Leather Craft 101 - Hand Make a Slim Leather Wallet | Max Pienaar | Skillshare

Leather Craft 101 - Hand Make a Slim Leather Wallet

Max Pienaar, Designer maker / Founder of Savior Brand Co

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10 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • What you need Materials

    • What you need Tools

    • Workflow – Prepping your pattern

    • Workflow – Preparing & working with your leather

    • Workflow – Assembling your wallet

    • Preparing your needle & thread

    • How to Saddle Stitch

    • Workflow – Sewing your wallet

    • Finishing up

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About This Class

I will coach you through the essential leather crafting basics... more importantly your project flow... I've literally made 1000's of this wallet, so I'm incorporating all my shortcuts...

  • What you need, both Materials and tools...
  • Workflow - preparing & working with your pattern...
  • Preparing and working with your leather...
  • Assembling your wallet...
  • Getting ready to sew - what you need to know to make it easy...
  • Sewing your wallet
  • Finishing up... You've done it...

When you're done with this project, it will set you up to complete any other projects with the confidence of a well seasoned leather worker... and have fun at the same time...

I have attached PDF doc of the Class Project Wall

1. Pattern for the wallet

2. Leather Thickness Conversion Chart

3. Comprehensive list of Tools & Materials





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Max Pienaar

Designer maker / Founder of Savior Brand Co

Hi my name is Max, I'm the founder of Savior Brand Company, we based in Durban on the east coast of South Africa - Beauty in Imperfection.

Our focus is on making leather goods the old fashioned way, by hand. We offer a range of handmade work bags and also ladies and gentleman's accessories. Our offering also includes Corporate Gifting and custom / bespoke enquiries are welcome.

Im also a lover of all things coffee... this passion birthed the Savior Coffee Co. our offerings are...

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