Leave The Grind Behind: 4 Keys to Unlocking Work You Love | Justin Gentry | Skillshare

Leave The Grind Behind: 4 Keys to Unlocking Work You Love

Justin Gentry, Career & Business Coach

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6 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Key #1 - Values

    • Key#2 - Personality

    • Key#3 - Passion

    • Key#4 - Gifts

    • Conclusion


About This Class


Tired of the daily grind? Ready to discover work you love? You're in the right place. 4 Keys to Unlocking Work You Love is designed to give you a new approach to a fulfilling career. Often, we start a career by looking at opportunities first. But this is a recipe for discontentment and frustration. The best approach is to look inwardly first, understanding who we are, and then choose a career that reflects our authentic self. This class will help you begin to understand more about your values, passions, personality, and gifts. These are the four keys that help you unlock work you love. Let's get started!





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Justin Gentry

Career & Business Coach

Hi. My name is Justin Gentry. I help people, just like you, leave the daily grind and discover purposeful and profitable work.

Think about it. You spend most of your waking hours working. It only makes sense that you should enjoy what you do.

By identifying your personality, passions, and gifts, you can do work that reflects who you really are. Join me and leave the grind behind!

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