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Leather Crafting All in One- Start Leather Working by Making Bifold Wallet

teacher avatar Veronica Smith, Vrnc Leather

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Leather

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Preparation

    • 5. Dye

    • 6. Punch and Stitch

    • 7. Edge Finish

    • 8. Liner

    • 9. Instruction

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About This Class

Hello! This is Veronica. This class allows you to start leather working without doing lots of reaches, watching tons of videos and browsing through all kinds of tutorial pages. It is all you need to begin leather working. You will learn everything you need to know by making a simple wallet. Every step will be broken down in detail. After this class you will have adequate knowledge in leather working and be able to craft other projects by yourself.

Patterns also available on Etsy

Instagram @veronica.lifornia

YouTube @Vernica Lifornia

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Veronica Smith

Vrnc Leather


Hello, I'm Veronica. A leather worker in love with leather crafting.  I spend most of my time making things out of leather and enjoy trying out all kinds of design and style.  I also like using them when I go out and gift them out as gifts. I sell on Etsy and make videos on YouTube. I really enjoy what I am doing and hoping I can one day be someone's inspiration.

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1. Intro: handy releases for Annika on the study. Leather working. I had done a lot of researching watching videos and met a lot of mistakes, and I wish I have done all the things that talking these class when that begins. That's why I created these costs for everyone who would love to get into leather. Working for this class, we're going to make this wallet making wall is one of the best week to be familiar with leather and older tours. It doesn't have much structures by requires. Most of the latter would contain Lee In these costs, I will show you everything you need to know to getting to leather working, including all the backseat background knowledge of better and tours. All the skills, including preparation, dying punch and stage edge munition liner making. There's also instruction We deal that runs through all the assembling process. If you have any questions, don't have to tell you to ask me in the comments section down below. Now let's get started 2. Leather: first, let's talk about laughter. There are three men types of brother, if edged what's and all the tendon. Chrome 10. But it's about Sam or batch tonight. Is the lost deeper than the other ones we just grew for shaping, or anything that needs to hold the shape up is the most expensive off them all, and you won't see he's as often as the other types. Post is the most useful leather working Clinton on the other hands. The last softer, which is good for things like closing with couch covers, is the chip is and the most widely used, most of the other working tours or skills on the applicable for current another, it has its own crafting process. All you're doing is actually Reg Tin and went through all your treatment. So some may say that there are only two types of matter. The cramping processes, about a Simmons budged in leather and appeasing on the prices in the middle of both, Somewhere closer to Vegeta, another, it's a lost sultan compared to matched him. Why it's deeper comparing to a continent. Here are some examples of what each type of leather project looks like this one's my dollar matched another. You can see how he holds the shape well and fairly. Steve. This is made of the oil. Another on Beacon holds Shea very nicely and still has stopped less to this wise made out of content. It's obvious that I can barely hold a shape up, and it's a loss softer. There are many type of process that all of these letter can go through, and they all have their own characteristic. In these Plus will be lending focus on past another. He's on here. It's called Mu Tro tolling Bridgeton leather. He has not exposed to sunlight any oil and because off died perfect or kinds of tooling process, including carving laser and blogging. Stamping on dying by exposing it was some lying user daily will adjudge the ladder, the color were darkened, and you will also get somethin through time. There are also some ways to accelerate the process that using took on a whole year or robbing his kindle wax. The PC here is 3 to 4 ounces, which is pretty seeing for was coming. The use the nausea is not actually wait by the sickness. £1 is equal to 1 16 4th inches. And because the card off the weather can vary throughout a often presenting wrench, the common ones people will use for leather working its fighters £6 or 70 a chance, the thicker the latter list. Thievery will be before to use 34 ounce, one on full. A slightly softness to work with you can be even lower toe one onto a higher to 16 ounce depends on what you're making. Another would usually sell by square feet, like for Brits cells by yard. As for making this project, one square fee will be enough. You can also get you buy parts my shoulder, valley side sectoral, and each part has their own characters and different uses. Another can come from all kinds up on the most, such as house those for even snakes in cork tile. There are roughly four types of leather you can get, depending on the quality. The most durable and valuable one is four grand, but you returned their natural scar in hair sale patterns. While some people don't like those random patterns, there is talk grin ladder, but removing the surface part off the high nous simulate care sale to make a nice uniform look after getting the full grant or topic or another off from the high in the second layer off is Khost bullets. It's like off city, so it's no usually used for latter crops that I asked parties, materials for the court of some back handles. Is Theo pretty useful? The less and the least is found the leather, which is Grandi off the scraps and then bound them together. Qualities. 30 poor And there's no reason for you to use that. And here's the backseat Bhagwan Molly choose you know about lather. 3. Tools: now let's talk about it. Tours. There are four categories of the tours. Forest is the carting tours. This is a crafter Nike I prefer to use, but other than these can also be using box, knife or laughter. Knife. You Can you see sirs, you want, But you probably won't be able together clean caught because the Caesars will squeeze down the ladder when you cut it, and you also need a mad ruder. And remember, don't use a plastic one. It's very easy to car through, and you might hurt yourself. It's nice to use their for measuring cause It's transparent by U Student. Do anything else with it. You also want to get a cutting mat by. If you don't mind, you have cause in your table. It's totally fine. Negus Dying horse unique or boss on. You can use any clause you like, like teachers grabs towers. They're all fine here. I have a spray bottle with water in it. It's good for dying larger pieces off the latter or for carving. But today's project our we won't be using this. You can choose any type of thigh in color if you like. On the difference between each Each type of dies while they're based on. We are water based alcohol base and all your base ones. This one here is help Hope based and you will need to dilute them according to what it based on. He also need leather conditioner on. There are many options out there, but this is the one I use. And this is the letter finisher. A lot of to choose France well, and it will give you different effect I d sworn will give you I will give the ladder. Shania here is solar towards you need for punching stitch. First you need a ladder campus or groover to mark the line where you're going to punch the holes there you need cheese stalls to punch the host. Well, I have Here are the most Daniel One is usually comes through trees opposing one set the shape on the TV's diamond shape. Some people refers wrong shape and some people like to use a hole punch directly. You can also find ones with 16 more eighties the width between teeth various s well, the standards for four millimeter and you can get narrow Or why the one you only um, Allie to prime a punch. A pat on their knees you might also want to use grew for a touching letter. Together, the warm using is E 6000 works like regular group. There is another option for you to use is come head group. We saw ladder needles with me at least two of then. It's a lot thicker comparing to sewing needle and the threat here is policed her wax threat . There are many with to choose from the one uses one millimeter on comma once would be 0.9 millimeter to one point your millimeter. Finally your knee a lighter off your choice last time the at least for EJ finish. You will first need edge, brother. So at Beller comes with different sizes the science a number to the level with this 0.8 millimeter a bigger number the wider of Babel with would be and the sicker the ladder you will use on. You can use any some piper you have and you want me one course one and one fine. One like 1 20 on 1000. But I'm using, for example. And you can also use Dremel toe do a job. The age pen were harder than age after he try south, so it's good for finishing on pole latter layers. Depending on what you like to use, you can choose al Japan or edge finisher. You can use both Neider on. Here's a furnished Europe in the sure is pretty standard. Besides this one, you're also electric ones and smaller ones, so lobby, if allowed tours. 4. Preparation: you know, first thing you'll need to do is to print out the patterns and make sure the lens is correct. Here. I'm using construction papers and you can use anything you like, like, um, cereal box or couple box or even wood or equality to make the templates. Basically, you're grew the paper pieces on top and Kandhamal precisely this part will be somewhat use by. It's very important. More constructive. Temple will make it easier to use with leather, then the same paper. And here's all the pieces. The next step is to trace out all the patterns on top of a leather you're going to work with. I'm don't put them too close to each other will make it go make last groups from happening . You won't cut all the pieces out at least point if you're going to die. The leather on your just going to get a large piece of the for the next process to dress a temper, you can use the paper where to hold the paper and here and you see and how to make the outline of the temporary. You can also use a ladder marker or not doing the dressing and these points fairly optional . If you're not going to die or have proved I ones, you can go ahead and columns. No. All now, make sure you hold the on the rulers really firm in case it doesn't ship away. When you call the ladder, you can use correct in life box, knife or letter night. You just leather night. You will need to hold the handle tight and tilt forward with an angle and custom leather by calling the Knight's Tour Soon in Here is all for the preparation before before assembly. 5. Dye: now we're going to die. The laughter Before starting dying you need to call the guy first, which means to dilute the dye this way will make the time more even. Here I have some alcohol to do it. It depends on what type of guy you're using because also by Thigh Singer to use gives you die a gentle shake and pour into a contender with alcohol inside. The proportion off make sure should be less than 1 to 1, which means to have less alcohol in that the other first step off dying His two sexual your letter here. I'm using some water. You can also use all your for this process. But don't use that their conditioner, because you provide some resistance that's going to prevent it. Die going to the leather. If you didn't do these, the leather is going to have sort of dice so fast that you will leave a lot of fun on even marks. The second step is to appoint die after dipping robo into a die. Get rid of the assets by swirling the ball against the room. Make sure it doesn't drip, then apply the die on first wister commotion you can do however you like, but least we can make the die even on the most. Wait for the service to dry up before point next layer and change the direction off each layer of coating until the color is fairly. Even after the service is very dry, it's time to pull on that and conditioner. You can use any cost. One. You do the step right after dying to bend. Other from Chris up. After drying some oil inside a ladder will be lived due to the alcohol in that die. So you need to know Rasheed back. Now I'm doing stopping right after a point that their condition there on the leather is still wet inside. If you're going to do carving, it should do before dying. If you're doing laser engraving, you should wait here, drives our before you start dying and for stamping. But you will need to have field lots of preaching what you do it. The same ties mean you define. You do it after make sure you do it before you're playing on the finished ER. You can also do it before dying. The latter, you'll be tempting your ladder before using this, then you will need to let the lesser dry overnight with 10 people hours different depends on where you live. Last but not least, you need to call the with another finisher I transporting these models so he drugs instead of pouring, which makes it easier to control. You can use any caused by before to use makeup pats. Just a few drops this slyly a party over the matter. If you're accidentally dripped on the ladder or staying in one spot for too long, it's going to also be passively on one thing. Lots. So don't Corey directly and that that would be all of the dying process. 6. Punch and Stitch: Now it's tongue for pungent stooge. First you need to draw a line where you're going to happen, stages on with the left campus B and B and you was you like a list, and it will be four millimeters. You need to hold the from part nice and farm Which one or two fingers and prevent touching a oil in case you accidentally chanter was while using. After drawing the line, you can make a mark on the top to locate a start point for punching. Now have your cheese a lot on the line you just drew and first teeth would be on the starting point. Make sure yours trees always perpendicular to the past. For the next punch, you will have the first tees off the chisel. In the last four, you just punch least where all the holes will have the same distance in between. Then you'll continue and finish all the punches for stitching your need to need us on a piece of bread so the dense would be three times of which you're going to saw. To threaten me, go first, pull the thread through the eye and have the overland needle to by about one inch and get a needle through the threat. You look like these and now you're going to do it three times or you can do more. Then you'll push the threat all the way, as do the I. And then you will be holding on the other. Threat and poor smooths down the threat and that would be one side of it. Now I'm going to show you again on the artists I Now the needles are ready for stitch. So for Stijn, your first to get both of the needles through the 1st 2 punching hosts, pull them all the way through and grab. Let me know that once of the first heart and have we go through the second hope poor pose a threat on both sides. Tighten up and you'll need to do these. Every single states you make after the first dish Have the needle go through the next hole . But but don't pull it all the way through. Get a need on the honest. I go through the same hole on the outside and poor both threat on both sides to tighten up . And here next jury goes to the outside, which is closer to the next hole. So then the stitches will be more uniforms. You can also have the needle go through the loop you create to form and not to make it more secure. And now, after you finish teaching, you have the needle goes back one hold on and flick to the back and you will cut the threat off for beginners. I don't recommend you to call you too close to the stitches. It's fine to leave some when you take the lighter to burn a threat and smooth they always your lighter or your fingers. The rights worked, so he was still on the ladder without any group. Now be here for all a Stijn. Now you need to know. 7. Edge Finish: now to finish the ads you need on average traveler. What a job ever do is to call the sharp edge off on both sides. Now you're used sandpaper to smooth out. I'm using to greet sizes. You can use more than two you two have. Battery source by usually is used to Why is to make the ash route and the others to smooth it out? The why I'm using is 1 20 in 1000 for single layer leather piece. You can use edge pen or edge finisher for Ach Ben. I'm using these medical swap, which has layers off pens on the already not Mexi Steve, and he's perfect for me to do the job. There are many other options you can choose from. You can use pen brush to tip. It's that roller edge. Prado's whatever you feel comfortable with after applying to call your way for the pen to dry. No, you, Leah adds, burnish. A two part initially edge used one of the depression part to rob the act bacon forth until it's smooth and shiny to finish the edge off. Morning, one layer off matter. You'll do the first few things the same way bevel and send the ash. Then apply at Chip in here You should be using at Japan and not ash. When you sure because the edge pen hard in the part you applaud on now you're burnish it miss and white. But then you're See now there is some imperfection after first coat and now the badges hardened you to depend. You can send the over again. You will be easier to getting more even you're cold it with the pen again and then burn the shit And I prefer to apply a layer off edge venue shirt after these toe get on smoother and shinier. So the difference between a finisher and edge penance You don't need to wait for actual finisher to dry. You can just burn issue right away and now you can see the adage is pretty uniformly smooth . Now be here for at finish 8. Liner: before we start making liner, I want to briefly talk about the other way to finish the back of the latter. You can dial a bag a swell, but instead of using a finisher for dying, you will be using Edge Finisher instead. So you apply a thing. Mayor of Edge Finisher. They use a glass of liquor by pushing against the latter and just go for one direction to burnish it. Or you can also be using the wrong side of the agile finisher. If you want me to keep doing these until you turn is shiny and smooth. Here's a line in fullest I pocket on. It's totally optional. You'll need a piece off fabric of your choice. That's the nice. The same size is the site pocket. With one Saiful opening half inch wider, you need to for lead in irony. And so we, before touching a charging me to the side pocket. Um, here's the liner from the cash parking, which is in between the outside panel on the inside panel, just the out sampan oyster template to coddle of fabric full of liner, the most common Fabray to use for lack of workings. Canvas, fabric which is easier to work with. I'm using here these tough Adolf fabric. You only have fabric to be double the size off. The outside panel would have inch extra on top and bottom site. Your fault them in hiring them down and solely up. Now we're going to folding in half and mark the center lying, then Carly, who try and go half circle at the bottom. So when the wallet folds up the fabric ones, please up. You're glued down the both side of the fabric with the stitching part folding in. You're gula top cop. After both sides are secured, maturing lies up to the top part of the outside panel. You have to attach the inside panel to the line there, first of line a bull's eye and hold them in poise. You can glue them up right here if you like. Tripler grew on the back side off the inner panel. Then you're directly for the up and how damning poise the liner will be in position where you should be. One folds up and now be here for all the liner. Now be used in the wallet 9. Instruction: here is the instruction off the assembling process. First, prepare all the pieces. You mean you can ski the bottom off the car holder to make the bottom off the side Park East dinner. And these weren't also I'm here. I'm using leather night, but you can also be done with any other types off nights or scheming that tours. This stab is totally optional. There were so will still be decent with Valley step. Next, I'm using the template as the guy lying to mark the spots to position the cardholder to be more efficiency. You consider nish the adjudges off all four cardholders, and beware that only finished the top part, - then attached to cardholders on the side pocket. The news quips to hold them in place while I'm waiting for the group to draw, you can start making a liner full aside. Park it before gluing liner on the side pocket. You should finish the ads from the opening site, which is on the left side of the side pocket. You'll be stitching on the open inside of the side pocket before attaching it to the inner panel. - Now attached a side pocket to the inside panel and you adjust each the top part immediately are the CYP attaching the card holders on and also just stage the top part. Next, you're finished the edge of the top part off the inside panel on the outside panel. Before attaching the cash pocket finally attached the remaining side together. And be weird guy, you should attach the middle part of the wallet for you won't for that. Don't forget you finished the edge off those sites. Now you have completed your own letter wallet.