal fees & other practical tips for start-ups

      Unit 4, Lecture 2 pdf.pdf

About This Class


Legal Advice for Entrepreneurs & Startups: Concepts Every Entrepreneur Should Understand.

Lawyers are expensive and can eat up vital start-up funds. So before talking to a lawyer - who will be charging you by the minute - why not take some time to identify and understand what legal issues will be relevant to your business. Getting to grips with this from an early stage will help you flag potential areas of concern before they become serious problems for your business and could save you a lot of money in the long run.

This class will introduce you to a number of important legal concepts relevant to entrepreneurs and start-ups. Whether you're looking to launch a tech start-up or a small online business, enroll in this class if you would like to learn some important tips to keep in mind when starting your business.

The course will take a practical look at the following topics:

1. Legal Issues Affecting Commercial Websites - domain names, ownership of websites & website content, drafting website terms & conditions, liability for website content.

2. Intellectual Property - trademarks, passing-off, design rights, copyright and patents.

3. Apps - the law relating to apps.

4. Practical Advice for Start-Ups - company formation, tips to lower legal fees and other practical considerations for start-ups.

You'll leave this class with a basic legal business plan to help you:

(i) set up your business website; (ii) examine what type of company structure might be appropriate for your business; (iii) identify potential intellectual property issues for your business; (iv) design an app; and (v) save money on future legal bills. 

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This is a narration of prosaic legal constructs concerning business. What he covers might provide some eye-openers for the wholly uninitiated, but for anyone who has delved into the basic legal constructs relevant to any business, there's probably nothing new here. Until the last video in this SKILLSHARE which is titled Tips to reduce legal fees & other practical tips for startups, wherein some very worthwhile advice is actually given, and which made this SKILLSHARE well worth watching for this segment alone. Good luck with your startup!
Nice, simple breakdown of the legal considerations you need to make when starting a business!
Katie Anderson

Take the Leap

The class was beneficial and provided a good overview of the various legal considerations. An enhancement for future students would be the inclusion of the generic documents, such as Terms of Service/Conditions, LLC standard/starting charters, etc. Providing the links to web sites noted in the class that provide these documents would also work, particularly as online web services was a takeaway to reduce legal fees.





Mark Connolly


I am a qualified lawyer, currently working in a large corporate law firm.

After graduating with a Degree in Business & Law, I went on to complete a Masters in Finance and more recently a Diploma in Technology Law.

I have a particular interest in: advising entrepreneurs & start-ups; e-commerce; IT; and intellectual property.